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Samsung Secure Folder - Features & How to Use!

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A detailed look at Samsung's Secure Folder - What it is, How it works and more... Where to Buy the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus? Flipkart - http://fkrt.it/NvKFQTuuuN Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2pwNqKW Follow me on... Twitter: @C4ETech (https://twitter.com/C4ETech) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C4ETech Google+: http://plus.google.com/+C4ETech Instagram: http://instagram.com/C4ETech Website: http://c4etech.com Music Credits Intro - Gemini Fire Inside (Elliot Berger Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHXMCRpAyEw https://www.facebook.com/ElliotBergerMusic/ https://soundcloud.com/elliotbergermusic https://twitter.com/elliotbergeruk BGM - Lakey Inspired - My Ride https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/my-ride
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Text Comments (363)
bhajan Saluja (2 days ago)
U are big lol mad beggar
Julia Ghosn (6 days ago)
I want to know if it's possible to remove secure folder from recents so if someone press the recents doesn't show the apps i was using in secure folder
MHW (6 days ago)
Does anyone know if the Honor View 10 has it? Or is something only for samsung?
Joseph Diggs (12 days ago)
How do you put contacts in there
Samhoney Sarkar (21 days ago)
how to unsecure the app ?
MKN 96 (21 days ago)
I have a problem : I moved an application (downloaded from the play store) to the secure folder. Everything is doing good at this point but I can't find in the secure folder the Google Play store app that should allow me to search for updates ! The app doesn't appear anymore on the regular play store app so what should I do ? Please help !!
nowzad mahroof (24 days ago)
Anyone please let me know if there is a way in samsung j6 to switch off data only for secure folder apps?.....
Martin Armendariz (26 days ago)
I cant find it anywhere how could I re get but I can't find it for some reason
NightMareExceed (27 days ago)
My phone got updated a 2 days ago and I dont get it why people should use samsung account, while Im using mine without samsung account.
nisha Balasuriya (1 month ago)
Pls answer to the my question 1. if there are coming creat a new account and sign in means still they didn’t set the security folder or they had and they logged out ?which means for these 2. If there are any secret things how to see that without knowing password and how to remove or disable from the phone pls answer
Shahil Khavdu (1 month ago)
Why need a Samsung account for local storage? Backdoor confirmed!
flarn2006 (1 month ago)
Hmm I wonder what people use this for... ;)
Arry Lee (1 month ago)
Anybody know how to send back the picture to the galery from the secure folder ?
Shobha Dinkar (19 days ago)
Open secure folder nd select photo nd move to gallery option
HomestarVR (22 days ago)
+Luis Jurado option isn't there anymore. I talked to Samsung support and they said they knew about this and the next update would patch it
Luis Jurado (23 days ago)
How to move files out of Secure Folder 1 Open Secure Folder. 2 Open My Files. ... 3 Find and select the content you wish to move. 4 Tap the 3 Dot Menu button on the top right corner, and select Move out of Secure folder. 5 The content will be moved out of Secure Folder - and you'll find it in the same directory outside.
Arry Lee (1 month ago)
+HomestarVR in my old galaxy note 4 is so easy to restore the file back to the galery , but for this secure mode.. i cannot find the way
HomestarVR (1 month ago)
Fucking hell yes please I have no idea
Ddhay Mahmood (1 month ago)
How I'm make please understand me
Rabi Prasad (1 month ago)
How to unhide the photos in secure folder....
Riazul Amin (1 month ago)
Sir, how to remove my photo secure folder. Plz sir tell me detail.
plsbqwhy8t nthabak (1 month ago)
Tells you you can hide the icon....doesn't tell you how. Wow.
Kanchi Sahu (1 month ago)
Sir how to remove photos from the secure folder
A J (1 month ago)
Hello sir. How does this work as far as contacts and phone numbers?
Alucard (1 month ago)
How can i remove pictures from secure folder?
ziziMB (1 month ago)
How do I move apps out of secure folder?
ashish sam (1 month ago)
How to moove out photos from secure folder
nemiche faycel (1 month ago)
I have moved all my videos and photos to the secure folder how to put them back in my gallery please help me
Archita Agrawal (1 month ago)
Now I'm not getting option of move out of secure folder..what should I do?
