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100 People Try Durian | Keep It 100 | Cut

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Text Comments (9759)
Ninja Of The Darkness (37 minutes ago)
1:30 omg cute asf.wooooooe
Eric91531 (12 hours ago)
I’m more concerned about the range of different tastes 😂
Apinya Palawong (19 hours ago)
It so good, I love it
Katia Kaarlela (20 hours ago)
Haloo can we agree on what it tastes like?🤔 weard are we all taste things differently ah?
Flamzine luvsU (23 hours ago)
a triggered asian.
Arianna Whitacre (1 day ago)
Im imagining Gordon Ramsey tasting this lol
Zoey Kerin (1 day ago)
Everyone reacted differently to the smell. Some thought it smelled great where others thought it smelled like shit.
xarmyl :3 (1 day ago)
I hear crunch....why the fk is there crUNcH-
Benfica é o Melhor (1 day ago)
that's not how you open a durian.
-no name- (1 day ago)
They dont have the Asian tongue that's why
AlphaScreamer (2 days ago)
the way they cut the durian, TRIGGERED ASIAN SOUL INSIDE OF MEHHH
Sabo FireFist (2 days ago)
Im triggered as Malaysian
Xd Ttvcocknballs (2 days ago)
1:07 is Sid the sloth
MASTERTVlogs (3 days ago)
haha 😂
Carl Joseph Vinluan (3 days ago)
Only asian can see it good. And the smell doesn't stink that much. ASIAN FOODS ARE THE BEST
iDowwie (3 days ago)
A durian a day keeps the westerners away.
Lily Krajcikova (3 days ago)
0:58 ” a vagina...? Pffffffft”
Alex Zuckerberg (3 days ago)
narutoooo... Sasukeeee.. 1:33
Danny Alexander (3 days ago)
Man you should do your homework first and atleast get some decent durian before doing this
Halsey Jefferson (3 days ago)
Durian smells like kherosene,I definitely hate that
Andre Jamaludin (3 days ago)
You all who said that durians isn't good, just come to indonesia, Mostly indonesian people like durian 🤣 Come to medan please! medan durian is very famous in here wkwkwk
Dadap Suteja (3 days ago)
I prefer drunk by durian than a champange...
Sleepy Neko (3 days ago)
Someone said it smelt like ass. Doesn't it equal to eating ass?
Ann (4 days ago)
ITS NOT EVEN RIPE!!!! do all channels do this? get unripe fruit to get people’s horrible expressions for fun? if you want to do something, do it right. it’s fine if they genuinely dislike it IF ITS RIPE. you don’t eat an unripe papaya and not expect to complain. getting ripe fruit is one problem, but you even cut it wrong, i could see the seed being cut into on screen. seriously?? do your research before even pinning this video idea.
Katie Cruz (4 days ago)
That Naruto fan looks very cute
Branson Novsam (4 days ago)
I want to slap em -Asian Me Dude it smells kinda bad but since I’m Asian dude durian IS SOOOO GOOD I just ate one 10 minutes ago in fact Cambodia 🇰🇭
Dain Bramage (4 days ago)
I hope my face never gets close to a vagina that smells like durian
DEFNJE CC (4 days ago)
They mutilated the durian.
Jose Hernandez (4 days ago)
Asians eats dogs, bugs and this crap. Culture thing
Poki_Bindi * (4 days ago)
The asians gets used to the smell. And I CANT SMELL IT
Indra Kurniawan (4 days ago)
Indonesian love durian
JR_0626_xo x (4 days ago)
Durian trees used to grow around my house and I used to eat them all the time ... They are delicious Mann 😍
Ilham Zuhairi (4 days ago)
if u say durian is shit at asians, you will get punch
MAHESA Ramadhan (5 days ago)
00:40 Looks like crystal 🤔
Riverdale Alexandra (5 days ago)
Durian is my favourite food
Hayla Kayla (5 days ago)
I know what that is, but 90% of the people here don’t lol
BAT TV (5 days ago)
Santai mko, durian ji lagi....hahaha
Ryner Ryner (5 days ago)
amjad ahadi (5 days ago)
Where did you buy that? From the supermarket?
_ unknown _ (6 days ago)
Beksi Kusmawan (6 days ago)
As indonesian this really annoy me.. actually durian in asian is one of the best fancy fruit.. only few people can eat it bcs it is expensive... Well it is expensive bcs it is fuckin delicious...
Jason Campbell (6 days ago)
Grapefruit and mayonnaise 😂
Troels Boesen (6 days ago)
My step mom eats this all the fucking time and it stinks like a mutherfucker
Dina Esther (6 days ago)
I was very entertaining but half of the time I was laughing 😂 and wondering wtf does it really taste like... 🤔
The Cool kid (7 days ago)
I’m a Chinese malaysian and I want slap them so haaaaaaaard
Jonathan Pangaribuan (7 days ago)
Please enter a name (7 days ago)
Y’know your asian when you know your durian
Dini Sagita (7 days ago)
Michelle (7 days ago)
American Taste buds are crap anyway They don’t deserve the king.
Nicole Silva (7 days ago)
Ok, I’m Brazil and it’s a really common fruit here, I hate it, but somehow I get a little offended
Archer (7 days ago)
"It smells like gasoline, poop, nuts, ass, salad, pineapple," Damn, these people have different senses.
