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Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity | Cut

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Text Comments (18261)
Darian Travels (2 hours ago)
“One two poof” hahaha
Ramen (2 hours ago)
The black dad and son were the best
The King Of Hell (3 hours ago)
4:30 XD
Gabby S (4 hours ago)
God First (6 hours ago)
Their parents and 17 million other people
Shandrean Bass (6 hours ago)
The Asian girl is pretty
Krenaok (6 hours ago)
The African American dad looks like Travis Scott
Raven Parker (6 hours ago)
Omg is he girl in the red dress is BEAUTIFUL!
Osbaldo Orozco-Mata (6 hours ago)
2:29 = me as a parent
Alex Yoyó (7 hours ago)
Electronic Whiteboard (9 hours ago)
P.N.D.S.W.T.O.C. SOCIETY (Parents not discussing sex with their own children society)
Gabriella Thomas (9 hours ago)
the girl in the red dress is stUnnINg
Gabriella Glenn (9 hours ago)
Did you suck toes
BTS & GOT7 (11 hours ago)
“Did you preform oral sex” “Y-yeah” “Awww” STFFFSHSNDKWKXMKDCHDXN
nia marshall (13 hours ago)
When bro said he thought it was gonna be cold I bout fell out my chair.
Christal Wolf (17 hours ago)
The black son and the black man made my day. WHY DO ALL THESE PEOPLE LOOK SO AWKWARD BUT THEM?! P.S. I'm 15. And I'm still a virgin. And that's fine.
Awele Okoh (18 hours ago)
one, two... booof
les dessins animés (23 hours ago)
The trans girl and unique mom stylist are like goals
arun blaze (1 day ago)
one two pooooof :D
Jaden Johnson (1 day ago)
Why they hell were they crying?...
Guadapuff Jiggly (1 day ago)
The Asian mom look sooo young
Issac Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Did perform oral $3x , yeah don't Aww we, you did it huh
Toga Himiko (1 day ago)
2:13 LMAO
Toga Himiko (1 day ago)
This is bad. I'm a virgin yet I understood everything they said AHAHAHA
Saphira Armin (1 day ago)
Xana Guirao (1 day ago)
5:22 Their faces 😂😂
purujit parashar (1 day ago)
The girl in the red dress in BEAUTIFUL
GamerManiac (1 day ago)
Damn that Asian chick 😍🔥
Manvel Levonian (1 day ago)
5:28 when I remember the age when I first lost my virginity...and I was 12🤦‍♂️
Avron Morung (1 day ago)
😈😈😈we Asians don't age
Wat Dafuk (1 day ago)
Adam (1 day ago)
old travis scott
RACHMA KANIA (1 day ago)
I think this is very embarrassing, oh God, it's never happend to me
4-11-6 _ (2 days ago)
the Asian girl is REALLY prettu
Haha Slimes (2 days ago)
“Did you have oral sex” “AhHhH Yeah” “You did?” “Don’t act- Don’t act-“ “AWWWEEE” WHAT MOM IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS HAPPY ABOUT HAVING ORAL SEX???🤣🤣🤣
PotatoGalaxy Life (2 days ago)
It was One, Two, Boof . . . BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I DIED
Tezefuzion Plays (2 days ago)
That pink shirt guy looks like Roman from fast and furious
Annikah Cuellar (2 days ago)
3:21 they by far have the best relationship lmao
Okumura Rin (2 days ago)
Wtf the first mom looks like she could be sister or daughter
bluejay lily (2 days ago)
The mother at the very beginning is BEAUTIFUL. I thought she was the daughter!!
Bianca Aletti (2 days ago)
5:13 i love her accent. does anyone know what it is?
Ernest TV (2 days ago)
Moral of the story from the girl in the red: Don't have sex without protection like a dumbass. especially when ur not ready for a kid and it's your first time
claire jablonski (2 days ago)
Did u use protection? Yeah umm....
