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DIY Ripped Denim Jeans Short Tutorial & Mens Fashion Lookbook

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Check out this DIY ripped jeans Shorts tutorial and how I style them at the end of the video in a men's fashion lookbook! ∆ FOLLOW ME @TimBryanOfficial ∆ / INSTAGRAM /@TimBryanOfficial https://instagram.com/timbryanofficial/∆ CLICK ME ∆ TWITTER ∆ https://twitter.com/Tim_Bryan3 ________________________________________­­­______________
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Text Comments (128)
Alexwatchesvideos (12 hours ago)
omg YES i wanna see a vlog <3333
vino pit (2 months ago)
folding jeans up is so gay
EARL'S VLOG (6 months ago)
This video help me so much thank you
Lucy Hutchon (8 months ago)
Hi TIm, I love this video! I am a researcher for Newsflare, one of the largest viral media companies in the world, and we are working with a show that is interested in using your video. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information, thanks!
Javi Crafts (9 months ago)
I would do those kind of shorts if I had had big legs :( . I hate my life !!!! And my body
Rosie Cabaltea (1 year ago)
DeMetrio Ortiz (1 year ago)
Bro I know im like 2years late but where did you get that black shirt ?
vino pit (2 months ago)
i know i am 1 year late but he stoled a white and painted it black
Musical crave (1 year ago)
18vienJo (1 year ago)
thanks for this 👍👍👍
jordi gonzalez (1 year ago)
Nice video
Oliver Phoenix (1 year ago)
wow!! that's stylish...ofcourse your hair too
mauricio copley (1 year ago)
I know the video is old but does anyone know the intro song?
Offensive Username (1 year ago)
Nationalist piece of shit. That flag in the background has to go.
Shivam Aggarwal (1 year ago)
Its awsm 😍
Sonam Bomjon (1 year ago)
song name plz
Dane Logan (1 year ago)
we wore cutoffs in the 80s. it is coming back but it isnt the same. it was better in the 80s
Diran Jayasooriya (1 year ago)
V Hef (1 year ago)
Where did you get these socks??
modi mitkumar (1 year ago)
Thank you man! I'm going to do it with my denim jeans👌
RyogaHibikiPigDance (2 years ago)
Just wondering if you're a top or bottom.
RahimMRyan (2 years ago)
I failed at my first attempt and then I saw this video. Thanks heaps for the info. Cheers
Happy Me (2 years ago)
I did this yesterday. Turned an old pair if expensive Levi's into shorts. I couldn't believe how easy it was :-)
ORTAKLAR AKADEMİ (2 years ago)
J K (2 years ago)
who told u u dress well
fat (2 years ago)
+Jason Kang Just doing my job.
fat (2 years ago)
They lied
fat (2 years ago)
Who told you that your parents loved you....
J K (2 years ago)
they lied
ryley moffat (2 years ago)
Anyone know what hair product he uses to do his hair
Memelord James (1 year ago)
ryley moffat Pure bull semen
April Gomez (2 years ago)
Lol the struggle is real
Jugatz Curry (23 days ago)
jupiter 111 (2 years ago)
is it just me or he looks like Justin Trudeau?
it helps if you have beautiful to look at legs
Andrey Polonsky (2 years ago)
Hey awesome shorts! Can you put the sunglasses model in the description?
Slim Entertainment (2 years ago)
Great video bto
Protocio Bartolome (2 years ago)
nice won a+
Johney John (2 years ago)
i love you ..man...ur soch a briliant...more power
Kevin Edwards (2 years ago)
They're a uniform here as casual in Australia. Cool clip. Ta mate.
eliyahu Duani (2 years ago)
in which tool you use to cut your jeans?
Gary Onofre (2 years ago)
Nice video!!! Now you've got a follower =D
Naim Hasan (2 years ago)
Luís Pessanha (2 years ago)
Where's the kind of brown shirtless that you wear at the end from Tim ?
Patrick N (2 years ago)
I dig how you tie your sweat shirt around your shoulder like that!
Penny Wise (3 years ago)
Aidan Cusack (3 years ago)
how do you make sure you cut the legs at the same length?
Ronald Imperial (3 years ago)
Nice! Very useful
Flakka (3 years ago)
what kinda dog is that
A Shot Of Rey (3 years ago)
French Bulldog
mukhlis ardy (3 years ago)
so cool
dboyfff (3 years ago)
Why would you need to go to a laundromat. All you need is a bucket or an old ice cream wooden bucket and a laddle and you can soak and quickly wash in less than 1 gallon of water... We get two sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. You can wash there too. Yah, if its used once let set for 5 minutes in the water and detergents swirls...several times...let it set an additional 5 minutes and rinse. You're done... Even a half gallon wash you might do. Drying them should be the biggest deal and getting the right rinse...
nacht98 (3 years ago)
u r sexy and hansome
Colombo (3 years ago)
Very Cool
Jeff Mendelsohn (3 years ago)
good look;  super dog;  thanks.
ROMAN MUSCLE (3 years ago)
can somebody tell me the song of the minute 4:30 please!!!!?? im dying to know lol.. good tip tho, i have some jeans rolling in the closet so of course im gonna try this..
Jose Arreola (3 years ago)
Jose Arreola (3 years ago)
Oscar Herrera (3 years ago)
Those Irish pendants on the shorts are really bugging me! Great video though.
