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Are Ripped Jeans Still Cool??

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Everybody's wearing ripped jeans right now and our host William Haynes is getting to the bottom of it! What does it mean? Who’s fault is it?? Is it still cool??? ►► Trolling Democrats - Deep Dive - bit.ly/1oBeJBY Watch more videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCAdt0pw24jpW4nK9Ajc1nWg Follow William Haynes https://twitter.com/MrWilliamHaynes https://www.youtube.com/user/williamhaynestv People Be Like is a channel where we dive into everything from this weeks news to this year's culture. Stay tuned for what's to come! Find PeopleBeLike On: Twitter: http://twitter.com/sourcefed Facebook: http://on.fb.me/xQDV8M Editor: https://twitter.com/luwi12
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Text Comments (355)
AbsoluteMdot (2 months ago)
I'm so over ripped jeans and I wish they would go away.
bringoutthelegos (6 months ago)
They've been in fashion since the 90's, they need to die already
Down Wind & Dead Stick (6 months ago)
These ripped jeans look like the owner simply cannot afford nice looking jeans, so they have gone to a DUMPSTER and found these jeans. That's what it looks like. I would NEVER allow my children to wear such TRASHY looking clothes. If the parents cannot afford new jeans, that's understandable, however ANYTHING would look better that what I am seeing. Jeans slashed, ripped, GIVE THE REST OF US A BREAK. It's ugly, and demeaning to the wearer. Go to Ross, or Walmart, anywhere that sells clothes on sale, if you cannot afford nice looking clothes. My wife and I just returned, yesterday from a dance competition at the Broward College, OMNI Theater, and could not believe what we were seeing. Not only the kids were dressed like tramps, but the moms as well. Why would anyone want to be seen as a homeless person? I would bet, a real homeless person dresses better. May not be clean, but I'm sure it would look 1000% better than the average MON we say at the Broward College, OMNI theater. We will NEVER go back. Awful!!!
Josh Jackson (7 months ago)
Hell no! Why pay more for less?
tearson (10 months ago)
when i was a kid jeans just riped alot in the knees
Pratap Singh (10 months ago)
That creasy shirt though.
Eddy Bolanos (10 months ago)
People be like "People be like..." but they the people that be like.
ThatKidPJ (1 year ago)
I think that its fashionable
TazKidNoah (1 year ago)
There are expensive because of Capitalism, people r willing to WASTE money just because of their Social wealth security. We need to stop tolerating these trends as backward.....
David Conlin (1 year ago)
Ripped jeans are stupid and need to be thrown away or burned
Dell Jr (1 year ago)
In Northern Cali, shredded jeans and distressed jeans with new shoes either Nike or Jordan will catch attention.  It's eye catching and the new urban look.
pleiades and (1 year ago)
I still believe in classy clothes by Dior, Chanel, Givenchy.
pleiades and (1 year ago)
I have no respect for people who wear ripped jeans.  They are slobs and declassee.
pleiades and (1 year ago)
right back at you
Rbarnes6206 (1 year ago)
Trish Papa then you're an idiot
Zombi_ripper (1 year ago)
Zombies wear ripped Jeans... That's why I am stylish as F**K!, Baby!
KING KING (2 years ago)
Tomiwa Aina (2 years ago)
Iron your shirt Will
sadpackage (2 years ago)
i have only wore ripped jeans once
MarisolSun (2 years ago)
does anyone else remeber that Bernstein bear episode where the little bears ripped the knees of their pants si much that to many kids were falling and dif or is that just a dream?
Yobabydaddysdad (2 years ago)
sneakerheads love distressed denim like me.
Vehlune (2 years ago)
Lol Kid Cudi ain't a rapstar you silly Willy.
Ethan Kwan (2 years ago)
Well guess what? These jeans are ripped...ON PURPOSE! EDGY!!!
FishyMM (2 years ago)
I wear clothes, if they rip, they rip, but I don't by shit ripped, why? cause it's like buying a broken car, or an oven that can't go over 60 degrees Celsius
spencer (2 years ago)
I saw some snobby asshat at my school wearing Kanye's clothes. He looked actually pretty good, but then again, he looked like a merchant outta Fallout.
Shamicsha Lamb (2 years ago)
Guilty as charged I've did this trend
Tessa VB (2 years ago)
I would wear ripped jeans if I could wear them at my school fml.
I think ripped jeans shows that someone like do go out, to go to adventures and not just care if his or her clothes are dirty or something 👖they show your childish side 😉👖✂️
Burgernomics (2 years ago)
do you rip your own pop filter?