Savannah Halvorson (2 days ago)
“Did you suck her toes?” 2:08 😂😭😭
Android (2 days ago)
Omfg. I died at 3:05
Charlotte.dh5m (2 days ago)
“Did you perform oral sex?” “Yes” *moment of silence* “Awwwww”
E xx (2 days ago)
‘Okay the cow is a cowww... what has that got to do with you and the girll’ I died laughing throughout this the father son relationship is amazing
Omri Blair (2 days ago)
Is it just me or the Asian girl is very beautiful. I'm glad they brought her back in other episodes
Jen ;-; (2 days ago)
My mom would slap me so hard 😂
Rhea Jewan (2 days ago)
Kiel Racsa (2 days ago)
omg hahahahahaha
Alexandra Stulz (2 days ago)
When she started crying I started crying 🤧
Mai Holmgaard (2 days ago)
Some question about oral sex *Son* : Yeah I did *Mother* : Awww What kind of reaction is that😂
tleesmith781 (3 days ago)
This is waaay too funny!
pariss higdonnn (3 days ago)
yerisquirtle xx (3 days ago)
4:46 poor mom, she didn’t even know her daughter had a child ):
Ashley Wu (3 days ago)
Grupo AGS Alexsander (3 days ago)
Kakakakaka rachei de rir
Are you guys ready to flip it? HUH?! 😦
madamewho (3 days ago)
"I used to think it was cold.." that line killed me!!!
Peke (3 days ago)
I waiting until marriage...
Peke (3 days ago)
Deep fried bandaid (3 days ago)
4:19 lmaoo the mom be looking at her like «this is news for me»
Saleh Emon (3 days ago)
Pullout method hahahahaha
Hanna Gh (3 days ago)
I love that asian relationship between that mother and daughter
Izzzi (4 days ago)
"are you guys ready to flip it?" "huh?!" lmaooooo😂
Nevilles wife :D (4 days ago)
05:24 me when I flip the math exam😂
richard hill (4 days ago)
It was one two boof 😂
Nevilles wife :D (4 days ago)
Watching the guy with his Mum is so funny😂😂
Nevilles wife :D (4 days ago)
2:25 "Did you perfom oral sex?" "Yeah..." _"Awww"_ 😂😂
Nevilles wife :D (4 days ago)
00:53 *"Oh Mama pleaaaase"* 😂
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Awaken To Life (4 days ago)
I’m trying to be open minded and watch this channels videos but something about them just doesn’t feel right. Cya!
Cat and Dog Gaming (4 days ago)
the dad and the son were goals
ArcaneSiren (4 days ago)
0:56 Best part XD Good mom
Rachel Martin (4 days ago)
1.... 2...... *POOF*
shelby jaycie young (4 days ago)
2:27 when my friends ask me questions I don’t wanna answer
Tm Media (4 days ago)
This was unnecessary and absolutely cringy. Sorry not sorry that 1 dislike was me.
Ghadah (4 days ago)
how gorgeous is she right ? u know who i’m talking about
PROJELLY HOAGIE (4 days ago)
The dads face when she said it felt good 😭😂😂
AmericanHamburger (4 days ago)
Jesus Christ. The girl in yellow sounds like Grandma but looks like 20
Subscribe Yetaa (4 days ago)
August Falk (4 days ago)
4:18 look how disapointing her mother looks when she says that
Serena Raja (4 days ago)
What Is homecoming?
Shourov Chakma (4 days ago)
I would have been dead within the first minute even if that topic pops out hahahaha I just love the way the father and son talked it about.... and that woman in red dress is so beautiful.
Gene Kiss73 (5 days ago)
The girl in the red dress seems very nice!
Farchana Bakor (5 days ago)
At 5:22 their faces 😂
Sean Bee (5 days ago)
My mom found out I slept around when I went to work at Disney in Orlando, needless to say, she called me a slut. I didn't need even need to explain myself lol.
c. jack (5 days ago)
The mum in the yellow dress sounds like the duckling from Tom and Jerry
Madiii Bug (5 days ago)
The Asian girl with the short hairs mother looks like the daughter
Lea Isabel (5 days ago)
Is there a possibility to get the (Instagram) names of the actors?
Amy Erlanger (5 days ago)
It's not supposed to hurt. The parents are so funny tho.
Aniyah Tran (5 days ago)
you see it says kids and my wifi wasn’t working so the thumbnail didn’t load so i was little confused
Zazo Pink (5 days ago)
I could hardly watch this. I don't think I've ever felt so cringed in my entire life. I put the video on mute and only listened to the black men and the Asians. The others were to unbearable to hear.
Sub to pewds (5 days ago)
The black father and son are like Miles and his uncle from Spider Man into the spider-verse
Maciej Wójcik (5 days ago)
Am i only one who think that this father looks like snoop dog?
BIGSEANDAWG 1 (5 days ago)
The mum in the red dress in annoying
OoMyWorldOo (5 days ago)
No offence but i think the Asian mother and Daughter have the WORST bond here..
Ella (5 days ago)
2:06 "Did you suck a toe?"
Justine 123 (5 days ago)
5:37 her laugh was so cute!

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