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DIY: Destroying Jeans (Keeping the White Threads) & Studding Jeans

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Hey guys! This DIY is showing you how I cut holes in my jeans so that the white threads are still showing! I also show you how to stud jeans! Check out this video on how I cut the shorts I used in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V2ALny3jV4 I used 1 cm gold studs for the front and back pockets! Thanks for watching! I hope this helps! Twitter: https://twitter.com/cassiealderson Instagram: cassie_alderson OR http://instagram.com/cassie_alderson My BUSINESS ONLY email: [email protected] Everything used in this video was purchased on my own! :)
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Faith Kline (1 month ago)
This worked really well! It did take me a long time but over all my shorts turned out great!
Faith Kline (1 month ago)
I haven't washed mine though. I don't know what mode to put the washer on so...
Karina Pink (8 months ago)
ótimo video! 😘
MotherFreakingPotato (10 months ago)
Washing amd drying my jeans didnt get rid of my harsh lines or fray the bottom of mt shorts. Wtf why
patrick favot (1 year ago)
très beau short, mais pas assez destroy
Majestic (1 year ago)
One more thing....after making the rips where you wan them to be, just put the jeans or shorts into the washing machine and that will create the white threads exactly where you want it to be.
Majestic (1 year ago)
Old method! Sorry to burst your bubbles but we were doing this in the 80's as part of Hip Hop Culture. Yes, thus the reason stores carry ripped Jeans today. And by the way; the same goes for So-called Acid washed Jeans that are copied from Hip Hop culture. We created Acid Washed jeans also; only we didn't called them acid washed jeans... In the early 80's we called them "Faded-On Jeans" and as such, we put then layed them inside our bath tubs and poured Bleach on the jeans in certain areas where we wanted the faded spots to be. Unfortunately, Hip Hop Culture don't get the credit; white people would likely credit the fashion world for our ideas - ideas which the fashion world imitated from the Hood, or as white people like to call it - "The Ghetto." Same goes for how you see white people tuck the front of their blouses or shirts inside their pant. Yes, the idea also came from the hood - (black people) which we created specifically to showcase our Name Belt Buckles. We realized the only way to show off our blinged-out belts and name buckles was to tuck our shirts in above the buckle; a style that played out in the early 2000's. Years later, white people adopted it as a fashion statement which they emulated from the fashion world who emulated us...."The Hood" a.k.a the Ghettos. The same goes for Twerking...black girls were Twerking in the hood 20 years before white girls even saw what Twerking look like. LOL But no; leave it to Miley Cyrus NON-TWERKING SELF and all of a sudden it's the shyt. LOL You people are funny! I'm not hating or being ridiculous, just giving you folks History of what you now see today...remember - this all happened in the yearly 80's.
funny videos (1 year ago)
Woooo nyc ass
Hannan Rohail (1 year ago)
you got a fat ass
khairunnisa Amreen (1 year ago)
Redo the video without talking... its not comprehensive... !!
TH3 B3AST (1 year ago)
Can someone explain how to get tem long white strands or can she do a tutorial about trm
TH3 B3AST (1 year ago)
Does any one know how to get dem long white strands that she said she was gonna cut off I want those so bad on my shorts😭😭 plz
Nguyen Thien (1 year ago)
Việt Nam ới Việt Nam ơi điêm danh😂✌
Marvin Tallent (1 year ago)
I cut mine then throw them in the wash & then dryer & they come out exactly the same
Lauren Nguyen (1 year ago)
Why when I wash them they don't fray a lot
Tasya Milan (2 years ago)
this is amaziiing thank you so muuuch
Kassandra Chavarria (2 years ago)
best video I have seen on this subject. thank you!!
Callum Jay Abbott (2 years ago)
Jesus that gap...
GirlsLikeFairies (2 years ago)
thanks alot babe
salih ulu (2 years ago)
my job
Lydia Beckhouse (2 years ago)
thank you!!
Blaxican Dansa (2 years ago)
man ur good and clear with detail..thank u!
Amaara Rahaman (2 years ago)
thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Marzey Rocks (2 years ago)
well done!!
deny strauss (2 years ago)
wooow...!! Levi's jeans.
Евгения USA (2 years ago)
Awesome, that what I wanted, but how you made the bottom??? Please!! I love the white threads
larissa d (2 years ago)
+Alana Lewis yes
Alana Lewis (2 years ago)
+larissa d would u need to wash them in a washing machine ??
larissa d (2 years ago)
She cut a long jeans into shorts and when you wash them the bottom becomes straggly because it's a fresh cut and doesn't have a hem. So if you want those threads you're gonna have to cut your jeans and then just wash them.
Melanie Lopez (2 years ago)
super helpful !
Abigail Hughes (2 years ago)
Probably the best tutorial on rips in denim on YT. Well done and a huge thank you x
Jason Kinnear (2 years ago)
Going to try this.. but I don't have a lot of patience, so I hope it does not take hours!!!
alan coney (2 years ago)
thats a fake
Candace Faith (2 years ago)
What if you have white jeans? How do you get to look that well
dex b (2 years ago)
All the strands would be white so you likely just pull out the one's running vertically.
