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Best Yugioh 2012 GX Ra Yellow Mega Pack 1st Edition Box Opening! OH BABY!!

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Text Comments (281)
Eri 18 (1 month ago)
The cost
Chissini (1 month ago)
where can i find these boxes?
AMZPAO Zamora (2 months ago)
mahmoud ahmed (2 months ago)
i want Jaden deck how much doest it cost ?
East Coast Toasty Boy (6 months ago)
Got a synchro monster out of that? Huh...
East Coast Toasty Boy (6 months ago)
Makes ra yellow box... *puts anyone except students of Ra yellow*
IRENE GARCIA (7 months ago)
JBird3 (7 months ago)
Konami should print an Obelisk Blue set like this with a lot of these cards plus most of the recent GX support
Zade Snaeneh (8 months ago)
Back then it was cheaper now it's like 100-200-300 dollars now darn it
Lukas Tremmel (9 months ago)
now look at the prices of gallis, stratos and super poly ^^
Little3Pigs (9 months ago)
Watching you opening all those packs makes you see just how many pack packs it takes to get the cards that you want
sing along (9 months ago)
Should of said get your game on
Jesse Van Eps (10 months ago)
Ik this is an old video but it was winged kuriboh lv9 not ten sorry but that really triggered me
Diego Munoz (1 year ago)
Damn I love this set. I'm not spending $230 on it though.
Robert Wingerter (1 year ago)
can u give me a rainbow dragon dude ? =D
Derek Pointer (1 year ago)
FUCK!!! ....ultrapro. UPDATE: Still the worst sleeves on the market.
yugioh god of duelist (1 year ago)
i loive this
TheCrunchG (1 year ago)
This set was awesome in 2011/2012 and still awesome to this day. Wish we had an Obelisk Blue Mega Pack. Also, why no love for Yariza? You sleeved up every Six Samurai except him and it bothered me a bit.
AJTHEBOLD (1 year ago)
Cool not coop
AJTHEBOLD (1 year ago)
TheCrunchG ik these packs are so coop
Texual Moose (1 year ago)
I miss this pack, i loved it so much it was ons of my favourites x
Radivoj Maric (1 year ago)
Guys please recommend me few good booster boxes to buy,im a newbie but i really love yu gi oh !!! :D Thanks
deathmog91 (2 years ago)
man this bring back memorys
Mage of Ancients (2 years ago)
A playset of Instant Fusion would have been awesome, but at least you got the card!
Callum Woodward (2 years ago)
i never thought he wouldnt sleeve dimensional fissure. he got so excited when the got that years ago.
Yoani Castro (2 years ago)
I sell Yugioh cards one Dallas each look for me yoani on YouTube
hebince44 (2 years ago)
Once again ultrapro winning on the shitty mats department
How about Temp (2 years ago)
Dude you can build 2 decks of from this one display
Nuke_Lord 1998 (2 years ago)
you didn't get that last 6 sam out of the Ultra rares, did you no like that one lol
Zachary Tribou (2 years ago)
I never got why chazz never smartened up and used evil hero cards, or there should be a rerun where the protagonist uses mask heroes
come back i dont like the new show, GX forever
Judai Yuki (1 year ago)
Marius Andrè Fosshaug-Olufsen ahahahaha still on my world trip tho
jaden what are you doing here? please come back
Judai Yuki (2 years ago)
Zachary Tribou in the manga jaden used masked heroes which is why they were released
jordan henningson (2 years ago)
can u make a Yubel deck?
Yoani Castro (2 years ago)
i sell yugioh cards one dallars each look on youtube yoani castro
TheEpyonGundam (2 years ago)
I just realized I am a sponsor in a way I been buying cards from you. :) we should duel via skype !
2011eatmyshorts (2 years ago)
hey guys is it possible to pull rainbow neos rainbow dragon and rainbow dark dragon in secret rare with golden card name in this or just in common ? cuz that is what I just received from ebay I hope they're not fake please answer asap =/
Daniel Gibson (2 years ago)
2011eatmyshorts yes it isn't
yoani Castro (2 years ago)
in Phoenix az
yoani Castro (2 years ago)
I sell yugioh cards one dallars 6028103463 call me or text me
Mibolsillorecords1 (2 years ago)
Why is there a synchro
Adam Cichawa (2 years ago)
simpplyunluky i nearly forgot my phone password then you helped me cool down
SerbiaBall 75 (2 years ago)
you didn't put yariza
jimmy bruno (2 years ago)
Supreme King (2 years ago)
record a room tour
Gucci Penguin (2 years ago)
my friend has an insanely good skull servant deck, its a shame they don't make any skull servants in higher rarity than common, except the normal skull servant which has a super rare
I have an arch fiend commander and Archfiend giant in Super Rare and Rare, is this the theme ur talking about?
Chauntay Bates (2 years ago)
were can I find this cheap
floopjoop The Accursed (2 years ago)
I'm gunna consider buying this so I can reclaim some of my favourite childhood cards
DaDarkSlayer (2 years ago)
How much is a booster box
can you give me pakes for my frineds and me
albin niederegger (3 years ago)
do you sell some cards
Bknue1 (3 years ago)
These would be awesome for a pack and play lol
cody burgett (3 years ago)
Lmfao "sparkman reverse foil" you said that for the last pack on the right side lol
dragonmind (3 years ago)
2 times Pegasus ,I could cry
Dirt (3 years ago)
What sleeves are these? Are they just ultra pro yellow small size?
DiscoSausage345 (2 years ago)
Nightwing 7459 (3 years ago)
Why is there a synchro type monster in a gx box ?
