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How to Lace Vans Oldskool and DIY Rose patch tutorial

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I know I'm mad awkward but I'm a boss don, nonetheless. lol Rose patch : http://amzn.to/2qCnWuD shirt: www.shopDeano.com Contact me at [email protected] Please support me by checking out my clothing website and purchasing my book thanks in advance Boss ;p : ShopDeano : http://bit.ly/2mjgxPf Deano Dimes (My book)https://www.createspace.com/5613799 IG/Snap/Twitter/Tumblr: @CurtisDonDeano Equipment: Camera: http://amzn.to/2lDAm6M Lighting: http://amzn.to/2m5zWHl Mic: http://amzn.to/2l55Dwp Some links are affiliate links Theme song( background music) : Prod by Sample Category MAKE SURE TO CLICK THAT BELL NEXT TO THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN NEW VIDS DROP! THANKS!
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Text Comments (195)
EPICxi Power (2 months ago)
Rubbish tutorial
HOODRICHTM (2 months ago)
How you feel about black laces in the old skool vans ?
Earlito 904 (3 months ago)
Dope ass video Bro great tutorial!
ֆTʀɛɛTʟօʀɖʐ (4 months ago)
Good DIY bro, save some money for our kids.
jean Lois (4 months ago)
You did not Made correct
The Exploding Pineapple (4 months ago)
Never lace the very last hole
but why
mike212916 (4 months ago)
im watching you on mute listening to music and at 6:15 it looks like your making a music video lol
parkour shortfilms (5 months ago)
My feet aren't fat I have skinny feet so it doesn't work
CurtisDonDeano (5 months ago)
yeah it'll work, but you have to tighten the strings more at the bottom.
Iraia Montoya (6 months ago)
They should say fucci then gucci fuckimg show off XD
Madison Monroe (7 months ago)
Thx for helping me the outer people was making it so hard to show me how to lace my vans
Bruna Poliana (7 months ago)
To apaixonada
Poke (8 months ago)
Amazing video
pluciak (8 months ago)
id on jeans?
Skrrt (8 months ago)
thanks for the help
1txp_ (9 months ago)
he catta?
Nathaniel Rivera (9 months ago)
You straight copied Harrison nevels rose vans exactly
CHAINZ (9 months ago)
how long are the laces? :)
HiTech NolaBoi (10 months ago)
Good stuff
Thatkid. Omar (10 months ago)
bro this helped ode, now i got ma vans laaaced, dm me @omaronthecam (on ig ) this helped ode
M Silas (10 months ago)
Shoe laces are so frustrating like ughhh
Giovanni Pandolfino (10 months ago)
Greatt!! Thank so much !!
prettyboy teriano (10 months ago)
how much is that micheal kors watch?
No Name (10 months ago)
Did he lick the glue off of his finger at 10:10??
CurtisDonDeano (10 months ago)
i def prolly did
CarlosF0131 (10 months ago)
How are the patches holding up? Are they still intact?
Groovy Onez (11 months ago)
new to this channel , But I peep what the deal is , I fw your channel bruh " 🙏🏽🦁
shery qures (11 months ago)
Whats ur opinion on yeezy v2?
Fraser stuart (11 months ago)
Ive got the new snoopy old skools
Robloxgob144 (1 year ago)
Nice gucci
Rajat Singh (1 year ago)
Background music please
Rajat Singh (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano no no... I just wants to know about song that is playing in background itself.
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
you telling me to add some ? I meant to.
Shiv Patel (1 year ago)
Those are sick 😻
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
appreciate it.
Sean O'Reilly (1 year ago)
appreciate the tutorial and dig the gucci flops my dude
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thans boss ! !
jiggaboo Life (1 year ago)
Thanks Curtis this video was great! Thumbs up!!!
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
viccyj (1 year ago)
are u from bmore?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
def some baltimore shit
viccyj (1 year ago)
The way u shoes lol it's like "shoooz"
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
what was the giveaway? lol
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lol yea
ahgajaye (1 year ago)
vilesj girl i was thinking the same thing lmao. i think so bc i hear it
Naaben (1 year ago)
Really helpful 10/10 IGN approves
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lol thanks
Chesco 69 Savage (1 year ago)
you suck
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
nah i slurp
Nayon Griffin (1 year ago)
showing off yo gucci slides like 1:24
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lol nah
tocrazy23333 eli (1 year ago)
Pants where you get em from?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Christian Melara (1 year ago)
Hi I'm Willy mnml
Mysterious Laptop (1 year ago)
thats so shit.. your shoe will feel so loose if you dont lace up the final 2 at the end
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
nahhhh, i have wide feet so I don't have that problem
ivan garcia (1 year ago)
Good vid man !!
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
ftw. nick (1 year ago)
Harrison nevel did this in his vid wtf
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lol, I've been told
kyler knox (1 year ago)
What's the song in the background?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
myka - diamond peaks, its on soundcloud
Jaimey Rivas (1 year ago)
Awesome video! 🙌🏽
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks boss !
Ian Niblack (1 year ago)
he kinda look like metro boomin
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lmfaooo hella ppl keep commenting that
Dikdableu (1 year ago)
Cool video, and if I want to buy these laces, which length i must choose ? 54 inches or 45 inches ? Thanks for answering 😄
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
sorry for being so late, but these are the laces that came with the shoes
Enrique likes BBWS (1 year ago)
Love how you tied them I tied mine like that and I loved it
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
glad to help homie
karina lopez! (1 year ago)
using that glue do they last because I what theme to.last ☺
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
I actually used this glue for rhinestones on a shirt and washed it and they still didn't come off
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
yes, actually to a fault lmfao it would not come off
Roger Raphael (1 year ago)
everytime I watch your vids I learn something new thanks!
