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The Real Reason Pretty Girls Don't Date Young Balding Guys

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Ilir Cami (3 months ago)
Hair loss doesn't matter to girls for the most part
Ronda (10 months ago)
So how are u sure that balding isn't big deal to women? U're not bald and those women might just had lied about it ?
Nerf family Uk (7 months ago)
Ronda Exactly . No young girl would go for a guy that is bald at a young age like high school . I think it’s nasty to give these bald guys hope in the dating scene . Baldness is a curse that is only bestowed upon very few at a young age . It’s a horrendous stigma and thank god I never went through that shit . I don’t think I could have coped .
Demiseem Demiseem (11 months ago)
Lmao you're not even bald. It's barely even receding. Im 25 and i wish i had half the hair you have
you are not bald...
Begotis (1 year ago)
im 25 and my hair looks like yours. Ive always been a quiet, shy guy, with an awkward shaped head, I had a great gf of 3 yrs about 2 years ago, and my confidence just kept going down. Thanks for a bit of motivation.
nusrat Mirza (1 year ago)
u r champ........Keep it up,its motivating
Nick Shell (1 year ago)
Plenty more where that come from!
It's like with all things, some girls dig bald guys with the muscles, some girls like carrot tops, some like their men big boned. It's all relevant on the girl and most importantly how you care for and carry yourself. If they don't like you because your bald, then they're not meant for you.
Ziyad Mando (1 year ago)
The only way hairless can affect your chances in getting with a woman is if it affects your confidence.. if you're gonna act insecure about your hair and become less confident the girl will obviously get less attracted to you. But even if you are completely bald, but you take care of your self and have high confidence they will be attracted to you. I my self have a very pretty girlfriend that I have been with for more than 6 years and I can swear she never brought up a single time that I'm losing my hair, she just often compliment it even though I lost more than half of it.. just be confident and play it off
Nerf family Uk (7 months ago)
Ziyad Mando Not true . Woman are much like men . They want something good to look at while they fuck . Looks are everything in the age of social media . Don’t delude yourself .
Ziyad Mando (1 year ago)
Nick Shell and I thank you for your great videos..
Nick Shell (1 year ago)
+Ziyad Mando, thank you for sharing. I agree with every word you said.

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