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Would You Tell A Stranger Your Deepest Secret? | Strangers' Secrets

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What happens when strangers read your deepest secrets? We partnered with Frank Warren at PostSecret to see how strangers react to other people's secrets that may just hit close to home for them. For over a decade, PostSecret has received more than 1 million anonymous secrets from around the world mailed on one side of a decorated postcard. This ongoing community art project continues to uncover our most private confessions and our common humanity, one secret at a time. To share your secret or read more, visit: https://postsecret.com/ We love to connect with YOU, no matter what language you speak. Help SoulPancake create captions in your language by clicking here: http://bit.ly/27FqhGH ▃ ▅ ▆ SUBSCRIBE to SoulPancake ▆ ▅ ▃ http://bitly.com/SoulPancakeSubscribe THE SPOONFUL, our weekly dose of good stuff from across the web: http://ow.ly/t7K7p Buy our BOOK: http://book.soulpancake.com Follow us on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/soulpancake TWEET us at: http://twitter.com/soulpancake Visit our WEBSITE: http://soulpancake.com
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Text Comments (301)
Deirdre Sokolowska (1 month ago)
"I think everyone had holes in their doors" I had so many holes in my childhood door that we had to replace my door at one point.
ssantos113 (2 months ago)
Wow that old man... I felt like I could feel his pain... so touching
Courtney Long (2 months ago)
I also grew up in Idaho as a person of color with white adoptive parents. I often wonder the same... was I saved or punished.
Lidia Le Roux (3 months ago)
I am not agains gays but true about the rainbow
Apryl Gomez (3 months ago)
please keep doing these
AND PEGGY (3 months ago)
My biggest secret and my current situation:I don’t want to go back home sometimes,I’m not abuse but I’m stressed with everything around me at home and I want it to stop.
Rupert Rouggos (3 months ago)
3:08 is sad...
Ella M (3 months ago)
Damn the one about the abortion. That’s some really deep stuff
RowanLikesRadiohead (3 months ago)
to the guy who can't forgive himself for letting his gf get an abortion, you shouldnt have to forgive urself. it wasn't your choice, it wasn't your body. in the end no mater how much u talked with her about it it would still be her responsibility.
Your good ol' goth gf (3 months ago)
Was I the only one who realized the dramatic change in music when the secrets got worse???
Skye Tinkerbelle (3 months ago)
my deepest secret is a had an abusive father he never hurt me but he hurt my mum and my big sister and brother the worst part was i saw him almost kill my mother i was only a baby
BB11249 (4 months ago)
OMG when the tear trailed down his face.... Smh I feel you Mister
SSKPANN (4 months ago)
my deepest secret is i was raped by my best friend in 2nd grade and i have never told anyone.
Maddie Fishblob (4 months ago)
What if they gave the little girl the postcard at 0:53 😂😆😂! I'm definitely glad they didn't give her that one, but it's still funny to imagine
ona. juli (5 months ago)
I sent nudes and I'm 12 and I regret it I'm still finding out a time too tell my mom... I love her so much...😪
leonathememer * (5 months ago)
Yes: one time I somehow aggravated my older cousin, and he grabbed my neck and pushed me into the couch and while he suffocated me I laughed like a maniac, he jumped off and I knew he got scared of me. we're about 1 year apart and I was 5 at the time I still don't know how I laughed so hard tears came out of my eyes but I know I was still laughing for half an hour even after he let me go. We haven't mentioned it since and we moderately get along. Ps. If you know who I am irl please don't say anything to other people I know.
leonathememer * (5 months ago)
Nobody but me and the cousin know about this in my family, and I've never mentioned it to anyone I know but since that day I haven't laughed sincerely and I'm a little bit scared of the person in the mirror.
Bəə Milk (5 months ago)
That old man's voice is amazing! His voice, his words, his personality, his character is just so sweet. He should be an actor!
Love Flower Crown (5 months ago)
A while back, I was apart of this huge online community with a good following and lots of friends because of the lies I told others and myself. I sent a letter to a close online friend I was sure I could trust. We lost contact, and they haven’t done anything to break that friendship we once had, but every day I’m afraid that they’ll show up at my doorstep as some stalker and set off the tipping Jenga tower of lies I’ve created in the last year. I want to become a more honest person and I’m trying my hardest to start working towards the self I aspire to be.
