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PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (ft. Hyuna, Kara, SISTAR) Official 1080p LIVE!!!

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PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (ft. Hyuna, Kara, SISTAR) Official 1080p LIVE!!! Watch HD
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Text Comments (151)
Doctor Aven (26 days ago)
Those days without BTS damn!
BTS VMinKook (2 months ago)
I throught hyuna is her but she is not HERE😥😥
Tamil mathi (2 months ago)
soyou and kaeun on the same stage...
Amiel Laxamana (2 months ago)
Wow this person forgot about afterschool
Lee Gaeun Unboxing (3 months ago)
All Lagend Kpop Miss You😘😘
Mardy Fidel (3 months ago)
where is hyuna ?
Nada Shafiyah (4 months ago)
1:41 my gaeun💜💜
Lee Min-Ho (4 months ago)
When Kpop was cool and original !!!
Everyone asking for Hyuna and i am here like..."SISTAR SLAYED THE STAGE AGAIN!"😍😍💝👑✨Why people do not talk about the fact that Sistar danced Gangnam Style in high heels and they are fire?😥💖✨👑
Paddy Nesbitt (11 months ago)
Bora and Soyou! :-) ❤️
krnxwolf (1 year ago)
KARA, SISTAR and 4Minute (HyunA's old group) all disbanded. nOooooo.. well this a while back but still...
Deacy LimCK (1 year ago)
Sistar...my Queens alwayz on the fron...
John Doe (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie, I came mostly for the fact that Sistar's in it.. But amazing too see more variety
Asraa Albazy (1 year ago)
Sistar 😍💋💋💋💋💋
alvaro painen (1 year ago)
After School ! :D <3
Sakura Makeup (1 year ago)
Mother fuck, hyuna? where is Hyuna??? where is she??? WHERE???
Ultra Light (1 year ago)
where hyana man she's your wife
clementine kover (9 months ago)
it's not hyana it's hyuna
I don't understand i see hyuna in the title but am i the only one who doesn't saw her? if you saw her please tell me where? ♥
clementine kover (9 months ago)
she is not in the video
Paul C (2 years ago)
ACtually nice to see afterschool instead of hyuna. Doubley awesome to see two of kara
Big Sean (2 years ago)
Elbama BackShadow (2 years ago)
I am wondering where is my Queen Hyuna?
Noah Sirkin (2 years ago)
hyuna wasn't here. bleh
Ahmet Faruk (2 years ago)
Gangnam Style PSY Hyuna , Kara
Touka_3 (2 years ago)
Is nana? 1:45 :O After School <3.
Duveilis Pino (2 years ago)
sistar here? whit PSY? Great!!
Duveilis Pino (2 years ago)
anh phan wtf? you idiot
Anh Phan (2 years ago)
Duveilis Pino fuking bitch
SoOoma _A (2 years ago)
Weyer hyuna ??!
Roylene Erica Roldan (2 years ago)
I clicked for Hyuna. What a waste :v
Malena Gallo (2 years ago)
en que parte pasa hyuna?
Touka_3 (2 years ago)
No es hyuna,el tonto que puso el video confudio a una integrante de aftler school por Hyuna 1:39 esta la de colitas con short amarillo.es Ryana de Aftler School y Orange caramel.
Touka_3 (2 years ago)
No es hyuna,el tonto que puso el video confudio a una integrante de aftler school por Hyuna 1:39 esta la de colitas con short amarillo.es Ryana de Aftler School y Orange caramel.
Robert Villarreal (2 years ago)
Love After School!!!
Deanna Arathoon (2 years ago)
Hyuna is at 2.26
clementine kover (9 months ago)
that's not hyuna, if you don't know what she looks like then shut up
Love BTS (2 years ago)
she is Kara,not hyuna
Stefania Stefanescu (2 years ago)
Deanna Arathoon it's not hyuna lol
Dew drops Ada (2 years ago)
Piña (2 years ago)
that's Hara from ex-Kara
Mae Alvar (2 years ago)
I just search some stuff andi remember gangnam style appearance hyuna, gonna miss u 4minute
Kyaw Ko (2 years ago)
We didn't see hyuna we saw go hara
Ishi Mahra (3 years ago)
Just came here, expecting Queen Hyuna to be seen ♥♥
Karen Evangelista (3 years ago)
where's hyuna?
Natasha (3 years ago)
I came because of hyuna ...
Hatsunekun2007 (3 years ago)
Alucine demasiado con tan solo ver a hyorim
TheMinnaKat (3 years ago)
Hyuna is not in this video, but After School is, would you mind changing the title? Thanks for sharing
subv3rsif (3 years ago)
y hyuna?
I AM IRON MAN (3 years ago)
No Aparece Hyuna!!!!!, QUE GENTE TAN BRUTA
Dancingqueen2700 (3 years ago)
I notice they didn't add After School to the title. I wonder why.
Dancingqueen2700 (3 years ago)
+VelvetGeisha What a mess. This is so annoying. They probably do it for clickbait.
VelvetGeisha (3 years ago)
+Dancingqueen2700 and hyuna isn't even in this!
