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How to Make a Long Sleeve Top | Teach Me Fashion

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Visit Teach Me Fashion website to download/view all Sewing Patterns: https://teachmefashion.com WHERE WE BUY AMAZING FABRIC: https://rathdownefabrics.com.au A simple, easy-to-make, long sleeve top for every occasion. We made this pattern with comfort in mind, it is loose fitting and flares slightly at the waist which makes it flattering and comfortable on all body shapes. It is extremely easy to make and works well with a lot of different fabrics and colors. A pattern that you will use again and again! Sewing tips & techniques in the Long Sleeve Top video tutorial: • Sewing a knit fabric without an overlocker/serger • Positioning and sewing a neckband onto a knit top. Recommended Fabrics: any light to medium weight knit. Our PDF sewing patterns are simple to follow and use! Simply print the pattern pieces, tape them together and follow the step-by-step instructions included in every pack. All patterns come with a seam allowance! Each pack includes: - Instructions for printing, cutting out and piecing together the pattern - A list of materials and equipment you will need - A full set of step-by-step sewing instructions for making the garment - Printable on A4 of US Letter paper - All sizes XS – 5XL are included in every pattern. INSTANT DOWNLOAD! Once purchased, you will be able to access your pattern download from your Etsy Account. Simply click on "Your Account", then "Purchases" and then the button "Ready for Download.” * Difficulty: Easy Also known as a long sleeved top, long-sleeve top, full arm top, long-sleeve blouse, long sleeved blouse, long-sleeved t-shirt -- Teach Me Fashion – Simple and elegant sewing patterns for beginners and advanced sewers! We want to teach you fashion, not just sewing. We want to make it simple and enjoyable for you to sew your own clothes and eventually design your own. That's why we have developed our own sewing patterns, each with a complete sewing video tutorial, so you can learn new techniques and develop a wide range of sewing & design skills. Our Patterns & Sizes We have a wide range of detailed sewing patterns including dress sewing patterns, skirt sewing patterns, pant sewing patterns, coat sewing patterns, leggings sewing patterns and many others. All patterns are available in XS – 5XL and instantly downloadable! Step-by-step Sewing Video Tutorials I have made a sewing video tutorial for all of the patterns! These videos walk through step-by-step how to make the pattern and include plenty of tips & useful tricks I have learned from over 40 years in the fashion design industry! All of my sewing videos contain detailed sewing techniques, sewing basics and sewing terms so new and experienced sewers can learn and sew (www.youtube.com/teachmefashion) Free Sewing Pattern Want to try before you buy? You can download one of our sewing patterns for free from our website (www.teachmefashion.com) and see how much easier it is using PDF sewing patterns! Teach Me Fashion Sewing Group A group where we can share our sewing projects, ideas & creations and help everyone's sewing & fashion design skills, so please jump right in and get involved! Join the group here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/teachmefashion) Pinterest For sewing patterns, sewing ideas, sewing tutorials and fashion design and inspiration have a look at our Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/teachmefashionn Happy Sewing! Teach Me Fashion Team © 2015 Teach Me Fashion
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Georgette Sledge (4 months ago)
I love this,so simple begainners friendly👍👍👍👍👍
TeachMeFashion (4 months ago)
Thank you xx
Linda Prial (8 months ago)
Thank you for the video. Could you tell me what settings you use for narrow zig zag? I’m new to sewing knits.
Leech Little (9 months ago)
tfw you're a dude and you are using this to make a chemical suit
Glamrous Sakhi (10 months ago)
Sivaram P siva (11 months ago)
Dianna A (1 year ago)
Music total turn off
Kholoud Koko (1 year ago)
شكرا عل الترجمه 😍😍😍tknks
sewing&co (1 year ago)
Sudirman Sitorus (2 years ago)
how to make petrent miss?
Distinctive Fabric (2 years ago)
dandy d (2 years ago)
Very good clear tutorial. Thanks
Bree J. (2 years ago)
Why aren't you making any more videos?
The right path (2 years ago)
Bump688 (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your skills with us.... I have a question. Could the cuffs be sewn before the whole sleeve is sewn up and positioned??
Bump688 (2 years ago)
Thank you x
Joanne Carroll (2 years ago)
Not usually done that way, as you would then see the seam at the wrist. All of the outer edge hems are supposed to conceal what's holding it together.