Sritam Subhadarshan (1 month ago)
I have samsung A6 plus mobile and I kept some images in secured folder but it was deleted by my mistake so please help me how can I restore it
preachffxi (1 month ago)
For extra security can change secure folder name to "naked pictures of grandma" to finally can have a paranoid free night rest knowing your private stuff is safe and secured 😴
VroodenTheGreat (1 month ago)
I just got an S9 and this is a great video. Thanks for posting. I just saw another vid where he said he has is right index finger to unlock the phone, and his left one to open the secure folder. I tried it, it works great.
Ayush Pandey (1 month ago)
Agar secure aap Ka paasword bhul Jaye to fir use thik jade karege
Analyst Sheppard (1 month ago)
Question: am new to all this stuff, so forgive me if I ask a stupid question. Lmfao 😅... But does this secure folder option saves contacts from Sim as well when transferring contacts?. Also, can I use it to restore my contacts when Changing Sim? I ask bcuz I want to update my old Sim to get the 4g lte Sim... Thnx in advance
Pravin Sahani (2 months ago)
Monika Mandal (2 months ago)
Ace Jack (2 months ago)
Fake accent
Mithu The Best Boy (2 months ago)
I don't remember my pass how to i unlock my folder please replay
GOURAB SUKLA DAS (2 months ago)
Thks broo
Rohit Singh (2 months ago)
Thankuuuui Sir...
Nouman Arshad (2 months ago)
App ko wapies kasy lana ha
Maan Ali (2 months ago)
How to put messaging app in secure folder?????
akshay fan vikky Kumar (2 months ago)
18 years khojta h
Swaraj Naman (2 months ago)
Progress Zimbango (2 months ago)
Tecna Logica (2 months ago)
I don't understand...How do you change your password for Secure Folder?! I changed my device password a few days ago, but for Secure Folder I have to use the old password..?!
Old Andy (2 months ago)
"Samsung account" = it's as secure as Samsung chooses it to be. Ugh!!!
INDIAN army 007 (2 months ago)
How to quick lock the app bro
Raaz Ali (2 months ago)
amina ben (2 months ago)
How i can restored my photo to dossier suriser sur gallerie?
Michael Wells (3 months ago)
Can you use Secure Folder on a Note 5
TAIMOOR Aslam (3 months ago)
Very good supper thanks
J K (3 months ago)
I have problem that I cant recharge in secure folder I have games I want to recharge on it but it doesn't work the game close suddenly I tried to add play store cuse I use it when I want to buy things but I couldn't add it there does anyone have the solve of this problem ?
saran shankar (3 months ago)
How to remove those apps from secure floder
Muhammad Rao (3 months ago)
F*** you
Juliet Smith (3 months ago)
Does any one know how to move pics out of secured folder??? Plz help.
C.O.T.D (3 months ago)
I have a J7 Pro. Why does the camera in the secure folder not have the same features as the regular camera? for instance, HDR, soprt mode etc? How can I fix this?
Rabbit Horns (3 months ago)
What to do when secure folder showing again and again when I am using other apps it was so irritating to showing secure folder lock again and again
bollywood kingdom (4 months ago)
sir.. ye secure folder mere mobile par nhi dikh rha hai
mouhcine funny videos (4 months ago)
j'ai des problèmes dans mon portable samsung galaxy s8 de : (1 problème de dossier sécurité il me donner un message d’impossible d'ouvrir ,2 problème de s-health il me donner impossible d'ouvrir l'application dans un portable rooté )
S. shoiEB (4 months ago)
Thats a clone
welshdragon2008 (4 months ago)
much too complicated for me to bother using secure folder
Balaji R (4 months ago)
Unable to Sync chrome account in secure folder
贤闲 (4 months ago)
But that app I hide still also appear on my phone ......Why ?
Irfan Ahmed (4 months ago)
How to found mp3 songs in secoure folder now I am subscribe you clicking bell ok so please
Loveboy Shiva (4 months ago)
yarr j2 prime ma secure folder nhi chal rha
Ibrahim Sahib (4 months ago)
How to reset my IT reset secure folder
Dua mein yaad rakhna (4 months ago)
Tere maa ka chood hindi mein bol na sala
CarnatulOP (4 months ago)
Hello my secure folder it gives me error it says:Contact and IT administrator to reset the security code
o justiceiro (5 months ago)
I wish it were as easy as the video shows but when i go to the secure folder option it needs me to create a Samsung account which I DONT WANT TO, how can i use it as it shown in the video??
