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So I copped a ton of dope Clothing & Sneakers this month, here's a haul video featuring some of those kicks and apparel. Bunch of fire pickups from brands like Supreme, Adidas Originals, Stussy, Jordan Brand, Topman and more! Hit that THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this clothing & sneaker haul featuring some streetwear and casual sneaker styles! Links to the kicks and clothes below! SUBSCRIBE for more sneaker and men's fashion related videos! Follow my INSTAGRAM here - https://www.instagram.com/eddiewinkicks/ Follow me on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/EddieWinKicks Snapchat - Eddiewinkicks More streetwear outfits and sneaker unboxing vids here: HOW TO STYLE - NIKE AIR JORDAN 3 III "BLACK / CEMENT" - https://youtu.be/NEu9yUZWeoE ADIDAS ORIGINALS LOOKBOOK! How to style Yeezy's, NMD, Stan Smith, RAF Simmons, 350 V2 Boost Tubular and Ultra Boost! -https://youtu.be/VV8qpn-scwc CHECK MY FULL LOOKBOOK HERE! Featuring Adidas Yeezy Boost, Timberland boots, supreme streetwear, champion, Levi's, Jordan 4's, and the best jackets for winter! - https://youtu.be/dYrNn42D2ks TOP 10 SNEAKER PICKUPS OF 2017! Rare Jordan's, Adidas Yeezy's, Nike lab Airmax and other sneaker collaborations - https://youtu.be/BsiGdraoK4o CLOTHING AND SNEAKER HAUL! Flannel's, outerwear, timbs, adidas Yeezy's and other apparel for cheap! Deals! - https://youtu.be/1p4k3Bs2gCs WEEKEND OUTFITS! STREETWEAR, MENSWEAR AND STYLISH JORDAN SNEAKER OUTFITS FOR 2018 - https://youtu.be/ZUh7LQgpnUY CRAZY AIR JORDAN RETRO SNEAKER DEAL! AIR JORDAN 1'S FOR OVER $100 OFF RETAIL! - https://youtu.be/vnDCzNU-c5A HOW TO STYLE AIR JORDAN RETRO "WHEAT" SNEAKERS - ON FEET WITH OUTFITS! - https://youtu.be/30_dYJevqWU Sneaker & clothing links: The CONVERSE Track Jacket I'm wearing in red can be bought here in multiple colors on sale (black, olive, red) - https://bit.ly/2GCLFmT Adidas Originals Crazy BWY ( boost you wear ) core black / White - sizing is True to size - https://bit.ly/2orzySm Stussy Basic Long Sleeve T-shirt with Classic logo from Urban Outfitters - TTS - https://bit.ly/2ogIZEI Adidas Originals TNT Wind Breaker jacket in light blue from Nordstrom in an exclusive color -https://bit.ly/2oigXsn Adidas TNT Winbreaker Trefoil jacket in green - http://bit.ly/2oo1Tc3 Topman Track Pants with white piping on sale for the low! -https://bit.ly/2omkKUQ Supreme New York Velour Half Zip jacket - https://bit.ly/2ok5NU7 70% off Designer Topcoat and jackets from Barneys warehouse, search their sale section crazy design clothing deals, now is the perfect time to shop for designer clothing with the spring season clothing about to release, deals for the low! - https://bit.ly/2ooUNnt Hope you guys enjoyed this men's fashion clothing haul. If there's any streetwear brands or basic essentials brands that have nice quality clothing at affordable prices that you think I should feature on this channel let me know! Check out my other sneaker and menswear vids! Spring lookbook dropping soon! Btw how dope would this adidas boost you wear sneaker look with a bape camo collab?! Better than the same 4 and the nmd's! - Eddie Win
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Text Comments (88)
유수진 (28 days ago)
Itz Me Myrdell (1 month ago)
What size did you get the jacket in? And how tall are you?
AM (3 months ago)
them adida tape hoodies are so damn hard to buy
Yamir Mogollon Osorio (3 months ago)
Jacket adidas fire
Jiomara Castellanos (4 months ago)
where can i buy the addidas tnt tape hoddie
dog dog (4 months ago)
Not a fan of your style but enjoy the videos! Your style is yours! Nice job
Alec Stall (4 months ago)
Does the adidas tnt run bigger than like a regular adidas 3 striped windbreaker or about the same?
Bartosz Rojewski (6 months ago)
how tall are you? Do you wear size L or M on this record? (adidas windbreaker tnt)
Ryan Sunil (7 months ago)
thts not bold adidas is ugly
Harriet Shearsmith (8 months ago)
I love a good haul video! This is fab!
