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Preview | Watercolor with Birgit O'Connor: Waves, Water & Clouds

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Learn all about how to paint waves, water, and clouds with Birgit O'Connor now on http://ArtistsNetwork.tv. Watch as Birgit walks you through multiple demonstrations on how to paint water, whether it's still water, or crashing waves, along with wet sand, skies and more. You'll learn how to blend and mix colors to create the effect of water in a variety of scenes. Plus, you'll learn Birgit's favorite watercolor techniques, like wet-into-wet and wet-into-dry to move your watercolors around the page, that will make your water landscapes and paintings come to splashing life! Preview Watercolor with Birgit O'Connor: Waves, Water & Clouds here now to paint with Birgit O'Connor. First, you'll learn how to create clouds by taking advantage of wet and dry areas of the paper to move the paint around. You'll learn how to blend colors right on the surface for smooth, natural transitions. Next, Birgit demonstrates how to create the grassy look of marshlands, softening and blending edges. Finally, you'll learn some great tricks that will make painting fun. Visit http://Artistnetwork.tv for access to the full-length video.
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Text Comments (11)
Sylvia Lyon (1 year ago)
Do you wet your paper and let it dry before you start?
Maysoon AlDooriaines (2 years ago)
Very nice Birgit . I have a book and cd of yours given to me as a birthday gift . You are a wonderful water colorist. Thank you for your video.
Nora Pavia (2 years ago)
Really great demo. What weight of paper did you use? How do you keep the paper from warping when your finished, if you don't tape it down? Do you do this at the end? Also, are there reasonably priced pure sable and mixed sable and synthetic brushes on the market? Thanks so much. I'm enjoying your Essential Watercolor book very much.
Deb Dokken (5 months ago)
Nora Pavia @
Anthony o'Flynn (3 years ago)
wonderful artist Birgit , so calm and patient in your teaching method , add the skill and we have a complete teacher , well done .
Peter Kertesz (4 years ago)
amazing lesson,thank you for sharing!
Candeekissez (4 years ago)
Artist, please remember, some of those brushes use animal hair. Please find a good alternative that doesn't impact the life and or well-being of animals. Thank you.
geraldine (5 years ago)
Lovely watercolour picture, advice & tips. I am new to watercolour Birgit & was wondering what size & type of brush you use & where can they be bought, also do you wet all the areas before you put down the paint. Thank you
Pat Schafer (5 years ago)
Wonderful tips! Thanks Birgit.
Angela Macleod (5 years ago)
Can you show how to do the crashing waves, leaving the whites?
dadibattini narayana (5 years ago)
Superb colours and techniques which I enjoyed watching them the colours rotating and making painting automatically itself!!

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