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Jesse Vallejo (1 year ago)
dude you are the most boujee mf ive ever seen. AND YOU STOLE THE DIY FROM HARRISON NEVEL he posted this March 30th. stop stealing content and claiming it as your own. loser.
chris collins (11 months ago)
yall need to chill like its just a video lol
Jesse Vallejo (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano tbh I'm already over all of this. I don't fuck with people who steal content. End of story. Later.
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
agrreeeed lmfao
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
boss, u mad corny keep commenting being rude to people for what? I don't want to call u a name, but its like for weeks you've been arguing with ppl for what?? Because I made a video that I said I SAW OTHER PPL MAKE?
Breezy Channal (1 year ago)
This Channal dope bruh keep up the good work
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks homie ! appreciate it.
Dav Keller (1 year ago)
Man u look like metro boomin😂
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Bri Johnson (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks luv
DC Supreme (1 year ago)
Go subscribe to my channel
Cozy (1 year ago)
Yo I really like this video !!! I fw you !! You just earned a new sub(: keep up the work !! 💯
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
appreciate it
Rachel Anastasia (1 year ago)
I just looked up lace locks? lol idk if that's the right word 😂
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lmfao....idk either
AnJilo Sarms (1 year ago)
5:08 i thought it was like outside noise wtf
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
lmfao...another fucking ringtone....ringtones was fucking up my whole video
Joniel Esta (1 year ago)
I want vans old Skool but I don't have money 😭
Na'ki Goodman (3 months ago)
CurtisDonDeano 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
find a hustle. money can be made online. lookup online surveys, you can get paid to do them, its a little money but it may help
grapezzzz19 (1 year ago)
Joniel Esta theyre like 50 dollars just ask your parents lol
Palace Father (1 year ago)
Vro can you just use a hot glue too right
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Tyler Thrifts (1 year ago)
Palace Father "Vro" oh god
Jacob fifita (1 year ago)
Boy yo ass look like wolverines Down syndrome cousin
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
making fun of down syndrome isn't funny but the wolverine part is.
grapezzzz19 (1 year ago)
He look like wolverines cousin named "foxerine"
TheMcCarlos (1 year ago)
Anthonyy Trillo (1 year ago)
Where did you get your jeans ?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Alrightrobert (1 year ago)
these ugly af now
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
been ugly since day 1 lmfaoooo
TCP Gaming (1 year ago)
Didn't work at all, the laces are tight as fuck for me
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
u may have to do it in a looser way
mogityant jirinovski (1 year ago)
TCP Gaming You have fat feet then
Joey Ruiz (1 year ago)
just earned a sub good shit😤💯
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks boss !
McLovin Got The Sauce (1 year ago)
Bro is u gay ? No disrespect.
TheMcCarlos (1 year ago)
which do you prefer Old Skool's or Sk8 Hi's? edit: you prefer wearing....
Task Vulcan (11 months ago)
Depends what I’m wearing it with.
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
uhhhh Old Skools, because jeans sit better on them
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
right now, Old Skool's
allanc101 X (1 year ago)
are you ok?
Christian (1 year ago)
Does the patch eventually fall off or does it look noticeable that you glued them on ? Aye but sick ass video bro
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
update: it has not fallen off
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
I haven't really worn them too many times, but neither
jack guerra (1 year ago)
what size are the laces ??
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
came with the shoes
Jonathan Garcia (1 year ago)
Thanks bruh it helped. The ringtone lol
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
no prob!
Rain drop -Top (1 year ago)
Dang I appreciate it man! Love it.
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks boss don!
RetroGamer (1 year ago)
bro thx!
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
nah thank you fam
Jas Oseyah (1 year ago)
You cute😏
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks love.
Inayat (1 year ago)
Do more of these video DEANO
Inayat (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
I got you!
Woke (1 year ago)
Where's ur watch from ?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Michael Kors
Matt Miller (1 year ago)
will you make a tutorial video on how to distress jeans
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
I can, i just thought there were too many people that already made them
Slimman Brother (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
bsACCOUNT (1 year ago)
Where u get those chains from bro?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
some are from a local jeweler, some are from my site. I'll be selling some more soon.
Jack Mccabe (1 year ago)
Dope style
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks boss !
Inayat (1 year ago)
Nice im loving your VIDEOS
Inayat (1 year ago)
its alright
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thank you for the consistent support ! I'm trying to provide better content.
Inayat (1 year ago)
Nice video
Iamlaavy _ (1 year ago)
Yea I'm copping Vans now 😝
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
JoelLilMoe (1 year ago)
Dope dope dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Think it's time for me to own my first pair of vans
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
yeah I fuck with them heavy
natalie flores (1 year ago)
JoelLilMoe damn I have like 2 (sk8 hi and these all black vans) I'm gonna get the old skool black ones or the checkered slip ons
PREEMS NEWS (1 year ago)
about time someone made a quick simple video on how to do it because you got ppl out here charging $100+ for a glued on patch. Quick question where'd you get those pants😍
Tupac Shakur (1 year ago)
s&c vlogs go up one size
studio boyz (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano on the mnml jeans how do they fit true to size?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
i saw and I was like this madness must be stopped lmfao. but mnml.com

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