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Brutal Fails - HOT GIRLS FAIL compilation 2017

10887 ratings | 4621827 views
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Text Comments (1239)
Daniel Dixon (1 day ago)
3:13 someone has a happy dog
Daniel Dixon (1 day ago)
1:17 When posiden does the wrong thing
Joshua Allison (4 days ago)
This is the best thing i've ever seen.
nejet Farihy (4 days ago)
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Pro circuit kx450 (4 days ago)
What is that Alicia keys song? 7:13 “that girl is on fire!!” Lololol
Pro circuit kx450 (4 days ago)
The dog one literally had me laughing like a hyena
shane hand (6 days ago)
The human race is over do for extinction!!
GRUHA 6969PL (7 days ago)
1:07 u mean... COLD GIRLS??
Endrit (8 days ago)
Pause here 3:57
Endrit (8 days ago)
3:12 this is a win
justin Uh no (8 days ago)
Hot chicks rule i would bang most of these chicks
Marnix Vandereyk (10 days ago)
Girls r funny 😂😂😂😍😍
Ball Productions (14 days ago)
Norbert Janz (14 days ago)
Hot? Or stupid
PatKoz ツ (20 days ago)
Czemu mi się to wyświetliło w polecanych?
Fire Rap (22 days ago)
8:29 when ur mom walks in on u fappin
Fire Rap (23 days ago)
3:21 why do I find his laugh funnier than the fail?
Otter Green (26 days ago)
Little Red Sliding Hood @ 4:32
abcun17 (27 days ago)
6:00 Perfect position...
Firemarioflower (27 days ago)
3:22 They allow sheep in the bar?
Firemarioflower (27 days ago)
0:55 I admire her persistance, what a babe
متع عقلك (28 days ago)
Thumbnail 20:03 thanl me later.
1:50 isn't a fail. For one it's obviously fake, but secondly it's a valid way of wiping away cobwebs and dust from above where you can't reach.
xd Aimbotツ (28 days ago)
WTF WAS 11:03 LOFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YaSherif Da Gamer (1 month ago)
Last upload 2 years ago❓ there is a lot more stupid ppl out there. GET BACK ON IT 😳👍🏽
Red Eye Wolf (1 month ago)
What would you do if i beat up a hot girl like this? Would i get away with it? :)
DUYI SELAN (1 month ago)
DUYI SELAN (1 month ago)
DUYI SELAN (1 month ago)
Tom Y. (1 month ago)
7:12 The burning bush!
saitama saitamas (1 month ago)
1:16 is soo hot..
Isaac Robson (1 month ago)
4:58 is at my highschool
Jeff Littlefield (1 month ago)
okay to the guy who jumped off his skateboard to see how his girl was he without breaking a beat ran up to her and see how she was now that is a good guy right there I'm very big in the chivalry in treating a girl right and man that guy is awesome when it comes to that
Arnab Chatterjee (1 month ago)
That's some quality tight arse and big fat tities!
Bella Beauty (1 month ago)
1:50 😂😂😂
Valerie Acevedo (1 month ago)
6:17 omg
SCharlesDennicon (1 month ago)
Those twerking girls deserve humiliation. The others are okay.
Daryl Dixon (1 month ago)
This is why marriages have went down! You expect us men to breed with these whores? Look at what half of them are wearing.... get some brains and some class
Will Rogers (1 month ago)
A hot black girl is more rare than a unicorn.
Eric Ulator (1 month ago)
9:02 --- It's called a *Black Seizure* (in medical terms)
Eric Ulator (1 month ago)
9:01 - Blacks don't use half of their brains.....So she was able to keep going.....
Dirty Dan (1 month ago)
1:54 I could watch that all day lol
andrew argie (1 month ago)
lmao. His eyes killed me!!
ÚltraLeevi (1 month ago)
5:33 where is that country I never seen this in the backround
Bad Cattitude (1 month ago)
Is it weird that I get turned on by hot chicks having hilarious accidents?
Jonathan Mosher (1 month ago)
3:32 not a fail
Hal Anderson (1 month ago)
@7:13 that's one way to get rid of your crabs...
