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Top 10 BEST Bands Ever (imo)

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My Top 10 best alternative bands list, what are your favorite bands? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Get my brand new album "When You Said Forever" on iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1158156923?ls=1&app=itunes MY MUSIC► http://goo.gl/c4ID4K ► Official STORE: http://www.districtlines.com/Jordan-Sweeto ► Patreon (and rewards!): https://www.patreon.com/jordansweeto ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/jordansweeto ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/JordanSweeto ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dansweeto ► Snapchat: "jordansweeto" ► Younow: http://www.younow.com/DanSweeto
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Rachael Kale (1 month ago)
My top 10 favorite bands Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Owl City Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan
Blake Boros (1 month ago)
pls expand your horizons smh The Beatles Led Zeppelin Yes Genesis Deep Purple Pink Floyd Black Sabbath Soundgarden Pearl Jam Simon & Garfunkel
diva sweet (2 months ago)
I did not know he was from Australia!
super wheels (3 months ago)
smiley face with nose (3 months ago)
Caitie Cat (3 months ago)
My top 10 would be: 10. Falling in reverse 9. Green Day 8. Palaye Royale 7. Fall Out Boy 6. Black Veil Brides/Andy Biersack 5. My Chemical Romance 4. Pierce The Veil 3. Sleeping With Sirens 2. Twenty Øne Pilots 1. Panic! At The Disco I haven't always loved these bands because most of them were together when I was younger I was born in 2004 so... Yeah 😅
StarryKitteh102 (3 months ago)
1. breathe carolina 2. owl city 3. lights 4. three days grace 5. nickasaur 6. jordan sweeto 7. blood on the dance floor 8. the birthday massacre 9. avril lavigne 10. all time low
Papaya Animations (4 months ago)
1 Panic! at the disco 2 My Chemical Romance 3 fall out boy 4 twenty øne piløts 5 I don’t know how but they found me 6 Arctic monkeys 7 Red Hot Chili Peppers 8 Queen 9 linkin Park 10 Weezer I have a bunch more but that’s just ten like Nirvana Green Day System of a Down the neighborhood Melanie Martinez all American rejects pierce the veil sticky fingers I like a bunch of rappers but I can’t list all of them
Taylor C (4 months ago)
Yaaas! I love owl city. Especially fire flies and when can i see you again.
panc trash (5 months ago)
There all my favorite rock bands sh*t
xZelcrox YT (5 months ago)
I only know 2 of those bands Fall Out Boy (FOB) Panic! At the Disco
xZelcrox YT (5 months ago)
I came here as fast as I could as soon I saw FOB
Pastel Ribbons (5 months ago)
I like Three Days Grace
Jackson Reid (6 months ago)
I love Panic!At the Disco, The Veronicas, and All time Low.
Bobbi-jo Bradford (6 months ago)
You would not believe your eyes it 10million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep
Magenta Insanity (6 months ago)
*looking through the comments* What about Set It Off? QwQ
I love all american rejects and panic at the disco! yes, i was born at the wrong time :(
Mako Chan (7 months ago)
1. mcr 2 . green day 3 . sleeping with the sirens 4 . lights and on and on and on
Akari Hp (7 months ago)
Idk much about bands tbh but my top is: Twenty one pilots (I have like a really bad obsession with them) Panic! At the disco My chemical Romance Fall out boy The neighbourhood Paramore Artic monkeys And you add Melanie Martinez but she's not a band
Jess The mong (8 months ago)
1:39 I love lemon demon Jordan!!
hana banana (8 months ago)
I like more than 1000000 youtubers/singers :o
CardinalStars (9 months ago)
Mine Are 1. Evanescence 2. Three Days Grace 3. Breaking Benjamin 4. Skillet 5. Linkin Park 6. My Darkest Days 7. Amaranthe 8. Saint Asonia 9. Epica 10. Mother Mother
Kurayami no shinigami (9 months ago)
XD yes!!!! panic at the disco one of my friends showed me because they wanted to see who knew i write sins not tragedies and number 2 the song u sang "shake it" was and still is my favourite song till this day and when i was 5 i bounced everywhere in the living room when it came on and owl city i would agree with putting them in first place especially the fact that u sang "when can i see you again" they are my childhood songs and i love them (thx for reminding me about owl city btw i forgot about them and now i know!!) and ik im late because it is now 3/10/18 for me (yes im aussie to #aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi) and this was posted on the 30th/aug/17 so thx!! and love ur music btw!! :3 X3 :D :)
why do people not licsene to mcr these day's i mean, they mite be broken up but still they should my number one :''( R.I.P mcr 2001-2013
Luna Draws (9 months ago)
YASSSSSSSSSSSS I love Panic At The Disco 💃🏽
Yia Yang (9 months ago)
My name is ted
Yia Yang (9 months ago)
Ok I love it !!!
Kamijou Kisaki (9 months ago)
1.falling in reverse 2.pierce the veil 3.sleeping with sirens 4.panic at the disco 5.owl city 6.red hot chilli peppers 7.black Veil Brides 8.my Chemical Romance 9.paramore 10.twety one pilots
btf2112 (9 months ago)
Panic! At the Disco! Is my favorite band! Gospel is my favorite! Jordan Sweeto, we are so alike!
