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3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages

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Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL 3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages https://youtu.be/UZTyrNVRhFA Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist One of these 3 ways to embed PDFs on your website will work for you. They are all very different both in how to embed the PDFs and how your visitors will experience them. Subscribe to this awesome channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab
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If you enjoyed this video don't forget to the like it and subscribe! Then check out this playlist about doing nearly everything with WordPress plugins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0_NQg8p6q0&list=PLlgSvQqMfii7aN-XeBQ1qdFYsL892rAw7
RockFour1 (5 months ago)
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab, What a fine tutorial with many options, descriptive, easy to follow directions! Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial and help so many of us out!
Kevin Wyatt (6 months ago)
Hi, I am currently building a website for a karaoke business. They have an array of songs but would like a plugin that will give the end user the option to search for a particular song or artist. Is there a plugin that I can use for this? I currently have a PDF of their list but I am looking for the easiest method to input the information of course hahaha.
kopypen (1 year ago)
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab nice work man
eternalfizzer (10 days ago)
That was just what I needed - thanks!
J. SARK (28 days ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going through the steps but I cannot upload my pdf document into the media library. Each time I try it gets to about 3% and then there is an HTTP error. I compressed the pdf into a zip and it shows 3104KB. The max media upload is 256MB. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
RaneLuxe (1 month ago)
Thank you! Clear and easy to understand video. Great solution!
You're welcome, thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions :)
devi p (1 month ago)
Hello! i m very new to Wordpress. just now i created a new website and i wanted to upload a PDF doc as link, but i face following problems... 1. My New Page or New Post is not like one shown in your video. There is no Add Media button and the toolbar is not the same. 2. i m able to upload the doc but unable to see in the media library. 3.even if i select any files from media library i m unable to see attachment link details.
devi p (1 month ago)
+WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab Thanks a ton..for your timely reply....it helped me a lot.
1. Since the recording of this video WordPress has updated it's default page and post editor. There is a small plus icon in the top left of the page and post editor. That will open a little window where you can choose adding a link or a media file. 2. If the upload worked properly, then it will show up in the media library. If it doesn't show up there, then something went wrong with the upload. 3. To see the link to the media, click 'edit' for an individual item in the media library. On the right side of the next page, you'll see a box with information. Including an input field with a link. I hope that helps and thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any further questions :)
PartyFoodTV (1 month ago)
You are the man, thanks.
Thanks and thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Dream Time (1 month ago)
Wordpress has 3 plans / prices: Free, individual and business, you would really share in the very beginning that everything you are doing is the Business plan.
In actual fact, none of my tutorials use the business plan. I don't use WordPress.com at all. All of my tutorials use WordPress.org, which is a self-hosted version of WordPress.
Niamh Aughney (1 month ago)
lovely bed sheet as the background lol. Useful video thank you!
Haha, thanks :) I've made a few upgrades since then. Gotta start somewhere
Very nice, thank you ;)
Thanks and thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Tenacious 3 Inc (1 month ago)
Hello Sir! After I uploaded the PDF embedder and the download counter. Do I have to use the plug-ins every time or just the first time? Also I set mine up today and it worked once? I had all three functions. But now I can’t get the link function to happen. It writes the full link but the link is not functional. Plus it will only writes the short code version. I have to edit the code in the link format. But it is still not working. What do you think the problem may be. I have been up about 24 hours now. Thanks and keep up the good work! Robert
Tenacious 3 Inc (1 month ago)
I replicated three times on my brand new Predator Helios 300 laptop. For me the first method simply does not produce a link, rather it produces a short code- as if the provision that converts the data to a link format is missing. I’m going to rest for a while and try again by putting the link format manually in a few hours.
Hi Robert, If you are embedding and counting downloads using the plugin then the plugin has to stay on your site for everything to work properly. In regards to your link issue, could it be that you tracked you as having clicked it once and isn't letting you do it again? Can you try clearing your browser cache and cookies or use a different browser or try in incognito/private mode?
Sonia Flores (2 months ago)
So after you download PDF embedder, you can no longer post regular links?
Sonia Flores (2 months ago)
Easy and helpful. Is there a way to switch from the pdf link and embedding the pdf right on the page?
D-Train's Bunk (2 months ago)
Awesome! Sometimes the simplest things hold things up when you don't know how to do it.