Nightwing 7459 (3 years ago)
+Brandon Martinez ya
Brandon Martinez (3 years ago)
+Chris Rodriguez That's what I was thinking lol
Nightwing 7459 (3 years ago)
you are F****n lucky
Nightwing 7459 (3 years ago)
you are F****n lucky
Jar With Salt (3 years ago)
lould you sell PLASMA
patricia gaona (3 years ago)
You didn't even care when you got divine neos idiot
patricia gaona (2 years ago)
Alright where do you live
patricia gaona (3 years ago)
+THEPANK SWAMPERT Shut up before I challenge you to a duel
Isaque Neutro (3 years ago)
Friend, I wanted to know where u bought it , send me the site to buy I also please
BTB (3 years ago)
i dislike this purely because you ignored yariza twice
Nutshell (3 years ago)
I dont get it why u didnt put the last Samurai in there as well lol u pulled him twice tho
Austin Zhang (3 years ago)
I want this box so bad now
dudle core (3 years ago)
I rly miss the old times, does any1 know a good oldskool-league? : b
Satora Marcel (3 years ago)
gx was the best ''season'' of all! i mean zexal was the last 'ok' one, but arc v? really? btw where do u buy the packs? shop? internet? or do u get em from sponsors? so many questions bro, but the final one: did u rly ask at 13:05 who emental hero avian is? :o
AMIRCAT 100 (2 years ago)
Satora Marcel he said here is Avian
Jeff Haney (3 years ago)
I bet you have all of the yugioh cards ever printed except the success gods and all of the other good except the original ones
Jeff Haney (3 years ago)
sacred beasts i mean
UwU Life (3 years ago)
Joan Concha (3 years ago)
What do you do with the cards that u don't like or don't want to keep? U sell them or something like that? Where?
Jai Ko (3 years ago)
He has an ebay account he sells them on buddy check the video description
MisterCallum (3 years ago)
MAN i really enjoyed this one bro and also my ocd went crazy over you not including yariza in the samari's you pulled lol but still awesome video and most enjoyable box I've seen you open so far dude 😃
UwU Life (3 years ago)
Can I win thank you
WubZei (3 years ago)
What's a synchro doing in a gx pack lol
gx rules
Peter Mlakar (3 years ago)
What is up with all these Yubels, Vennominaga, Rainbow Dragons, Vennominons,.... werent these really rare set special cards (I know that when I used to collect them they were)? Are these packs so op that they just keep vomiting them out?
mustafa baksh (3 years ago)
These are mega packs so you're much more likely to get really good cards.
Hassan Hidalgo (3 years ago)
How much for the luminas ?
RustyS18 (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who cares that he got a full set of Crystal Beasts? Probably, but they are so cool!
Corey King (3 years ago)
Wear do you get those pack s i really want to collect all the hero card's love heroes there pretty cool lol
Bills Mafia (3 years ago)
I think it's cool that he is doing what makes him happy but fuck, he is a virgin
Bills Mafia (3 years ago)
I think it's cool that he is doing what makes him happy but fuck, he is a virgin
xThis (3 years ago)
He looks handsome tho, so nobody would call him a virgin on the street...
happy gamer467 (3 years ago)
I like the videos I wonder where you get the money to do this kind of stuff
Magikarpman (3 years ago)
How much did you pay for the Yellow Box?
Henry Ly (3 years ago)
How much money does he even have
Melissa Marquis - Hall (3 years ago)
I have the elemental hero deck and it suck 5ds is better
Scarlight Duelist (3 years ago)
Why do these boxes cost so much??😢😢
StoneCold4215 (3 years ago)
Do the Six Samurai cost a lot of money if you have all of them
Jesus Peñaloza (3 years ago)
Pack jaden yuki 3 has de esos simply
Dante Heis Neitan (3 years ago)
hi friend, where do you get this boxes? . ¿Where i buy this boxes?
Dareinger (3 years ago)
how much do these boxes cost? i want to open tons of packs like this to relive my childhood
run8scap80201 (3 years ago)
how much does it cost?
Zemium1994 (3 years ago)
Xavier0928 Kim062882! (3 years ago)
Your so cool
Uncle Octopus (3 years ago)
where do you get your products from?
Eduardo Patron (3 years ago)
Why do u hate Yariza? He just want to be loved :'v
Daniel Wills (3 years ago)
Where is the 300k sub video? WE WANT A GIVEAWAY/CONTEST!!!
Scottie Moseley (3 years ago)
hey Simply, what do you think of the new Yugioh movie coming out next year? It looks like it's going to be awesome.
Cesar Navarrete (3 years ago)
when i was playing yugioh, crads like judgment dragon were to expensive to afford but now all of them are common. Packs like this didn't exist, you just were lucky if you packed a foil card
nintendoplayer07 (3 years ago)
Anyone else excited for the Breakers of Shadow set?
Mark Kes (3 years ago)
From each pack you got at least 5$... more than 50% of commons and rares in this set are 1$+ like rainbow dragon, rainbow neos, rai-oh, JD, disk commander, yubel - the ultimate nightmare,.....
Saikou210 Number1 (3 years ago)
SimplyUnlucky, you got all 6 of the six sams. Yariza was the earth guy.
Alfonso Castro (3 years ago)
you should do magic box opening
SRD King (3 years ago)
hey guys sub to my channel i will sub back just comment if you do
CronicCheese (3 years ago)
Can i one of those thunder kings?
Emmett Jorgensen (3 years ago)
how are you sorting them?
Stian Borgeteien (3 years ago)
Quick question. Is yugioh still a thing?
Enrico Descotido (3 years ago)
It has fallen greatly from it's former glory
Mehps (3 years ago)
i just wish they had more elemental hero fusions instead of glad beasts. still a really awesome set though.

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