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Gangnam Style - Ohio University Marching 110

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The Ohio University Marching 110 AKA "The Most Exciting Band in the Land" performs their rendition of PSY's worldwide hit "Gangnam Style" at halftime of the Ohio Bobcats football game vs the Norfolk State Spartans on Saturday, September 22, 2012. Check out the 110 at http://www.marching110.org/
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Text Comments (175)
Deyvide Melo (3 years ago)
bom de mais
Kyung Hwa (4 years ago)
.벌써 3년전이라니..
Winston Telford (4 years ago)
the trumpets suck, to be honest my friend and I are WAY better than these guys
Jenna Spencer (4 years ago)
+Winston Telford I doubt that.
Matthew Adams (4 years ago)
Cintora Music (4 years ago)
2:43 lol
Darius Dizzley (4 years ago)
this is garbage... if you think this is good then you need to watch real bands like the real Ohio State University or show bands who actually sound good while they dance
69Phuket (5 years ago)
Ohio! (I met an Ohian once...She was well proud of her state) :)
msgabbyh (5 years ago)
Nobobies better than Duncanville hs marching band though
peachy (5 years ago)
the University of Southern California was wayyyyyy better
Dafne Colombo (5 years ago)
Bro calm down, if you think it's so easy then record your high school marching band doing it. I respect them , it must have took a long time and effort to put that in order and to do it all in perfect sequence. By the way I'm in middle school and they are amazing
Just Taemin (5 years ago)
.......dude my marching band is better and were a High School.... they only that upset me was that they weren't marching honestly
Kurse VR (5 years ago)
this sucked
Abby Encinas (5 years ago)
OvercomeLoneliness (5 years ago)
This is so awesome! Great upload!
MinaPellerin Pellerin (5 years ago)
Wôw amazing quelle belle joie de vivre vous avez là ! Congratulations gang !!! 1000 of thanks too you and your maestro !
Tawni Heglmeier (5 years ago)
Did they march while doing it? probably not.
David Choi (5 years ago)
bet none of them are asian
Derek Harris (5 years ago)
glad they get pac12 coverage in ohio. Go Ducks! search it, learn it. good try, good effort.
Kieran Fletcher (6 years ago)
My friend in 8th grade and his band played this song better
billiter117 (6 years ago)
I was in it
Aden Choi (6 years ago)
too late to link,...but's exciting performance !!! They're seemed to be pleasure.
aaron nicholson (6 years ago)
I think their drumline needs. A new drummer c;
Supermario987 (6 years ago)
Is this college or a high school
Supermario987 (6 years ago)
I'm interested in this university
Rubén Trejo Moreno (6 years ago)
Charles O'Brien (6 years ago)
Jason Fletcher (6 years ago)
i am proud to live in the same town as the Marching 110
최용훈 (6 years ago)
NaomiGigi (6 years ago)
How epic was that?!
89toshiro (6 years ago)
joshua haefliger (6 years ago)
sub my
Supermario987 (6 years ago)
2:06 who the best I've ever heard? OHIO UNIVERSITY
A.J. Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Ron Cane (6 years ago)
as good as they are....and there's no question about the fact that they are...you should all watch the movie "Drumline"...or look it up on here...cos the bands used on that movie are impressive
Tepo62ify (6 years ago)
Fuck!! This is pure art. Unbelievable!! :D
kloppinator1987 (6 years ago)
I never seen something better than this performance. There is only one word AWESOME !
dillibar11 (6 years ago)
That was good danceing
Lymar Shaw (6 years ago)
I love you guys. So FUN
Christian (6 years ago)
Those drums are awesome. The drumline is the the best.
