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Chanel Mini Flap Patent Coral Review

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******OPEN ME! PRODUCT LINKS AND MORE!!********* My review of Chanel’s Mini Flap bag (you can get this in square or rectangular - I have the square) This bag was purchased for £1,660 in January 2016 at Harrods. I chose it in patent coral leather (I think this colour is limited edition and from the Cruise Collection 2015-2016) In this video I tell you what I think the pros & cons of this bag are - plus I show you what I keep in it AND I show you what it looks like when worn! ********************************************************************** *♡* Shop Cruelty-free Mink LUXE LASHES by SOPHIE SHOHET here: http://bit.ly/ShopLuxeLashes *♡* In this video I am wearing the style ‘SILK’. ********************************************************************** Get 20% off ALL Luxie Beauty items using coupon: SOPHIE5271 http://www.luxiebeauty.com/ ♡ ********************************************************************** BE SOCIAL!!: E B A Y : http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/london_fastionista B L O G : http://www.sophieshohet.com F A C E B O O K : https://www.facebook.com/SophieShohetFashionBeautyLifestyle T W I T T E R : https://www.twitter.com/SophieShohet I N S T A G R A M : http://www.instagram.com/sophieshohet T U M B L R : http://www.pixelperfectbysophieshohet.com S N A P C H A T : Sophie5271 ********************************************************************** Mail me ! ♡ PO Box 107 Virginia Water Surrey GU25 9BL UK Hey Christina! It's called a Chanel Mini Flap. It isn't a limited style or anything - they always sell it, but depending on the season, you can find it in different colours and finishes (you can also get it in classic black and cream). The colour I have is called fuschia, but I'd say it's more coral xoxo
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Chris Kalogeropouls (2 days ago)
I love patent leather. Very nice bag. Love the color.
Ellen Vlogs (14 days ago)
I’m watching this 3 years too late but that is my DREAM bag!! I wish they still sold it :(
M K (1 month ago)
Hi Sophie, can you make an update review of the wear and tear of the this chanel patent mini bag (especially how the patent leather hold up)? It will be very great, since you have it for a couple of years now. Thank you!
Estera Kowalczyk (1 year ago)
*_*'imem whit my bag._*** *_*'in my bag im hev volet end toaletbox mini._**
Estera Kowalczyk (1 year ago)
emily young (2 years ago)
Found your channel last night and have been on a binge watching session ever since! As a fellow anorexia/ bulimia survivor you are such a gem to find. I don't watch for the luxury I watch for your amazing spirit.
Becka Mac (2 years ago)
I literally can't afford anything you mention other than Mac but I still find your videos fab haha xxx
A A (2 years ago)
IMPORTANTTTT: I think you got a different colored bag than you initially purchased. You bought the fuchsia and when you went back, you got the coral...
CJW (2 years ago)
Hi SophieI am considering my next chanel bag purchase and in particular a chanel bag in patent leather in a grey colour, medium dark,  I am concerned about wearability and colour transfer though ...could you please tell me what do you think about chanel patent leather? All my chanel bags so far are in caviar...thanks for your help - much appreciate , cat xxx
Yvonnie (2 years ago)
That bag is gorgeous, i love the coral color. Thanks for the video, i don't own a designer bag yet. But knowing they have such color is so temping.
Crystal Quinones (2 years ago)
Where's your jumper from? 😍☺️
Tadukhipa (3 years ago)
I'm in love with this bag. I still can't tell myself to spend that much money on a bag but the more I see it, the more I want it. I also remember what you said in one of your videos about savings. I would easily spend hundreds on other things I really like...so why not a purse?
Zolita Martin (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing.Sophie I just purchased that same bag.and i picked up the card case in the coral patent,
KING MAJESTY (3 years ago)
Before she was explaining how she holds the bag away from her I had thought she was scared or something.
+KING MAJESTY I was a bit! xxx
Mia Keen (3 years ago)
can you do a video on the different sizes of the old chane lel boy bags and the new sizes
EAP73 (3 years ago)
Love this! I have the patent rectangle one in the mint green from a few years ago.
pink glitter4 (3 years ago)
I'm so in love with that bag!!! 😍❤
+pink glitter4 Hehehe! It is pretty cute! Hugs xo
EveyBlanco (3 years ago)
Hi. I absolutely love your long sleeve turtleneck with the buttons on the wrist. Which brand is it? I've noticed it in another video too in another color and it's gorgeous!!