Carmelo Guac (11 months ago)
I have been listening to Metro Station for god knows how long, my older sister used to always play that song in the car
Tala Beasley (11 months ago)
You help me to find a song I like so thanks also you are amazing
Hannah Swinehart (11 months ago)
You should listen to black veil brides they are really good.
Rosenbalm Rick (11 months ago)
Yes owl city
Sakura -chan (11 months ago)
1:panic at the disco 2:twenty one plots 3:melanie Martinez 4:Nation trap
Double Stuff (11 months ago)
Eto (11 months ago)
imo? ;-;
Majestic Emocorn (1 year ago)
Panic at the disco,The ready set,and Owl city.....OH YES
RestInPancakes x3 (1 year ago)
2:32 Jordan sings Panic at the disco....my dream was fullfiled
yOu WouLd nOt bELiEVe yOuR eYeS iF tEn MiLLiOn FiRefLiEs..
My top 10 1.my chemical romance (sorry if I trigger you) 2.all time low 3.all American rejects 4.the cab 5.sleeping with sirens 6.pierce the veil 7.panic at the disco 8.against the current 9.falling in reverse 10.bring me the horizon
Hellotail (1 year ago)
I have to end " imo" in every sentence imo
Wing Wolf (1 year ago)
1:00 "Dirty Little Secret" OH MY GOD, IT'S EVERYWHERE
special friend (1 year ago)
cough _i like all these bands_ cough
Crisa Dianne (1 year ago)
Everything he said about panic is so true
I’d go see all time low live with you
Paladinofpowerrangers (1 year ago)
:) thanks for being amazing Jordan!
Call Me Alex (1 year ago)
Imo? JoRdAn
Justin Gibson (1 year ago)
Honestly it's to hard to do a top ten cause I like so many bands, but I will try (don't judge if I don't put a band in here that you think i should, this is really hard). And I'm basing it on how many songs I have of them at the time. 10. Panic at the Disco 9. Silverstein 8. All American Rejects 7. Escape the Fate 6. Black Viel Brides 5. I Previal 4. Falling in Reverse 3. Fit for Rivals 2. Our Last Night 1. Simple Plan (1-3 are solid) (4-6 can be interchangeable) again this is hard I really like mcr, sws, ptv, secondhand serenade and many others.
Katie’s Universe (1 year ago)
Your music taste is amazing 😜❄️✨💭
icelandic propaganda (1 year ago)
My 10 favorite bands are: 1: My Chemical Romance 2: Panic! At the Disco 3: Fall out Boy 4: Twenty Øne Piløts 5: Bring me The Horizon 6: Sleeping With Sirens 7: Pierce The Veil 8: All Time Low 9: Motionless In White 10: Imagine Dragons (1 being fav of course🖤) I love you Jordan!
icelandic propaganda (1 year ago)
And as an extra: Melanie Martinez (who is actually a solo artist) and I have many other bands/musicians I love! 💗
Leo Garcia (1 year ago)
Ugh! Why do I love you so much? •~•
Amber Youngblom (1 year ago)
My top 10 bands: 1. The Fray 2. Green Day 3. Imagine Dragons 4. Owl City 5. Twenty One Pilots 6. Fallout Boy 7. Set it Off 8. All American Rejects 9. Hollywood Undead 10. Gym Class Heroes
jasmine garzon (1 year ago)
I was really expecting Johnnie Guilbert to be your #1 idk why😂
Bethany Brutal (1 year ago)
Where is MCR? :(
Crown Clown MCR (1 year ago)
1-MCR 2-BVB 3-SWS (0_0)/
just the rabbit (1 year ago)
😢😢😢😢You don't love green day(9(9((
Alexia Wood (1 year ago)
Nice choices! My favorite band is Twenty Øne Piløts to be honest~ I really love your videos and I am so inspired by you! Keep up the great work!
the author friend TM (1 year ago)
(From one to ten) Waterparks Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance All Time Low Panic! At The Disco Black Veil Brides Falling in Reverse Escape the Fate Melanie Martinez Mindless Self Indulgence
Ruth Rodríguez (1 year ago)
Fallen Angel (1 year ago)
my top 10 are : BVB BMTH PIERCE THE VEIL alesana MCR Motionless in white evanescence panic! at the disco green day linkin park
Gracie Rowley (1 year ago)
My Chemical Romance All time low Motionless in white Panic at the Disco Nirvana Kiss Imagine Dragons Bring me the horizon Black veil brides Falling in reverse Bmike Pierce the veil Fall out boy Good Charlotte We the kings Boys like girls Sleeping with sirens (+ a bunch more, but I'm too lazy to say them all)
Arlene nett (1 year ago)
The clickbait is real
Lane Games (1 year ago)
10 Switchfoot 9 Shinedown 8 Nickelback (yeah, I know) 7 Hollywood Undead 6 All-American Rejects 5 Natewantstobattle 4 Anberlin 3 RED 2 Skillet 1 Linkin Park I was really surprised to see you have All-American Rejects on your list. it seemed like everyone had forgotten about them after the "Gives You Hell" craze was over
lizeth.misib :v (1 year ago)
And sleeping with sirens??😭😖
Alice Grey (1 year ago)
I didn't thought I could like you and your channel even more until you mentioned Owl City
Marie's Wonderland (1 year ago)
2:40...................................................................................Oh my gawd XD what the heck Jordan XD.... Also the fact that you sang Lying is the most fun was great.
