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Secret of Mana - Tell A Strange Tale

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Tell A Strange Tale, by Hiroki Kikuta. Special thanks to Robot Co-Op for giving me a shout-out on his playthrough of the new remake! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIT9QSeqXyVteb3sOLjuclg
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Text Comments (56)
Andvari TV (11 days ago)
you are absolutely incredible, man!!
Norman B. Antichrist (1 month ago)
Liam3072 (1 month ago)
Damn that's the version that should have gone in the remake!
Steven U (2 months ago)
Wow Gold Town! So glad I found your channel and subbed! All the games I loved as a kid! 33 now and still play many of these. I have to agree with some, the remastered game has a terrible soundtrack, use the original or they should have hired you. GG man!
jixcc (2 months ago)
bravo, que de souvenirs
Ryan Kreger (3 months ago)
Favorite track to one of my favorite games, and you nailed it!
magikmana (3 months ago)
Can I request the 7th Saga dungeon battle please! Awesome work!
NamajnaG AKA Filou13 (5 months ago)
I don't want to see this channel die. I hope you will do more material soon, because this is by far the greatest VGM cover channel I've ever found in my life. Every song is recorded accurately without unnecessary showboating by adding a dozen notes that are not present in the original composition, but the inactivity lately has me worried. Hope everything goes well!
Orchestral Fantasy (4 months ago)
Thanks! I've been keeping pretty busy with real life, but I've got a new batch of videos coming soon!
David (6 months ago)
Ah my favorite song in the game ^_^.
優さん (6 months ago)
how does this guy find out how many instruments and their type is required for this and what notes they all need?
Kids Travel Review IFTED (6 months ago)
I really like your cover songs. Can i use some of your songs for my future videos?
Orchestral Fantasy (4 months ago)
Certainly! Just put a link to the channel somewhere in your info!
gigaganon (7 months ago)
just found your channel, my god you deserve so much more subscribers!
vypermajik (7 months ago)
This song is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Nathan Burgess (7 months ago)
100% better than the remake
Cloudcolin (8 months ago)
When I saw this video, instant sub. Well done, it's perfect!
ChimpCommander (8 months ago)
Dude, this is legit! Thanks for making this!
GreatNorthernDad (7 months ago)
DUDE is legit. :)
TeLipton (8 months ago)
Master piece dude! u have a new suscriber! (sorry for my bad english :P)
Defecating Owls (8 months ago)
This is totally giving me goosebumps listening to it. Fantastically done!
Portraitz (8 months ago)
do the ffiv red wings theme already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD you guy are so talented !!!!!!!
Murilo Santos (8 months ago)
Oi Gabriel, eu sei que tem comentarios mais relevantes que o meu, espero que leia: seu vídeo sobre astronomia foi simplesmente incrível e não concordo com a toei bloquear, mas né. Manda no meu e-mail ou posts dnv o vídeo pf ele é bom dmais
mou mobile (10 months ago)
thanks for the new cover. great as always. you are awesome !! and thanks for all comment. you guys are cool.
Yeld (10 months ago)
I come here ever so often to see if you did Terranigma yet. :P
shibatoman2 (10 months ago)
I have a request for the boss battle track
Karsten Beoulve (10 months ago)
you are amazing how could i not find your channell before!
eyeball226 (10 months ago)
No one does justice to Hiroki Kikuta's SoM soundtrack like you!
psycosulu (11 months ago)
Always love your covers. <3
Michael Doane (11 months ago)
Had to come listen to your version so that I could console myself. The remake OST makes me want to gouge my eardrums out...
MindLaboratory (11 months ago)
this is pure gold
Mairiba (11 months ago)
Really enjoyed how you've managed to blend all of those instruments together. Is that a modulation effect that I hear in the strings? It's a nice touch!
Orchestral Fantasy (4 months ago)
Thanks! I do add a bit of flanger to the gambas, I feel like it gets a little closer to the synth choir sound of the original.
Myew the Cat (11 months ago)
Just beautiful. Thank you.
Agonywolf Media (11 months ago)
Outstanding, as always.
JCE3000GT (11 months ago)
Perfect rendition!
derula (11 months ago)
Wow. This is amazing.
Labro Grigoropoulos (11 months ago)
Pressed like before the third measure was up. Favourited seconds later, listened to it several times after. Amazing job and keep it up!
Robot Co-Op (11 months ago)
You are the hero worthy of the Mana sword.
Miki Jowy (11 months ago)
You are really good, i love this cover, thank you and keep up the good work !
Darvel (11 months ago)
Amazing <3
BunshichiTawara (11 months ago)
This is what I was hoping for on the remake.
BunshichiTawara (11 months ago)
It's so sad that they took so less love for the remake. I don't care about the graphics and I'm ok with this but even the Thanatos/Dark Lich theme is so bad and nothing compared to the original and all songs feel like they have way too much hall on it.
Robot Co-Op (11 months ago)
BunshichiTawara Nope! You get cheap VST instruments with a bad mix instead! Seriously, same here.
jb1980ist (11 months ago)
You nailed this. Man, I wish they had hired you for the remake. The version there is ghastly.
gonad ballcrusher (4 months ago)
The new sound track was terrible. Think I preferred all of the original to it.
Orchestral Fantasy (4 months ago)
Sounds like an interesting project, let me know what I can do to help!
K4yr4h (5 months ago)
Im working on a msu soundpack to play those files with the real snes game. would be appreciated when you support me with lossless recordings :)
Orchestral Fantasy (11 months ago)
Man, that would have been my dream job!
JCE3000GT (11 months ago)
I like the remake and was expecting Kikuta to use his Secret of Mana Genesis album and recreate all the rest of the music that way. I think I heard a track or two from his Genesis album in the trailer but I could be wrong. Either way I was HUGELY disappointed with the new soundtrack.
Jake Karpinski (11 months ago)
Always favorite the strange tale of the golden city
MumboJumbo21 (11 months ago)
A good song to put on repeat. Audio quality is much better.
JRokujuushi (11 months ago)
Man, why couldn't Square-Enix get something this good for the remake? The guy who arranged this track for the remake utterly butchered it.
LevantineR1 (11 months ago)
634 ! ! ! You may enter! It still amazes just how great SoM's soundtrack is. And how consistently great your arrangements are.

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