+EveyBlanco Thank you Evey! 💕 It is from Zara, I picked-up a few in different colours - they were £19 each :) Thank so much for watching :) Hugs to you xo
Alexandra Briggsxo (3 years ago)
Omg I wish I could just buy a chanel bag lol xx love your videos xx
Emily Karra (3 years ago)
This may be a dumb question, but when you wear leggings do you think they would create transfer onto the bag? LOVE that color, can't wait to get a Chanel some day! <33
+Emily Diane Hey Emily, not dumb at all!! I don't trust ANYTHING that's darker than the bag lol. As a guess, I think you'd probably be safe with a pair of gym/yoga leggings - particularly after lots of washes....compared with a pair of jeans lets say. but I still wouldnt risk it! xo
Naiad (3 years ago)
I thought there weren't any minis in the London stores atm... interesting... I am gonna go on a hunt you've inspired me!
Phaedra Marangos (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie, your video was super helpful. I have a question though... regarding the patent strip inside the chain. I notice that close to where the chain meets the bag, there is a part where patent strip from inside the chain hangs loose and is not attached to anything. is this normal?
+Phaedra Marangos Hey Phaedra! Thank you for watching :) Hmm, no this doesn't sound normal. The patent strip should be stitched so it doesn't move or come loose, but that's on this bit inside the bag xoxo
Andrea Castillo (3 years ago)
Great video! Can you fit a zippy compact wallet in the square mini?
Joanne Leung (3 years ago)
Love ur videos! So informative and u have this down-to-earth personality .
Hong Van Vo (3 years ago)
Beautiful bag congrats new subrieser heheheheheh thank for your review
GulZoraKhan (3 years ago)
Just subscribed and had a marathon of your videos. I love how informative and honest you are in your videos and very interesting at the same time! You deserve much much more subbies.
CuseCutie1 (3 years ago)
LOVE the color!!! Enjoy her!!!
LizaMTL (3 years ago)
I want a mini flap soooo badly, but I can't seem to justify the price to myself.... And I already have two Chanel WOCs (in my mini bag collection...). #ShopaholicProblems lol This video might've put me over the edge though. :D  x_x Lovely video as per usual my dear. xx
@username.ida (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie! I actually experience sticky patent leather problem with a Louis Vuitton French Wallet, it was horrible, I had colour transfer from another patent makeup bag that I had, never used it and it got really sticky. Brought it to LV and they wouldn't repair anything - I ended up recolouring my wallet with leather colour services (they could only recolour the patent leather to black) and it literally brought my wallet back to life and I am able to use it again :D Hope this can be useful and with that experience, I am never buying patent leather again even tho the shine is just beautiful!
Danny Wynters (3 years ago)
Hey Sophie, what's the best way to contact you over bag advice and suggestions? <3
+GuruDanWan Hey Dan! You are most welcome to email me : [email protected] and we can talk shop(ping) :D xoxoxoxox
PearlsLikeMe (3 years ago)
That bag is extremely adorable, I can only imagine how perfect it'd be when it's Spring =)
+CityGalBeauty So true! OMG, Spring/Summer this bag will come into its own :D thanks for watching sweetie :) Hugs xoxox
ChanelLV (3 years ago)
Sophie, the bag is wonderful and it is bright and elegant just like yourself! i love how you hold it and i love your videos and tips! I really want to go back to England and visit Harrods! my husband is English, and maybe one day again....until then-- i will enjoy your vids!!!! Best to you and enjoy your bag!
brandilovesbeauty (3 years ago)
want the rectangle version so bad! the patent is gorgeous!
+brandilovesbeauty The rectangle version is so nice! I hope you get it soon :) tbh, i want the full suite so bad lolol It's dangerous for the bank balance this stuff! Thank you for watching beauty! xoxox
suie wong (3 years ago)
You are so nice. Thanks for your sharing. You make me want to buy one... hahaha😄
+suie wong Hey Suie! You are welcome, and thank you for the video request :) xoxox
theelegantviolet (3 years ago)
i do really like the color, it really pops out!