Very true, I'm glad I could help! Let me know if you have any specific questions :)
Exams Adda (2 months ago)
Sir How to generate pdf thumbnails
You can try this plugin to create the thumbnails ( https://wp-pdf.com/thumbnails/ ), I've never used it, but it appears to be what you need. You can also do it for free with a little PHP coding, but that'll be a lot harder if you're not familiar with PHP. You can also create thumbnails in a photo editing software by taking screenshots of your PDF and using those screenshots to create the thumbnails. I hope that helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for watching!
Troy Bravenboer (3 months ago)
do any of these work if you have an editable PDF that we want to collect DATA on or have the user sign?
angellorenzoa (3 months ago)
Why, when i click on edit, my document window doesn't show. The edit button just takes me to "start writing or type/to chose block"?
Catherine Dyer (3 months ago)
Thank you for the simple easy to follow instructions.
You're welcome Catherine, I'm glad to help. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for watching!
Mohammed Nacef (4 months ago)
think's boss
You're welcome Mohammed, thanks for watching!
Montsergirl (4 months ago)
Excellent! thank you! I have been trying to do this but couldn’t get it right. I just found your channel and so far you are very helpful!! I have the most embarrassing question and I know this isn’t maybe the spot but i’m gonna try... do you or anyone reading know why someone’s admin top menu bar doesn’t have the options that shows above in this video...doesn’t say the “howdy” but I am admin on my business account....?
Gonzalo Lalo (4 months ago)
Thanks man!, very usefull video!
Thank you sooooooo much. I really appreciate this!!
You're welcome, I'm glad I could help. Thanks for watching!
Lois Dye (5 months ago)
You're an excellent teacher. Lots of info, without taking an hour to go through it, or assuming anything is already known. Great video.
Thanks Lois! Hopefully my other videos you may find are just as helpful! Thanks for watching!
Reno van Zanten (5 months ago)
This is nothing new! With a little commence and understanding of wordpress you can do this your self without a pluggin!
You're right Reno, but even so, lots of people want to see plugin methods.
Really enjoyed your tutorials - thanks so much.
Brian Fritz (5 months ago)
Tutorial starts at :38
Ahmed Elcheikh (5 months ago)
very good video i love wordpress
Thanks Ahmed and thanks for watching!
Jane Unsworth (6 months ago)
Another question, for the masked download shortcode, does it appear differently every time someone downloads it?
Jane Unsworth (6 months ago)
Love the last version too, might be a bit of an ask, but would like to use that and show it in full view - with the option to download on a page- builder, I'm using BB. Bit of an ask but is that possible?
Njofie Wilson (6 months ago)
Great video. Thank you.
You're welcome Njofie, thanks for watching!
Nasko C (6 months ago)
My question below answered: Deactivating and deleting the "WPDM - Premium Packages" plugin solves the problem. I guess I was a bit overwhelmed and too early with my query. Might help to other viewers though in case someone face the same problem.
Nasko C (7 months ago)
Good vid, nice plugin, however, I've activated the ''Activate Digital Store'' I don't know why and can't get rid of it after deciding that it is not needed. Deleted the plugin and reinstalled it, digital store comes with the package now. Would you be having any solution to this...How to disable the Digital Store. Thanks!
Hi Nasko, Sorry for the delay in responding. Our third child arrived 12 days ago and it's been a bit of a gong show around here 👶 I haven't encountered that problem before. I did some Googling and couldn't find anytihng on it. I would post a question on their help forum here: https://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/support/ I hope that helps and thanks for watching! P.S. If you haven't yet, check out the WPLearningLab Facebook Group: https://facebook.com/groups/wplearninglab See you there!
Jensen1992 (7 months ago)
the first and the second didn't work, but when i linked it under "pages" it finally worked, but is it gonna be an issue ?
Sorry for the delay in responding. If you test it well in different browsers and devices and it works in all of them then it shouldn't be an issue for you. I hope that helps and thanks for watching!
Dislodged (8 months ago)
Which of these options would be best for mobile?
Probably the one where it opens the PDF in a new tab. That will make the viewable area of the PDF as large as possible. I hope that helps and thanks for watching!
Charles Lotara (8 months ago)
Wow, the third option is the best!
I think so too. Thanks for watching Charles!