Isi Escobar (1 year ago)
¿Hi? . Talk spanish pls!!!!
Dattebayo !!! (1 year ago)
And i'm here like HI I LIKE ROCK MUSIC AND THE BEATLES 1.Guns n Roses 2.Nirvana 3.The Beatles 4.Black Sabbath 5.Red Hot chilli Peppers And thatz all i think Yeeeey
Top 10 favorite bands in no particular order because I can not choose Panic! At The Disco Fall Out Boy Twenty Øne Piløts Green Day My Chemical Romance Motionless In White Pierce The Veil Black Veil Brides Bring Me The Horizon Sleeping With Sirens (And many many more...)
Deanna H. (1 year ago)
I've seen 4/10 of your favorite bands live. ATL is amazing live and so is the Fray :)
Kellie Dougherty (1 year ago)
Bro mcr tho 😭
Dead Artist Fanclub (1 year ago)
isn't this a re upload?
Morgan Harris (1 year ago)
The ready set is my all time fav band :)
soft jimin (1 year ago)
this was too predictable
Zachary Albers (1 year ago)
I love PATD! and Metro Station they're the only 2 from your list in my top 10. I actually plan on going to a Metro Station concert next month It'll be my first concert, I'm excited!!!
Isabelle Ramsey (1 year ago)
Black Veil Brides My Chemical Romance Green Day Fit For Rivals The Offspring Panic! At The Disco Marilyn Manson Linkin Park Escape The Fate Set It Off Those are my top 10.
I died as a child (1 year ago)
Could be like this.. xD 1. Bring me the horizon 2. Panic! At the disco 3. Fit for rivals 4. Framing Hanley 5. Blacklisted me 6. Escape The Fate 7. Blessthefall 8. A vain attempt 9. My Chemical Romance 10. Black Veil Brides
Varun jai (1 year ago)
imo All time low is probably one of the best bands in the whole pop/punk/rock for a couple reasons. They genuinely evolved as song writers and although their songs aren't complex in its structure they have still managed to keep hints of their old style accompanied with more mature lyrics. Also as Jordan mentioned their presence has never changed they put on an entertaining show and actually make playing music seem fun. Plus, they worked their butts off from selling out small venues to headlining Reading and Leeds. Only bad part of them is I can do without some of the annoying fangirls. No hate but they deserve more attention than just that.
Mr.EduardoPro (1 year ago)
Te amo jordan 😍
k tanta wea (1 year ago)
Crown the empire Bearthoot Bangatan boys Linkin park Asking alexandria Green day Metro station ....
Savanah5676 (1 year ago)
I love all the same bands but I didn't know 2 of them😥
DaveRelph001 (1 year ago)
In no particular order, except 1 and 2: 1. Metallica 2. Motorhead 3. Saxon 4. Megadeth 5. Rammstein 6. Lamb of God 7. Dethklok 8. Strapping Young Lad 9. Pantera 10. Alice In Chains
Daniela Olivares (1 year ago)
soy la unica que habla español aqui? :"v
blood 182 (1 year ago)
Daniela Olivares nO
I love artist vs poet and 12012
Brenna Wright (1 year ago)
My top 10: Panic! at the Disco, Black Veil Brides, PVRIS, Icon For Hire, My Chemical Romance, OneRepublic, Owl City, Twenty One Pilots, BTS, and Aurora (even though she's a singer not a band but she's great)
Megan H (1 year ago)
He forgot the exclamation point in Panic! At the disco. *TRIGGERED*
Sabrina Azhar (1 year ago)
Last time i was this early (insert unoriginal comment here)
rainha do universo (1 year ago)
Teresinha Guimaraes (1 year ago)
Que Tipo de Emo é esse q n cita my chemmical romance?😕 ( mas eu ainda amo ele <3)
Viv (1 year ago)
it's so cute to see you being so passionate about something awn ♥
Adina Liberatore (1 year ago)
You're my musical soulmate 😄🤘🏻🖤
NLO Naft (1 year ago)
I love your channel,you are so cool.....and beautiful ///>~<///
ᎢoхᎥс ღ (1 year ago)
Thats a good list I give it a 8/10
Diamond Sicchitano (1 year ago)
That hat is incredible.
its raining cats (1 year ago)
"Panic!at the disco these guys"...eh Jordan you know it's just brendon now
Jill (1 year ago)
Nr 1.......Bood on the dancefloor.....jk jk
Păpușile Natașei (1 year ago)
My chem is the best
Ana Carrillo (1 year ago)
My mom just called Jordan ugly😑 she doesn't know what beauty is...
Nusrat Akter (1 year ago)
IDK any of ur fav band. Sry😅😅

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