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That's How You Can Confuse Your Math Teacher

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Bright Side is going to teach you a mathematical trick which requires no special preparation. This trick will confuse your math teacher and impress your friends. You’re going to fall in love with math after this even if you haven't been a fan of it before. TIMESTAMPS The art of Math 0:58 The trick 2:13 The trick explained 5:46 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -Albert Einstein said that “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” In Math, 2 plus 2 always equals 4. Or does it? -Be amazed as you see magic happening in front of you. You’ll see how a number picked at random turns into a number previously saved in a secret folder. -Pick any five-digit number. You take your secret five-digit number and lose the first digit, then add 2 to the last digit. Now ask one of your friends or even your teacher to give you any number. Next, your task is to name a number, which will give 9999 if you add it to the previous number. Then, again, it is your friends’ turn to pick the four digits. Once again, you name the next number. Remember it has to give us 9999 in the end. Now let us put all the numbers together. There you go – we’ve got the number it all started with. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (5435)
BRIGHT SIDE (1 month ago)
TIMESTAMPS The art of Math 0:58 The trick 2:13 The trick explained 5:46
Eiyad Taher (2 days ago)
The 9.1k unlike do not know MATH
Tashi Tobgay (3 days ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! What is this 😵😱🖕
zain ali (12 days ago)
Celia Sandersen (18 days ago)
i guesst instin
Lailah Hart (22 days ago)
Your average Gamer (13 hours ago)
Tom Munro (17 hours ago)
Maths M=Mental A=Abuse T=To H=Humans
Hardik Rathore (1 day ago)
I know this trick
I love math
gangmei john (1 day ago)
n wat bout 2+2=5 ???
Japneet Kaur (2 days ago)
I know this trick already
lance ellis (2 days ago)
bob marley is not a scientist he is a reggae artist
Kilruna (2 days ago)
unsubber for unnecessary long videdos.....
shawn cogill (2 days ago)
This has nothing to do with2+2=5
Anna Stearman (3 days ago)
w wo wow wow!
hemesh gandhi (3 days ago)
You are so talkative👎👎👎👎👎👊👊👊😑😑😑
Michael Montfort (3 days ago)
Ethan Messerole (3 days ago)
Math sucks like if you agree
CLASH WITH DP (3 days ago)
Can't understand anything
Abdurahman Sherif (4 days ago)
i did it on my teacher yesterday bro!
COLIN KIENAST (4 days ago)
You had the numbers preset
Jacob and Chloe Films (4 days ago)
AJ Nãtiøn (4 days ago)
Ok how 2+2=5
RK MENACE (4 days ago)
When you said in the beginning ‘Do you like math?’ I screamed ‘NO IM NOT ASIAN REEEEE’
Thant Zin (4 days ago)
Saira Naveed (5 days ago)
THIS IS WHY I ----- SUBBED YOU!!! answer : this is why i subbed you!!! You r the what, smartest!!!
I already knew your trick before you explained it try making it a little bit less obvious
Antlers ت (5 days ago)
DanielEthanMC (5 days ago)
Fei Iruki (6 days ago)
I didn't get it lol😂😂😂
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
And when you said 8 and 1 9999 it should mean 8+1 = 9
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
5123 = split a number in there 5+3= 8 8-1=7 7 is a luck number
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
2334 +210=2,444
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
3,456 because you count and 3+1=4 4+1=5 5+1=6 put it together 3,456
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
66 + 23=89
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (6 days ago)
7 divided by 8 = 0.875
Major Sprinkles (6 days ago)
I tricked all my math teachers i was so impressed by the way i thought it would den't work. But it did!
Brandon Warrior (6 days ago)
Stole thumbnail from #Mind Warehouse... -_-
Jamie Grimes (6 days ago)
2+2=fish just draw 2 and a 2.
CoolGuyVan (6 days ago)
2+2=4 because there’s 2 then add 2 . Like if you agree .
khaled messad (7 days ago)
i didn't picked 4182
Steven Cokell (7 days ago)
Really cool trick but how does 4+4=5
naysa sonchhatra (7 days ago)
8 is my favourite no.
Brandon Playz (7 days ago)
2+2=... 1×2 + 2×1 2+2=4 1×1=1 4+1=5 SEE
Wyatt Edwards (7 days ago)
5318008 looks neat on a LCD calculator screen held upside-down. ^Thanks all math education I have received kindergarten through college. This is truly a cognitive treasure.
AMaser Playz (7 days ago)
“This is top secret!” Imma show it on the internet
Kenneth Carroll (7 days ago)
What happened to 2+2=5?????
