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Brutal Fails - HOT GIRLS FAIL compilation 2017

10005 ratings | 4222125 views
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Text Comments (1095)
ekim andersom (1 hour ago)
Dumb cunts
Me Sparkle (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who watch this video by seeing the time on peoples comments!!??
jimmymushroom (4 days ago)
back forth back forth ah fuck! 10:48
Rethy (6 days ago)
5:26 STEP 1.STOP IT. STEP 2. READ AGAIN THE TITLE. step 3. Thank me Later :p
benxevans (7 days ago)
1:39 Would we call her hot?
Cableguy818 (7 days ago)
Honestly, I feel so bad for these girls.
Alex Grady (8 days ago)
1:50 x)
John Lingel (8 days ago)
7:13 that pussy is fire
John Lingel (8 days ago)
This is why you don't date looks alone
shawn h. (8 days ago)
4:35 that's gonna leave a mark.
Anastazja Wojtczak (8 days ago)
3:12 OMG
Elliyas Ali (9 days ago)
3:12 my best part
T W (9 days ago)
0:53 resounding recovery.
Storm State (10 days ago)
Role models
MrTruehoustonian (10 days ago)
So no one going to mention in english the black chick with her pussy on fire, now that a bad case of the clap at 7:13
Rory Shields (11 days ago)
That girl on the skateboard is clearly a badass
1Ephraimite (11 days ago)
3:31 was a win, that was awesome. And 7:13 adds new meaning to the term *_”She’s Got a Hot Pussy”_*
LevgamesPL (11 days ago)
I dont have anythink to girls even respect
burningkarma (11 days ago)
1:56 lol
Joel Angeles (12 days ago)
OMG! @ 1:27 if you pause right enough you can clearly see under her shorts that she's wearing no underwear .
TheZombieWolf TZW (12 days ago)
2:05 I know you guys came for this
rgman2858 (12 days ago)
Half of these girls all start with stupid dancing
modernELITEno-1 (13 days ago)
hucker75 (15 days ago)
If you must use vertical video clips, don't put that blurred shit either side, just leave it blank!
Scott B (16 days ago)
Entire generation of sluts.
Tanner Rueckert (16 days ago)
Why are girls so retarded
Fairytalesim (16 days ago)
1:21 That guy was not impressed
One year no new video... J started doing this kind of videos. Visit me and rate it!
DIY_SD LOVE (20 days ago)
4:34 that was a real man. Stopping to help the girl instead of giggling he helped her
Pollo Frito (21 days ago)
6:10 At least they were where they belong: the kitchen.
WODELAR (21 days ago)
3:12 wtf lol
Brycerum Plays (21 days ago)
I was so freaking dead a 6:45
Cahoda Games (22 days ago)
0:22 shit i just think in final destination
shawn h. (22 days ago)
SaschaDeBaas (22 days ago)
I never fail and I find myself pretty hot 👩 Add me on Snapchat @Emily-Tease 💖
William 77 (23 days ago)
3:55 XD looooooool
Mystery Brothers (24 days ago)
0:32 what's the name of longer version of this video?
Gary Winthorpe 451 (26 days ago)
Pause @ 2:05 she’s very flat chested
Sachin Ghadge (26 days ago)
3:13 was very brutal
Dave Sosa (27 days ago)
6:57 dude, you tryin´a kill that bitch?
Lucas Anchava (27 days ago)
Las mujeres viven menos que los hombres ahr
some whiteboy (28 days ago)
0:28 mmmhm
Rochester Chua (29 days ago)
Girls are idiot
joshua treefelner (29 days ago)
Buddy, some of those girls are like 13....that’s not hot.....it’s sick
LMH _68 (30 days ago)
1:00 who is she? She’s so sexy she didn’t deserve to fall through the glass table she is so sexy
vilma sena (30 days ago)
3:12 zoofilia😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😂😂
Soul Reaper (30 days ago)
anyone know the girl in 1:16?
RED (1 month ago)
I mean, we all know what we wanted from this video. So we can't judge bad content.
Bollas (1 month ago)
C Peterseb (1 month ago)
7:15 wow , Darwin candidate for sure.. ya light your crotch on fire and well ya deserve what ya get.. I bet she was the kind of girl in her youth that thought it would be a great idea to stick her tongue out at a freezing cold pipe.. Just to see what would happen. The rest of the ladies on this compilation are just having a bad day.
