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The Blueprint Of Dating For Young Professionals & Guys In School | LIFEGAME MANIFESTO

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RSDMadison gives you the ultimate strategy for guys that cant go out 7 nights a week. This RSD Manifesto will be the blueprint for your dating life. Season 2 of The Madison Show BOSS: http://boss.rsdmadison.com BOOTCAMP: http://rsdnation.com/madison/events HOTSEAT: http://www.rsdmadisonhotseat.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rsdmadison/ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/rsdmadison TWITTER: http://twitter.com/rsdmadison We have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD Bootcamps & events -- call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want! NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286 EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034 Category In 10 YEARS, Madison has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in self-confidence and cold-approach techniques. Having toured with every RSD instructor to assist on live programs and seminars all over North America, he has come a long way from his early days. To overcome his extreme introversion as a youth, he embarked on a journey of self discovery. He traveled the world, read over 500 personal development books, and aligned himself with world-renowned mentors, and worked daily to achieve a highly specific character and behavior-based road map to improvement. This all culminated in deep identity level change at the cellular level. His background includes working in the fashion, advertising, and music industry. He teaches confidence, originality, and razor sharp communication skills that will transform anyone’s approach to social interactions. With his inside expertise, Madison will fully prepare his clients to embark on or reach new heights in their personal journey.
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Text Comments (130)
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
This video is a game changer. The start of a movement. Times like this dont happen often in dating. Join the LifeGame movemnet here: http://www.rsdvdayspecial.com/madison/
Andreas Stamm (1 year ago)
looking like Big Shaq, you have the jacket and everything.
Where's Kevin (1 year ago)
RSD Mr. Madison your ghost text quote just saved my date. It worked like magic
Bill Howard (1 year ago)
"Approach-anxiety" is actually 'abandonment-anxiety' or the fear of being abandoned (rejected) because during childhood you suffered an horrific abandonment (rejection) by a carer or by carers - your true identity was rejected - abandonment-anxiety cannot be resolved through gaming it can only be temporarily masked for a little while - it will always return when the distraction of gaming wears off.
Bill Howard (1 year ago)
Hi Madison: Famous last words: "I don't need therapy - I'm a Pick Up Artist".
Edmond Dantes (2 months ago)
This is huge!
Lam rof (3 months ago)
Don't talk about it, be about it. Powerful words to be understood by only those who successfully have done it. The rest of us, goes out the other ear. Being is, only allowing your internal states affects you, not the outside, never the outside, never. Take notes from within and without and filter/process it through a conscious analysis to set my state and also implement a belief/value system. A positive default state or otherwise can be had this way. That "me" is the world sees, accept it, good, reject it, good. I will take a clue and move on.
Anze k (11 months ago)
great content man! One of your best video!
SmoothView (11 months ago)
yo got a little butt hurt about that dude not accepting his drink lol smh
Miles Dutton (1 year ago)
literally the dude from the matrix in my mind saying "you are the game....."
Gavin Conley (1 year ago)
This is transformative. Good work
Aalim Chin (1 year ago)
Why are women there? Lesbian?
Maverick Gyamfi (1 year ago)
1:40 the growth and 'cool' person u grown into by learn from field experience and mistaking forgetting how u gotthere and thinking u were always like that "fuck rsd" lol so true i see this happen a lot 3:40 daygame vs nightgame vs lifegame 10:15 a reason 'AA' happens 12:00 OH MY GOD! the BEST story ever! HAHAHAHAHAHAH (bathroom story) 15:15 back to the lifegame ting be so social all your lifew- not only during 'warm up' being social is actually fun man! 19:15 values, boundaries, dealing with flakes 30:00 how do u treat eople 31:30 madison no longer gets cock blocks 36:00 call 45:00 im the type of guy- madison 56:20 tips for beginners
Ice White (1 year ago)
Hell yeah, RSD London!
Daniel Epshtein (1 year ago)
53:37 Madison says that and the video I get on the sidebar is "Never run out of things to say" by Julien lol
no name (1 year ago)
madison.....how come you don't talk about your flaws.....you should also keep in mind that some girls are scuzz bags who do not relate or care about maturity.....i don't think that's always so bad.....variety is the spice of life.
no name (1 year ago)
hope it didn't seem like I was anti-madison....I am a fan and I really loved your free tour in praha......i feel so stupid i did not shake your hand in the movie theater in toronto.
Sharp S (1 year ago)
Someone who uses Herion can OD if they sit on a different chair. Environmental change fucks with your nervous system. Use this phenomena positively otherwise will work against you everytime.