Alexandra Rangel (6 years ago)
omg their fam good
ANGELA STYLES (6 years ago)
Annie Bierbower (6 years ago)
This makes marching band look the most fun thing in the world.
harmincnegy (6 years ago)
I wish they could do it together with the CEBU inmates:D
suyufu sham (6 years ago)
stupid Americans
A. S. Afterlife * (6 years ago)
omg i want to be apart of this band.....so epic:D
kevin arias (6 years ago)
wao epic ohio university is the beast
cindy kim (6 years ago)
GR33NTURT13 (6 years ago)
Idc if that was out of tune that was awesome
Justin Wilson (6 years ago)
Play in tune and then you can call it good. I've been there in Blue Devs and won 3 years so this is stupid. But, before you hate, I love bands that do different styles in a marching format. Bravo Ohio. :)
Söhnke Harken (6 years ago)
We need this in Germany! :D
Aiden (6 years ago)
Vemar Yumi (6 years ago)
that's so cute and amazing
SysLocal (6 years ago)
Sounds horribly out of tune.
imelmelxD (6 years ago)
i just came back from my football game and my school performed gangnam style. NOT EVEN CLOSE AS AWESOME TO THIS .
Supachai Phanpermpoon (6 years ago)
I really love their expression on their face
chriskim97 (6 years ago)
Trumpets absolutely suck
KickoStocks (6 years ago)
didn't quite work
oddities19 (6 years ago)
Just sounds like a mush of sounds that don't mix :/
Third Ward Trill (6 years ago)
2:15 AYYYYEEEE! Definitely beat oregon's.
Ayanamiel (6 years ago)
Pure fucking victory.
Prashant Verma (6 years ago)
PSY's AMA on Reddit led me here
Alex Terry (6 years ago)
Awesome!!!!! :D
Drwumingforweetodds (6 years ago)
I can play all these parts at once
Cheryl Twombly (6 years ago)
Thats me on the base drum
manuel rojas (6 years ago)
someman7 (6 years ago)
More likeness smartypants.
Susie Vanco (6 years ago)
Great Job!! Wonderful Band!!
Andrea Silos (6 years ago)
7634tomatogone 73648 (6 years ago)
Narzov (6 years ago)
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James Ruble (6 years ago)
Ok that's freaking awesome!
StrykerPrime537 (6 years ago)
The drums sound cool at 1:39
jcmfd128 (6 years ago)
Bless these kids and their down syndrome
Satan Senpai (6 years ago)
Jean Ramos (6 years ago)
arakirinn (6 years ago)
??? Low level
carbon748 (6 years ago)
Gentry Walker (6 years ago)
I just had a thought that makes me take back that statement; don't many college bands prepare unique shows every single week and therefore have a severely limited time to work on music? Their playing sounds pretty bad here is all I'm saying.
xXDrGreenThumb420Xx (6 years ago)
Gentry Walker (6 years ago)
This is shit.
Chris Duh (6 years ago)
After seeing UCLA play this last night, I have to say... this is (cute, but) pretty terrible, LOL.
홍이뽀 (6 years ago)
ㅎ ㅎㅎ 잘했어요 좋아요 짝짝짝^----^
Brongaar (6 years ago)
Fun clip. Love it.
Julian Aparicio (6 years ago)
i would slash out your out your 2nd comment, i recently saw the electric daisy carnival music festival documentary on netflix, and theres actually deaf people who go to this festival, they feel the music, the vibrations of the beat is enough for them to live the music and enjoy it, all they go to do is pupmp up the volume on the speakers or laptops and feel it, crazy huh
jjcs1381 (6 years ago)
Great job.....that looked like it was so much fun.
Rebecca Andersen (6 years ago)
haahh that so put a smile on my face. (x
pappy 90 (6 years ago)
this isn't the OSU. Some people probably thought this was the Ohio State University band. but still they did a good job
scarlettower (6 years ago)
2:39 LOL
zerrubabbel (6 years ago)
despite being ohio... not bad XD
신세미 (6 years ago)
d('ㅁ')b ...대박... It's OU style!!!!!!!!
Mark V (6 years ago)
whats your favorite flavor of jello?
Sebastian Rosales (6 years ago)
Damn shame the Oregon marching band doing it got a couple million views, this Ohio marching bad did it WAY better.
TheRomanceGuru (6 years ago)
sorry ohio did it better.
Jason Faust (6 years ago)
WolfyFox animates (6 years ago)
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Andrejs Vasiļevskis (6 years ago)
придурок, штоле?
1c31985 (6 years ago)
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koreaeagles (6 years ago)
Wow .. Wonderful ....!!!
StrykerPrime537 (6 years ago)
That was really cool
56thPsycho (6 years ago)
I agree with the top 2 but the 3rd :/ it isnt cool
putra ingin (6 years ago)

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