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Text Comments (531)
Evaleen Vazquez (13 hours ago)
Tysm this helped a lot 😊😊😊😊
Butterfly Toast (8 days ago)
A bunch of her vids are really useful! 🙏rip
Fahad Aslam Khokhar (12 days ago)
OMG its Jennace from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
elysian (14 days ago)
hey, just want to point out that you got 3,000,000+ on this video and you have that PSA at the end. the end made the video for me. keep creating.
Rene Harris (1 month ago)
Pixie Girl (1 month ago)
Easier with shorter nails 😬
سجاد المحنة (1 month ago)
تبيعين اضافيرج هههه شباب لايك
Ron Lats (1 month ago)
Rip beautiful
ezra doodoohead (1 month ago)
SAS inDC (2 months ago)
People are so stupid and gullible. M is not dead. No one is posting videos on her account. Damn why are people liars and why are people so quick to jump on band wagons?
Adam (3 months ago)
Can you all please stop with the.ripped jeans?it is the stupidest, most idiotic thing i have ever seen. If your nice dress shirt was ripped, if your underwear was ripped, if your pretty dress was ripped, would you think its ok? Of.course not! But oh no, you see other people wearing ripped.jeans and you think, oh well if they are wearing it and if some pop.stars are wearing it, then it must be cool. If your car had tears in it would you like it? If your house had rips, Would you want to show.off your damage? Do the rips.on your.jeans make you a better person? Do.they announce to the.world, "look at me! Look at me! I may not be the ultimate in fashion, but my ripped jeans will help me.to be included with the popular(wtf?) People who i dont know. These ripped.jeans give me an edgy, modern look that will help me (i think) to get laid and get attention! I may look like a destitute person with these jeans , and they will never be acceptable in a job interview, and I may never think about real issues in society, but ...but...my jeans are ripped!" Ever noticed it is the unintelligent,.gullable 20 somethings who do it most? Even some 30 something year olds. But the older you get, the more you realize that ripped jeans are an idiotic concept. Why not wear used garbage bags? I bet you would if it was the latest.fashion thing? You know you would. I have a nephew, in his 30s, who is universally regarded as a douchbag. Loud, opinionated, materialistic, tempermental, condesending. I was not surprised when he wore ripped jeans. He is THAT type of person.
MsJ Williams (3 months ago)
Rip im sad now
Palak Boadh (3 months ago)
menny restarts play with
Nicholas Rue (3 months ago)
Oh no... I was just going to complement her and thank her for saving me $$$. I spent $70 on a cute pair of ripped jeans. I've got nice legs and I think a little exposed skin is sexy. I'm so sorry to hear that she passed away. :(
min yoongi (4 months ago)
holy shit I lived down the street from her
Shinaana Jada (5 months ago)
“Kinda like taking a hair out your chin, nah I’m jp” 😂
Yoni&D'Yoni Channel (5 months ago)
R.I.P Tamisha Ridge
Kayla Crouse (5 months ago)
She just posted a video...she's not dead
MEESHATV (5 months ago)
yes over 4 years now she pass away I her husband and kids managing the channel
Terriann Arnold (5 months ago)
Oh my goodness, this is sad to know she died so young, God bless her soul.
Evelyn Hernandez (5 months ago)
Rest In Peace 💖
Alicia Mosley (6 months ago)
Thank You, has been more helpful than 95% of other videos I have watched. She is actually talking and explaining things instead of just music playing.
Justin O'Donnell (6 months ago)
INSIDEOUT (6 months ago)
I use sandpaper- really effective
MJ Mach (6 months ago)
This worked great! Thank you!
Smoon (6 months ago)
Thank you so much this was so helpful! Didn’t know she’s not alive anymore, I’m sorry to hear that :(
Gear Geek's Reviews (6 months ago)
Awesome. I do photography and made a pair of very short daisy dukes for my wife out of her old jeans for a country shoot but wanted some distressed areas. This is going to work out well. Exactly what I was looking for!
marichuyrmrz (6 months ago)
I came to see this channel in find out that's she's dead 😭😢😵😷
Ashish Raturi (6 months ago)
how can she finger herself with those nails
Crozno Kallus (6 months ago)
Crozno Kallus (6 months ago)
Jordan J (7 months ago)
Oh no baby what is you doin 4:10
Nylashae Kiomie (7 months ago)
perfect for my schools sexist dress code😊
Hillary Gillings (7 months ago)
Thank you! Love it!
bored bitch (7 months ago)
Very helpful, thanks❤️
Teke🐮 (7 months ago)
Thanks this was very helpful 👍
Sidonio Gonçalves (7 months ago)
Não ficou muito bonito porque eu não gosto de estragar minhas roupas 😚😛👍👋
Justin Evans (7 months ago)
I’m so shook... it’s almost 6am in Kentucky, I’m browsing YouTube for clothing ideas, hit this video, thought she did great, check the comments.. and the man at the end of the video shot her in her sleep.. I re watch the video and just notice a eerie smirk he gives her through the camera.. Rest In Paradise, Meesha. I gotta do this to my jeans now just for you girl!
