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Tutorial | Managing a Catalog in Capture One Pro 10

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This short tutorial is designed to help you get orientated about the camera software Capture One Pro 10 catalogs and manage its database that tracks location of images. Capture One Pro 10 contains powerful asset management features to handle your collection of images. Learn how to apply catalogs and how to import and organize in this tutorial. Check out our Tutorials playlist for more helpful guides http://bit.ly/2jmlREw Capture One Pro - http://www.captureone.com Phase One - http://www.phaseone.com Download 30-day free Capture One Pro trial: http://bit.ly/20QnN31 Follow Capture One Facebook: http://bit.ly/2jCoXCW Twitter: http://bit.ly/2iMTFW2 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jCus4X
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hhunte (21 days ago)
I was looking for information where capture one stores my originals. Because it was not clear to me, if it imports all originals inside the catalog, or only creates references to hard disk folder. This video helped me a lot, thanks!
jorge moro (28 days ago)
Most confusing program EVER. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get a "Library view" similar to LR
jorge moro (28 days ago)
Capture One Pro I would love my grid view to look JUST LIKE the view in the “import image” box
jorge moro (28 days ago)
Capture One Pro does this work on the express for Fuji as well? Cauz I just can’t get it to woek
Capture One Pro (28 days ago)
jorge moro View>show/Hideo Viewer. Assign a different shortcut key, like G as in Lightroom if you prefer. You might also want to watch https://learn.phaseone.com/capture-one/utility-asset-management/interface-explained
Poroto Z (1 month ago)
I wonder if they're gonna go to the same route Adobe took.... subscription only.
Nick Huggins (8 months ago)
Sorry that it's still not clear but what is the main reason that sometimes a catalogue better than a session?
Capture One Pro (8 months ago)
Hi Nick - In the simplest terms - >. Catalog - Ideal for managing large collections of images i.e your life's work! Sessions - Ideal for single projects. i.e A days shoot in the studio or on location.
Chris Corey (10 months ago)
Oh for god sakes, can you make it any more confusing?
Ikie Binoya (11 months ago)
Hello Capture One, I managed to mess up my imports for the last few months and all my RAW images are now inside the catalog, it's building up and taking too much space in my local drive. My catalog is managed by user created albums by import dates. Is there any way that I can export the old albums individually to manual folder creation while retaining all adjustments and information? Thank you.
Ikie Binoya (11 months ago)
Will there be a way that I may be able to drag and drop folders all at once from the User Collections to the Folders area after creating a destination folder? What I'm doing right now is creating individual folders from the Folders area by clicking the plus (+) icon and dragging images to the created folder. But thank you, I thought I would have to export all images as originals and risk creating duplicates.
Capture One Pro (11 months ago)
Hi Ilkie - if you want to move them outside of the Catalog, but retain the albums, its very easy. Simply click on the 'Plus' (+) icon in the folders area of the Library tool, and make a folder on an External drive, or wherever you want to move images too. Then click on the Catalog icon also in the folders area. That will show you all images Inside the Catalog. Simply drag and drop them to the folder you just made.

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