CheerUp2 (2 years ago)
Ive been liking the all black jeans with one slit rip at the knee, look at all them knees http://0.soompi.io/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/28081635/bts1.png
Soda Trash (2 years ago)
Ripped jeans are both douchey and not douchey, most people can pull them off and if you add your most badass looking boots you'll look really edgy. I wear ripped jeans with boots all the time, I get a lot of looks from people but I don't care because I have a better fashion sense than they do and they're just jealous. *Z Snap*
「Akim Lai-Fang」 (2 years ago)
Will was being ironic on the most recent TableTalk
Brian pearson (2 years ago)
i think about this every time harley takes a picture on insta
Zoro Roronoa (2 years ago)
"More conservative in their ripage"
Sipan 27 (2 years ago)
ripped jeans are fucking stupid
MrJj295 (2 years ago)
LMAO aye remember that spongebob episode when he ripped his pants
Kenneth Bowman (2 years ago)
He actually told a story about wearing ripped jeans for the first time in his podcast.
speedy9313 (2 years ago)
Didn't Sponge Bob warn us about this?
Jarethenator (2 years ago)
She won't even spare me a passing glance, all because I ripped my pants.
sera rose (2 years ago)
I like "the rip" but only for jeans
MooseKing (2 years ago)
that school looks oddly familiar...
It's Akile (2 years ago)
It's Hobo like, but it doesn't demote your humanity so meh. I would wear ripped cloths if it got some Battle history. I'm shocked you didnt mention about the ones that are cut right under your butt cheeks
J H (2 years ago)
I like these sort of videos
ChristheRandomGuyLol (2 years ago)
Wait when was this?! I go to this school. Dammit Will! Will if you ever see this have a meet up there.
Briana Herrera (2 years ago)
Amauri Tapia (2 years ago)
I wear ripped jeans because I'm too poor to afford new ones.
Draw Pretty (2 years ago)
It's an edgy look which makes rich people want to wear ripped jeans. Because they are tired of dressing like their rich to give them selves more character.
Haru Tour (2 years ago)
They are more expensive because the kids who actually sow the pants also have to create the holes which causes more time investment in 1 pants. That causes that the company cant make as much pants in one hour as they used to, which makes them a bit more expensive. The big companies have to pay a bit more, thats why they sell it for a lot more.
Sweet Mango Gaming (2 years ago)
Ripped jeans are cool but ripped shirts just seem stupid. Why is that? :/
EternallApprentace (2 years ago)
It doesn't really matter how you rip them or if you do, ripped jeans have character. I only have maybe one pair of jeans with a small hole in them on my shin: I'm no ripped jean wearer. But let me tell you bout my shoes real quick... I've got these checkered black and white canvasses, you've probably seen the type before. Got them totally dirty cleaning some bushes and shit for people where I live. I wanted to whiten them, bring them back to the quality they once were--till I stopped and thought, "What's really happened here? The pattern's still the same Function of the shoes work well And now they've got some character. 2/3, these shoes are worn in!" Same with jeans, 2/3 when you think about it right? Ironic or not, they really do add character those rips. Being edgy or having a story is just bonus, doesn't matter if you bought them or otherwise. I agree with the ppl saying it depends if it's you're style though--BUT LET'S NOT BE IGNORANT, there's a style going on there, and you could be a total tool if you act ignorant of it lol. Like why you won't catch this man (myself) in a skirt X)
Re An (2 years ago)
cause it takes time to rip them
Velouria (2 years ago)
people can wear what they want, but if I'm wearing jeans, it must be at least a little chilly, and I'm not tryna let that breeze penetrate my bottoms
Celene Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I personally would never buy ripped jeans only because I know it's a real easy diy fix and it's not my style personally. But if you buy ripped jeans because you like the style go for it.
ConfiscatedUnderwear (2 years ago)
The fact is that attractive people can wear whatever the fuck the like, cuz fashion cant hide or fix a butterface
notsosxechris (2 years ago)
Ripped jeans have never been cool and always been stupid. 90% of the time you rip other clothes, you throw them out, so why buy clothes that are already ripped? Paying more for ripped clothes is especially dumb, apply the same logic to literally any other product and why becomes obvious. You wouldn't pay more for a broken TV so why do that with clothes?
Adrian Granfelt (2 years ago)
I wouldn't buy ripped jeans or rip them on purpose, but I won't throw them away if they do get ripped with time
Vlad Cirus (2 years ago)
Wait what? :))) .... Steve did a number on innocent young Will.
Adib BehrooziTV (2 years ago)
They are cool if you kno
Omni G (2 years ago)
"I mean you do you. Who cares?" I was expecting Will to just take off his shirt...(and possibly your pants and proceed to run around the field shouting," I am me! Who cares bout others?!") Oh and to answer that girl's question...everyone who is a huge kaypoh. Usually it's those aunties who go up to you and nag on how you're dressed or some other small matters
S Klepps (2 years ago)
I think to each his own and wear whatever pants you want, but I just don't like them because the holes always grow bigger and become too ridiculous and they're just too dang expensive
cgrif81543432 (2 years ago)
As a dude, hell yes for girls wearing them, semi- douchey for guys
Yartin (2 years ago)
My legs are too hairy for that shit
Steven Friedman (2 years ago)
First time a girl touched me sexually is because she saw I had ripped jeans and put her hand in the rip and went up........