Ashley Marie (5 months ago)
“Old man filled with regret” one made me tear up
Kai (5 months ago)
My biggest secret is that I’ve been dealing with really bad depression my whole life. I can’t even find a reason to get out of bed. The only time I get up is when my mum comes in yelling, “get your lazy ass up!”. I told about my depression once and she yelled at me thinking I was attention seeking because I am always so ‘happy’. I was bullied my whole time at school. I’m starting a new school soon but I’m afraid the bulling will follow me. My home life isn’t great either. Yes, I get most things I want. Yes, we always go one nice holidays but their personality is what makes my friends hate them. My mum yells at me for the smallest things. My dad also yells at me for the smallest things but if I ask him a question, he suddenly gets really stressed. My brother hardly even talks to me and my other brother hates me. But my parents can become nice sometimes. Sorry to burden you with my life but it just feels good to vent.
Stella Rose (5 months ago)
*”who has a weird allergy to canola oil”*
Tyler B (5 months ago)
My biggest secret is that i was molested at age 7 and i told no one I'm15 now and he was just put in jail in june and it was because one of his other victims told not me he was free for 8 years after he did that to me and he did it to other kids in that time i fell like have failed them and not protected them from it i think about it every day
Celeste Gomez (5 months ago)
When my cousin was young, about 8 or 9, her father raped her almost everyday and beat her. My heart weighs so heavily for her. And the fact that her mother died when she was super young feels worse. I feel grateful that she trusted me with her deepest secret. She ran away from home at 13 and never saw her father again. Didn't even go to his funeral when he died. She's such a beautiful, kind, and independent person. And one of the strongest. Im glad she got through it okay. It does get better 💖
Celeste Gomez (5 months ago)
3:01 awwe this made me sad
·.· тнσмαs ·.· (5 months ago)
Me: writes out a rant about me feelings, planning to post it Also me: _nobody cares about my feelings, just let it go_
Sebastian D. (5 months ago)
I was abused by an older boy from my village and nobody knows that until today. I'm a boy too...and nowadays I am 19 years old, but it's hard to keep it in my soul and I don't said anything about this incedent because I am right know too scared that people will judge me and my past.
Ayla Hidecker (5 months ago)
As someone who was adopted and was in the foster system I can tell you that foster care isn’t all bad. There are kids born into families that are worse than foster care and vice versa. I plan to adopt children and teens when I have the stable income to do so.
HoNdUrAsxxAngel (5 months ago)
When I watched this video I wanted to share my secret too. It´s so freaking painful and still affects my every-day life. I was raped twice some years ago and I haven´t told my family yet, what happend then. I´m so afraid of their reaction. I know they love me, but I´m not able to tell them at the moment. Maybe I will some time. Hopefully..
Chris Robert (5 months ago)
"Don't put holes in future doors" Thanks for this.
Ella Biddy (5 months ago)
My parents don’t understand that it’s easier to tell strangers personal things than it is your loved ones, but it’s because strangers’ opinions have absolutely no effect on your life, but loved ones opinions are the most crucial. That’s why my parents were the last to know about my sexuality and my mental health problems. Literally everyone at my school knew before they did.
Haley Rheanna (6 months ago)
is that nikita
Jordan (6 months ago)
I would rather talk to a complete stranger than someone I know well. Strangers have no connections with your family or friends, they wouldn't say anything.
Punk Jesus (6 months ago)
Ooooh. My heart hurts from this 💛💛
What•IF (6 months ago)
Hearing her say “I think everyone had holes in their doors” Gosh... it’s so impactful and hurts to think about. Makes you think about how everyone is struggling with their own problems and how it’s something horrible but to learn from.
sean oloan (6 months ago)
The gay guy does not have ang right to consider being gay and watching your friends die on the battlefield at a similar level at all.
B (6 months ago)
"I should have taken responsibility. l'm sorry." 😭 God bless him
No1 Twat (6 months ago)
The black dudes story really tore me up because I should have 3 other siblings but when my mom was pregnant with me she said no to the abortion because the doctor said this will be you’re last child ever because the cancer is spreading.
no way & (6 months ago)
Dont drop the soap
Laura Ouimet (6 months ago)
Mine is my brother sexually abused me as a kid .. I never told anyone
Idle Teen (6 months ago)
"I know god has forgiven me, but have I forgiven myself? No not quite..." Wow...
