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Here's a look at a few spring clothing & sneakers pickups I scooped up to add to my closet and sneaker collection for this spring season. I'm hyped on all these pickups, they've got a strong spring essentials vibe. Let me know what you've been buying this year for clothing and kicks. There Mitchell & Ness shorts are a must! Hit that THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this clothing & sneaker haul. SUBSCRIBE for more streetwear, menswear, and sneaker content! Links to the apparel and kicks below! My next vid will be top 5 spring sneaker sleepers! Connect with me! Follow my INSTAGRAM here - https://www.instagram.com/eddiewinkicks/ Follow me on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/EddieWinKicks Snapchat - Eddiewinkicks More streetwear outfits and sneaker unboxing vids here: ADIDAS ORIGINALS LOOKBOOK! How to style Yeezy's, NMD, Stan Smith, RAF Simmons, 350 V2 Boost Tubular and Ultra Boost! -https://youtu.be/VV8qpn-scwc SPRING LOOKBOOK! 10 outfits, some hyped streetwear and some casual menswear featuring Palace, Champion, Air Jordan Retro's, adidas Yeezy Boost, supreme, Nike - https://youtu.be/K8e8TymM-6A $100 SPRING OUTFIT CHALLENGE! THIS IS A DOPE AFFORDABLE LOOK! - https://youtu.be/MWwaTsJyGSw Sneaker & Clothing links: Shop Mitchell & Ness Swingman Shorts here, tons of throwback NBA Teams, these are the best casual shorts for spring and summer, worth the $75, magic is next on my list! - https://bit.ly/2qalnSb Check out some lightweight Palace streetwear gear here, resell isn't too crazy on a lot of this apparel - https://bit.ly/2qaGOTf Shop the newest Nike Air Max 1 styles here, some dope springtime colorways for sure - https://bit.ly/2q90UOL Everlane Heavyweight T-shirt, absolutely one of the best quality tee shirts you can buy for this spring season. Nice heavy weight cotton materials for those cool mid 70 degree days, check out their denim, sweatshirts and other menswear items - https://bit.ly/1pWeMlO The vintage style Camo Parka I wore with the pink everlane tee can be bought here for an affordable price of $29.99, crazy deal! - http://bit.ly/2qaRstk Hit that LIKE if you enjoyed the vid! More spring fashion content dropping soon! - Eddie Win Tags: #springfashin #menswear #streetwear #nikeair #airmax #style #sneakerhead #unboxing
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Text Comments (117)
Yeezys’ R’Gay (21 days ago)
A Bomber is a jacket, that’s a sweatshirt.
Mbloody050 (5 months ago)
What size are those bulls shorts also do the Mitchell and ness shorts fit small or is it true to size would a large fit like a large
handsomeflee (6 months ago)
Help bro What size did u get the Mitchell ness bulls shorts ?
TrunksFN (7 months ago)
How is the weight of the swingman's compared to the authentic? I've been looking at both of them but I want a heavier weight short instead of just lightweight basketball shorts so that's why I was thinking about going or the authentic ones.
YUNG MAUI (8 months ago)
Are we just gonna ignore the drip 4:14
Kidd Thunder (8 months ago)
Copped the Nike version of the bulls shorts, they aren’t bad aside from the lack of pockets
Personally I'm waiting on the "South Beach" 97s to drop in Canada that is a spring/summer must for me
yeah it can be pretty frustrating at times when I wanna make a video about stuff on my channel cause there will be like 50 vids from the US well in advance... I should really start taking quick trips across the border
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Ya those are really dope! Must be kinda frustrating that US and Canada releases always differ!
I'm really feeling the new camera angle
9 - 5 (8 months ago)
6:50 How about aquamarine ...
Nate Willms (8 months ago)
Your intro beats are making my new mac purchase well worth it.
djhen10 (8 months ago)
Point me to were I can find that sweater your wearing.
FernandoFoxtrot (8 months ago)
Found your channel through your Instagram. Really kickass content, subbed.
Die Soße (8 months ago)
75$ for shorts? Hell no
HungryBee & BillCollektr (8 months ago)
Dope cops. I've recently scooped the Red Dahlia Old Skools, J. Crew Killshot 2s and Black Calabasas Powerphases.
Ted M (8 months ago)
Love your stuff but bro, basketball shorts with a denim jacket!?? No. Sorry. Besides that good pick ups, keep up the vids
BigGucciSosa (8 months ago)
4:08 Channeling his inner Italian pizzaiolo
Default (8 months ago)
Your outfits are too basic.