Lou Tobi (1 year ago)
Put sum respek on my game 🦍😭
Damir Chichov (1 year ago)
holy shit
Nick K (1 year ago)
Watching this on 1.5x speed is intense
ItsOElA (1 year ago)
Jordan Peterson, sort yourself out
That bit around 21 minutes!
Ruben God (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, my man!
darkvader37 (1 year ago)
damn only watched this video today after valentines
anthonyalbano (1 year ago)
Madison do you need a spelling assistant? lol
kobeshoot (1 year ago)
Madison quickly becomes one of my favorite instructors ! Thanks for pure value BOSS!
Conah Dalton (1 year ago)
Bosss!!!! Ready for the weekend!! Legend
Z C (1 year ago)
This shit hits so hard I feel like I just experienced an acid trip
Ace MarcelloTv (1 year ago)
Transcend Movement (1 year ago)
Thank you man.... i will commit to being social.... if i feel that resistance talking to people for the rest of my life? Oh well... tis the process....
Guido Bisocoli (1 year ago)
Awesome video man! Time to step 2 for me: build a life. Lifegame is the way!
Mac Cole (1 year ago)
Intro song???
Mac Cole (1 year ago)
Intro song???
Mac Cole (1 year ago)
Intro song????
Axel Duton (1 year ago)
Thanks mate
Romeo Oro (1 year ago)
When We Was Kool - PPT
ZG (1 year ago)
Mac Cole logic - under pressure
hashirama senju (1 year ago)
intro song please..
conGAreeRApppids (1 year ago)
I knew i was gonna love this video before i even clicked. Thank you Madison
egalindo23 (1 year ago)
Veno Bender (1 year ago)
I use to not be a fan of Madison but this by far one of the best RSD videos I’ve ever seen 😎👌🏾
BRYAN (1 year ago)
Madison! thank you for the awesome content. And replying to my questions on instagram !!!
RSDTyler (1 year ago)
GREAT man!!!! Excited to hang out and shoot more vids! -Tyler
Edmund Edge (1 year ago)
I went to this one, it was brilliant. When is Free Tour/Hotseat coming back to London? May?
Anthony Mendez (1 year ago)
I love this route your taking. Lifegame is going to be a game changer.
OurWorldShifted (1 year ago)
I was listening to this video while going about my life at the same time, and about an hour into the video, I ended up at Walmart, and at Walmart I was leaning on a box, dress normally, staring at my phone 📱, and a random woman ask me if I work their, almost like she didn't really think I did, but something about the way I was their, very sure of what I was doing and why I was their, made her just assume maybe I did, and all day I had people look at me with a different look in their eye then I normally experience, story short, this works, and if it doesn't work for you, your not doing it right
Honest Introspection (1 year ago)
2:35 is the truest shit 😂😂😂
Raul N (1 year ago)
guys among these rsd manifestos, what's your favorite or which one resonate the most with you
Michael Glaberman (1 year ago)
an hour and half long shower thought. amazing Madison. Thank you.
Legacy Consulting (1 year ago)
Nothing takes a man out of his comfort zone like meeting new and attractive women and stretching himself to become better in thw process.
Legacy Consulting (1 year ago)
The Alchemy of the change needed in the man comes in the process not in bedding women but socializing and courting them.
Zach Hayes (1 year ago)
so fuckin classy
oscar (1 year ago)
I've never thought of having a contingency plan. Thanks for helping me improve!
Elchanon Goodman (1 year ago)
21 minutes in love that flake text👌
Steff. (1 year ago)
Thanks for this, One of the best content I've seen so far.
Filip Klema (1 year ago)
Thanks you!!! Not need to say anything more . I need to DO!
Chrisc0Disc0 (1 year ago)
Perfect Timing 👌🏾
RSD Luke (1 year ago)
Sick Video Madison !!
JulienHimself (1 year ago)
Sick video, man!! Lifegame! 🤘
RSDMax (1 year ago)
Eeepic vid brotha!!
Leo Moe (1 year ago)
My plan was to hustle hard for my whole life and have awesome experiences and being present, but I won’t because eckhart tolle drives a jaguar
Cameling. (1 year ago)
ekart tolle drives a jaguar and it really bothers me
Shi Johnson-Bey (1 year ago)
Blue Mountain State with the Dick pics lol
Diego Godino (1 year ago)
Shi Johnson-Bey my man!! Bms always gets me pumped to go out
William Walls (1 year ago)
The way I do anything is the way I do everything!!!!!