Reuben Yang (3 years ago)
What sports do or did you engage in?
foekist (3 years ago)
Dude can't stop lookin' at himself.  Ha, if he was chocolate he would eat himself pmsl
Austin Marcott (2 years ago)
+David Lyons ur an ass
foekist (3 years ago)
No- I am simply making an observation, all while speculating too. But not hating. lol it is true though & it has obviously struck a nerve with you... Mate, I was only kidding.  Greetings and salutations from Ireland. Keep up the good posing- I mean work lol Now, breathe through the nose and out your mouth. RELAX
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
You "hate haters"....but you're hating. Lmao smh
NunyJr (3 years ago)
People actually need a tutorial on how to cut a pair of jeans? Wow, lol.
Lester John Dolor (3 years ago)
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Joshua Edmundson (3 years ago)
Love it! great fits/style. Sweet dog too..
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you for supporting Joshua!!!
Dejan Zivanovic (3 years ago)
haha your taste of music reminds me strongly of clothesencounters' one , love it anyways
Marc Oliver (3 years ago)
So sexy legs! :p xD
evil2insanity (3 years ago)
Wow! I'm impressed, turned some Momma jeans into some Badass Jean Shorts, Kudos!
Musique3579 (3 years ago)
Cool, and so *high class!* The DYS things can be the BEST of all.
scuderiasangnoir (3 years ago)
Hey Tim for your Q&A could you tell us a little about your Sub? What made you pick this timepiece over myriad others? What are your thoughts/impressions after owning it for a while? What about its versatility? How does it wear with more formal clothes? Keep up the good work-
Ymane G (3 years ago)
Boom. Click and subscribe done ! xx
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you!!!!! Appreciate it so much xx
MichaelBauer (3 years ago)
nice Video !!! very cool
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you, Michael!!!!
shock wave (3 years ago)
Nice bro.
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you :)
baby pablo (3 years ago)
Yes can you post a coachella vlog??!
Til Zuccini (3 years ago)
Finally I found a good ripped jeans tutorial, loved it<3
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you :D
Ben Mosher (3 years ago)
Came to this video just bc i like your videos but wasnt even interested in making these... now i am so well done
MrSharkey (3 years ago)
Love the socks in the 2nd look. :)
Rene Elvir (3 years ago)
The best video in your channel I've seen!!! Super creative!! :)
Mr Man (3 years ago)
Do u have any suggestions on how to make bottoming less pain full
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Take a Xanax, cross your fingers....and hope for the best? #GodBless
Zack Wan (3 years ago)
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thanks, Bae.
Miami Vegan (3 years ago)
Could you do a video on eyebrows, workouts, eating, stuff like that?
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Yes yes!!! Subscribe and stay tuned :) xoxoxo
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
your dopest video. hells yeah
shortstackJMD96 (2 years ago)
+Tim Bryan what's the song at 3:30?
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you, brother!
Patrick Salangsang (3 years ago)
Laughing at "brain dead". Love it Tim! Keep doing more videos. Love seeing you online 😘
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you, Patrick!!!
Eyman Asyraf (3 years ago)
OMG I love your videos :) DO A HAIRSTYLE TUTORIAL FOR ONCE :):):)
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
I have two! Check my channel and subscribe xo
Bhavya Saran (3 years ago)
Hello bro i love your videos...I am a 6'2 thin guy and because of my height & lean body normal trousers/pants look shit on me, only drop crotch pants can make me look better but they are extremely difficult to find here in india...plz help...what should I do...can u tell me on which parts of my body I should work on at gym :"(
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Don't fell pressure to change anything. Just try and be proportionate. Check out ASOS. Come they have tons of drop crotch styles. Knowing how to dress for your body is important. Find styles that make you look proportionate and feel confident and stick to those styles and cuts! BUT don't be afraid to mix it up! Tall is awesome!!! Most models are your height! Rock it and own it and you will be golden! :)
John Estella (3 years ago)
hair on fleekk
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
<3 u wu
Sheldon Williams (3 years ago)
How would you describe your style? Whether it be preppy, classic, or etc.
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you!!!! Answering this with a shout out!
Carla Jazo (3 years ago)
Yes! I love seeing Coachella vlogs. Hair on fleek by the way!
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thanks, bae xo
ActingDude (3 years ago)
Awesome video! Could you please tell me the two songs you used in the video? I'd appreciate it!
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
"Swim good- dollar iced tea" & "spazzkid- promise demicat remix" xoxoxoxoxo
Manjot Bhullar (3 years ago)
Cool video! I'm thinking of visiting NYC over the summer and am looking into places to stay.What do you think about the Jane Hotel? Any other suggestions? And any cool things to check out while I'm here/there (lol?)
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Jane is SOOOOO CHIC. I used to party in the basement when the club was still open and met the Olsen twins there! Lol check out the restaurants at The Standard Hotel and LE Bain which is the rooftop bar there! Go along the Highline Park, Central Park of course...and just browse around soho/east village and NoHo. My fav coffee spot is La Colombe on Lafayette in NoHo. Have fun!
Ricardo Guerrero (3 years ago)
Do the Furry Friend Tag haha  -You're my style hero by the way!!
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)
Thank you, Ricardo :) I will check out this challlllangeee haha!
Megenon (3 years ago)
Nice Video :)
Tim Bryan (3 years ago)

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