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Abstract Painting / DEMO 57 / Abstract Art / How to Paint / Painting Techniques

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Quick demo of abstract painting in acrylics. Colors: black, white, yellow deep, primary blue, burnt sienna ***** Welcome to my channel. I'm an abstract artist who loves painting with different techniques to create abstract art. This is sort of a personal challenge to paint as often as possible and create something beautiful and interesting every time I paint. I'm creating videos of each painting as I go. I hope you will enjoy them. Please SUBSCRIBE to this channel to show your support and to stay informed about new videos. Be sure to TURN ON the alarm under the little bell. [email protected] www.etsy.com/shop/RayGrimesFineArt Facebook: www.facebook.com/RayGrimesFineArt
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Text Comments (48)
NURIA MARIMOYI (27 days ago)
Ayşe Can (1 month ago)
What are your paints? I have tried with acrylic paint is drying immediately
These are acrylics
Agnes Parker (1 month ago)
Yet another masterpiece 😊
stephido (4 months ago)
TM (7 months ago)
Yup!....this one has my name on it!  Outstanding! Beautiful!
Suresh Shenoy (8 months ago)
Parabéns, muito obrigada!! Lindíssimo!!
Ray Grimes - Abstract Art (11 months ago)
Thank you :)
annick lacoste (11 months ago)
magnifique et quelle dextérité, on voit le professionnalisme et la passion pour la peinture !! merci de votre précédente réponse annick
annick lacoste (11 months ago)
bonjour, félicitations pour vos peintures , je suis en admiration !!!! lorsque vous floutez autour de votre peinture centrale, le pinceau est sec ? merci pour votre réponse annick
annick lacoste (11 months ago)
afin de s'exercer , peut-on peindre sur des feuilles de dessin a fort grammage ? La peinture c'est toujours de l'acrylique ?
Ray Grimes - Abstract Art (11 months ago)
merci, oui c'est
Sylvia (1 year ago)
When you remove the tapes...do you repaint the areas that were once covered with tape? And if so...do you cover the opposite areas to achieve that result? I don't think I've ever seen that process...but I will certainly check! Nice work, Mr.Ray. 🤗 New admirer.
Glad to have you Syliva! The paint is 100% dry before I put the tape on and there is a little retouching after I take the tape off. Thanks for watching!
Cleoneide Cleo (1 year ago)
Boa tarde , tem como adquirir um passo a passo em português? Com essa técnica de abstrato.
Obrigado, talvez no futuro.
Ingrid Aimee (1 year ago)
Always looking forward to your new videos. I'm a fan 😊
Thanks for watching
Melissa Campbell (1 year ago)
New subscriber here! Love your work! Do you let the paint dry before putting your masking tape down?
Melissa Campbell (1 year ago)
Ray Grimes - Abstract Art all your work is just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Thanks, glad to have you. The paint is completely dry when I apply the tape.
Maria Coutromanos (1 year ago)
Thank you
Zeenat Zeenat (1 year ago)
Hi Ray, How are you ? I am almost stable, day before yesterday Checked up by my Family Doctor. I am waiting for your next Demo 58. I was watching only from Artist Elsa. Take care . Thanks. Zz.
Hey Zeenat, thanks for watching
Erik Maas Art (1 year ago)
Incredible work!
Tanya Knipe (1 year ago)
I love the colors in this one. Thanks for sharing ☺ I'm glad I pressed the subscribe button & bell. I actually look forward to seeing the next project that you are going to upload.
Thanks Tanya
Zeenat Zeenat (1 year ago)
Hi. Ray. 🙏.Zz
Mohammed Jdidou (1 year ago)
liked before watching
Thanks Mohammed
Ariel Pustilnik (1 year ago)
All your works are awesome! Thanks for all your pots!
Thanks Ariel
Myriam Noel (1 year ago)
Beaucoup de nouveautés 😄😍😍sublimeeeee j’adore 👏👏🌹🌹je rêve de peindre comme vous 🌹🌹
Merci Myriam!
Priya Biswas (1 year ago)
simply wow..... u r just awesome..... I love your all d paintings....love to see this larger one......it's amazing😊😊😊
Thanks Priya, glad you like it
isa serra (1 year ago)
Muy fresco, alegre y con mucho movimiento! Wonderful!👍👍👍👍👍
Thank you!
Bart Uijterlinde (1 year ago)
Hi Ray. Love your paintings. Happy to see your latest larger ones (56-57). Thanks!
Thanks Bart!
Mona L creates (1 year ago)
As usual a great job!
Thank you Mona
Zeenat Zeenat (1 year ago)
Hi. Ray your Demo 57 look like Marble, beautiful colour combination and shades. Your speciality folding or layer with paper. Thanks, I am feeling better so, can start now. Thanks 🙏 Zz.
Thanks Zeenat. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better!

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