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Older Women Dating Younger Guys part 1 (15.01.10) - TWStuff

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What's your view? Martin Offiah appeared on the show to promote his new book, 50 of the Best: Fifty of the Greatest Rugby League Tries of All Time. For more info, see here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905988818/dvdfevecouk-21
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Andre Cameron (1 year ago)
This may sound away but Young girls can be very shallow. And older woman is sexy as hell
Cédric B (1 year ago)
And not a single young man or an older woman was on the panel to give his point of view.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem (1 year ago)
There's relationships like those related in the video between older women and younger white men who have a bond with them and share a cultural, intellectual, racial and moral values. Then there's the affairs and "relationships" (interracial shag sessions, more like) between older #harlots and #exotic youngsters that will gladly chase to fuck anything that moves. That's a completely different kettle of fish, so to speak. The older immature taste and morality deprived bottomfeeder harlots (but for some whose level of lechery and lack of standards is so low they actually prefer a dirty shag to a relationship) in these so-called"relationships" time and time again end up disillusioned, duped, used up and discarded. They think that's bad. Worse is - they are impure and no respectable and self-respecting man young or old would want to have anything to do with them. I've been there: discarded her like a holed sock (unfortunately, found it out way too late). My advice is: choose wisely. The age difference doesn't need to be an issue (it can be beautiful), but ONLY if you are intellectually, culturally, morally, religiously and racially compatible.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem (1 year ago)
The bimbo is saying "polygamy is love"??? No wonder then that brown and black young males are so popular with bimbos: polygamy is love; intelligence and good appearance do not matter.
PaiN ExoTiC (6 months ago)
You sound hurt lol
voodoo chile (1 year ago)
I personally say it's ok in a way, once you find that " one " it just might work out. don't concentrate on sex cause it will end your beginning relationship , get to know each others ways and let'em all see that you're got something going on for the long run... that's what I did!!
Ebrima Sillah (1 year ago)
In love, age barrier doesn't matter. Humanity is most important. Love has no age
KiKi Carr (2 years ago)
Nice video .. thanks!
KiKi Carr (2 years ago)
I liked this video
tobi123 (3 years ago)
Love has no age remeber that
Jayraj Vakil (2 years ago)
All hоooot girls aare herе => https://twitter.com/b9a6d45f2e417e4ae/status/801992405775826944 Оlder Womeen Daaaating Youngеr Guуs рaааart 1 15 01 10 ТWStuff
dan taylor (4 years ago)
Bollox the real reason this is becoming more popular is men are too tired of younger women's bollox. It's running thin. Younger men are sick of younger women's talk they talk the talk but in the end they can't walk 
Joe Stewart-Paul (3 months ago)
Jerry Yawning (4 years ago)
buahahahah bitches please. The only reason why this is happening is because the jewish propaganda network aka hollywood is trying to make us believe that being with an older woman is just as profitable as being with a younger one. Genetically it`s the mistake you should definitely avoid.
Jerry Yawning (3 years ago)
+Thierry nature is different for men and women. But keep buying into the hollywoodian propaganda machine
Snarkulous (4 years ago)
62 and 19 is not even comparable to 42 and 19. Making that comparison proves the point that it's still more acceptable for older men to date younger women than the other way around.
Oracular Comet (3 years ago)
+Snarkulous I was just thinking that very same thought, when he tried to compare those two couples!
JuukezeBarbie (4 years ago)
Older men date younger women all the time so why not the same for older women dating younger guys???
Josiah Chimfutumba (1 month ago)
I also wonder
ike riley (4 years ago)
We age differently then women
chris b (4 years ago)
girls in their 20s think they are all that. older women are settled, have no hang ups and just love getting banged. im 26 and love old birds. and I think xrynm has got a some serious issues is he sees his mum as a sexual figure. that's why his kids have 6 fingers.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem (1 year ago)
chris b "just love getting banged"? "im 26 and just love old birds"? Let Me guess: you're either african or muslim. Judging by your name - am african.
JeffersonDinedAlone (4 years ago)
There are only two potentially relevant factors when the age difference is considerable; 1) having children, and, 2) knowing that partners will more than likely not be able to spend as much time together in the course of their lives. Beyond those considerations, all that should be considered is being with whom you enjoy being with.
