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Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret

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Text Comments (4452)
s e c e r t
Viola Mazloum (5 days ago)
The kids secrets were more secrets than the parents
Suhruthi Singamsetty (7 days ago)
0:05 why does it say secert and not secret?
At 0:05 it says secert
just random (16 days ago)
can someone explain the first one it makes no sense to me at all
Being told I was an accident and A try was bad enough.
makailah mendes (25 days ago)
Anyone notice "secert" in the beginning of the vid😂
Karen Antonellis (26 days ago)
I thought The father was going to say that he was looking at pictures of woman 😂😂😂
kathryn cotter (28 days ago)
So the screws her brother/sister
Katelyn (28 days ago)
Kiara Björni (30 days ago)
They tipet secert instead of secret.🤣😂😂
BB Builds (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did they misspell “secret” at 0:08 they spelled it “secert”.?
loveto write (1 month ago)
0:05 *"secert"*
Kimmie Adams (1 month ago)
heyy my name is Kimmie
indra jancauskaite (1 month ago)
GachaHeaven (1 month ago)
3:38 imagine youre the only child and hearing that you have a sister! I would cry. Cuzz... im the only child, but im also not. If that makes sense =_=
EclecticMillennial422 (2 months ago)
Is his dad even his dad?
Lydia Chen (2 months ago)
starting at 3:13: awkward silence *cricket cricket* "would you ever tell me??" awkwrd silence "probably not... if this hasnt come up" Me:" dang... at least my mom would have never brought me to disney... not even give me a birthday present that isnt late..."
Waelotheboss wael (2 months ago)
*jimmy your adopted*
Mia T (2 months ago)
Larry and Andrea has the lamest secrets I’ve ever heard
cutelilmochi95 (2 months ago)
• eclipse • (2 months ago)
*S E C E R T*
Lord Jesus (2 months ago)
ok, your adopted
Mubasshira Patel (3 months ago)
Imagine someone said *you're adopted*
LoveMe,com (3 months ago)
It’s so beautiful that parents have the chance to share their secrets to their children. What caught my attention was the secret of Donna which she keeps for a very long time. In clip 0:03, she tried to put her son's shirt back; I find her a very loving and caring mother to her son.
Nazy (3 months ago)
Berlin: lets keep it in that container!! Nazi: *_n O w E ' r e G o N n A t A k E i T o u T_*
•Navi• (3 months ago)
They spelled secret wrong in the intro. Just saying.
Vie (3 months ago)
zzzddduwu uwu (3 months ago)
Dad and daughter are both awkward trying to be too politically correct
LostMyth (3 months ago)
0:07 Secert
Kaylee (3 months ago)
Euricka The Great (3 months ago)
Abigail B (3 months ago)
You're adopted!
redfish399 (3 months ago)
Boring parents and boring children!
Grace Jones (3 months ago)
0:05 it says secert
lex (3 months ago)
achelois (4 months ago)
*I was expecting to hear adoption come outs*
fel (4 months ago)
The disneyland mom and her mexico son have the best secrets 😂😂😂😂
pixel gun master XB (4 months ago)
This...reminds me of slmething really sad dat happend to me.................respond to me if you wanns know but pls dont cry :(
Ariana West (4 months ago)
next thing you know "you were a mistake" lol.
Logan Yee (4 months ago)
Secert guys not secret SECERT
Getty Igiede (4 months ago)
i tought there were gonna be more intersting like youre adopted or i was watching porn etc and about the disneyland thing has the mother ever took him to disneyland before
Victoria K (4 months ago)
now *this* is better than kids telling their parents
Tre (4 months ago)
1:16 did this woman just say skene?
AK Gaming (4 months ago)
Aanya 123 (4 months ago)
2:02 Jen, honey. U were also in your mom's body
Horse Girl (4 months ago)
*secret:* I ate my horse’s dry poop once
Jlw 'S (4 months ago)
*S E C E R T* 😂😂😂😂
Un Original (4 months ago)
Your adopted
SnowPC (4 months ago)
I dont get why people are saying being adopted is bad, how is it bad?
Becah Parks (4 months ago)
"That was in your body" Me: so were you 😂
Emily Adelia Whittle (4 months ago)
Why would someone be upset that their mom was taking her step child to Disney? That just proves what an amazing mother they have that she is so loving to do that for someone who isn’t her blood offspring.