Bruno Fuentes (2 years ago)
Are wrinkled-as-hell shirts also in style Will?
Jase_LV (2 years ago)
Hey I got fashion too! My jeans are ripped too, well..... maybe it's because I've got no money to buy new ones.
Jory Porteous (2 years ago)
The Sneezing Picture (2 years ago)
If you're wearin jeans, and they get ripped, and you're all "I payed good money for these mambjambla jeans, I'm gonna keep wearin em!" then yes, ripped jeans = cool. If you walk into a clothing store and pay for ALREADY RIPPED jeans, its the same as walking into a convenience store and paying for ALREADY CHEWED gum.
Zenaida Alejo (2 years ago)
Then pay more
UltraCozy (2 years ago)
4:06 trying to rip your jeans wile wearing ripped jeans?
Amateur Wizard (2 years ago)
Leila Elrgdawy (2 years ago)
Im indifferent. Will a man that can do both
Grand Admiral Thrawn (2 years ago)
will just pulled that girl with the green backpack so hard
Chloe Bukowiec (2 years ago)
Hey, have you ever heard of an iron? Lmao I kid I still love you Also all jeans have at least three holes in them!!!!
RockyW (2 years ago)
what shoes was will wearing
Franz0on (2 years ago)
I buy regular jeans and when they are old and frayed I rip them to "extend the life" of the pants by upcycling them, so for me it's an upcycling thing to do.
Sophia And cat (2 years ago)
The first time I had ripped jeans is when I fell because Ice in the floor
TriopTrainer (2 years ago)
TriopTrainer (2 years ago)
I goud at spellen
Jimmy Chen (2 years ago)
Those shoes are pretty clean bruh. Nice Will.
Fazal828 (2 years ago)
Can you please iron your shirt? It's distracting and it isn't a look!
Ruth Bajela (2 years ago)
will looks especially handsome in this video....
Ruth Bajela (2 years ago)
I don't think I've ever worn ripped jeans but if they did rip I'd still wear them...makes it seem like I actually live life
Sem (2 years ago)
sounds like something a person who places their self worth on the clothes that they wear would do
JakeM0rt0n (2 years ago)
iron your shirt man!
derps (2 years ago)
heyyyyy Will was doing that at my campus! bruuuuuuhhhhh you missed me i was right there!! wish i was tho... :P
Terrible Human (2 years ago)
Will, I love you, but iron your shirt.
Natasha Darling (2 years ago)
Ripped jokes don't bother me, just the prices they expect you to pay for them. I'm sorry, there's less fabric there and you want me to spend more? Nah.
ash (2 years ago)
Ripped jeans take more time to make than normal ones, when they rip the jeans they tend to spend a long of time on one pair of jeans than a normal one, making holes and such stuff take a long time with a tweezer and etc,
Natasha Darling (2 years ago)
+Ethan K Sure, that's fair enough. I still don't see a point for myself, haha, but I can see that argument.
Ethan Kwan (2 years ago)
The way I see it, the rips are carefully made so high quality ripped jeans require more precision to make...
K J (2 years ago)
i hate buying jean booty shorts, fuckin $20 for 1/4 of a pair of pants my ass. i wait until the end of the summer and buy shit like that on clearance.
UmSrsly (2 years ago)
The only pair of ripped I jeans I have, I ripped after wearing the same pair almost everyday for 3 years
Flint Edge (2 years ago)
How about this I take jeans and sweaters hang them up on a fence post someplace safe shoot at them at a distance with a shotgun peppering them with pallets and I sell them for hell of lot cheaper then those rip things are selling for? Is that idea would that be cool? Gunshot clothes?
Ethan Mceachran (2 years ago)
would buy 8/8 m8
andyt2k (2 years ago)
Holes add value because people are morons
E-roc Core (2 years ago)
No one wants to be seen with Will
ImChrisNotChrist (2 years ago)
Your shirt fucked my tv up
Erica Beumel (2 years ago)
Would I spend thousands of dollars on ripped jeans? Hell no. If my jeans rip but they don't show anything private will I still wear them? Absolutely.
emperorSbraz (2 years ago)
buy cheap chinese jeans so they rip themselves.
TheeVanillaface (2 years ago)
Casper (2 years ago)
You should definitely do more college campus stuff! I laughed hella lot!
Hugh (2 years ago)
oh cmon since the 70's the ramones
LaddRusso91 (2 years ago)
I only wear ripped jeans if they rip naturally, I`m also not gonna pay extra for damaged shit. That`s just me tho`.
MintMovies (2 years ago)
I always found INTENTIONALLY ripped jeans stupid. But the stupidest thing of all is not only paying for pre-ripped jeans, but paying MORE. You a FOOL if you do that!
Jackie (2 years ago)
sijjiin (2 years ago)
Wearing a pair right now. NEVER have I bought them that way though.
Zymurgii (2 years ago)
wrinkled shirt, Will!!!
yanyan (2 years ago)
Hahaha I haven't laughed this hard since your subway in LA video on WilliamHaynesTV

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