Ayaan Ahmed Khan (7 days ago)
I m not like math
aberash abay (7 days ago)
I need math
aberash abay (7 days ago)
aberash abay (7 days ago)
I like math
jagdeep singh (9 days ago)
what if they picked 9999 at last, then what option do u have? example:- secret no. is 24736 first i have to choose so its 4738 friend's turn 5245 i choose 4754 friend's turn 9999 what should i choose ??
Baljeet K Gandhi (9 days ago)
I love maths
Connor Crist (9 days ago)
Still don't tell me why 2+2=5
Cian doherty (9 days ago)
I don't get it? I'm 8years old,but I still like your videos! Nice job!
Mr. Fuzz fuzz Fuzzy (10 days ago)
I actually did this back at school to my math teacher....... got A+ for 2 freakin days man! Thank u so so much!
Falam Kap (10 days ago)
Nasibah Abd Razak (10 days ago)
i like 13
Matteo Del Grosso (11 days ago)
i like math
PokeVids (11 days ago)
HeyCrabman14 (11 days ago)
But you never answered how does 2+2=5 !!!
Tristan Awesome (11 days ago)
2=3 Why 2-1+2=3
Titanic (11 days ago)
After watching this video: As Baldi would say: Now it's time for everybody's favorite subject: MATH!
Yonathan's Mashups (11 days ago)
What is 2+2 is it really 5?
Dan Washington (11 days ago)
What I've learned from this is that 2+2= Clickbait.
LILITH Deven Lee 93369 (12 days ago)
Diamond KING (12 days ago)
Bright side : do u like math Me: no DEFANTLY NOTTTTTTTT T!!!!,!,!
Vicky Duran (12 days ago)
2 + 2 equals 5 because you know when you count by ones U start by one so you add a one 2 + 2 and that equals 5 so now the question is two plus two plus one equals 5
aditya Malhotra (12 days ago)
fantastic one
aditya Malhotra (12 days ago)
fantastic one
hasso husso (12 days ago)
heyy ido..2 for 2 +=22.....not 5 or 4..ok clear.? u .dont needd bla bla bla
Jasper van Linn (13 days ago)
The legend boy (13 days ago)
rosalinda hernandez (13 days ago)
I'm not good at math but I kinda get where this is going tho
Priscella Graham (13 days ago)
it don't only confused the teacher it confused me too.
Shreyas Gokhale (13 days ago)
What if a person chooses first 9999 and then 9998
Gaming Is Not A Crime (14 days ago)
I knew that the independence was signed in 1776
Brooklynn DeLaCerda (14 days ago)
omg its worked lol
Cringeking 234 (14 days ago)
I don’t get it ‘_’
Tasim Uddin Prohor (15 days ago)
I didn't understand the 9999 part??? Can anyone help me
Niko IB (15 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE Confused their teachers
Mister SAVAGE gamer (15 days ago)
is it weird that i thought of albert einstein then it was him?
Eman Almostafa (15 days ago)
my brain is hurting
OLLI lover2.0 forever (15 days ago)
1 mathematical trick=9 minuets
Seb Lyttle (15 days ago)
I get that
TSL juicy G (15 days ago)
2+2=5? I don't remember seeing that... I rewind the video btw 3:04 is correct
Oh I have a math trick! 1+1-1 =2-1 =1
What? Too obvious for you guys? Well that’s ok cos I have another trick. 123 = 1+2=3
Mohib Khan (16 days ago)
my mind is twisted like a top,
Anu mathew Anu mathew (16 days ago)
i have no idea what that was
How about Barbie
sports king7 (17 days ago)
what about the thumbnail ? #lie side
sports king7 (17 days ago)
I did not get anything
I didn't understand anything,,,,, literally "NOTHING"
Revathy Moses (17 days ago)
Boring I don't like it
Kaeli Redgewell (18 days ago)
So I tried this it totally worked. I had extra help though to make it more amazing
StickSkorpion (18 days ago)
I noticed the music is from Octodad, kinda
layla Lee (18 days ago)
On the first one to can't trick and me answer was thirty
NIWAGIRA NELSON (18 days ago)
that is a good logic. i knew it from my primary level
My Powerful Mind (18 days ago)
I works but, you didn't explain *2+2=5*
Ernie Cheng (19 days ago)
Guys I suggest u to use Adblock lol
Justin Tang (19 days ago)
The 'magic' begins in 4:55.
Jedi Mudkips (19 days ago)
What friends??

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