WhoIsDésir (9 months ago)
Can you only do one document per link? This is confusing because I want three or more documents per link. If I have to create several pages, it kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Waiting on your reply.
WhoIsDésir (9 months ago)
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab thanks! I finally figured it out and made three.
Hi Jean, It is one document per link. You could zip all the documents into one zip file and deliver them all at once that way. You could also add more than one link to a page, they can only view on document at a time in the browser anyway. Do those options work?
Thanks for the info. I'm new to wordpress so you lost me a couple of times and it seemed a bit complicated, maybe once I go through it it will not be so confusing, but thanks for the info.
Sounds like a plan. You can check out the private FB group over here https://facebook.com/groups/wplearninglab. There are a lot of helpful people, including myself, over there too.
Thanks that's kind of you, after I give it a go I might get back to you. I appreciate what you have done though I get the gist of it.
Sorry for going a little quick and losing you. You can use the "gear" icon in the bottom right of the video to so it down. You can also let me know in the comments what confused you and I'll try my best to help!
Anas Khan (9 months ago)
HEY MAN I have a question for the download manager which is the last thing is there any way I can make it view my pdf viewed online for that ?
That'll do it.
Anas Khan (9 months ago)
Thanks alot man this way helpful, my problem with site ground is they dont offer alot of online DISK SPACE
Hi Anas, I've never used either. I've bought domains from NameCheap, but never used their hosting. I'm a fan of SiteGround right now and my main sites are on WPEngine.
Anas Khan (9 months ago)
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab true I guess it's a useless question btw is it okay if I ask you which hosting is better A2 or Namecheap?
Hi Anas, I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "make it view my pdf viewed online for that".
Tracy Hudak (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I opted to try Download Manager but am finding that the Icon I selected for my pdf is not showing up. When I insert the short code and update, the Download text and file heading is on the page, but no icon. Any advice? Thanks!
Hi Tracy, I'm happy you were able to fix it!
Tracy Hudak (9 months ago)
Fixed it by using a different icon
Yasser Moktar (10 months ago)
please can you do a tutorial about to convert page to pdf or add PDF button to page in wordpress there is a plugin but it turn all pages to pdf or print when you search in plugins there is only one PDF and Print
Yasser Moktar (9 months ago)
No just for one page for example I have a portfolio page I designed on WordPress on my site I need this page to be printable
Hi Yasser, If I understand correctly, you want to have a PDF button on every page on your site. When someone clicks that button it generates a PDF only for the page that they are on. Is that correct?
neraknerak1 (11 months ago)
This was a very helpful video, thank you so much.
You're welcome, thanks for watching!
Tom Dougherty (11 months ago)
very helpful, thanks!
You're welcome Tom, thanks for watching!
Edriss Alexis (1 year ago)
Worked right away. Saved me a lot of headaches!! Thank you! Hopefully, all your videos are just as easy. Subscribing to your channel.
Hi Edriss, I'm happy it worked for you! I try to make my videos as easy as possible, but you know how technology goes :) Thanks for the sub, much appreciated!
Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! Great, easy to understand and to the point!
Hi Nicole, I'm glad I could help :) Thanks for watching!
Drew F (1 year ago)
Would give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe if you showed a free way for people to view my pdf's without a stupid link. I am aware the first way you showed will work for all wordpress users but I want the pdf to be viewable not a link. All of these plug ins you recommend so people can view your pdf within your website require to you upgrade to the business plan which is $25 per month. I am simply trying to embed pdf's of my recent work for a college class. I am not spending money to upgrade my wordpress website so I can embed pdfs there has to be a free way for people to view the pdf within my wordpress. Help with this and TWO THUMBS UP
Small Guy on Top (1 year ago)
You only showed ONE WAY to "EMBED" a pdf! The other two are links, not embeds. You spent most of your time promoting a plugin that has nothing to do with embedding anything at all. I would love to give 5 thumbs down for your false advertising. Sorry, but call it what it is: 3 ways to make PDF's available from your Wordpress page or post.
Blessed Benard (1 year ago)
Wow! Grateful +WPLearningLab
Awesome Bernard, thanks for watching!
Paul Welburn (1 year ago)
Another great tutorial, thanks. Quick question, is there a plugin that creates a pdf form for my clients to fill out and once submitted is emailed to me? If so are these premium or free forms?