The Cool kid (7 days ago)
These people don’t appreciate durian Durian taste amazing I love it
Pangpon Charoenphol (7 days ago)
Ma normale, è come se un asiatico assaggiasse la pizza con quattro formaggio...e direbbe cos'è sta puzza di merda
Linda Moha (7 days ago)
2:06 me trying be nice to my Asian friends coz they suggested me to try it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jade Marcus (7 days ago)
Lazy Pandah (8 days ago)
I’m Asian and hate durian
Angeliq Bink (8 days ago)
When they said durian smells bad and tasted bad.... I want the to see their reaction when seeing asian eat more than 2 durians.
SolicitorPirate (8 days ago)
Behold, the food of my people
Iffan Azmi (8 days ago)
Who cut durian like that? Sorry..who cut durian???
Poppy Louise (8 days ago)
I've already tried ripe Durian and it was the most disgusting thing I've ever ate. My Mom evan choked haha
Javen (8 days ago)
Bruh why u open the durian like this u just cut through the seeds
Hey mate (9 days ago)
I never realised how different peoples taste buds are.
Liam Kaplan (9 days ago)
I really want to like durian
Vegeti Ho (9 days ago)
I like durians :') But I know their feels because I once hate it. 😂😂
icebear (9 days ago)
i wanna kill whoever the fuck sliced through the durian seeds. Durian is not difficult to open if you know how!!!!!!!
xira oit (10 days ago)
Ga enaklah karena duriannya mentah hahahahaha!!!!!
eric (10 days ago)
0:58 “a vag*na” 💀💀💀💀💀
Octa Richie (10 days ago)
they are so weak, i can't blame them, even their food is so tasteless cuz only use salt and pepper LOL
Jamie Lmao (10 days ago)
I'm Asian, All of my family love durian but Durian is not my favorite. I just don't like Durian 😱
Jooxy 8109 (10 days ago)
*everyones reactions* F all of you in that video accept for people who actually liked it
Jooxy 8109 (10 days ago)
*everyones reactions* F all of you in that video accept for people who actually liked it
Jonathan Cuo (10 days ago)
in this video i think they bought the wrong kind of durian , the most pure fucking durian is sweet and a little acidic. yeah maybe the smell is fucking awful but trust me , the more awful the smell of a food the better the taste (atleast in my country)
A_park Gaming (10 days ago)
Heaven fruit.. Geez what is wrong with those ppl
RuggedMan Gamer (10 days ago)
Malaysia have good durian. Different varieties. Furthermore, look and taste way better then those in the vid.
X-T Production (10 days ago)
im proud to be malaysian who eat durian 😎😎
Alexa wolf hybrid :3 (10 days ago)
Atleast your not eating a tamilok/worm at the Philippines cuase Asian are triggered
SR t (11 days ago)
I got anxiety and depression from the way you pick and cut the durian...
PastaFlavor Printing (11 days ago)
noooo, it doesnt taste bad. durian is one of my favorite fruit. iam not gonna lie that the structure is almost like sweet potato, but its not plain and have an unique favor 😁😁 try it for multiple times/different durian
M Gad (11 days ago)
Durian is Love
Fortnite Queen (11 days ago)
I like durian And im not even aisian
Aldy Irfansyah (11 days ago)
You cut it the wrong way, and WTF.!!! THAT'S MY FAVORITE FRUIT EVER.!!
shazarul haizer (11 days ago)
Give the real durian to them which delicious and creamy
JanDuchovni Ugale (12 days ago)
Can you please Censored those F word please 😡
bro kacak (12 days ago)
Who the fook is that guys
DR FRANKLIN (12 days ago)
when my parents look at my grades 0:23
Yusuf As'ari (12 days ago)
Next time ask terrorist to give them durian instead of bomb.
Anwar Fauzi (12 days ago)
Why am i so angry watching these people don't like durian ?
Jimmy Jim (12 days ago)
I love durian cuz im aisan
FierySerge (12 days ago)
"Mangoes!" "Pineapple!" *"ass"*
RG24 HIGHLIGHT (12 days ago)
South East Asian likes durian
Exotic_ Dummy (12 days ago)
That one person that says it tastes like chicken
Khang Chau (12 days ago)
the fact that they have to bring it super close to their noses to smell the poor thing is proof that the poor thing is not good in quality lol
Mr.Asian Guy (12 days ago)
You cut the durian in the wrong way you idiots.... As a real Asian I would kill to eat durian..
vgotnofingers (12 days ago)
Where did you get these peasants? Was it New York?
Bashabsheh (12 days ago)
Just shut the fuck up already, eat it without complain
Armand sandy (12 days ago)
"It's not supposed the way you cut the durian, y'all got it whole wrong from the start!" My asian spirit screams watching this.
ClaireZun’sDead (13 days ago)
Eat a donut every 10 seconds someone swears. Actually, wait no. Don’t do that, you’ll die.
Leeroy Jenkins (13 days ago)
Wata buncha wimps.
Buk Lau (13 days ago)
Durian is delicious and smells good so this video really triggers me
Bruce Doyle (13 days ago)
I really don't care for whatever they eating, I just wanted to see the Dude with the Naruto Outfit.

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