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Text Comments (33)
Timothy LeFlore (1 month ago)
Great info. And keep up the great work.
TheMagickmale Seducer (1 month ago)
As Khabib newly said " El-hamdullilah, you aint wanna hear that but El-hamdullilah God is great.If i am Here, he knows what my Duty is.BEING GREAT AND BEING THE BEST IN THAT WHAT I LOVE AND DO IT".Nobody scares me Except from Death and being in front of my God telling that i did my best.Great Content and DONT STOP DOING IT WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!.👌
AboutMillions (2 months ago)
Man I needed this video, I'm going thru a divorce and it's not a nasty one but it still hurts. I know that I've out grown the relationship but I was still holding on...but when you said "you will notice people will leave your life and new people will come in" I felt that. I know I've leveled up, the people around me have not. And the universe is taking them away because they can't go to that next level with me. Love the video uncle G!
John Smith (2 months ago)
Thank u thank u thank u for this AWESOME CONTENT
Mike Gates (2 months ago)
In the beginning was the word. Life and death is in the tongue. That's why I tell my self. "I am a man who can have any woman he wants"
wobinga7 (2 months ago)
23:20 This part is so true. I had it where I changed locations at my job and my own direct supervisor didn’t even tell me what his name is.
Rev Goodgame (2 months ago)
Somebody hating for real?kill yoself
HumbleWolf (2 months ago)
I enter the mind first then I create the reality
ken mwihia (2 months ago)
Thank you for your work. From Nairobi, kenya
Joe Augustine (2 months ago)
Glendon, please make a course on how to become an emotional pimp. I need that wisdom. I rather be respected and feared rather than liked.
BadBoyD TV (2 months ago)
Amazing video man! Exactly what I required hearing today
Someone has piss Uncle G off. Never a good thing😎
Clifton Latson (2 months ago)
Playa hater.....lol.......i got them too and i ain't rich slightly wealthy
Anthony Johnson (2 months ago)
timeless info fk these lazy trolls.. Do You G!!
Stephan Azor (2 months ago)
This reminds me of the serenity prayer. Thanks for offering the wisdom to know the difference.
Stephan Azor (2 months ago)
Ah yes. Lead the field! Gotta review that book again. Putting the man back together, brings the world together.
Larry Michael (2 months ago)
Glendon you are a breath of fresh air my brotha! You are a hero to the manosphere
Douglas Jones (2 months ago)
Thank you for all of the great good that you do for struggling, confused, distracted humanity!
Vihang Desai (2 months ago)
these old videos are the bomb! I love them so much ...
Zholla Mychalis (2 months ago)
"I had all this information but I didn't have the perspective and the tools to dissect it." Damn. And now we are being handed simple tools on a platter. All it will cost is hard work and a willingness to learn from our mistakes. Got it!
Jeremy (2 months ago)
Like the video miss the music in your videos
Kemet Trill (2 months ago)
Incels need to watch this! I saw some very disturbing videos from that sector of YouTube. Self improvement and mindset is everything.
Anonymous (2 months ago)
Low key haters? Remember more people tried to disprove Einstein than supported him. Result? Solidified his position
Disruptive Male (2 months ago)
You just saw a man lie, blow up in a job interview and get put on the Supreme Court. In short, Einstein did not have to contend with a 24-hour news cycle and the internet. All successful people know you got to control the narrative or someone else will. I have seen channel destroyed by haters....
King Holden (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video uncle g
This Dude Bakes (2 months ago)
Thanks Glendon. And i know the channel says 4.9k right now but I'll say congrats on 5k, as I'm sure it will tip over that amount real soon. Just read Drive by Daniel Pink, currently reading Pimp by Iceberg Slim, next is To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink.
Reigning Womban (2 months ago)
Good morning and I’m here for it! Yessss BLOCK all distractions and negative energy! Smh This is WONDERFUL CONTENT & I’m here for ALL of it! 💋🧠💋🧠💋🧠 Disruptive Males: I’m PUSHING for you!~Nikki
troy franklin (2 months ago)
I remember earl nightingale i think he was the first man to be paid a million dollars for speaking on a record not singing but talking his motivational stuff. I use to buy his tapes wayyyyy back but i lost a lot of things while transferring to different locations and retiring from the Navy.
Adonis0Fuse (2 months ago)
From Free Masons to Greek Philiosophy to todays Matrix movies....the quote is the same...."KNOW THYSELF".
madics12 (2 months ago)
I appreciate these way back videos. They give us a review of what we're supposed to know, and it also shows that this information still Timeless doesn't matter how old they are.
prettysteeve47 (2 months ago)
Uncle "G" : You are the man dude! Even though you have a big DOME ,you have a Wealth of knowledge & wisdom packed inside of that DOME. I appreciate the fact that you have been able to pass down that wisdom & knowledge to help us low-level brothers. I am grateful that you do not have Depository Knowledge and passed down that wealth to the rest of the world.
prophett Nanez (2 months ago)
The most powerful thing a man can have is his mind!
MrOrlandodh12 (1 month ago)
controlling his mind

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