LegendCandice FWD (5 months ago)
How to remove suggested apps on top where search button is...in C9 PRO...PLZ HELP
Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee (5 months ago)
How to make it as launcher
michael steven (5 months ago)
but how do you remove items from the secure folder???
Yash (5 months ago)
private mode from Galaxy s5 was better than this secure folder
kanaal taker (5 months ago)
how open secure floder my lock
Amanda R (5 months ago)
Very helpful. Thanks for this video.
Mansi Daniel (5 months ago)
How to backup deleted photo from secure folder...??? In samsung c7 pro
Deenu Dehariya Bhanu (5 months ago)
Are sir Hindi me btao
Shakir Rabbani (5 months ago)
Sir ye folder delete ho gya h meri sari pic kese recover honge plzzz help
Swaraj Naman (2 months ago)
Ye abhi delete nahi hota default hai bas disable kar sakte ho
Sanjay Kumar (5 months ago)
Max (6 months ago)
Shujaur Rehman (6 months ago)
How to transfer files from secure folder to PC
Youngster joey (6 months ago)
i still don't understand how it works. i actually wanna hide google photos in the secure folder, but it seems that we can't.
Shakir Rabbani (6 months ago)
Plzzz help me
Shakir Rabbani (6 months ago)
Sir mene jo starting me password lgya ta woo bhul gya
Rotter (7 months ago)
"secure folder cannot be set up because unauthorised software was installed on the device." can you please tell me how to fix this problem ?
Gury Singh (7 months ago)
To the point video😊👌
Sajid Suman (7 months ago)
Where can i find my hiden images
Tila Sala (7 months ago)
I've deleted the secure folder, how can I reinstall it again
Lars vonrinpoche (2 months ago)
Download it from the playstore or elsewhere online. Unless its in your settings area under security.
Goldy Roy (8 months ago)
Sir, I moved my private/personal pics in samsung Secure folder , but it gets visible in Diskdigger app.. How it's possible after hiding it's still visible in that app... My privacy is on full risk...Please answer my quarries... Nd give a best advice and suggestions how should I make my personal data full Secure...
Vishmika Ranasinghe (8 months ago)
That is because when u move the data to S.F system just deletes addresses without deleting data (conventional Deletion) . Therefore, either you have to create media within secure folder (Eg : using camera app in S.F or saving media using apps in S.F) or just copy from outside without moving and use a secure erase app to shred the data.
Corpse Awareness (8 months ago)
It sucks that you have to have a Samsung account setup for this otherwise apparently there aren't any other ways to use secure file without logging into your samsung account!
NightMareExceed (27 days ago)
Its been 7 months do you guys still use it with samsung acco7nt logged in? Because mine I could use it without using imsamsung account though.
Moreno4500 (9 months ago)
What if you lose your phone what then ? Can u log in with new phone and get all your stuff back. What if u sell your phone just delete the folder?
nauman ashraf (9 months ago)
If my mobile by mistake restore and i lost may all data in secure folder what i do for recover my personal data
vagueaxis (9 months ago)
Have you been able to add message to secure folder ????
Nur Biswas (9 months ago)
Isme sahi gmail aur password dene par password wrong kyon batata hai
Prashanth Naik (9 months ago)
Tnq so much... Its very helpful to me...
Mohammad Haidari (9 months ago)
It was rubish u dont explained properly and u didnt say that if u hide the icon how to get back to the picture in secure folder i cant find it
AMAAN ALI (10 months ago)
hi I forget my password Samsung secure folder how to unlock plzz help me
Young Chris (10 months ago)
Can someone please tell me how to download secure folder please i need help
pushpraj sinh ahada (10 months ago)
קѧśśwȏяԀ ɞһȏʟ ɢѧı ҡıѧ ҡяє
Papii Chuloo (10 months ago)
I love how everyone saying this os copying second space or whatever. Umm lg has had this option in a few of their phones. You enter another password from the lockscreen and it takes you to a "guest mode" but can be used as this way also.
Van DerBruck (11 months ago)
Correct me if I am wrong, Taking FB app as an example, I can have an acc in normal and an other one in the secure folder app which will need my password to have access to it ? So If I decide to use all my social network under a password (so the secure folder) everytime I'd like to open one, would I need to enter that knox password ?
Van DerBruck (11 months ago)
Love the indian accent tho.
Gregory Walker (11 months ago)
Porn folder 😏
Superstar Fuxxxr (11 months ago)
Its rubbished sfolder bcoz it move files and photos in internal memory.

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