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PSY-Gangnam Style Dance Teaching

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I learned more dancing from here↓↓↓ http://cda89bxsvwoffr20yy4rulu4tt.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=DANCETEACHING
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Text Comments (13)
Romy Rachel Hermens (6 years ago)
yay i can gangnamstyle c:
Helen Jones (6 years ago)
Gangnam style with an accent on the G lol
Oliver Mould (6 years ago)
This guys a hero.
Ann Gia (6 years ago)
I want to learn the elevator dance. :)
manos 151100 (6 years ago)
FUCK YEA!!now i can dance gangnam style thnx:33
Derek Chiu (6 years ago)
party dance style
xFerris (6 years ago)
well people can try but no one can do like PSY itself
LÊ HƯƠNG (6 years ago)
hahaha, thanks, now i can dance gangnam style :3
Bonafide Hustler (6 years ago)
Pretty good tutorial !
Lauris (6 years ago)
0:50 - 1:00 EPIC :D
Nazrin Ibrahim (6 years ago)
mirror or not ?
Rose Heart (6 years ago)
Man thanx so much
Aaron Price (6 years ago)
learnt this for a house party, went down a right treat haha

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