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Firetruck Morphle meets A Dragon! My Magic Pet Morphle Cartoon Episodes for Kids

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Morphle Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwpvieHKxgF2A7612PdKabO1EEjfe5aP In this a many episode compilation of the 'My Magic Pet Morphle' children's cartoon series. Morphle can morph into all sorts of things that kids love; like Dinosaurs, cars, trucks and cute animals. In this episode Morphle morphs into a firetruck! TV show is for toddlers and older kids, but because of it's fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'The Sneezing Dragon' Episode by: Mark Bastiaan Produced by: Van Merwyk Media Mila: Sabrina Glow ( http://www.glowgirlskidvoiceover.com ) Other episodes: Danne Bakker, Mark Bastiaan, Nicole Derksen, Jessy Suharyanto, Jesse Tamerius, Merel Hamers, Etienne van Emden, Ruben Zaalberg, Jeroen Koffeman Backgrounds: Jan-Jaap Schraverus Character Designs: Jan Jaap Schraverus, Stein Louisse , David Muchtar Rigging: Stein Louisse, Jeroen Koffeman, David Muchtar, Jan Jaap Schraverus Sound Design & Music: Spoon-sound ( http://www. spoon-sound.com ) Additional Music by Kevin Mcleod #kids #cartoon #Morphle
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Text Comments (19)
Alex Path (3 months ago)
Can you make a different story instead the story of blue red riding hood make a different story than that
Kamran Quliyev (5 months ago)
morphle lol ok? no? not?
Ramiro Gómez Bello (1 year ago)
Ahmad Junaid JUNAID (1 year ago)
mahbuba haque (1 year ago)
I love morpho and mela
Anitha Rishvani (1 year ago)
my bro love it
Shanee Kamee (1 year ago)
Good mela and morphed
Kooka Man (1 year ago)
Here be sick dragons!
Murugan dxb (1 year ago)
Baby Studio (1 year ago)
All For Kids! (1 year ago)
Good one!
Doris Agbonifo (1 year ago)
My kids love this video so much thanks
Kooka Man (1 year ago)
I didn't know that dragons can sneeze fire when they're sick!
BabyBOOM (1 year ago)
Another great video about Morphle! Thank you!
Baby toys studio (1 year ago)
You make great videos. thank you
Car truck for kids (1 year ago)
So good video 💘💘💚💚❤️❤️🍓 🍒 🍓 🍒 🍓 🍒 🍓 🍒 🍓 🍒❤️❤️💚💚for kids ❤️🎎💟️🎏💟💙❤💖💖🌸🌸🎀🎀💍💍🎊🎊💥💥👑👑💏💏🌷🌷🌹🌹🌺🌺💐💐🌱🌱🌳🌳🌲🌲🌾🌾🍄 😘😘😘 😘😘😘 😘😘😘 💍🎌🎆🏮🎉💗💥💜🎊💖🎍🎌🎋💍🎃🎎🎇
Shobha Khadka (1 year ago)
my little bro love it
ToysToysToys (1 year ago)
Good Morphle
Awesome snowmen! love this episode

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