Hann Saraah (3 years ago)
Its actually afters school kara and SISTAR not Hyuna
ρhιl Ιδγυταrυ (3 years ago)
Title of this video should be edited cause i don't see Queen 김현아 ...
아진Bella Kim (3 years ago)
울 효리니 언니를... 음.. 이렇게 만들었네.
Mouad Loukrati1996 (3 years ago)
where the heck is hyuna, i came here for Hyuna
E to the K (3 years ago)
I originally came for Hyuna, but this is so fucking awesome hahah :D
Hyunaa Santos (3 years ago)
hyuna love
Marzo마르꼬 (3 years ago)
1:36 After School
Si Lulu (3 years ago)
Where is HyunA??!! You mislead me, you idiot. Fuck you
Wkimw Mk• (3 years ago)
Martin E. (3 years ago)
I was watching it because of Kara! :D (not Hyuna like nearly everyone.. :3) And why is After school not mentioned in the description? Or is AS really mixed up with Hyuna?!? Well.. 7-8 people more can obviously confuse someone :D
caseytamara1973 (3 years ago)
Diane Katrina (3 years ago)
Elly Pirelli (3 years ago)
I see hyuna not :'( ♡♡♡
Brenda Silva (3 years ago)
me too '-'
Trish Hanson (3 years ago)
I love you😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Bruno Pereira (4 years ago)
After School <3
josselin aldama (4 years ago)
donde sale hyuna ????
Sarai Filomeno (8 months ago)
Por dos jajaja
myouibi (4 years ago)
Hara's so cool on her clothes :D But she need to eat more,she's so skinny...Btw,where's hyuna?
clementine kover (9 months ago)
hyuna is not in the video
ahy¡¡¡¡ no sale hyuna o que ...yo nunca la vi
CarKpop (4 years ago)
Everyone is asking for hyuna and I'm sitting here like... Yall can have hyuna, I'll take hara❤️
Doug guoD (1 year ago)
Huh, just found this many years later. Well, me too for Hyuna - but Hara too! Gorgeous @ 3:34
nsbsk (4 years ago)
Where is hyuna? No one dance gangnam style better than hyuna. That is my opnion.
E HAO (2 years ago)
Hyuna no.1
nsbsk (3 years ago)
+Amber ArC Same! 💞 hahahah
Amber ArC (3 years ago)
+Kpooh Emoji HyunA is the best i come here for her lol xD
nsbsk (3 years ago)
+daniel standley 👍👍👍
daniel standley (3 years ago)
+purplee pinkk agree
Valentina Olivera (4 years ago)
ushd iou (4 years ago)
I love kara....
Scarleth Jara (4 years ago)
I love sistar
Mel Gomez (4 years ago)
Chica the Chicken (4 years ago)
Where the hell is Hyuna?! Dislike..
clementine kover (9 months ago)
bitch that is not hyuna
Hataba (10 months ago)
rc cola she isn't Hyuna
rc cola (1 year ago)
Giovanny Hernandez (4 years ago)
SISTAR. Where in the hell is hyuna
Dub Ra. (4 years ago)
In my opinion, no one dance gangnam style better than hyuna!
Nishino Kazuki (4 years ago)
Dislike for misleading, I didn't see HyenA anywhere.
William Woo (4 years ago)
fpshooterful (4 years ago)
where is Hyuna? 
Vrixen (4 years ago)
Bane (4 years ago)
PSY!!! mother fucker gentleman!!!
Yan Zhen (4 years ago)
Chansu Taeyang (4 years ago)
Faith YoonWoo (4 years ago)
YANG CEO (4 years ago)
You meant After School not Hyuna right?
SuperNovah (4 years ago)
Where the hell is Hyuna?!?!!!?!..  you sick man.
Loh Lise (4 years ago)
SISTAR !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!
Miss Krissy (4 years ago)
Was Sistar the only ones in high heels? xD Gotta give it to them~
yuri yu (4 years ago)
FarEastStar (5 years ago)
I don't see Hyuna.....
LIU TIFFFANYY (5 years ago)
Byam09 (5 years ago)
cristien2 (5 years ago)
Useless if hyuna isn't here
Sheik Valdivia (5 years ago)
Hay no esta hyuna ami no me engañan -.-
chi chun chan (5 years ago)
aascoodeetii (5 years ago)
Nicole was having so much fun! hahaha
Wisniewski Maurine (5 years ago)
Hyun A !!!
Zoe Wright (5 years ago)
4nia (5 years ago)
shes there, im pretty sure
Freirito (5 years ago)
Sistar the best
kira cross (5 years ago)
psy you dumbass y'know none of 'em can replace hyuna as the sexy lady -_-
Emma (5 years ago)
No hyuna here!!!
djcrystal (5 years ago)
is there After School too?
Coco ELF (5 years ago)
Michel Müller (5 years ago)
sistar <3
iey lumagod (5 years ago)
SISTAR! I dont like gangnam style but now i love it bec. of SISTAR
小檀 (5 years ago)
Sistar did a good job here!

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