Courtney Hammett (6 months ago)
It really makes me mad though that these men feel like it's their place to use their partners as incubators because they want the child.
julianne davis (6 months ago)
You should take some of the comments and write them for us.
jf2006 mckin (6 months ago)
I hurt for the Daddies who don’t have a say in the death of their children... 😞
loner1878 (6 months ago)
They have a choice not to jack off into kleenex that ends up in wastebaskets. Oh wait, wrong kids? Anyways, I'm sure your sympathy for "daddies" ends when they want the abortion when the woman doesn't.
Bumble bug Away (6 months ago)
My secret is that my sister used to touch me late at night and I could not go to my mom about it and everyday I think I should have because now I have trust issues even after the seven years.
Lina A. (7 months ago)
I would really love to tell a secret to a stranger, I’d be open to try it.
R Cooper (7 months ago)
i cried
we.all.fall.down (7 months ago)
This reminds me of dirty little secret by all american rejects
tin heart (7 months ago)
My biggest secret is probably trying to hurt myself when I was like eight
Dineke Scholtz (7 months ago)
that old man crying just got me idk man im just crying now
Andy Tyler (7 months ago)
"been the man that i was supposed to be" by forcing a woman to have your baby? "if i would have fought hard enough" you would have GUILTED HER INTO HAVING YOUR BABY THAT SHE DIDNT WANT? eat a dick! her body her choice, sorry dude, go cry about it somewhere it wont guilt other women out of abortion! your story shouldnt even be on here
loner1878 (6 months ago)
Hebiyoujo (7 months ago)
Cisgender men do not need to have a voice on the issue of child birth and abortion. Only people that have the parts to give birth should be speaking on this issue! Abortions are a right, not a prilivige, and certainly not a leisurely activity. And, certainly not something someone else can "let" you have.
The Illusion (7 months ago)
Wait why do they talk as if its their secret? I thought they were reading someone elses story...
Jordie :P (7 months ago)
Seeing an elder cry is to much
ChoiNari (7 months ago)
I act like my family is just fine but when I was at a close friend of mines place my dad called me, he was shouting about how useless I was and how I wasn’t going to amount to anything and my friend heard all of it. I’m scared of meeting her again now
Unexpected Bypass (7 months ago)
nikko You shouldn't be scared. It's your dad, not you. Besides, friends are there for a reason.
Alisha M (7 months ago)
Abortions should be illegal
loner1878 (6 months ago)
People like you should be illegal.
A Unicorn (7 months ago)
Since I can't send one in I will write one here "I hate myself I am suicidal, I probably have ADHD and/or autism and I think I might be developing a eating disorder."
Alma Moon (7 months ago)
This is probably weird but I love the old man’s voice. It’s so soothing
tladybug100 (7 months ago)
My door doesn’t shut anymore bc my mom broke it.. don’t feel special
Alisha M (7 months ago)
tladybug100 that’s everyone’s door😂😂
I think im bi but i dont realy know I realy dont know
Čãmíłłė (7 months ago)
My deepest secret is that I was the same person as another person I pretended to be and I made people miserable I would take it back if I could but a friend was pressuring me so hard.
Alisha M (7 months ago)
Cam the Crabby Patty don’t blame other people for your mistakes
Tomaneira (7 months ago)
Dear Soulpancake: thank you very very much for making these videos because wheneber I'm struggling with sadness and whenever I get confused with my own feelings I just watch your videos and it makes me feel better that there's people out there with different stories than mine but at the same time they've kinde felt like me... or maybe I feel like them. It just makes it easier... and I watch your videos to get even more emotional and cry everything out or to find some hope in your different stories and feel a little bit happier. Thank you very much, Soulpancake, keep doing all these meaningful projects that show the realness of being a human. Hugs and kisses for you.
Carina Doerksen (7 months ago)
This Video is so touching❤ Bless there kind hearts❤❤❤
Goop and noona (7 months ago)
Totally off topic but, whoooo!!!!! Idaho!!! The most forgotten state! It's great here😎
Natalie Natalie (7 months ago)
I felt so sorry for the black man😢
Martina Tot (7 months ago)
The kid at 0:44 looks like the 2003 peter pan
Elena Gibbons (7 months ago)
Omg this was so cool. The girl at 0:34 has some smarts about her
y k (7 months ago)
Are these their own confessions?
Ewww it's Cosso (7 months ago)
What does his allergy have anything to do with him being different
LoudestWhispers (7 months ago)
Lol gays can't steal rainbows. They're part of nature.
