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React Basics Ep. 2: React Basics - Buttons and Inputs

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Respond to a button click and get data from a input inside of your React component. Code: https://github.com/atomicjolt/daily_training/tree/buttons_and_inputs
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Text Comments (10)
Sandip Thakor (2 months ago)
Pakisatn teri maa ki chut maru
Negi brother's (11 months ago)
click on drawer menu , no screen is shown
video is helpful.....but sound quality is very poor
David Richardson (1 year ago)
Can you call on click on things that aren't buttons, like divs? Ik you can in jquery
Jennifer Burris (1 year ago)
I've got my speakers turned all the way up and I can barely hear anything...
greatavielite (1 year ago)
The sound is very low?
Cocina Topia (2 years ago)
Great content! how do you get to see the variables in the console? That seems helpful
Michael Judge (2 years ago)
"i dont want to put it in the console thats not where most users look." lmao that was funny
Marek Kobida (2 years ago)
Why you're using this onClick={(event) => { this.handleClick }} instead of handleClick (event) { } onClick={this.handleClick.bind(this)} It's more readable
Alexandr Dubrovin (2 years ago)
u can't paste argument by your way. Try to refer something, for example onClick={this.handleClick(arguments)};

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