Quan Withers (9 months ago)
You gotta burn it off
A1KING 23WORLD (9 months ago)
You bouta hit 100k today fam so congrats in advance bro very happy for you and well deserved for all your hard work over the years 👍🏽
Jeremy Rogers (9 months ago)
If you’re willing to drop some cash on em, I highly recommend RepresentClo. Their stuff is unmatched as far as structure, quality, and originality.
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
I've got 2 pairs of their jeans and absolutely love them. I haven't ventured into their other clothing since the fit seems specific. I wouldn't want to deal with that return process
Rashad Russell (9 months ago)
That intro though, Jet Life. Solid pickups too, I really need to give the BYW a try.
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
BYW is a must, wore them all day yesterday and they're money 👌🏼
blown out (9 months ago)
link the converse track jacket!
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
I linked it in the description, it's on sale 👍🏼
Giovanni Marcelo (9 months ago)
I use to work at Nordstrom that would happen once in awhile my manager would get so pissed I would advise to go back to store but hey if u call I remember my manager would actually personally go to the persons house and take it off so they wouldn’t have to drive back anyways dope vid as always one of the realest on YouTube
Giovanni Marcelo (9 months ago)
I wouldn’t recommend that lol what they use to take off the censor is a really strong magnet at the register so if u have a heavy duty magnet that could possibly work if not Nordstrom would have no problem doing it for u
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Haha wow are you serious?? I haven't addressed the issue yet. Someone recommended smashing the plastic piece with a hammer, will that work?
Highly Akicktive (9 months ago)
That Converse track jacket you're wearing is pretty lit as well!
widow flower 1 (9 months ago)
Bro I need that top coat but I can't find it nowhere!
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
It's sold out but I linked some other options on sale in the description ✌🏼if it restocks I'll tweet it out!
PokemonIdea8 (9 months ago)
The asics tiger clothing is dope, great quality. Just visited the store in NY and picked up a ton of stuff.
PokemonIdea8 (9 months ago)
Eddie Win yeah it’s got great design, the simplicity is crazy
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
No doubt! Never even looked into their clothing, that reminds me I need to hit NYC soon!
A1KING 23WORLD (9 months ago)
You hit it right on the head with the baggy wrangler jeans lol I started crying laughing bro but don’t you dare rock them pants with that security tag lol
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Haha I would never sport the security tag😂😂
InZaneKicks (9 months ago)
I am sorry man but that made me laugh but hopefully you can get the tag off and that's the first thing that came to mind as well if it has ink in it.
Chris Espinoza (9 months ago)
Question regarding jeans: have you ever tried Levi’s 512’s? Slim tapered fit, always my go-to!
Chris Espinoza (9 months ago)
Eddie Win yeah it’s hard for me so I feel like I strike gold when I do lol. I’ve checked most Levi’s stores and hardly found any. Places I see them the most are at Macy’s and more recently at JCPenney. Thanks for getting back!
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Chris Espinoza that's dope bro! Always cool when you find a good fitting pair of jeans. I'll look for those next time I hit Levi's
Chris Espinoza (9 months ago)
Eddie Win all around the bottom it’s a 12.75” opening so it’s about 6.38” taper. I know you get your pants tapered down to 6” but it’s just above that and saves a little money for those who don’t want to pay for a tailor. I have about 3 pairs and they look great with my Chelsea boots, jordan 1’s, Air Force 1 highs, special field AF 1’s, timbs, and even vans!
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Actually haven't tried those, do you know the measurement of the ankle opening?
numa guzman (9 months ago)
🔥🔥 pickups broh. Had me dying with that security tag. That shyt was hilarious... Felling that Adidas joints.
B Spen (9 months ago)
I've had that tag and I've used a hammer to break the shell and then pulled it apart with pliers
B Spen (9 months ago)
Eddie Win just make sure to put like a cloth on top of security tag so it protects the pants from the hammer
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Now that's the reckless type of answer I've been looking for! Gonna try it
Katy C (9 months ago)
I plane to buy the Jordan 3 Cement and I want to ask you, how are they comfort vice? Can I be in them 8 h walking in the city without having food pain? Sorry never had a pair that's why I'm asking.
Katy C (9 months ago)
Thank you very much, Eddie you are the best. 🙌👍
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Good question, it's certainly not going to be as comfortable as a runner (airmax, boost etc) but they don't bother my feet. However 8 hours of walking they might not be a good option. Maybe more of a nighttime sneaker then
Wes Lee (9 months ago)
Smooth Criminal Eddie. Looking good while shoplifting. Repping that security tag on the left leg~~
David Rodriguez (9 months ago)
You should check out the brand “Raised By Wolves”. It’s a Canadian brand. They got some dope pieces and they recently did a collab with the Reebok classics shoe.