98bigbutt (5 years ago)
But the older man and younger women relationships aren't being bashed unlike the other way around.
xdNobody (4 years ago)
+xAx PharaoH xAx it's because women have the tendency to get jealous. So they will bash on their friend for dating a young guy instead of trying to date a younger guy themselves.
xAx PharaoH xAx (4 years ago)
Ive notice women also bash other women for doing it. Guys dont do that they just joke around & be like your happy dude then keep it moving.
Demarcus Henderson (5 years ago)
Im 20 when i was 18 i had a 46 year old woman sex just was to good i don't like girls my age
Xrynm Chyle (5 years ago)
its a mommy thing, the slow and soft sex with tender loving care. the forbiden fruit children 90% of them grows up with thier mothers, and they see them as a sexual figure at a young age. but at the same time you cant touch them, but when you find someone whom you can touch.. you break that barrier and it is extrodinary. plus they do bring a stability in relationship, i dont want a young girl, imature and depending on me. guys are lazy, we want power but we are lazy. we want to be in control, but i dont wanna have to support a young female whos curves, butt, and breast arent ripe. a financialy stable older woman would ring support, and a mad love.
prickly rose (5 years ago)
Women are taking better care of themselves now in days.  A 40 year old female looks much more attractive than they did ten, twenty years ago.  So,  I understand young men being attracted to a good looking older woman than has her life and financial situation figured out, compared to a younger girl who might still be lost, somewhat immature, and not knowing where she is going. My oldest sister, who is close to fifty and not dating a younger a man (just to make that clear) has always taken good care of herself, watched her nutrition, maintained herself active, busy and working and she looks better than many girls my age.  Even though, she never goes for younger men, there are younger guys who have tried to take her on a date, some who were even pursuing a serious relationship with her, but she has always turned them down. I start to see more and more mature females that look extraordinarily attractive for their age, and it gives me hope, I must admit.
Steven Barnes (2 years ago)
+larry Hopehum women sex drive really don't kick in till she's in her 30s or up but that depends on her really
prickly rose (4 years ago)
Trust me, I'm not, afraid of aging. What's scary about this world is finding people with such a rancid, discriminating way of thinking as yours.
prickly rose (4 years ago)
Look, both men & women have insecurities. The problem is not understanding each other, but actually accepting each other. Us, women, take you men with all your flaws, financial problems included, how can there still be men, like you, who see only the age & physical part of a woman?
prickly rose (4 years ago)
prickly rose (4 years ago)
..and if you are better-than-average looking like you claim to be, don't hide behind an anonymous profile picture.
Dwight Langston (5 years ago)
Big up DILF culture too!
Gopi Nair (5 years ago)
yeah youtube clips help make it basic to pickup ugly chicks but if you want to score honeys you have to have game or you'll get shutdown have a look at the clip on PUA66.COM الأسباب الخمسة للنجاح : التركيز، التميز، التنظيم، التطوير، والتصميم!
david copperfield (5 years ago)
im a 20 years old kid and my girl is 33 :) we are fucking happy and fuck what others think . ages is just a number ... ! be happy every1 :)
Damon Dee (5 years ago)
Im 25 since I been 18 most of my girlfriends have been in their mid 20's to mid 30's
To411 U (5 years ago)
I agree with you! So how did u guys meet? I am also trying to date/ marry an older women as well! =D
Andrew Herbert (5 years ago)
3:12 Cougars don't have to rely on men...pfft, only because 90% have nicked half a house or had child payments of a poor guy.
The Libertine (5 years ago)
This isn't something cultural, certainly NOT "milf" culture or that bs that lady said about advanced tech. For us guys it's simple: LOOKS. This is what we first look for: pretty face, tits and hip to waste ratio. Nothing has changed here because it is part of our biology and evolution. The only conceivable reason I would see for a guy to sexually persue a much older woman is if she looks younger. Since plastic surgery seems to be the norm nowadays, that may be the reason for these relationships.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem (1 year ago)
The Libertine It's more complex than that, but you are partly right.
shawn legg (5 years ago)
I dateda yunger girl when i was in my 30s why is it easy f or others to call me a child molester when we was both consenting adaults. after we split up a whill longer i married a younger gal who was 16 years younger we both havea child togeather but be for we got married we had a heard time finding a preacher to marrie us he was so condasending about it why.
