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Cornell Gangnam Style Flash Mob Practice Video

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george pits (5 years ago)
wow your right... this trck its my type of music! BTW peeps use this to get the mp3 of this music > bit.ly/118fPZn?=nfapl
Moon Teu (6 years ago)
The white shirt girl made a mistake
Kristen Corpuz (6 years ago)
Where'd you get the song from when practicing the music thats only 2 minutes?o:
meme kim (6 years ago)
University of Cornell University Flashmobs best.
cnwww (6 years ago)
The girl right,,,whit the black/white outfit and the orange sneakers,,,i LOVE her... she is the hotest girl ive ever seen my live bevore
irfaanfr4 (6 years ago)
F3FisGoodforYou (6 years ago)
fucking band of douches.
Regina Hopkins (6 years ago)
i like the guy with the chucks on in the front!!!
park yh (6 years ago)
excellent !!
Jimmy Liu (6 years ago)
It was right at the beginning...

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