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ASMR Clothing Boutique Role Play (Purple Dresses/Personal Shopper)

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We've been having some email correspondence over your necessity for some purple dresses for various purposes. We've finally come together to look through the options and show you what I have selected for you.
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April Wilson (11 months ago)
Love your voice!!!
tingles with flyby ASMR (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Polka Dot (1 year ago)
Actually, they were all pretty great. i would pair the first two with some brown fringed sandals I have, and I would pair the third with a closed toe pump that's either black or a silver glitter or even a silver metallic looking shoe.
Polka Dot sounds like you have shoes that would make a good video!! I'd watch it :)
Polka Dot (1 year ago)
that first dress was stunning.
Polka Dot yeah that's probably the one I used to wear the most. Nice colours, nice pattern and I love anything that gathers under the bust.
Cassidie McCorkel (2 years ago)
Loving these sales roleplays, and like other people mentioned, a big fan of the voice/mouth sounds being the main trigger, not tapping. Thanks again for helping me get to sleep :)
Cassidie McCorkel happy I can help :) I like tapping but feel like I can't enjoy it as a trigger unless it is really sparsely used, so that how I try to incorporate tapping, with the other triggers being more the hidden treasure lol
The ASMR Collector (2 years ago)
I don't like shopping roleplays unless they're yours. You should actually be on TV doing this. So far you've sold me Australian coins, a copy of Settlers of Catan, and now a dress that I don't know what I'm gonna do with.
+The ASMR Collector Aww you're too nice. I personally love shopping role plays (if you hadn't guessed) but glad you're enjoying mine. What should I sell you next?
Manufan (2 years ago)
I'm surprised at how few people like & comment. I for one am a big fan of your relaxing voice (I can't stand tapping & scratching & eating makes me puke!). But please keep making videos & you'll rack up more followers. Remember even gentlewhispering started somewhere X
+katycheeseburger aww thanks. I'm not too fussed about having a small number or viewers. Just means when people do finally discover me they've got a lot of content to see.

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