I was here at the beginning bro damn you got 100k subs but you deserve way more tbh
Damn i didnt know you were 6 ft tall damn dude
You should change your Eddie Win intro font to something else tbh no disrespect it just looks kinda bad and how tf does XXL look good on you lmao
Ankit Sachdeva (8 months ago)
Waiting for that track pant video ed
Droppin (8 months ago)
I picked up that same Palace bomber! I also picked up a few M&N shorts recently too... 98-99 raptors, 09-10 warriors, 96-97 sixers
Devon Young (8 months ago)
Dope🔥 im up to 5 pairs now. Got Swingman Nuggets, Heat, Raptors, Magic, and a pair of Grizzlie authentics. Joints hot af
DJ Ansari (8 months ago)
I doubled up on the 97/1 at resell so that tells you what I think. Paid $400 a pair tho like a week before the release. Its at like 600+ for most sizes now. Id rather just pay and go on with my life than spend hours of my life entering raffles and sitting in front of a computer for a tiny chance a copping for retail. Feel like I'm losing more money than I'm saving in the long run.
Ralph Aponte (8 months ago)
Great video as usual 🔥🔥
sbibbfids (8 months ago)
By seeing that spinning technique i would guess he used to work at a pizza restaraunt
Darren Saqui (8 months ago)
Yo Eddie, did you try and cop the Air Max 1 atmos animal 2.0? The shoes are super loud so I have a hard time deciding how to style them. Any tips?
Darren Saqui (8 months ago)
Eddie Win yup fits the same as my other og air max 1s so yeah tts. Keep up the good work man. Love the vids as usual. 👊🏾
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
All black homie 👍🏼 and I didn't get them but really want them! Is the fit TTS?
Juan Cornejo (8 months ago)
# 1 Los Angeles Lakers 🏀
numa guzman (8 months ago)
🔥🔥🔥 homie!
Axel Gutfraind (8 months ago)
These watermelons are future classics, screenshot this comment and in a couple of years you’ll see 😉
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
You might be right man, they're super dope!
J Bravado (8 months ago)
DONT PAY RESELL PRICES FOR THOSE 97/1'S! WAIT IT OUT. They will go down once the hype simmers.
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
You think? I dunno man…
Wavy Goods (8 months ago)
Yo idk if it’s the lighting or new camera but it looks hella HD, very nice!!
Anthony Bennett (8 months ago)
500? But definitely a must have!!! 97/1
ANT92 DAL (8 months ago)
Bro those AM1s are stupid 🔥🔥 nice!!
sneakerheadTom (8 months ago)
As always the cleanest 🔥🔥🙏
Anthony Flores (8 months ago)
Telly you did it 100k. Congrats!
EliteSports24 (8 months ago)
Eddie Win with that new camera quality. Stuff’s A1!
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback homie!
Kdn Iae (8 months ago)
Everyone levitates toward Chi M&N shorts. If I was spending that money I’d get a pair that no one else has. So many fire 90’s team shorts
Sneakers Romania (8 months ago)
Did he just updated the video quality ?! 🤔🤔👌✌🏼
Lucky Tai-Lan (8 months ago)
The colorway of that Airmax1 reminds me of a toothpaste brand.
Blake Rosenbaum (8 months ago)
Awesome video ! But that spin with the shirt was so dope 😂
SayntpFazhion (8 months ago)
This was a dope vid since Eddie Finally hit 100k let's get him to 200k next plus it's now time for me to make it to 200k on my channel and don't forget to subscribe to my channel you guys and keep those great vids coming as always l did shout you out on one of my vids Eddie Win real talk bro
Ramon Aponte (8 months ago)
I copped those 97/1 I love them in person. I paid resell. It was worth it the quality is insane
Izeeks Sneaks (8 months ago)
Don’t come out swingin , be smart
tafawa pierre (8 months ago)
I just feel like you came a long way you so much quality videos and you barely get the likes and subs you deserve u deserve more come on let's so dome support man let's get him 300k
SmooveOperator (8 months ago)
Another 🔥🔥🔥 video bro. What size did you get in the swingman shorts? I'm 6,1" 200# so I bet were pretty comparable in waist. Thanks EW🔥🐐
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Go with an XL, you'll be good. I linked some good team options in the description 👌🏼
DrunkGenital (8 months ago)
Nice new angle, another solid video
ciddy206 (8 months ago)
That Green really pops out clean CW
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Totally 👌🏼 it's def a spring vibe
Solefather number1 (8 months ago)
Yeah those airmax 1s are clean!
wijiu (8 months ago)
Production value A1 👌🏼
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Thank you 🙌🏼
myrguinto (8 months ago)
air max look book pls! Or weekend fits with maxes :)
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Hmmm outfits of the weekend would be a good look for that
Casa Station (8 months ago)
The hoop shorts dope👌🏾
soren overgaard (8 months ago)
Is everlane as solid as you make them out to be? Looking to snag some basics for the spring and they seem like a good bet. Dope video as always bro!
