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How To Create an Answer File in System Image Manager (SIM) to Automate Windows Installation

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Text Comments (23)
Astro Scope (12 days ago)
Tony McNabb-Cote (1 month ago)
Thank you for your helpful video. Where in the setup do we add or set Automatic activation so it shows activated once logged in for the first time. We are using Windows Server 2012 with setup and bootimages Win10 Enterprise
Supergamer369 (1 year ago)
Can I REMOVE features using SIM?
Naamloos Persoon (1 year ago)
No, its only to make answer files for unattended installations.
Harry Marshall (1 year ago)
I'm guessing this is for automating a NEW install? The disk items you entered will surely wipe the existing install and as such is not suitable for imaging and image deployment?
lhp charm (19 days ago)
Andrew Gengler (1 year ago)
Audio Bad
Tony Clifton (2 years ago)
Thanks so much. Can you recommend a good book to learn more about this process and the whole MDT process? Thanks
Felix Vaj (2 years ago)
I didn't have that sources folder and install.wim. I wonder if it has been change?
Thanks buddy. You taught me how to make my first answer file.
lhp charm (19 days ago)
Kessel Run (3 years ago)
So how do you add applications?
Socurious (5 years ago)
for work i need to make 1 and this is my first time everything works exept add the domain that is just not working if i say ... need to be the domain name he adds that in workgroup when i run it 
Bravemen (5 years ago)
Hi, I've learned a lot of your video's. But I have a question for you. Where do I have to copy this answerfile I just created ?  
Basford Brands (4 years ago)
You link it to your wim on the WDS console thing. right click on the image you did it for then go properties, there should be an option to link an autounattend file. You might be able to do it by putting it inside the actual wim, but I'm not sure.
Rami Aboulissane (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video Sysadmin. Quick question. I loaded Install.wim with the catalogue file that comes with the Windows 7 DVD (not what you do here). I followed the steps to build the answer file but I see that when you 'Add setting to Pass 1' for the Uilanguage, i do not get to select the language from a list like you do in this video. Instead i get an empty field where I can type. Does this mean I will have to type in the values one by one and if so, is there any way i can have it from a drop down list like in the video here?
Diatomic Lion (5 years ago)
you have to type it in by youself. I had to do the same
Alessandro Veicsteinas (5 years ago)
Thank a lot. I solved the problem. I Created the file autounattend.xml correclty following step by step your tutorial, but , when i need to copy it? I have a bootable usb with win7 installation. I need to copy it in the root of the USB support?
Alessandro Veicsteinas (5 years ago)
Thank for this video very Clear :-). I'm in the step "Generating catalog file..." but the progressive bar maybe is stopped at 70%? Is normal that put a long time for create this step? p.s.: sorry for my english
turbotrauma (6 years ago)
nice video. im having an issue where the answer file pane doesn't let me edit the values... i select component and type in the field but nothing happens. any idea why? thanks
Nomaran (6 years ago)
Thanks for the help, I did this a long while back and needed to create one just recently.
Cliviliscious Theman (6 years ago)
Cheers dude, enjoyed your tutorial and will be sure to checkout your website. Cheers
Shawn Ely (6 years ago)
can you explain me why I have amd64_ wow64_ x86 file_... witch file a should use? thks

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