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PSY- Gangnam Style (강남스타일) ♥ dance cover

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Audio is a little out of sync because of youtube, sorry ;_; I tried to do my best, but this song is so hard, at the last I was very tired xD I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners.
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Text Comments (397)
deeh namkyu 남규 (7 days ago)
richie morfin (15 days ago)
I"m in love....your too good...keep it up girl. AWESOME!
Yasmine Mingoia (8 months ago)
2018 😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝
Faceclip (8 months ago)
The chic background!!!! СУПЕР)
yamileth (1 year ago)
el pasado oscuro de Mika JAJAJAJA
Turo Boum? (1 year ago)
postado em 31 de agosto de 2018 a primeira vez que venho ver 15 de janeiro de 2018
richie morfin (1 year ago)
wow, I would love for you to teach me this...you look so great and having so much fun. cause of you I will try to learn...thanks
Michael bryne II (1 year ago)
Psy would be proud.
S (1 year ago)
how many old guys fapped to this? xD
Ajay Singh (1 year ago)
very nice
Simone Lorenzon (1 year ago)
você melhorou bastante viu? por que puta que pariu dançava mal mesmo
KarolineLove (1 year ago)
No te afecta el copyright(?) 🤔🤔 Tengo esa duda... Psdta: Me encanta todos tus covers. 👌😘🙈
gaston G. (2 years ago)
love the color'f your hair.
oxeoxe (2 years ago)
estas rarisima con el pelo marron rlly
Florencia Sosa (2 years ago)
Fuaa muy bien cover ami me gusto más la parte de el minuto 1:41 cuando se quita la liga de pelo rápidamente esta muy bueno como no se sale de sincronización por esa parte
Adi drugsdoblas (2 years ago)
oooh no lo había visto!!!!
Lucia sj (2 years ago)
donde vives?
정얼룩말 (2 years ago)
even at this time excellent enough !! ~~
Le ganas a los pixelados e Alá Daniela que es chica pero le ganas a los dos
😍😍😍😍 me enamore
claudia fernandez (3 years ago)
Mika al final vas a ser famosa! <3
Nils Härtl (3 years ago)
I need you number;/
Excaliburˆˆ (3 years ago)
wow the crazy dance
animeloverxX93 (4 years ago)
Someone recommended me to watch your videos. They are good, I have no sense for dancing at all. xD Really, nice job. :)
パンダ可愛い (4 years ago)
not bad...I like it
GamerTalk (4 years ago)
I have to ask; do you choreograph this or do what comes naturally? Either way fantastic dancing:)
VidarDeux (5 years ago)
Holy shit! No sé cómo has sido capaz de transformar una canción tan...peculiar, en algo tan "omfg, no puedo parar de mirar el vídeo". Se nota en tu rostro que lo has disfrutado. Ya que estamos...HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video) P.D: Tela bailar con los tacones en ese tipo de tejado! XD
Sophia Jones (5 years ago)
Porque yo no puedo bailar asi:(
Isyaboiskinnypen15 (5 years ago)
Dayum girl you like a fuckin supermodel
Rajkumar Sharma (5 years ago)
Ok. I'm green with envy towards my brother. He has actually been alone permanently. Even so he made a swimwear model to inform him she is deeply in love with with him in under a thirty day period. How is that even thinkable? He smiled and told me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing said that to me... I don't remember ever previously seeing him so cheerful. Kind of makes me frustrated.
TheScotsmanWho (5 years ago)
he was right about the sexy lady.
Mika Teyuta (5 years ago)
What are the another language that you refer? >.< Well, it's simply: I speak portuguese because I'm brazilian, I speak spanish because I live in Spain, I speak catalan because of the place when I live here, I speak a little bit of english because almost everything on the internet is in english, and I speak a little bit of japanese because I'm studying it by myself :3
Mika Teyuta I speak arabic because i live in Iraq ! ☺
- Não Sei - (1 year ago)
Arrasaaaa BR
coelhinha gamer (1 year ago)
meu deusssss diva br
ana apii (1 year ago)
Solar Flare Studios traduz moça
ana apii (1 year ago)
Solar Flare Studios oqe ela falo?
XxEnRaGeDxGaMeRxX (5 years ago)
i took Spanish for 5 years and didnt learn a single thing. how can you remember 2 languages?
Random Senpai (5 years ago)
Speech less
Random Senpai (5 years ago)
Dabeast4800 (5 years ago)
Great performance and you're cute.
SphaxTTL (5 years ago)
Must.... keep watching... power... too STRONG
Pablo Hayem (5 years ago)
Beautifull :) and good dance :D
tedz10f (5 years ago)
kevin torres (5 years ago)
You can dance well. Nice awesome cover:)
Kelinoxx (5 years ago)
Eres española, Latinoamericana o solo sabes hablar español??
Bojana Zervanov (5 years ago)
You did everything to learn this dance :D and you got it :D It is hard i agree, but you dance it awesome :D
md saiful (5 years ago)
Right. I'm pissed. My brother lives in the opposite room and he just turned excellent at attracting ladies. The guy found the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's continually pulling chicks back and I hear it. It's gross. If only he never discovered that site. My friend is getting laid now too coz of that site.