+theelegantviolet Thank you beauty, it's awesome isn't it?! Sometimes I see it and it's coral, then it's more orange, then pinky... I can't stop looking at it lol Thank you for watching :) hugs xoxox
S H A H A N A (3 years ago)
Dont know why but you remind me of Charlotte Tilbury
Eva Shamu (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie.... I really like your glasses 😍. Where can I get a pair please?
+Eva Shamu Hey Eva! They are from D&G - I bought these in 2013, so not sure if they are still available, but the style is quite popular, so I'm sure you can track something similar down :) xoxox
Adam Dahlerus (3 years ago)
Hey Sophie! Loved the video. Where is the jumper you're wearing from if you'd like to share? x
EllANdeLoNaShow (3 years ago)
Lip color?
Natassja Chapman (3 years ago)
+EllANdeLoNaShow I'm wondering the same thing! It's beautiful
E K (3 years ago)
I agree with you, the bag is SO beautiful!! The colour looks so good with the patent leather, it really pops.
Evgenia Karakatsiani (3 years ago)
Excellent choise for spring!!!A bag like that can make your day better!!!!!!!Ilove the size..I'm a bit bored of oversized bags...kisses gorgeous!!
Royalblessings (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie!!
Jen Foronda (3 years ago)
Im so jealous that youre 5"8! Youre gorgeous, Sophie! And this was really helpful 💖
Mrsbobbibella (3 years ago)
Love your video soooo much !!! And also love your mini Chanel , lovely colour ! :)
LisaLisaD1 (3 years ago)
LOVE that little bag, I want a mini flap next!  Thank you, Sophie!  xoxo  Lisa
Esther Cho (3 years ago)
I love your videos!! You are so realistic and honest and it really draws me to come watch you. Thank you! And its such a cute bag!!💕
gracey285 (3 years ago)
Hi. Love your videos. Nice jumper!! Is it Fendi? :)
NKBOSSY (3 years ago)
I've been wanting this bag for so long. It is adorable!!
Joyce L (3 years ago)
It's a beautiful eye-catching colour! Absolutely adore it. Thanks for the review!
samantha cheraga (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie , do you think a iPhone 6 Plus would fit in it ?
llamoih1 (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie 😊 what would you recommend to be the most affordable Chanel handbag for someone looking to purchase their first chanel bag. I would be happy spending around £1500 but most of the standard bags aren't shown online. I thought of the chanel PST but apparently they are not selling those anymore. Would you have any suggestions price wise? Thanks
Sarwat Nadeem (3 years ago)
Fab video Sophie xx love this bag xx
Aisha Ahmad (3 years ago)
Hi Sophie that was a great review, very informative. I was thinking it would be really great to see some make up Tutorial type videos from you, or even like a get ready with me style videos, as you are always looking so on point! 👍😊 x
californiablue9 (3 years ago)
Love your videos!
BunnyXO (3 years ago)
I can't believe how much stuff you can actually fit in there!
I really get angry with colour transference. The amount you've spent on a bag, nothing should happen to it. It's 2016, why haven't they worked out a dying system that avoids colour transfer by now? It's ridiculous!
EAP73 (3 years ago)
+Emboloe * Right on.
The Glamorous Life (3 years ago)
I love this bag! Im nota fan of patent but this color is just so pretty. My only problem is this..and I know it sounds weird lol..Im a big, or shall I say Juicy, girl lol..and I feel like it would be like " big girl in a tiny bag" type of a deal..but oh how I want one! Kat xx
mugenprincess (3 years ago)
You look adorbs with your glasses. Great review!
For Gods Sake Kate (3 years ago)
Ah I love your videos Sophie :)
ItsOnlyWarPaint (3 years ago)
You look great in your glasses. Such a cute bag, do you have a woc ? If not, would you consider one ?
adoreballinger (3 years ago)
The bag is so cute! Would u recommend the small or large? Love your videos
+SceneKid Thank you darling! Oooh, it depends on you really and how much you carry around. I liked the cute look of this little bag, but knew I'd have to scale-back on the amount of stuff I carry around! Thank for watching sweetie! xoxox
Thank you to Suie Wong for the video request :) Here I show you close-ups of the Chanel Mini Flap bag, as well as what I keep in it. I hope if you've been considering this bag that it helps you to make your descion xx
For Gods Sake Kate (3 years ago)
+Sophie Shohet | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle With the dye tranfer issue can you not get a coating put onto the bag especially made for leather or will it mess up the bag? x

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