Hal Anderson (1 month ago)
That was actually awesome @3:30
Mike Sanders (1 month ago)
10:59 That is the funniest fucking thing I have seen in years... he just blow up that cheerleader :D
Justin Russell (1 month ago)
3:22. Dat laugh doe
2bit Retro (1 month ago)
that 10/10 asian can rip ass on me if she wants. wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers
eppiizz (1 month ago)
4:43 he is the only person i don't hate
khushbir sinha (1 month ago)
4:41 why did it felt like captain america running towards black panther in civil war?
Four11 (1 month ago)
Rick Sanchez (1 month ago)
10:35 Nothing on the chest just flat
michel Guevara (1 month ago)
I only watch these because I love watching women hurt themselves instead of hurting me, more KOs and blood please
Devin D (1 month ago)
10:30 real life jinx from lol
Mark Cooke (1 month ago)
This just shows how stupid women are lol...that woman getting banged by her dog ha ha
It's Sabriel (1 month ago)
3:14 wats dat black thing??
gigio giaggi (1 month ago)
Girl who shit in her panties are a “hot girl fail”? WTF is wrong with you.
ML SavageForYou (1 month ago)
3:16 is so funny
Vijay Rani (1 month ago)
2:50 GTA5
XxFrostxX (1 month ago)
Who’s accidentally watching on the same day this was posted but in 2019?
Muffin Monster (1 month ago)
11:52 lol she be like ‘I’m ariel, my fork is my brush’
Muffin Monster (1 month ago)
1:49 ha!
Anurag Sharma (1 month ago)
That's not funny. That's stupid
Fred Capay (1 month ago)
10:29 with all her tatoos , i know were to look for it ha ! wow :)
Fred Capay (1 month ago)
08:24 ohh ! she maybe a teacher or something youuww :)
Xx_M4ka - 679_xX (1 month ago)
8:32 the best moment 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
SASUKE UCHIHA (1 month ago)
hot but dumb
victoria penrod (1 month ago)
7:14 fire crouch
Steavon Brewer (1 month ago)
Tyler Playz (1 month ago)
3:14 it’s humping her
Tyler Playz (1 month ago)
2:03 flat chested cutting board for my carrot
Joy Roanne Barcelina (1 month ago)
not funny
Tony 4780 (1 month ago)
And btw hotter so much hotter lmao
Tony 4780 (1 month ago)
Chick on the skateboard is better then I’ll ever be
Pine Apple (2 months ago)
3:12 wtf?
Ashley Becker (2 months ago)
6:53 🤢🤮
okay. adalinaa (2 months ago)
1:56 My clumsy ass 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
Brett Obrien (2 months ago)
You girls are sexy
Emx321 e (2 months ago)
0:28 Damn dat ass Amazing!!😜
Yolanda Adon (2 months ago)
3:21 laugh
Charry (2 months ago)
2:47 Nah Man What The Fuck Bro, Why Did He Grab Her Like That
Sola Ojeaga II (2 months ago)
3:20 😂 🤣 😂
Amber Cheer (2 months ago)
9:17 did anyone else just wanna say "hey need some milk" or was it just me...
Amber Cheer (2 months ago)
2:09 HA! me
6:10 that girl looks like Jenna kelly
Erik Irwin (2 months ago)
Now this is just somebody took the good shit out of a porn film and replaced it with the cutting room floor and voilla... a "compilation."
dewill18 (2 months ago)
hot girls---> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=weissenstein.hotgirls&hl=es
Johnny Villa (2 months ago)
4:35!! 😂😂😂 stupid ass girl!
hitler parody (2 months ago)
Spencer Plays Gamez (2 months ago)
Dead channel
ekim andersom (2 months ago)
Dumb cunts
Me Sparkle (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who watch this video by seeing the time on peoples comments!!??
jimmymushroom (3 months ago)
back forth back forth ah fuck! 10:48
Rethy (3 months ago)
5:26 STEP 1.STOP IT. STEP 2. READ AGAIN THE TITLE. step 3. Thank me Later :p
benxevans (3 months ago)
1:39 Would we call her hot?
Cableguy818 (3 months ago)
Honestly, I feel so bad for these girls.

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