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Fat Dogs and Cats

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Just some pictures of very FAT...OBESE DOGS AND CATS!!
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Pork Cow (8 months ago)
These are terrible owners
kaylie lafferty (1 year ago)
No The
Rosaura Garcia (3 years ago)
i loved the song
Bradley Selvidge (4 years ago)
Mike Thompson (4 years ago)
theyre so fat!
J. Davis (4 years ago)
none of these animals look happy
Shameka Washington (5 years ago)
Not fat at all
Shameka Washington (5 years ago)
Not fat at all
IneffectiveG (5 years ago)
Jessie (5 years ago)
I hope all you stupid people that think fat people are Americans, NEED TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!! It is effing stupid what people think and do these days.
Alysharay14 (5 years ago)
bvvbbbbnn bnaPazoakkkkkk79
Keith Doerr (5 years ago)
The cat at 1:25 is actually a stuffed toy...
Alysharay14 (5 years ago)
MorioRex (5 years ago)
And they must all be American
MorioRex (5 years ago)
All these animals died a week after these photos
Pork Cow (8 months ago)
MorioRex true
Redexo (5 years ago)
these animals had to much mcdonalds.....
Bridget L. (6 years ago)
This is terrible. No animal should be treated like this,
Michel LaFlower (6 years ago)
@mugatu40 amen to that brother! like 85% of the fast food fat ass US society, disgustingly over weight
mugatu40 (6 years ago)
animals keeping up with their american owners
karin pelzelmayer (6 years ago)
do you want to do this to your son?????
Mitch Mills (6 years ago)
Feel bad for them
scorchedcandy (7 years ago)
steveno98 (7 years ago)
i love dem
Jay Are (9 years ago)
1:27 Garfield!
rrules262 (9 years ago)
and i thought my cat was fat

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