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Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity | Cut

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Text Comments (20540)
Akshay Rathore (1 hour ago)
omg asian people are scary🤣
lea hall (3 hours ago)
There is a reason why I don't want kids. What a fucked up video. And people think this is funny and normal.
Coκeツ (6 hours ago)
That white dude with the mom in the red shirt was totally bluffing. You can tell hes gay and is making up a story about how he lost his virginity to a female lmao. Just come out the closet vro
Thats How mafia works (7 hours ago)
Do yOu SuCk ToEs?
rankabot (8 hours ago)
Saturday Onafa (10 hours ago)
this was so cute
jordan model (13 hours ago)
did ya suck her toes did ya did ya did ya did ya did ya
•Gacha Ry• (18 hours ago)
Mom: did you perform oral s^x? Son: yeah..... Mom: you did?! awww.. LIKE WTF 😂😂😂
Marina Maged (9 hours ago)
Im Obsessed (18 hours ago)
I'd rather kill myself
Shaymex (20 hours ago)
*Veganislife* (1 day ago)
The lady is red dress is stunning.
*Veganislife* (1 day ago)
Brothers havin the best laugh... love it
Phoebe Thien (1 day ago)
*dO YoU sUcK ToEs dAd?!*
Matthew Smith (1 day ago)
Today's people have no morals.
Marvel Geak (1 day ago)
2:06 *nigga what?*
Jesus Parra (1 day ago)
Dark skin dude with the blue shirt was cool and funny the entire video😂
Issac Wegner (1 day ago)
Mom: Did you perform oral sex? Son: .. yeah .. Don't, dont act.. Mom: aww
subliminaltrappy (1 day ago)
2:30 ... idk it’s cute .. the mom then says AWW 🥰 😂
E F (1 day ago)
Jesus needs to come back
Avi Aminov (1 day ago)
Owww.. that head bang 5:28. I cringed in pain loll
Awwww I just realized that the Asian mother and daughter are wearing the same dress in different colors :)
3:34 why is he so DAMN excited? XD
Abdul Shrif (1 day ago)
Lmao 😂 the black guys had me dead
Mang Suep (1 day ago)
let me tell u guys why was that asian got emotional,America is a chaotic country, sex outside marriage is like a normal thing, but in Asia, we have customs and behavior, we are not like animals like Americans 🤭,i fell bad for that asian mom have to raised a daughter in chaotic country
Hania P (1 day ago)
This black dad is such a cool dude
NIYKI (2 days ago)
iam elian (2 days ago)
Mother: Did you perform oral sex Dude: yes Mother:Awwe Lmafo😂😂😂
OH NO NO Pewds (2 days ago)
The black dad looks like snoop dog
MrsButtersworth82 (2 days ago)
“It was 1...2...POOF”
MrsButtersworth82 (2 days ago)
“A cow is a cow. What does that have to do with you and a girl” 😂😂😂
I'm still virgin since I am a kid
Winnie Ann (2 days ago)
The second hand embarrassment is real.
Jillian Hostetter (2 days ago)
I absolutely love the girl in the red dress..she's gorgeous..has a great smile..her personality is omg..and that laugh😊😍💞
神絶望 (9 hours ago)
hes a pornstar
I loved how her and her mom’s outfit style kinda matched
Kpop Kpoppie (2 days ago)
“Did you perform oral sex?...you did?! Aw!” MA’AM
King Billajr (2 days ago)
Damn..in a world we live in!!!
J-hopes dimples (2 days ago)
Why did i think the with the red dress was the mom?🤣
*S O L O* (2 days ago)
*Yea.. no that wasn't the first tiiime..*
the wolf pack 777 (3 days ago)
"No protection and I had a 1 and a half year old" mother" you mother fu."
Kyle Martin (3 days ago)
Bro he suck toes
Taiwo Adeyemi (3 days ago)
the lady in red hw old was she when she lose it and hw old was she when she gave birth to her one and half years old and hw old is she now
xxWeird Blues (3 days ago)
Milad Hashimi (3 days ago)
the Asian girl in the red dress her mom sounds like Bonnie from family guy
rp games (3 days ago)
Dude 1:58 f u gay bitch
Ms. Danny D (3 days ago)
The black dad is wildin' 😂😂😂
Amy Stone (3 days ago)
Today i lost my virginity. It was bad.
charline morales (3 days ago)
It was cute though! I like this video, most probably the guy and his dad. So funny!