Liz Awesomesauce (7 months ago)
Came here to learn how to rip my jeans & I find out she passes away... Wtf man. She seems like such a nice lady trynna teach us how to RIP OUR OWN JEANS 😭💔
Rachel C (7 months ago)
Wow, what you put at the end of your video about God hearing you... I needed that
beyondbe3st (7 months ago)
Lydia Luvs99 (7 months ago)
WTH...I came to watch this video and saw all these comments that she was murdered? But she has recent videos from like a month ago...
CLeaN DyL (7 months ago)
R.I.P. Meesha
Jasmin or whatever (8 months ago)
Rest easy baby🙁💔
Didi Klubo (8 months ago)
gurl this is the only video that actually explains you completely how to rip your jeans and how this stuff even works. bless this amazing girl! may she rest in peace <3
Anon xo (8 months ago)
I got these jeans and the holes are just cut and don’t look natural😭I wish I could return them but it’s my birthday tomorrow
Aaron Ard (8 months ago)
0:01 i thought she was wearing,yellow gloves with nails on them i was like wtf
Kuntri bwoy (9 months ago)
R.I.P you really helped me in this video thank you and god be with you
Britney Oviedo (9 months ago)
I had some old jeans that I wanted to rip because I didn’t like how they look plain and I decided to watch this video then check the comments to see if anyone had tried it and exactly how effective it was but I stumble upon all the ones about her death. Rip angel, you didn’t deserve this
gothboiclique (9 months ago)
How did she die?
huda altaaiea (9 months ago)
واووووو😁 اني جربتة كولش حلوو😍😍 طبعا ماكو احد يفتهمني😹😹
Tyler Vang (9 months ago)
This is one of the best distressing video I ever watched
PP (9 months ago)
I just wanted to know how to make ripped jeans ): RIP... 🤧💖
Zo Zo (10 months ago)
I didn’t know Donald trump made ripped jean videos 😬😬
vasquez. i. (10 months ago)
rest in peace..
fuzail arab (10 months ago)
Lina's lifestyle (10 months ago)
Just rub the pants hardly with sand paper It will leave the white strips untouched as I did
Majestic (10 months ago)
One more thing...don't waste time tweezing, just put them in the washing machine and that will create the white threads where you cut the jeans at.
Majestic (10 months ago)
Old method! Sorry to burst your bubbles but we were doing this in the 80's as part of Hip Hop Culture. Yes, thus the reason stores carry ripped Jeans today. And by the way; the same goes for So-called Acid washed Jeans that are copied from Hip Hop culture. We created Acid Washed jeans also; only we didn't called them acid washed jeans... In the early 80's we called them "Faded-On Jeans" and as such, we put then layed them inside our bath tubs and poured Bleach on the jeans in certain areas where we wanted the faded spots to be. Unfortunately, Hip Hop Culture don't get the credit; white people would likely credit the fashion world for our ideas - ideas which the fashion world imitated from the Hood, or as white people like to call it - "The Ghetto." Same goes for how you see white people tuck the front of their blouses or shirts inside their pant. Yes, the idea also came from the hood - (black people) which we created specifically to showcase our Name Belt Buckles. We realized the only way to show off our blinged-out belts and name buckles was to tuck our shirts in above the buckle; a style that played out in the early 2000's. Years later, white people adopted it as a fashion statement which they emulated from the fashion world who emulated us...."The Hood" a.k.a the Ghettos. The same goes for Twerking...black girls were Twerking in the hood 20 years before white girls even saw what Twerking look like. LOL But no; leave it to Miley Cyrus NON-TWERKING SELF and all of a sudden it's the shyt. LOL You people are funny! I'm not hating or being ridiculous, just giving you folks History of what you now see today...remember - this all happened in the yearly 80's.