JayBoi Nike (8 months ago)
Eddie Win I spoke out of school then my fault. Those Chicago shorts with the pockets are clutch
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Brendan Ryan not sponsored, I genuinely like their brand
JayBoi Nike (8 months ago)
soren overgaard sponsored
Bakbay20 (8 months ago)
Do you skate?
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Not as often as I'd like to but I used to skate everyday for years
Oscar Idrovo (8 months ago)
Kicks are 🔥
Cleon Robinson (8 months ago)
For a min there thought you had air max 1 aquas but man those are fresh.
NorthsideKicks (8 months ago)
97/1’s are definitely worth resell. Value is appreciating and they’re one of the most unique shoes to come out from nike
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Might have to go down! I don't see resell dipping at all
Larry Heath (8 months ago)
Congrats on the Palace and Air Max pick up! The kicks sold out quick ..i like the camera angle with the background
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Appreciate the feedback! Ya I'm hyped to rock these AM 1's this season
Zach Freeman (8 months ago)
Did it take you a while to do that spinning trick
Aye Bee (8 months ago)
Keep'em coming bro💯
nikhil.nyquil (8 months ago)
Not sure if you changed your camera or you just found some natural lighting because it looked great!
JiggyFam (8 months ago)
That palace bomber is fire facts!
HFxAce (8 months ago)
How do you feel about the air max 270's, they really have been building alot of hype I scooped the Tiger Black colorway on airmax day, that color is sold out everywhere how do you feel about them?
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
I like them for sure, but I haven't seen a colorway that has me ready to cop yet. I need a more detailed color scheme. But the model itself I like
Samuel Cheun (8 months ago)
latest picc up I cop is the Air max 270 Dusty catus colorway I should be getting a few days but I seen this fire mitchell n ness shorts coming out this Sat brand called swish authentic refereed by Bullrtc
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Nice pickup! Those are the best 270 colorway I've seen so far. I'll check for those shorts, good looks!
Jordan Luna (8 months ago)
The Everlane tee is fire. Bought as soon as it dropped. The new wide fit is amazing
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Nice! I haven't messed with any of their other tee's in XXL yet. Have you?
ModernNostalgia (8 months ago)
Are we just going to ignore the Palace spinning???
ModernNostalgia (8 months ago)
Also hoping those 97/1's go down in price a little after a while. They got more expensive after the general release which I didn't see coming.
Celly's Kicks (8 months ago)
Eddie finally made it to 100k, Now it’s time to get my guy to 200k. 💯 Also another solid video 🔥
FELIX954 (8 months ago)
everlane is so good. only complain i have is the inconsistencies with fit sizing.
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Agreed but they now have super detailed size charts which helps a lot. I check every spec before I buy
savanna secoy (8 months ago)
I took the L on the 97/1 and if I had the money I would pay resell for sure
Noah K (8 months ago)
Just copped the Vancouver grizzlies aqua colorway of those M&N shorts🔥
Damager Dave (8 months ago)
Dope shorts but missing the lakers shorts bro.
Damager Dave (8 months ago)
Eddie Win vintage jazz that black and purple kinda colorway would be dope, vintage suns,even supersonics when they had the green and burgundy. Dope bro
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
I've got plenty of time add more teams, raptors and grizzlies are next tho
Allan X Bm (8 months ago)
Bro that Air Max colorway is so clean. Great vid as always!
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Ya I'm hyped on them for sure! Thanks man
Thallin Baker (8 months ago)
Holy nice camera
InZaneKicks (8 months ago)
You may be in Boston but those Chicago roots are forever Eddie ✊🏻
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Haha facts man. Can't forget my birth place!
J Mitch25 (8 months ago)
How do the mitchell n ness shorts run?
greenking220 (8 months ago)
J Mitch25 we
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
TTS, if in between sizes then go down
Eduardo Arenas (8 months ago)
4:06 skillz 🔥🔥😂
Carter Wright (8 months ago)
Switched up the camera angle and background on us!
ANT92 DAL (8 months ago)
Eddie Win looks very clean man 👌
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Needed to be done 👍🏼
Reller (8 months ago)
Great video man keep up the good work!
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Thanks my man 🍻
Luey G (8 months ago)
Eddie Win (8 months ago)
Quick with it

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