Valcal (7 months ago)
man, it's not your decision if the woman wanted to have an abortion
Valcal (7 months ago)
i agree that they need to talk about it but the baby is in the woman stomach.... he can't control it, if she wanna do it, is going to do it u.u
Alisha M (7 months ago)
Valcal he’s the father so he has input
My biggest secret is that my is abusive and I have 4 little sisters and I’m suicide
z1cke92 (7 months ago)
That girl knows what she's talking about hehe
Paper Plate (7 months ago)
“Who has a weird allergy to canola oil” I’m so sorry😥
Emily Leonard (7 months ago)
Am I supposed to feel bad for his canola oil allergy?
Viviana Hernandez (7 months ago)
Not gonna lie, this video got me in the feels! Tears were shed... ❤😢
Sammy Scott (7 months ago)
I literally got 2 books from post secret. I should share mine, the only person that knows me is my husband
karolina musielak (8 months ago)
Why does a man again make a statement about abortion? Why wouldn't we ask the woman he made pregnant while he was married if they were willing to sacrifice for him to "have a daughter as well"? Or maybe that daughter who would be able to see her dad on weekends and live with the fact that he has another family? So not cool.
Alisha M (7 months ago)
karolina musielak abortion’s should be illegal
EXTRA (8 months ago)
Heart eyes for the asian guy
EXTRA (7 months ago)
Alisha M i said heart eyes which means i think he's cute.
Alisha M (7 months ago)
EXTRA why ??nothing happened to him
Jana Thabet (8 months ago)
Me and my parents never have had a great relationship and I fear that one day we will just stop being together as a family.
real nigga hours (8 months ago)
Was waiting for "I killed a man"
Lilly M (8 months ago)
My biggest secret is I've had an eating disorder for four years, it makes my everyday life hell, and I have failed to recover multiple times. Nobody knows.
LMNOPopsicle (8 months ago)
wow. the abortion bit got me. it got me. old man, i understand, friend. abortion is not a solution or an answer or an easy button or choice that should me made easily. it drags behind the tethers of your conscience like an anchor. but the tethers refuse to tear.
Hebiyoujo (7 months ago)
Having an abortion is not an easy decision to make, but we shouldn't act like childbirth or abortion is a punishment for the consequences of people's actions. People need to make their own decisions with their own bodies and futures, not outside influences.
loner1878 (8 months ago)
Not for everyone. Studies show most people do not regret their abortions at all.
AeipathyOfApril (8 months ago)
The old man was so soft-spoken and genuinely guilty. When he stared crying, I lost it.
Amanda Panda (8 months ago)
This makes me think of Colleen Hoover’s book confess 😮
Fogen Bogen (8 months ago)
The Asian guy looks like the male Nikita Dragun
Anna JE (8 months ago)
I love your videos. Thanks for sharing :)
hypcocrit jouma (8 months ago)
3:00, my heart, my soul.
Katie McGowan (8 months ago)
Is everyone else crying their eyes out? Because I absolutely am. I've been brave enough to share my secrets with someone, but I hope someday I will be. Until then, thank to all of those who are brave enough to share their secrets with us. Thank you.
Sophia Helene (8 months ago)
at my highschool i am a copresident of a depression awareness and suicide prevention club and we have a post secret event every year where we make the secrets, there is a talent show, secrets from previous years are displayed, and many other booths. the greatest thing about the event is the open mic at the end. after celebrating vulnerability throughout the night, there is an incredibly supportive feeling in the room. every year, it takes about 45 seconds for it to get awkward enough for someone to go up, and share their secret, story, or struggle with courage. After that, people go up, and by the end we run out of time because of how many meaningful confessions were shared. Amazing to see that the movement is changing lives so many years later; the post secret event is tonight, haha! we show a video every year and two I made are on my channel if you want to look!
IamJacksColon4 (8 months ago)
these are so cheesy and cringeworthy. stick to white women rejecting pajeets on tell my story. far more entertaining.
Carolina Castro Parra (8 months ago)
Is very curious and interesting how reading this secrets from unknown ppl connects with some experience of the readers and makes them emotional as well.
Carolina Castro Parra (8 months ago)
OMG how sad and heavy the abortion thing... :(
loner1878 (7 months ago)
For what?
Carolina Castro Parra (7 months ago)
both are responsible.
loner1878 (8 months ago)
Yes, conceiving is 50/50, however pregnancy and birth are not. That is disproportionately on the woman. Its a pity humans didn't evolve the way seahorses did to share pregnancy and birth, but alas, we're stuck that way.