Josue Medrano (5 years ago)
I love you
Janko Šprt (5 years ago)
Good and nice dance
FoxxTrot (5 years ago)
your really hot cant take my eyes off lol
Clorox Bleach (5 years ago)
Your talent is wasted on YouTube... You should have a job as a back up dancer or something at LEAST.
Best Guy (5 years ago)
you should do thrift shop :D
Diane Guerra (5 years ago)
You suck ? Waste of time 😂
samury101 (5 years ago)
you should do minecraft style by captainsparklez
Rodrgo Kaiser (5 years ago)
Cuantas plantas tenes en la terrasa. un comentario algo random xD
lazybee1122 (5 years ago)
Superb video. I'm here since my mate instantly became incredible with girls. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn't realize. He finally admitted it on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will get it... He is on a date today with a beautiful girl...
random person (5 years ago)
Seems to be having a bit of trouble
random person (5 years ago)
PreachersMist (5 years ago)
She can dance way better than me the. I like ur dancing :D
joseph burdette (5 years ago)
love the dancing and the outfit!
Anime9100 (5 years ago)
Lol :D You look like you're having tons of fun. :)
MonkeyStompVideos (5 years ago)
im in love lol
Mika Teyuta (5 years ago)
I don't do it with cuts because in my opinion it would not have the same merit than if I do the whole dance in one take, but thanks for the advise :3
MJYB _100 (5 years ago)
If you were so tired at the end, then why didn't you just cut scene video. Where you take a short video, then make more dancing scene short video, and just mash it up all together to make a whole gang nam style video without showing that you are tired in the video. That was how PSY did it.
Fahad M (5 years ago)
I saw you in minecraft with gamechap
stickfigure75 (5 years ago)
You make it look easy
manos402 (5 years ago)
super hot....song..nice
kalpana yadav (5 years ago)
These video clips are amazing. I stumbled upon this coz my friend started to be a lady-magnet He went from zero to hero. He acted as if it was standard for quite a while. He then smiled and told me while he was drunk on Tequila. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He is on a date right now with a beautiful girl... Lucky man!
Evan Sims (5 years ago)
good job babe
maria alves (5 years ago)
tpa4129889 (5 years ago)
這社會是不許別人穿高跟鞋就對了?智障就是智障 你爸怎麼沒把你這腦袋缺一半的智障射在牆上呢?哈哈哈哈
芝穎 (5 years ago)
Mika Teyuta (5 years ago)
Muchas graciaas x3 Sí, me gusta n.n me lo apuntaré a ver si en verano cuando tenga algo más de tiempo puedo aprendérmela :3 hahaha ¡pero si casi no se ven! XD
Litchling (5 years ago)
*A* Me encanta como bailas! Te gusta SNSD?? Me gustaria verte bailar la de Gee^^(a mi me sale fatal ;^;) y a riesgo de parecer una loca peligrosa (no lo soy!^^") me encantan tus sandalias! Ahahaha
MrRaikuM (5 years ago)
I love how u do it but it would be better if the sync were right. Darn youtube. Nice one
Kanako Saguchi (5 years ago)
I lovered it!!!!!!!! Great work :P
Fredt GT (5 years ago)
fuck you
emily cabrera (5 years ago)
oye te felicitooo eso no se niega tienes talento sigue asii :*
sherwinjtb (5 years ago)
There was a few things going on in my mind before I wanted to say it. I was curious about your age, where you live, and if you had a boyfriend. Other than that, you looked sexy and danced well. Enjoyed it. Thanks.
Leticia Batista (6 years ago)
dança bem (dance well)
justRICHTOFEN (6 years ago)
i loved it, gangnam style is my favorite song, and i thought u did quite amazing^~
I loved ^^
lordshifu (6 years ago)
you have a cute face <3 <3 <3 HEHE
Just Awesome:) I very like it and you so nice girl!
MarcidiusGames (6 years ago)
you kind of look like hyuna :)
dani jesus (6 years ago)
JUST AMAZING.. Good Job..xDD!!!
Marcin Szogi (6 years ago)
Sweet Girl <3 Best !
tri nguyenduc (6 years ago)
diet con me no nhay thay on
gtjhuang (6 years ago)
very nice. you've got talent. learning just from the youtube.
Sergey Barashyans (6 years ago)
you so good baby!
DarkShotPlays (6 years ago)
Paweł Sawicki (6 years ago)
how many languages do You speak? :o
kento mawaribuchi (6 years ago)
ehhhhhhhh! sexy lady op op op oppa gangnam style lolz
kento mawaribuchi (6 years ago)
sugoi desu ne the dancing steps was amazing and ur also very cute i luved it lol
winehousedrunk (6 years ago)
This is sooooo cute!
yo tengo 20 años y tengo mi cabello igualito que tu
te falto una pereje pero me gusta
Mika Teyuta (6 years ago)
XDDD I learned it form the original dance from PSY, Waveya modified it. By the way, "dance cover" means that what am I dancing is copy of an existent dance, so yes I copied it xD
Husam al-jehani (6 years ago)
good video at least you had fun making it :)
Pvemaster2 (6 years ago)
1:41 Hotttttt! :P
Jota De (6 years ago)
wouw q sexy!! 'O:
Nanashi Mamaki (6 years ago)
Culinary Talent. (6 years ago)
beautiful video

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