Hi Paul, I've never heard of a plugin that does that. I know you can build forms right into PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. Anyone can fill out the form, save it and then email it to you. I haven't heard of this in the form of a WordPress plugin though. That said, I know for a fact it can be custom coded. The way it would work is your client fills out a regular web form and submits it. A PHP script fills their form responses into a PDF template and then sends the PDF to you and to them if you want them to have a copy.
Ingrid Elliott (1 year ago)
Excellent video! Just what I was looking for. Well presented. Thank you.
Excellent! I'm glad I could help, thanks for watching Ingrid!
Insites Web Design (1 year ago)
This clip was a life saver. Thanks dude
Awesome, thanks for watching!
Saima hammad (1 year ago)
I used Download manager but it made my revolution slider disappear :( Did anyone faced this problem?
Saima hammad (1 year ago)
yes they are up to date and download manager plugin is causing the problem. revolution slider comes back after deactivating this plugin. i am using coaching wp theme
That's strange. Are they both up to date? When you deactivate Download Manager does your revolution slide come back?
kamal hines (1 year ago)
WOW this was i needed thanks allot keep them coming...
You're welcome Kamal, thanks for watching!
Lee Plays Life (1 year ago)
Nice video! Can I let my mail chimp subscribers download free stuff from my website using the down load manager?
Jaya Jones (1 year ago)
Thank you! so easily explained for a novice like me!
+Jaya Jones You're welcome Jaya, glad I could help. Thanks for watching!
Sorry, how can I upload 3d pdf on my web site. With plugin PDF Viewer and PDF Embedder it isn't work.(((( PLEASE HELP!
3d pdf is where you can see object in 3D y you can move it with mouse. (From 3ds max or Solid Edge)
What is a 3D PDF? Is that it different from a regular PDF file?
Christine Conway, PMP (1 year ago)
Awesome! I think the Download Manager will work great for my needs.
+Christine Conway 👍
Christine Conway, PMP (1 year ago)
I'll be watching my notifications for it!!
Hi Christine, the Download Manager is pretty cool. I have a dedicated tutorial for that plugin coming soon :)
Hi Christine, the Download Manager is pretty cool. I have a dedicated tutorial for that plugin coming soon :)
Bobby Virjil (1 year ago)
Just the thing I've been looking for. Thanks Bjorn!
+Bobby Virjil You're welcome Bobby. Perfect timing! Thanks for watching!
dipak bhulku (1 year ago)
Actually, I have installed new theme & as well imported the demo data... but when i make changes in any pages or past then i got 500 error.... how to fix this please help...
+dipak bhulku Hi Dipak, that error can be caused by a number of things. Check out this video they addresses the most common causes: https://youtu.be/OhWUvQU2diU I hope that helps and thanks for watching!
Ashley Ball (1 year ago)
Great channel mate!! You've got my sub ☺️
+Ashley Ball Cool thanks Ashley!
John Haddad (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for these videos. They are very helpful. As a suggestion, you may want to put links to the plugins or products you review so that people can easily click on them.
+John Haddad Hi John, great suggestion. Seems like a no-brainer but I haven't done it well
Niranjan Gain (1 year ago)
plz make a video website speed optimisation ultimate guide step by step.
+Niranjan Gain Hi Niranjan, it's on my list of videos to make. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for watching!
Subscribers are increasing... Congrats
+Tech Catchers- Latest Tech News My name is Bjorn Allpas
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab Hey what's your name? I was searching for you on Facebook today to tag you somewhere.
+Tech Catchers- Latest Tech News Good advice. I'll get to that sort of thing soon. Right I'm letting keyword research and community requests guide the content.
WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab Yes and I can see in you since I subbed. Well start creating websites with page builders which is today's trend. Every wordpress youtuber is doing and you should get your hands on it too. My preference for you would be try elementor with elementor pro and then create websites with it and inspire people. Believe me your subs will start increasing at a rapid rate. Also 1 view on every video from me is reserved. Regards Rishabh Agrawal
+Tech Catchers- Latest Tech News Thanks :) As with anything that's worthwhile it takes hard work and time.
Abud S. (1 year ago)
the download manager is really cool! i will use it for my next projects :) thank you bjorn!
You're welcome Abud. I have a video dedicated to the download manager soon. Thanks for watching!

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