Justice Hayes (2 years ago)
Great vid!! Very informative!! You did a great job!!
HERMOSA ERA (2 years ago)
This was extremely helpful thank you
Miss B. (2 years ago)
that was supposed to be up on the comment above. lol
Miss B. (2 years ago)
I iron mine, then lay them flat and fold them in half, then mark where you want to cut, then I cut them together if I don't mark with a chalk. so they're straight and even. Also you can put them on and mark how short you want them. To get the frayed effect at the bottom just pull out the white threads.
glam star (2 years ago)
thanks so much for explaining the white thread, blue thread physics. its so much easier now
Aleyah Malone (2 years ago)
I'm trying the fray with a floral pattern underneath and ribbon going around the leg fold
Dandelonie (3 years ago)
that thigh gap tho. srsly, how could I achieve that?
TryMyMartini (2 years ago)
Partially genetics, partially the type of shorts she's wearing, mostly being a healthy weight.
Samantha Johns (3 years ago)
im just curious if you cut these shorts from an original pair of jeans. if so.. how?
Miss B. (2 years ago)
I just wrote out how on the wrong comment, it's right below this one. silly me.
Divya Viveka (3 years ago)
thanks for helping
pumkinpie27 (3 years ago)
The shorts look great on her!
Tomi Ryder (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video
DirtySouthVintage.Com (3 years ago)
Rock on!
Cande Bravo (3 years ago)
no entendi ni mierda
Estefany Juarez C. (1 year ago)
METTRIIK (1 year ago)
Cande Bravo Haaa Pendejos
Mariana Ponce (3 years ago)
Mary Garcia (3 years ago)
+Cande Bravo Jjaa ni yo
oldhpirs4 (3 years ago)
what are thoooooseee
You Love (2 years ago)
shorts duh.
Leonardo Augusto Leo (3 years ago)
Muito bom vou tentar hoje
MarLoveMo0n (3 years ago)
good explain. thanks you
Mayi Vera (3 years ago)
no te entiendo xfizz subtitulo en español
Summer Hazel (3 years ago)
i am gonna go ahead and...😅😅
Purple Lady (3 years ago)
What specific jeans should i use? When i tried doing it, it just made a big hole on my jeans.. Please answer..
Justice Hayes (2 years ago)
Any old jeans.
Bernadette Ibo (3 years ago)
creative! 😙
Tamer Vampir (3 years ago)
very very good
Jalen Thomas (3 years ago)
like this dick
Sery A (3 years ago)
What if you don't have a dryer ??
Estreya Garcia (2 years ago)
Annalise Olson (3 years ago)
then i guess that sucks for you
That Shit looks like Its going two take Too long 😄😂💯
Zyiyah Perez (3 years ago)
lmmaaoo😆😆😆😆😆 taking them blue strands is what's the process lol
I was bout to say
J P (3 years ago)
Best video and teacher on youtube for distressing jeans. Ive done many jeans also messed up alot, I learnt why after this vid so thank you!
JaiZhane (3 years ago)
this stupid tutorial didn't help I cut my finger and ruined my jeans. thanks for nothing
LeAndra Sanchez (3 years ago)
Great video! Super cute shorts! Very creative of you!
Red Cobra Airsoft (3 years ago)
My dick got stuck in the fan on the first step.
Massador (3 years ago)
You didn't need the studs
Phoebe Christian Bagay (4 years ago)
It won't "fluff out" if you'll hand wash it only. Sad life.
ravid maharat (4 years ago)
Your video is very good I like that
Debi Gustafson (4 years ago)
Also just making cuts in the denim and running them through the washer 3-5 times makes them naturally frayed looking and/or helps them fray more
Cha Hernandez (4 years ago)
How did you get the bottoms of your shorts frayed like that?
Justice Hayes (2 years ago)
Washer and dryer.
Kylieee R (4 years ago)
It was from being in the washer and dryer
MyLifeAsAsia (4 years ago)
great video! might try this
To. M
Sirley López (4 years ago)
Lindas piernas mujer.
Torry Tough (4 years ago)
how did you do the bottoms? Did you just cut them or rip them off?
• Caelin • (3 years ago)
DONT RIP THE BOTTOM.. I thought the same thing when I made my first pair of high waisted jeans but the best way to distress the bottom of the jeans is to do basically the same thing you did to make the holes. Just use tweezers. After that, throw them in the washer then the dryer and they should turn out distressed 😊
Gabby Wood (4 years ago)
If you want a more frayed edge, you should make a small cut then rip across the leg and cut the seams as you go but be careful to keep your ripping as straight as you can (if you want) you could cut them, but in my opinion it would look too clean so I rip mine just really careful
Dessarae Harlan (4 years ago)
h1ldevert (4 years ago)
Gostei vou fazer em casa :3
Makaiyah Nolen (4 years ago)
I'm probably going to do that it looks fun!!!!!!!!!