If I was in her house I would have killed her :;<£€!,<#%+= ex BF.......Let ur soul be present in all the people....😪
Chan Raman (10 months ago)
Chan Raman 1秒前 There is app called Ldenim for iPad, it is fast and easy, give it a try!
Alise Petersen (10 months ago)
Who else thinks she looks like marge simpson
TBshooterz 10 (10 months ago)
Dominic H (10 months ago)
genius! RIP<3
Mølly Demetria (11 months ago)
Why are y’all saying she dead she posted a video yesterday
Star Garcia (11 months ago)
R.I.P get it rip
Max Ziebell (11 months ago)
Tenzin Nyidon (11 months ago)
if its streghtable jeans then..how to male torn..on it..??
JuTimesTwo (1 year ago)
I Miss You and Your Videos.. Such a great spirit. Rest well love 😞
kor uru (1 year ago)
thank you.
Charlz Bartlett (1 year ago)
Buddy thought he was flexin tho
NarnianMG/TFM (1 year ago)
I love the accent :,)
Queenie B Official (1 year ago)
How is she dead? She posted videos last week...
Hello Unicorns (1 year ago)
RIP Angel
Vicks Vapor Rub (1 year ago)
Came to see how I can rip my jeans and I read the comments just to find that this channel owner is deceased 😿. R.I.P
Amiahh (1 year ago)
Shenowa Becenti (1 year ago)
RIP she's in a better place now she with God and god will protect her and bless and keep her family and children safe please leave a like to honor her and her children let us keep her in prayers and her kids.
aca (1 year ago)
I know I'm late so don't give me crap about that! So sad.. RIP Meesha <3
So that is how they do it. Wow. Thanks for sharing!
wxrrvn (1 year ago)
jose916 (1 year ago)
How the bitch die
vvsbayron (1 year ago)
r.i.p 🙏🏽🙏🏽
asma farooqi (1 year ago)
cool .
Cutey Pie (1 year ago)
I thought I recognized that voice 😢 Came to learn how to rip my jeans and here you are Again teaching so well.. I pray your sweet soul is resting peacefully in Heaven. Your kids will have an Angel watching over them because oh how you loved them so ❤❤❤ I cooked my very first vegan dish watching your video years ago and I Still go back for tips when I'm in the mood for meatless.. You are truly missed and will Always be remembered.. May God watch over your devoted husband, kids, & loved ones forever. Rest in peace, girly 💖
Dee Espinosa (1 year ago)
"Pull out, kinda like taking a hair out your chin...." omgggggg, water came out my nose, when I heard that part! 😂😤😜 thanks for this diy! New subbie!
GawdaxmTrish (1 year ago)
Everyone on some "miss you!" "Ill forever miss you" "omg I miss you!!" Shut ur ass up,no you don't. Just say "rip" n leave it at that don't say some dumb shit. Half of y'all just now heard of her
Yalda (1 year ago)
I'm confused tho, all the comments r saying she's dead but she just uploaded 10'hours ago! Check her channel
rag (1 year ago)
You guys are saying shes dead but made a post a week ago😂😂
Paul Caldwell (1 year ago)
I buy my jeans new. Then you wear them. After about a year or so, they naturally begin to wear out. Usually, the knees wear out first. If you keep wearing them, eventually the seat will wear out. If you still keep wearing them, they will wear out around the bottom of your front pockets. Then you can cut them off at the knees. Now you have well worn skate pants. You can wear them with your white Converse high tops when you ride your skateboard. People who wear their jeans until they wear out think people who deliberately rip up their pants are stupid.
hookie hookie (1 year ago)
😐😐😐 first 4 comments shocked my heart! Only to learn she is no more. R.I.P
Tasha Tipler (1 year ago)
She isn't dead if you look on her channel she posted 4 days ago..
0433elva (1 year ago)
your nails are scary....
Tatum Roberson (1 year ago)
Banja Kj (1 year ago)
a wow I like it
Ladyflo (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video. Well done for standing tall through your struggles. Youre in Better place now lass. RIP 🙏🙏🙏❤
Cecilie M (1 year ago)
I love this technique! So, Sorry to hear about what happen to her! May she rest in peace and her murderer get life!!!
Ray Johnson Jr (1 year ago)
OMG rip sorry to hear
Hannah An (1 year ago)
How do you wash these?
Tabitha Horton (1 year ago)
When Youve Touched More Hearts Than You Know.... Rip. Sweet Lady🌈
fadwa khiyari (1 year ago)
rip :'(

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