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10 Cheapest Countries in the World

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Think travel is expensive? Think again! ... Here are the top 10 cheapest countries in the world from my experiences!! El Salvador Kyrgyzstan Romania India Philippines Uzbekistan Ukraine Bolivia Vietnam Bangladesh Do you have any other countries to add to this list? Comment below! Music: Epidemic Sound ► Subscribe for more travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► Travel Blog: https://drewbinsky.com/ FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/ (I post daily videos there!) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ Snapchat @drewbinsky Twitter: https://twitter.com/drewbinsky MORE ABOUT ME: https://drewbinsky.com/about/ CONTACT ME: drew (at) drewbinsky (dot) com
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Text Comments (10680)
Arafat Islam (8 hours ago)
গরীবের mark zugerberg 😂😂 !! Only Bangladesh can understand this !! 🇧🇩
Mo. Salah (8 hours ago)
Pakistan is not there lol
Vipul Kumar (8 hours ago)
India is not at all cheap country. You went to on having street food and all the cheap things,stayed at a very cheap zero standard hotel,ate nonsense and you call it a enjoyable trip. Last year i went to usa and i spend 57000 usd in 18 days
Zakir Hossain (12 hours ago)
Excellent vdo!..Bangladesh is not only the cheapest it has got some breathtaking places like Coxsbazar,Bandarban,Sylhet that are worthvisiting!!..
Abdullah Bhatti (13 hours ago)
Bro please visit Pakistan Just one time you would love it..
Mithu Bag (18 hours ago)
by the way India is not a cheap country but a wonderful country . it's only your wrong thought about it
Alamin Alamin (19 hours ago)
Daniel Santoso (1 day ago)
brian (1 day ago)
Husna Ara (1 day ago)
WTF Banglades!!!most things are so expensive in cities
Tanveer Abid (1 day ago)
Love from Bangladesh 😏
Gusion The Assasin (1 day ago)
Thank you im a filipino
shyam joseph (2 days ago)
Sharad Jain (2 days ago)
That you showed was not a hotel in india that was a small shop India has world class hotels like Taj Mahal hotel Mumbai , ITC and many other hotels so don't show them like hotel or restaurants.
Asian Life VLOGZ (2 days ago)
Asraruddin Hinelo (2 days ago)
#Indonesia. We can live with only $200/month in the big city, and $100/month in small towns
HASAN AL JAMIN OVI (2 days ago)
We Bangladeshi Don't Cheat our guest at all!😊 Come Bangladesh! Take Love😍
Shareen Azim (2 days ago)
Angry Laugher (2 days ago)
I am here to whether india is on this list...Anybody?
jungle man (2 days ago)
Thank you for mentioning krygyzstan's mountain part. i will like to visit it now. bolivia is beautiful and cheap.
Thank you for visiting Bangladesh.☺️🙂🙂☺️
894/8 Bob (3 days ago)
SWAMPER (3 days ago)
Cecilia Casanova (3 days ago)
Thanks for loving Philippines 😌
CheChenBoyYT (4 days ago)
Chicken bus?
Shashank Raj Gupta (4 days ago)
India !!!
Awais Khan (4 days ago)
Dont use the word cheap. It seems awkward. Rather use ECONOMICAL. it sounds nice
Awais Khan (4 days ago)
In Pakistan, Sugar cane juice casts just 30 rupees per glass which is more economical than the country uu mentioned. Watch Eva Zu Beck. She had here for more than a month. During this time she visited other countries but suddenly she came back. She was so attracted by the rich food, culture and warm welcoming ppl.
Hunzala Shaukat (4 days ago)
Lê Tuấnn (4 days ago)
something so happy from top 2 vietnam love you man
Yes av's (4 days ago)
Omg mark Zuckerberg😄😄
Rezaur Rahman (4 days ago)
i am from bangladesh
Beast TheBoss (4 days ago)
Priyanka Christina (5 days ago)
Fact is u earn in us dollars that's why its cheap... Otherwise for Bangladeshis its very expensive even to travel India or nepal
JiminMochiMochi (5 days ago)
The Monk (5 days ago)
Hair cut in india is Half Dollar!!
sreevani ellur (5 days ago)
I think iran
Weeb Lord (5 days ago)
He looks like mark succr burg
mj galido (5 days ago)
#6Philippines my home country 😊🇵🇭
Manju Dhingra (6 days ago)
Cheapest is india the hair cut you can have in less than a dollar
Tri Vu (6 days ago)
I was at Vietnam
Darth Putin Sidious (6 days ago)
make please top 10 countries - easy buy weeds, mushrooms, lsd <<< pls ))
Mary Rose Dela Cruz (6 days ago)
i love how you said.. my beloved philippines... 😁 so much love from philippines & you're always welcome... 😊
Kael Mendoza (6 days ago)
in philippines u can haircut with less than 1$
Jeff Hardy (6 days ago)
Tony Logan (6 days ago)
cesar macalalad (7 days ago)
Any one from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Pisopiso Lang!
jeedoo66 (7 days ago)
You encourged me to visit countries that i was hesitant to visit
antony Pizarro (7 days ago)
15 dollars a day. Here I'm gassing my car for 40$ and I just woke up
The Youtube Slayer (7 days ago)
Pacific Ocean
Pushkar Burye (7 days ago)
If your Bangladesh is so good and nice why do you people come to India to find jobs work for your own country we haven't called u to our country India
KFC_iamadeadfox (7 days ago)
when will u make a vid on sweden?