M.I.K.E (5 years ago)
I'm all for love, whatever the age gap maybe.
LetsTalkT (6 years ago)
K Amos!!!
Linda Casey (6 years ago)
I've been one of those people who point and make judgments about others. I'm going to stop that. People need to live their OWN lives and has nothing to do with me.
Rachel Macy (6 years ago)
Any Cougars and Sabertooths that want to tell their love story? TLC's Extreme Cougar wives is now casting! Email me for more show details [email protected]
Skeptical Desi (6 years ago)
I'm 18 year old guy and want to date a 30-40 year old women but ONLY for the sex. If it's an actual relationship than I'd only look for someone close to my age.
shantife (6 years ago)
whenever people are against age gaps it's because of jealousy, simple
smily 505 (6 years ago)
I'm 22 and I'm falling for a 30 year old lady I just don't know how to tell her we've gone out in a few dates but this past one just made it too hard not react on my emotions.
beetz15s (6 years ago)
floosy, flim, flam, folly
macrador (6 years ago)
I'm 18 and I've had something with girls that were 27and 24. Girls my age are just not that interesting.
Tamara Nair (6 years ago)
Smart woman!
Two Tone (6 years ago)
I never said ALL did I? The one I found is good to me and I wouldn't trade her for anything. In general, from what I have seen and experienced, the ones from my generation just don't cut it for me. Its a preference and everyone has their set. Live and let live.
Two Tone (6 years ago)
Who said anything about a grandmother? The age difference between me and my woman is roughly the same as Olympian's up there. Ive dated a few girls my age and it just wasn't what I was looking for is all...my generation annoys me with all of its immaturity.
Two Tone (6 years ago)
So guys who prefer older women are that way because we can't get ones out age? What a load of BS. Do people go around saying that girls who get with older men do so because they cannot get men their own age as well? Its all preference. I agree with him, because women my age get on my nerves as well. I'm past all the petty drama they bring along.
DazedConfused1969 (6 years ago)
E Boogie (6 years ago)
Based on my experience, Older women always want to throw their age in a younger man's face...I dated an older woman that said she felt like she was wrong for dating me because I was younger. I told her I'm not a fucking kid. I'm a grown man. She surely didn't think I was too young when we were having sex. We stopped talking. Then a 2 week later she calls me up at night and asked me to come over. I told her to fuck off.
Jean Van Arpel (7 years ago)
this presenter is either a completer retard or he is deliberately making a retarded point in an attempt to make his show more interesting anyone with a brain would know the diff between sam taylor wood/johnson is totally diff with ronny wood. the age diff betweent johnson/wood 23. the age diff between ronny wood and that model is 40+. in another word, the age gap is 2* in ronny case. if ronny is dating someone only 23 yrs younger, then yes, no one would bet an eyelid so shut up retard.
Grady Cofer Jr. (7 years ago)
Great discussion on this topic. I'm 38yr old guy and I wouldn't care at all about this, just as long as they are both of legal age and truly love each other. I myself have been secretly been attracted to (good looking) older women much life!!! I think most older women are more mature and intellectually stimulating as well. And they don't play stupid games and are direct. I think society needs to end the double standard against older women/younger men.
Olympian085 (7 years ago)
I'm 21 and in love with 34 yr old woman. I couldn't be any happier. Girls my age just get on my nerves
matt martn (7 years ago)
the black guys lmao slow down bra
Alexandros Saipian (7 years ago)
I am in my late twenties dating a 40 something Latina with a sick body haven't had better sex in my whole life. I used to be a minute man but now I can last all night like a champ. Not only I get a beautiful woman cooking me a fabulous dinner, interesting conversations and amazing sex to compliment it all!!! The girls in college just seem trivial compared to a real woman. There is a few problems tho such as no cursing, had to grow facial hair (I look younger than my age) and can't say yo wtf
6672rock (8 years ago)
It's a moot issue to me. If you're way older, way younger or the same age as your partner, it doesn't matter. If you're at least of legal age and love each other on the deepest level, that's what really matters.
jin37uk (8 years ago)
big up milf culture!

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