Brianna Gates (4 days ago)
the mother and sons face when they said "are you ready to flip it" had me DEAD 💀💀😂
Keita Bouchra (4 days ago)
Nya Santana (4 days ago)
*everyone watching this sitting here very uncomfortable* 😂
Jesse (4 days ago)
the girl in the red is GORGEOUS
ll RXNZLO ll (4 days ago)
How do lesbian lose their virginity
callme _fusionszz (4 days ago)
The dad in blue was soo cool 😂😂😂
Jeff Anderson (5 days ago)
Welcome to the Internet!
Tyo Channel (5 days ago)
1...2... and Poof... 😁
brad cha (5 days ago)
Hector Alvarado (5 days ago)
Johnny (5 days ago)
The black dudes were fucking hilarious
Vladimir Anatoli (5 days ago)
Yo the black dad behaves like his son is his best friend i love this shi
star girl (5 days ago)
That Asian girl is beautiful
SS (5 days ago)
That white guy is still holding onto his vCard til this day
Mariana Fernandez (5 days ago)
the asian girls laugh and funny snort 3:59
ßig Çhüñgüš (5 days ago)
Entertainment 101 (5 days ago)
This is a totally different culture to mine 😂
BRNT! (6 days ago)
No offence i was hoping one would say "i was -raped- " then followed by akward silence lol
maurice_0615 (6 days ago)
4:14 damn..
Random Guy (6 days ago)
*And here I am, a fucking virgin...*
Dancer 12 (6 days ago)
black dad looks like Traviss Skott😂😂
Shade On A Cool Day (6 days ago)
The black son clearly had a good upbringing.
Kyalo Mutuku (6 days ago)
Black peope so funny bruh 😂😂
miheer jadhav (6 days ago)
The asians look like sisters! Damnb
Karad Is Back (6 days ago)
The Snoop Dog is great
The black kid and his dad are like best friends
Mak Knouse (6 days ago)
Omg i felt bad for that girl in the red dress and her mom and they were just crying and stuff
Madison Reyes (6 days ago)
The Asian girl and her mom are mad pretty
kena hagerman (6 days ago)
"did you suck toes"😂
Alexis Blanchard (6 days ago)
I fucking died when he said he thought it would be cold 💀💀💀
TI SI (6 days ago)
What is cowgirl I am dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nathon McCoy (6 days ago)
I lasted like 2 minutes lol
Mücahid Gostak (6 days ago)
I hope muslim parents will appericate secularism too.
Anna Leonard (6 days ago)
The girl in the red dress is absolutely me when I told my mom
Carla Garcia (6 days ago)
Im 16 and virgin is that okay? And don't even have a bf lmao
Joana Batista (5 days ago)
Super okay. I'm 17 almost 18 and still a virgin but I do have a boyfriend
Leví Solito (6 days ago)
Caspar Bosch (6 days ago)
"That wasn't an emotional experience" "eh..." 😂
LaRose Blanche (7 days ago)
The funniest guys the guy with his dad 😂😂 *I used to think it would be cold* 😂😂 *did you poof right away* *it was 3 seconds like 1... 2...poof* Even it was so embarrassing the girl with her mom
Dylan Wang (7 days ago)
It seems very normal for them, but here in the Philippines when they knew you lost your virginity at a young age it means you're a hoe.
Bulldawg Games (7 days ago)
“Did you have oral?” “Um...Yeah.” “Awwwwwwwww.” My mom would have beat me with a fuckin sandal
Themainhoe ! (7 days ago)
My favorite person was the black dad he was having the time of his life laughing at his son 😂
Bronwyn Isabel (7 days ago)
Why is the white guy so fuckin sweaty lmao
Tasia Mckinney (7 days ago)
Suck toes
ItsSkyler (7 days ago)
I feel like this shouldn’t be an awkward conversation to have with your parents.
Kyoya Tategami (7 days ago)
I think thats not true and nasty.
Slimey_ Fever (7 days ago)
Dad: did you suck her toes or- Son: suck toes!? Dad I Hope you don’t suck toes!
stancakes (7 days ago)
"you skipped third?? that's a tough base to skip, darlin"
Joana Batista (5 days ago)
What's the third?
Funny Unknown (7 days ago)
its was 1..2..3 *Poof !!* HAHAHAHA
unknown fawkes (7 days ago)
I know this sounds like a lie but i somehow went for three hours without stopping before i was too exhausted, if i still talkned to that girl i could have someone to back me up
Ian Rodriguez (8 days ago)
The white guy in the blue shirt is BIG BIG GAY💀😂😷
Speedsters of Dc (8 days ago)
xPriscilla Madriles (8 days ago)
0:41 who is she 😻😻😻
the asian girl and her mom has me crying😢😢s

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