Sarina Barnes (4 months ago)
whn you showed long held secret it said long help secert
joe pio (4 months ago)
Mom: your adopted me : I already knew that Mom: whhhat how!!! Me : long story short. .. I went into your room and found coart peppers mom: oh- wait what bich Me :love you (Runs away ) The end
Evoch gapple (5 months ago)
Kaylen Joseph (5 months ago)
Why becca look like a mom.
Grace G (5 months ago)
That one girl li looks like Eric from the Goldbergs. She looks so pretty though.
Angelica Rose* (5 months ago)
So close to ten millllll
Finn Montalvo (5 months ago)
“Long held secert” um wot
Abbie McConnon (5 months ago)
2:16 guy hella lame
Drama Burgen (5 months ago)
2:08 so all these years her mom didn’t tell her that she had another sibling
Raz Bahadin (5 months ago)
0:33 larry louis tomlinson and harry styles 😂
Fortnite Is Bad (5 months ago)
2:12 I swear she look so alike a sister of an youtuber But i cant tell who... any help
Anna (5 months ago)
"I don't wanna touch it. That was in your body." But...you were, at some point, too?
Athestic Slimes (5 months ago)
One day I was talking to my friend and he said "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" I said..... "No... My boyfriend caught me..." He said "But you don't have a boyfriend" I said "Yeah I know... but I think we need to stay friend's hunny" LMBO
Shruthi Jayaraman (5 months ago)
I hope they go to Disneyland together! lol
Testtosaurious Plays (5 months ago)
Imagine one of the parents said "you're adopted"
Mr. Tarp (5 months ago)
Secert 0:06
Severiano Arechiga (5 months ago)
The last one!!😂😂🤣🤣
Cute Little Cat (5 months ago)
The mom who took her ex boyfriend's daughter to Disneyland every year but not her son... He has gone to Mexico with his friends for a trip and not to prom without her knowing xD
Brooklyn Nguyen2409 (5 months ago)
I bet Alex hates his mom now
Again with the secerts
Mr. Flab (5 months ago)
Evan Heffelfinger (5 months ago)
Anyone else notice it said secert at 0:06
xxx julie xxx (5 months ago)
1:19 is that why she has such a big forehead😈 Who thought the dad got fired for looking at porn😂 Read More
ehdu whhsus (5 months ago)
The Disney land thing was just pure cruel i would have been mad at my mom.
Ayla C.F.U. (5 months ago)
She took her to Disneyland every year?! 😱 If I was this boy, I would just say "Bye" to my mom.....
Oclyc (5 months ago)
2:16 exactly what happened to my mom a few years back
Despacito Spider (5 months ago)
I was really expecting an adoption secret 😂
aly rodriguez (5 months ago)
i lost it when she opened the screw container 💀
🌻Sunflower:3🌻 (5 months ago)
This is the first time I seen this video and I feel one of them is going to say “you are a mistake” I feel like I’m over thinking that I don’t want to be mean
Jenseptiplier (5 months ago)
Long held secert.... Hmmmmmmmmm...
Erza Gutierrez (5 months ago)
they would probably say I'm adopted. They don't know that I already know
Priyal Desai (5 months ago)
LMFAO I was waiting for that “You’re adopted” response.
Jm445 _ (5 months ago)
You're adopted
Isabella Matthews (5 months ago)
They spelt secret wrong in the beginning.
ike (5 months ago)
At least it wasn’t Mexico
Unknowingly Problems (5 months ago)
• Parents Secret: “I’m not your parent”
Cheeselover (5 months ago)
Jacob Jones (5 months ago)
I thought he was gonna say he was looking at porn
Alexis Kelley (5 months ago)
She wouldn’t touch the screw because it’s was in her like u were in her for 9 months
Kambrie Medford (5 months ago)
That one girl who took the other little girl to Disney land is mean I would tell my mom to take me to Disney land 40 times or however many she has gone but she has to pay all his friends come that one girl DOESNT and the mom doesn’t go either just pays
MaxiKat • - • (5 months ago)
GoddessPlays _RB (6 months ago)
I thought this was adopting ppl
If i was un his shoes i would have been mad and upset that she took my step sister to disney land every year on her bday and she didnt take me
Anonymous Player (6 months ago)
Your adopted haaa
I think I’ve seen Alex in gay porn before
sanjaya gusje (6 months ago)
Mother : You Wan To Know Someting?? Son : Yes Mother : You Are Not My Son Son : TRIGGED
I want to die (6 months ago)
Alex's mom is evil
lele.nerd3070 Musically (6 months ago)
Did anyone notice in the video in the intro it said “Parents tell kids a long-kept secert??

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