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Questão (1 year ago)
Roots i like roots in game
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
We break it down to the roots and build it back up
Branden Hickerson (1 year ago)
Is that a bottle of tullamore dew on the stage? I'm obviously a night game guy lol.
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Could be...
Ces Ral (1 year ago)
I went out on a date Sunday and she said I was one of the few guys that actually acts in person the way I text. She said most of the guys are one way on text then boring or something else in person. I’ve had a few tell me that. Must be a thing. Great video.
Adoinc (1 year ago)
Ces Ral honestly I've had the opposite and RSD is all about paradoxes so here ya go. Girls have said I'm different in person but in a good way, that I'm more fun and expressive. Maybe it's because I don't use emojis very much
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Sounds clutch
Big Richard (1 year ago)
Can you not do the Martin Luther king speaches? Please Also the intro is just not congruent to you Also mate I was creating social dynamic strategy back when I was 12 via social engineering, so yeah mate, watch your mouth. But ty rsd and ty for good content.
Davey Mac (1 year ago)
RSD Mr. Madison u a bitch
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Miguel Johnson Jr (1 year ago)
Mr. Madison is the uncle we all wish we had
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Deez Nutz (1 year ago)
"U r pussying out das da truth " lmaoooo =))))
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
C-Normal (1 year ago)
This Video changed really my Point of View in Game/Life Thank you alot for this massive Value Bomb 🔥
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Thats what we were going for. Major shift that affects you now and 6 months down to road
Wyatt Schroeder (1 year ago)
Love the intro guns working out women life
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Lol thats the usual
Shahidsales Asghar (1 year ago)
al maestro cuchillada To the Master goes the knife
Shahidsales Asghar (1 year ago)
Yesterday i was watching a video by Rsd Max, and today im watching your video , Mr Madison, i thought about a phrase in Robert Greene's 33 strategies of war, he said Napoleon created a few smaller armies , each general formed by him, minuature army, led by minuature Napoleon, I think Rsd tyler is creating mini tylers as well you and max, only rsd julien has his uniquness, your are trying to copy the boss, have you read mastery by robert greene, Madison? kill the master(rsd tyler) mate and share with us your true authentc voice
Shahidsales Asghar (1 year ago)
what the fuck do you mean?
Shahidsales Asghar (1 year ago)
i guess so, its law number 6) Segment Your Forces Robert Greene is my favourite of all time, i read his books more than 3 times, listend to audiobooks a couple of times, and read french and persian translation, result : 33 year old loser i am, he and rsd fucked my life, i love them
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Killing tyler be right back..... in all seriousness, keep watching, im going to be taking it to crazy new places the following weeks. will be disturbing and mindblowing.
Branden Hickerson (1 year ago)
Shahidsales Asghar one of my favorite books by far. Are you referring to the decentralized control strategy?
The real Deepak (1 year ago)
Man like Madison!
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Man like me
Bomb content.I thought of it before a bit.
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
The truth echos
Mike Lowry (1 year ago)
Thank you Sifu Madison. Wiseman.
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Deputy D Gaming (1 year ago)
Drops his manifesto the day before Valentine’s Day lol
Deputy D Gaming (1 year ago)
RSD Mr. Madison I’m kidding I fucking love you bro! Keep it up!
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Wanted it to be out Saturday. Had tech issues
34:00 . . . . . she reeks of vanity
Joel Trinidad (1 year ago)
You guys are amazing 🙏🏽
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Roland G (1 year ago)
It’s like he’s talking to me
Roland G (1 year ago)
RSD Mr. Madison tripping me out but dope
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
i am
Donjamon7 (1 year ago)
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
German Pedreira (1 year ago)
My nigga
Filip Materna (1 year ago)
Yo Madison, thanks for all the great content
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Thanks obama
TotalWarish (1 year ago)
Madison the game changer . #HARDCORESHIT
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Real Recognize Real
Elias Limitless (1 year ago)
Finally... the moment I was waiting for! I've been refreshing my subscription page for the last few days just for this!! 🙏🙏 Very excited to watch it! 🔥
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Good on ya!
RiotingGaming (1 year ago)
New manifesto yes ❤️
ML K (1 year ago)
Hi from Buenos Aires!
RSD Mr. Madison (1 year ago)
Rob Vel (1 year ago)
Fist minute into the speech so good. Cool for 20 second, cool for a minute, ohhh I’m different now lmao

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