Tigerlily7 (8 months ago)
They were both responsible for her even getting pregnant, and while I agree that it's her decision, it's obvious he wished he had spoken to her about it and he wished he could convince her not to
loner1878 (8 months ago)
Easy. The woman.
Proudtobeme (8 months ago)
When everyone is different from you, you start to think if being yourself is truly a blessing or curse. If it’s a curse, you start thinking why me?
prince (8 months ago)
"Nothing good happens in jail" gang bang
prince (8 months ago)
this got dark.
Abdullah mohamed (8 months ago)
This video really helps alot . I was just questioning myself about my sexuality. I am gay , young and a person of color its just so hard that the downs that I have overweight the ups. And I am not proud of it as for right now.
LoLo Eich (8 months ago)
Sorry but as a man it’s not your place to “let” any woman get an abortion, regardless of her relationship to you. It’s her choice to make
Rupert Rouggos (3 months ago)
Men as the father should have a role, your wrong.
Andrea O. (6 months ago)
LoLo Eich I was waiting for someone to say this. Thank you.
loner1878 (6 months ago)
Eve A. Once a child is born it should be 50/50. Unfortunately we didn't evolve like seahorses did to share pregnancy and birth, so its the woman who makes the decision when it comes to pregnancy.
Eve A. (7 months ago)
Rachel White There isn't always a health risk. What are you talking about? We live in the 21st century. Health risks during pregnancy (meaning serious ones) are the exception. The father might want to keep the child even though the mother doesn't want it. So there ia no reason for an abortion in this case.
Eve A. (7 months ago)
The child "belongs" to the father as much as it "belongs" to the mother. It should always be 50-50.
TheDoodLbot (8 months ago)
I love postsecret 😊
chcrries _ (8 months ago)
When I was in the 6th and 7th grade a guy in my grade would always sexually assault and abuse me when nobody was around I was too scared to tell anyone it happened for 2 years straight I tried to kill my self by taking a whole bottle of pills it didn’t work I wish it had.
Daniela Martínez (8 months ago)
_Hello_Its_Just_Katelyn _ I was kidnapped and abused for years. I tried to killed myself and stayed in a coma for months... I feel yoy. I talked about it 10 years later. It was a relief not to keep my secret anymore. That not healed myself my PTSD my depression... But I didn´t have to hide anymore. I´m here for you.
Amanda D (8 months ago)
_Hello_Its_Just_Katelyn _ I'm so sorry thats really rough. Please take care of yourself
Forte (8 months ago)
True diversity is in this video
Sarah S (8 months ago)
To preface: I will never hate any woman who had has had an abortion. I wish our society encouraged women to keep their children. Often there is less of a “choice” in the matter of abortion than we realize, and many women remain traumatized and depressed for years after having abortions. There ARE alternatives for you, a baby is not ever the end of your dreams. And before anyone throws that “it’s merciful” and “they’ll be so much better off” stuff at me, you don’t have the power to predict life, so don’t. There are plenty of stories of people rising from bad situations into happy ones. Don’t think yourself so smart that you can decide how hard someone will work before he or she is even out of the womb to prove it.
Hebiyoujo (7 months ago)
That is absolutely a falsehood that women are traumatized and depressed after abortions. And for the women that are, they deserve non-judgemental mental health care. But for the women that aren't, don't speak for them. Let people live their lives and do what they want to do with their own bodies.
loner1878 (7 months ago)
I find it amusing that people like you pretend abortion was invented when Roe v Wade passed. What, the illegal abortions before then don't count to you? Yes, abortion being legal doesn't mean many women weren't coerced into keeping pregnancies they didn't want. Happens all the time unfortunately, especially those who are pressured by anti abortion family, partners, friends or even whole communities. Nice anecdote. Meanwhile, studies show that most women do not regret their abortions at all.
LoudestWhispers (7 months ago)
Except not everyone DOES regret abortion. Do some more research. I've known girls as young 12 who've been raped and jumped off bridges so they won't bring dishonor to their families.
Sarah S (7 months ago)
You'll pardon me if I don't consider it much of a myth.
Sarah S (7 months ago)
loner1878 60 million fetuses have been aborted since the legalization of abortion in the 1970s. Yep, that sounds like women have just felt so forced to keep their children. Also, my government teacher had a student who was traumatized by having an abortion. She went to therapy for years and was eventually unable to go to school or work because she was so easily triggered by the topic.

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