Angel loves you! (4 years ago)
Ok so i did this with 3 different shorts! 2 white 1 black they turned out perfect!! thanks for the help!! Also, it took me longer time cause i didn't want to go out and buy tweezers! lmao....
Em Beers (4 years ago)
Guys you need to understand that every jeans are different than the other, don't expect every pants to look the same. Also you need to machine wash, and dry it in the dry machine. If it didn't happen on the time, try a couple washes more.
Khyati Kumar (4 years ago)
I did this but even after washing them those square edges didnt " fluff out "
Genelle Gerald (4 years ago)
For the wholes u also can scratch the surface with a knife
ghidfg (4 years ago)
can you cut vertical lines and pull out the white threads? leaving only blue threads?
federika bunbury (4 years ago)
CarmelHooshmand (4 years ago)
she said "i'm gonna go ahead and..." at least 400 times.
Jessica T (2 years ago)
CarmelHooshmand Come on stop hating ✋
Miisha Bangiya (3 years ago)
i just realised that after reading your comment. 😂😂😂
Emmanuel Ravelo (4 years ago)
im already done with this......and its so fuckingcool ....
lisa mckine (4 years ago)
Never knew how to do this. Thanx....
Diana Pereti (4 years ago)
why my jeans were not like that when I took them out of the washing machine???
Bea Sembrano (4 years ago)
The fluffed-out square shape of the holes actually vary on the kind of shorts you have
annie waterals (4 years ago)
what do you wash them on in your washing machine? like what temperature/option things do you put it on? can you just spin them?
_JuJu_ (4 years ago)
this takes foreverrrrr
rebecca flores (4 years ago)
tnx a lot ,, ive learned so much  now i know how to make it perfect :) 
Sandra Suarez (4 years ago)
Griselda Valladares (4 years ago)
USE a Dremmel tool with a little sanding drum with the sandpaper, sand in the same direction as the white threadsonly enough to weaken the blue threads then pull apart. and trow in washer. much easier, doing like this since 1998.
AdventuresWithMiquel (4 years ago)
AdventuresWithMiquel (4 years ago)
Sorry but girls with no ass are ban from these shorts lmfao
Starvation AJ (3 years ago)
I'm a twig and I wear denim shorts. Who are you to say what people can or cannot wear?
Cody Manherz (4 years ago)
Nice job! I really like them! Before I even saw this video, I tried destroying my jeans and they turned out pretty bad looking. Now I know to look at this video next time! Thank you! +Cassie Alderson 
MrTractrac (4 years ago)
robert vreeland (4 years ago)
That no ass life.
Melanie Taylor (4 years ago)
Lydia Palazio (4 years ago)
Hey my white threads run up and down do I cut opposite or am I not able to fray my jeans ? :/
ik this reply is late but take out the blue only
David Robles (4 years ago)
this was actually well done, good job. And of course it helps that the person wearing them can really sport these types of shorts.
semaj doyle (4 years ago)
so freakin helpful
Brian Griffin (4 years ago)
Instructions weren't clear enough. My jeans caught on fire.
Aaron Bard (1 year ago)
Brian Griffin bro my pants caught on fire too!! WTFFF!!!! Her instructions weren't good at all!!!
TH3 B3AST (1 year ago)
Brian Griffin lol I'm weak
Janelle Rallis (3 years ago)
+Brian Griffin Liar, liar, pants on fire!
Guk Cena (4 years ago)
.-. either people don't get your trying to be funny or there being complete asses
Proton1 (4 years ago)
+darksaul77 LOL.. whooooosh!
Breyonce B (4 years ago)
Nice shorts
ferne ngatai (4 years ago)
Wow thank you for sharing i cant wait to do this
Nicole (4 years ago)
I've done shorts like this a few times, and I have found that if you pick apart your threads yourself they all come apart and look terrible after you wash them. Just take an Xacto knife and make a ton of lines close together on the shorts, gently pull to make sure they will fray and put them in the wash. They will turn out 100x's better than doing this yourself and takes 5 minutes instead of 3 hours.
Marvin Tallent (1 year ago)
Nicole Chamier exactly!! that's what I do
Alexis T. (4 years ago)
my white threads keep tearing :(
Angel loves you! (4 years ago)
+Alexis T.  lol at first it was kind of hard for me, b/c my shorts were white but i finally got it. They are perfect now! Also, your right about the straight line cut. I made mine very straight and it helped..
Alexis T. (4 years ago)
I figured it out though! it's important when you're making the cuts to have the shorts inside out because the white threads are easier to see. Here, you want to make A REALLY STRAIGHT CUT. the smallest diagonal cut will make them tear! so yeah, cut them straight and the white threads should all stay connected. :))
Daph Sain (4 years ago)
right i thought i was the only one
alisha47x (4 years ago)
your figure is amazingggg teach me your ways
Karen Vanessa Garcia (4 years ago)
So good . I like .
halos210 (4 years ago)
I know this video is intended to be for women, but Im a guy looking for a tutorial to distress a pair of jeans, and yours is probably the best and most helpful!
true trini girl (4 years ago)
cute but wish mine could have looked so lol

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