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Yup definitely have checked them out before but haven't looked into them lately! I'll do that, appreciate it
greenking220 (9 months ago)
Lol you def have to take that back to store to get it removed. You def been very on with the top coat sales. So many going on, ASOS had a real nice sale with them recently. Man that Supreme Jacket is for real nice. You should do a look book with those BYS. Curious how you’d style them
Austin Lomibao (9 months ago)
6:05 Sip of Sunshine 👍
FreddyAnthony (9 months ago)
Eddie stop shoplifting! LOL I ordered a pair of socks from END and that security tag was attached to it.
Juju Mejulaf (9 months ago)
Smh bro
eddylion1 (9 months ago)
Adidas shoes no bueno
Eduardo Arenas (9 months ago)
I’m going to need a heads up before you drop some more heat 🔥🔥
kongmw (9 months ago)
pro-tip: from the inside, wedge the tines of a fork in between the stud and the fabric with the curvature facing away from the fabric towards the plastic. keep prying with the fork and it should come off. only works if the tag doesn't have ink.
suglifeee (9 months ago)
Oluwagbope Ajayi (9 months ago)
Is this Brand in Miami called Open Minds apperal u should check it out
Jacob Zillinger (9 months ago)
Always say if I had to only shop at one store from now on it would be Gap! Shoes might be a little week but they got a Clarks collab rn
Cleon Robinson (9 months ago)
What do you think about air max 98 seismic velocity dropping this week ? and the Sean wotherpoon air max 97 dropping later in March? SW 97 air are a must for me.
blown out (9 months ago)
they're called Gundams
2299mikey (9 months ago)
Cleon Robinson those things ugly as fuck
Karl Hargett (9 months ago)
Intro music always fireeee
Joe Cop (9 months ago)
You should checkout this brand called Rains. It's available on End Clothing. They make some pretty nice rain coats and wind breakers that are decently priced. I also know for a fact that they have some stuff that is marked down. I can't wait for some new spring vids too, keep it up.
Berzerker King13 (9 months ago)
Been shopping Nordstom Rack like crazy since the year began mad sales on jackets dope pick ups bro
Wavy Goods (9 months ago)
nordstrom rack the plug
Rob Olson 1 (9 months ago)
check out profound aesthetic. You may have heard of them. Maybe a little too weird for you, but they do have a lot of cool stuff.
Edy Sixx (9 months ago)
Rob Olson 1 I'm all for some Profound Aesthetics unboxing. They've been putting out fire constantly lately .
Pantera Hernández (9 months ago)
Those adidas are ugly af. Good vid though Eddie
RegularCamper808 (1 month ago)
I agree
VineCrew (9 months ago)
Bro Asf 😂
gustavo garcia (9 months ago)
Pantera Hernández Nah bruh. I fuck with them but it just depends on what ur opinion.
M.O.G (9 months ago)
Lookin forward for your up coming Collection drop. Hopefully I can stock up on some of you new gear. Stay grinding man
Anthony Zamudio (9 months ago)
I love how stussy is popping up in titles, that’s the OG shit I mess with. GOOD STUFF
Rishabh Rai (9 months ago)
Anthony Zamudio yo me too
ThatWeaboo (9 months ago)
Eddie dont shoplift. Please, it only brings trouble, please dont, no mattter the thrill, if you drop 200 on js and even more on supreme why cant you spend 29 on a pair of pants, please eddie, stop the petty crime. I'm unsubbing, dont flex about stealing and be overconfident, used to be a fan. The additional "I'm feeling good about myself"only makes it worse.
lunch box (8 months ago)
Ex-plic what I find funny is all you who thought this comment was serious come on you can smell the sarcasm in this shit don't be so stupid guys
Joey Junior (9 months ago)
ThatWeaboo You are correct... Eddie needs to go to rehab, for his kleptomania problem. He's been struggling too long with it.
Wavy Goods (9 months ago)
hahahhahahha HE WAS JOKING !!!!!!!!!!
Og Sam (9 months ago)
ThatWeaboo Trying to figure out if you're being sarcastic or you're actually serious 🤔😂
Alex Merkelz (9 months ago)
ThatWeaboo Plus this is Eddie... when has he ever worn baggy Wrangler Jeans
Jackson Cuellar (9 months ago)
Jordans are my favorite shoes
M.O.G (9 months ago)
DONT TAKE IT OFF BRO. I got a top man hoody from them and I destroyed my hoodie trying to get it off. You gotta go to the store and get it removed
PokemonIdea8 (9 months ago)
Gregory Northington (9 months ago)
TOP coat from GAP is flames. I'd add some suede elbow patches. Dope tho!!
Daayum (9 months ago)
Will I get my comment pinned before 100k?!
Eddie Win (9 months ago)
Yes, u will
NALIN SETH (9 months ago)
300 more for 100,000 Eddie 🤗🤗 !!!!!

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