Saggi Tork (2 years ago)
what is the stuf of this shirt? Kindly tell
June Brown (2 years ago)
Although I understand the sleeve setting part this is definitely not a beginner video. Could you please do a video where a pattern is not involved? I understand that you are a professional but this is not the stage for me, nor is it the stage for any beginner. I was looking for a video that made sleeves without a pattern but this is not it.
Joanne Carroll (2 years ago)
+June Brown Nearly 40yrs ago when I learned to sew you had 2 choices if you wanted to learn - 1) buy a pattern & figure it out for yourself or 2) get a book & read about how to do it ... Nowadays you (plural) have MANY more directions to learn from & I'm afraid that despite being spoonfed from every angle - you're still misinformed; dressmaking with a pattern IS right down there at the start for beginners, very shortly after learning to thread a needle on a sewing machine & sew in a straight line. It's how we build the foundations for the more complex & demanding work that will arise in the future ... Drafting patterns for sleeves or anything else is for advanced students with strong knowledge of garment construction - e.g. how different fabrics fall, how they respond to stress of wear. How much ease is required on each different part of the body? Can you sit, run for a bus or raise your hands without the seams splitting? Learning to sew your own garments is the reward for the hard work you've put in to learn sewing theory - you don't get the pretties on the first date with the sewing machine, you need knowledge first - get yourself a book from the library & see what you're missing. As a (very ill-informed) beginner, you're not in the best position to tell those very experienced ladies what is & isn't suitable learning material, they've taught many while your basic info isn't even correct ... & those other YT videos where people make "clothes" with no knowledge or skill in pattern-making or garment construction, who use scissors like hedge-shears & who have all the sewing technique of a blacksmith? They are not the kind of video you should be taking for gospel about what's for beginners & what's not, they're beginners themselves - & THAT is the blind leading the blind.
emma 44 (2 years ago)
Well the title doesn't state it's a beginner video
dominikamalia (2 years ago)
hi dear, i can not find or access the pattern for this one.... can you help? I'd love to try it...
Aikku Lootus (3 years ago)
Wonderful tutoring, thank you. ♥
Sura Sura (3 years ago)
اتمنى ان تعملي فديوهات اكثر لان عملك رائع جدا ومتقن بشكل مثالي وارجو ان تعملي فديو خاص كيف نعمل الباترون حسب قياسات الجسم ....👍
Diana (3 years ago)
hi okay so I was wondering... I accidentally didn't fold my fabric so now I have half of the front and half of the back...and so I was wondering if I cut the other halfs to complete them and then sow it together, will it work???? please answer
Susan Mazzanti (2 years ago)
If they were going to have a seam up the middle of the front and back, it will work just fine. If one or both of them was to be placed on the fold and have no seam, it will make your garment smaller. You can counter this by using smaller seam allowances and salvage your garment. I promise you that I have sewn for many years and it will work. If you have questions send me a message and I'll help you.
Desa Para (3 years ago)
thanks for the video Saya sekeluarga ambil yg haq sahaja,Tiada yg lain.Dulu kini dan selamanya.
Heather Andruski (3 years ago)
Difficult to follow for a beginner.
Sanjuxxi VIP (3 years ago)
I'll be great if you tell how to cut out the block.
You sound like that lady from How To Cook That
Aisha Singhania (3 years ago)
bestest video of simple top.... loved it thank you so much..... for this video
Darlene Mackie (3 years ago)
I love this top!  You do a great job giving instructions. Thank You for this video.
thunder Absix (3 years ago)
its good and a neat tutorial , but maybe you could use some music so the viewers won't be bored .
Allan Wafkowski (3 years ago)
+thunder Absix If viewers are paying attention to the video they wouldn't need music.
u wot m8
laura rodriguez (3 years ago)
Me gusta este video.  pero quisiera ver los moldes,gracias
miranda miller (4 years ago)
I love how u include the steps in order to achieve a nead and tidy sewing
pinks0 zh (4 years ago)
Thanks for you video
Chandra Burgess (4 years ago)
I would have just sewed the the band together and folded it wrong side to wrong side.  Pinned it to the outside and sewn all the way around!
boiboivan (4 years ago)
Thanks so much!

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