Sarthak Bachhar (7 days ago)
Dude, i spent around $190 in just two days in dhaka. How can u consider it as the cheapest country? Why Indonesia isn't in the list?
Muhammad Mehedi Hasan (7 days ago)
I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 Anyone from Bangladesh🇧🇩?
MR CIGARET 505 (7 days ago)
hawaii london
Xboxfreakxx 760 (8 days ago)
I thought it was nepal
David Ortega (8 days ago)
Venezuela is most cheaper
Reda El motassadeq (8 days ago)
wusup mark zuckerburg
Keith Millan (8 days ago)
Phoenix Youtube (8 days ago)
Here in Philippines you can get a haircut for only $0.99
Collapse Channel (8 days ago)
Nepal is more cheaper than the Bangladesh.
Nilan Mad (8 days ago)
Cheepest country is sri 🇱🇰
Bipin Puthran (9 days ago)
Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar
Christian Orellana (9 days ago)
Pupusas are 💣
Poland (mid Europe) is also very cheap
Shafin Rahman (9 days ago)
Who else is proud to live in the cheapest country in the world? -A proud Bangladeshi 🇧🇩 আপনি যদি এই কমেন্ট কি করছেন তাহলে আপনি একজন বাংলাদেশি বা ভারতে বাঙালি। আসুন আমরা সবাই মিলে ইউটিউব এর বিখ্যাত ভিডিওগুলো বাংলায় ট্রানসলেশন করি, যাতে বাংলা ভাষা সবাই বিশ্বজুড়ে চিনতে পারে!
Gaurav Kumar (9 days ago)
in india we have 50 cents for haircut.😁
Flightsimuatorx Fan (9 days ago)
Why would somebody want to go to India(other than price)? Foreigner opinion please
So... WelCome to Bangladesh 💟💟💟
Roblox Roblox (9 days ago)
Damn you got time AND money
Mitonmoy Games (10 days ago)
if anyone planning to visit bangladesh just try to contact me .... i will help you guys out :) (words from a middle class family tho)
Haad's special (10 days ago)
Arif Bhuiyan (10 days ago)
Love from bangladesh
vinay j (11 days ago)
South India is not cheap, from Karnataka
Vicky (11 days ago)
You can add Macedonia here
Morgan Bentley (11 days ago)
lol South Africa is the cheapest
Anonymous 3301 (11 days ago)
I knew it my motherland has to be the cheapest
Andy Santandreu (11 days ago)
Did you know that all of those countries have no idea they're cheap? For them it's just their usual daily dose of misery
Andy Santandreu (11 days ago)
Buenos Aires is expensive as fuck
Randy Arcia (11 days ago)
Sir 2k6 (12 days ago)
Vietnam is a nation anyone would want to visit, so I can see prices rising up fast in the next while, the more free advertisement they get the faster it will rise, so better run, swim or fly over fast. Bangladesh might be a lovely nation, but I don't see tourists beating a path there any time soon.
Quentin Mak (8 days ago)
Bangladesh is too challenging to travel for ordinary travellers
I think the cheapest country is bali
Marzia Begum (12 days ago)
I m from bangladesh.. itS not so cheap..😂😂😂
junard Fulk (12 days ago)
im from philippines
Faporbazz BD (12 days ago)
I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Naymul Islam Mahadi (12 days ago)
Love from Bangladesh
Drew, how about Nepal and Cambodia?
medico mnemonico (13 days ago)
fastandeffective (13 days ago)
Only $5,000 to buy apartments, in Greece, after economic crisis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsDsqTtPqIU
Ali Ahmed (13 days ago)
Plz come to Pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥ ♥ 😘 😘
Basit Raja (13 days ago)
Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Md. Saiful Islam (13 days ago)
Love from Bangladesh
Ahsanul Irfan (14 days ago)
Hi i from Bangladesh.
krishna bikkina (14 days ago)
3 months in India #500 $ .? Not possible bro ..how .? 35000 rs inr:-3 months hotel ,train journeys (travelling food ,tourists extra fares its impossible bro .as I think
Ellison Fermin (14 days ago)
thx for visting my country for 28 times
Paweł Gornowicz (14 days ago)
Can you do Top 10 most expensive countries?
retro player live (14 days ago)
I am from Bangladesh . It feels great that , you appreciate our country . Huge shout-out to Bangladesh and you sir
A Sinner (14 days ago)
Triggered a little
Mafiz sarkerty n bnn (15 days ago)
U know what I'm going to pick it's bangladesh because I live in bangladesh
Ahrar Ahmad (15 days ago)
Bro! How fake you are? Your thinking for India is wrong bro....You should increase your knowledge bro

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