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A Portable Lightroom Catalog

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Lightroom 5 brings with it a great new feature in Smart Previews. Combine the capabilities of Smart Previews (the ability to develop and export your images based on the relatively small file size of the Smart Preview) together with the convenience and decreasing cost of cloud storage systems (such as DropBox or Google Drive) and you have some interesting ways of creating a portable, no-hassle catalog solution. Visit my associated post on tipsquirrel.com for links to other resources on Smart Previews.
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Angelika Bossenz (3 years ago)
Hi Michael, thanks a lot for the explanation of this cool trick! I have the same question as @sherwin: does this workflow allow to import images on the macbook - and hold it synchronised with the pc? I'm searching around, but can't find a satisfactory solution...
Adam Mazza (2 years ago)
+Angelika Bossenz Yes, use a separate catalog on your laptop for photos stored locally there. You can have multiple catalogs.
sherwin (4 years ago)
thanks for the video. if you're traveling with your laptop and you took some photos, would you have to wait to get home to your desktop before you would import the photos and work on them? or will this workflow allow you to import the photos onto your laptop and have the new folders be "online" on your desktop?
Andrew Kavanagh (4 years ago)
Thanks Michael!

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