Enfurnus5 (1 month ago)
3:01- if you can't walk in the heels; don't wear them....
2:40 Blood??? Omg…
Devildog 0311 (1 month ago)
3:30 actually pretty cool, looks like fun!!
Senen Chavez (1 month ago)
Las mujeres se caen raro porque tienen su centro de gravedad en el culo.
Al3xxx9 (1 month ago)
What would we do without them?😜
David S (1 month ago)
How many fkn times are people going to recycle the same old bullshit
HHPlaysStuff (1 month ago)
Lol where’d you go
getplaning (1 month ago)
5:04 failing with style
Michael Wayne (1 month ago)
skater girl at 00:40 is sexy as hell
ṣϻσӄєя (1 month ago)
31:14 best moment hohohow
Equillizer Armtwister (1 month ago)
This is sexier than porn.
Jonas Banatte (1 month ago)
8:24 funny voyeur
Spyrix (1 month ago)
8:10 the name of the full Video 😂💪
juggalo1 (1 month ago)
What's the music at 1:00?
LMH _68 (30 days ago)
juggalo1 I’m looking for the girl
Matt Schwensen (1 month ago)
The vacuum girl at 1:56... fasf
Mark Ellie (1 month ago)
Women. Fucking retards. Lmbo
Jessica Miller (1 month ago)
It's sad how the channel thinks every girl in this video is hot
Fry Pan (1 month ago)
To many fattys to call this hot girls
IamDany (1 month ago)
11:01 this guy is a legend
IamDany (1 month ago)
why these goes cover their boobs,its not like they never seen before,stupid girls
CreationZikaz (1 month ago)
The dog one was hilarious.
LostInPA (1 month ago)
4:32 is utterly brutal.
Keith Olsen (1 month ago)
3:12 *raw doggin' the shit out of it*
Abhijeet Katore (1 month ago)
Abhijeet Katore (1 month ago)
gwg5640 (1 month ago)
This is almost as good as Funny Cat Videos-only with a sexy side to it.
FIDIRONU (1 month ago)
0:28 is a fail, how? 1:53 I have a feeling that the marriage proposal has just been cancelled forever 2:50 A murder, cleverly disguised as an "accident" 😉 (Don't know if she actually died, I'm just joshing.) 4:35 She should be prosecuted for reckless use of public property. Bashing the road with her head like that is just hooligan behaviour. 😜 5:14 The blonde ruthlessly gets rid of competition 6:49 I swear I don't know what the homos find attractive in this 7:13 "Hot girl" fail - a new definition
serberious (1 month ago)
Hopefully none of these people will get the chance to contaminate the gene pool.......
Robert Severson (1 month ago)
Women take the cake I thought guys were stupid but you women got us beat
lil K (1 month ago)
Sehr Opfer
lil K (1 month ago)
Misdiagnosed (1 month ago)
0:38 loves pain
0:10 she knocked herself out
Burton Rivera (1 month ago)
9:44-9:54... How many OMGs did you count?
Asia Brown (1 month ago)
8:24 lol
Sw ay (1 month ago)
Denise Hamilton (1 month ago)
6:45 yea some nice poopymoves but nasty stop doing that and read a book or something 8:30 perverts and she dumb
space man doge (1 month ago)
7:13 when you make 100 sex streak
Anıl Kılınç (1 month ago)
Stupid Girls vs Gravity :d
CHAYAN SARKAR (1 month ago)
Yah...long live western women and their radical feminism 😁
Can't Think Of A Name (2 months ago)
1:55 "I've McFallen"
blonde girl always something
Jaro Ems (2 months ago)
Your make up looks shit anyway had me laughing so hard xD
sad ppl (2 months ago)
5:17 she is dead
Gene Still (2 months ago)
3:31 is the best!
Gene Still (2 months ago)
2:09 and the hand stand fail. Love it.
Telmen Yaruunai (2 months ago)
0:28 instant demonitaised
Can't Think Of A Name (2 months ago)
Why? It didn't show anything worthy of getting demonetized.
Mabob Joumbai (2 months ago)
Y Y (2 months ago)
2:46 I would be dead
Ricardo Falcon (2 months ago)
3:22 that laugh 😂😂

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