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Bringing 2D characters to life with Adobe Character Animator | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Character Animator tracks your facial movements, lets you record dialogue or a voice performance & enables you to trigger actions with your keyboard that give life to characters created in Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC. Learn more: http://adobe.ly/1GLHWzr and via the datasheet http://adobe.ly/1DkkU1m Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/adobecreativecloud?sub_confirmation=1 LET’S CONNECT Facebook: http://facebook.com/adobecreativecloud Twitter: http://twitter.com/creativecloud Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/adobecreativecloud/ Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world's best creative apps so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.
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Text Comments (234)
Bokang Koatja (2 months ago)
Ebrahim Mohammed (3 months ago)
Is it a one time payment or monthly to get this software
Captain Capellini (9 months ago)
If "real animators" are so scared of this application, then maybe they need to shut up and get better. What you make in this shouldn't be nearly as good as what can be made by the skilled and elite animators we have in the comment section here.
Mikhail Konstantin (1 year ago)
Hello i see that you are using this software even to make the character speaks .. do you have a 3d software makes my characters speaking too ? I know that there is one when am speaking in front of my camra so he will start speaking too !!
The Brain (1 year ago)
Move over, GoAnimate.
Burzey (1 year ago)
Is it possible to animate a dance?
ArgoBeats (1 year ago)
Please make this in 3D, maybe linked with Mixamo!
sagiepuff (1 year ago)
GoAnimate tried to make animation easy, and failed. This is just awesome though. Some crazy stuff here
sagiepuff (1 year ago)
Is there a way to just animate the mouth over a premade animation?
Brandon Blackmoor (1 year ago)
That is amazing.
Russian Bot Ulf (1 year ago)
the future of 2d animation ladys and gentlemen , trololol
Rohit Muduli (1 year ago)
How to install in Windows 10?
A 1 (1 year ago)
yooo this was awesome thank u... n everybody put the video up to 1.5 speed
Mike Sessums (2 years ago)
I just downloaded character animator and it looks awesome. I can think of several applications. I suppose you could also bring in a photo of an action figure and animate it in a 2D manner like the fish?
Ivo Gregurec (2 years ago)
R.I.P. Flash ;(
NSFW Peppa Pig (2 years ago)
This is extremely cool.
Quantay Peoples (2 years ago)
Bim Bims (2 years ago)
first Flash player, flash maker and then now, what will next happen?
Andrey Bogdanov (2 years ago)
Looks like some kind of gimmik, cool for kids and low budget shorts but I can't imagine smth. serious out of it. Adobe, why not concentrate on Animate CC instead?
Gunskill (2 years ago)
This is like the iMovie of animating. Yayyyyyyy now skilled animators are a thing of the past and every tom dick and harry can animate! CHEERS ADOBE. Thanks for making the market even more saturated than it already is.
Mostafa Garana (2 years ago)
i don't think that such software can equalize beginners and pros for example u won't get an animating job in some company cuz u know how to animate in CH cc, it takes much more.
Gunskill (2 years ago)
no course not haha not worried about that at all, I'm making the point that the easier things become for people to just pick up, the more saturated the market of 'Animators' will become and it makes it harder for animators with talent to get work or be found. Its like how instagram made everyone a photographer... Just a cynical guy i guess
Mostafa Garana (2 years ago)
i don't get it , u're upset cuz beginners now can beat ur ass up?
CosToons MSAgent (2 years ago)
1:31 LOLZ! That was so funny!
BerkayBB (2 years ago)
i lol'd there
юн хиунмин (2 years ago)
it looks like magic!!!
WaneFawesome (2 years ago)
So what do you use now that adobe character animator is gone? I was so excited and then let down once I no longer saw it in creative cloud. And Adobe tech support was no help recommending Flash which I already have....
BOSS ROSS (2 years ago)
It's still around apparently since it randomly installed on my PC when I updated some of my CC apps lol. I came here cause I had no clue what it was.
MM10 (2 years ago)
isnt adobe character animator in after effects search it up
CorporalDanLives (2 years ago)
This is garbage
Jesse Lee Ward (2 years ago)
I'm an animator, I am in love with animation, and I pour my heart and soul into is, and I know I shouldn't be so silly but this kind of thing makes me nearly cry.
NEKO_VISION (2 years ago)
Alex Amos (2 years ago)
Why not just get rid of animators entirely ?
Jack Avetisyan (2 years ago)
Hopefully one day.
AmFilms123 (2 years ago)
In a decade or 2 Adobe will attain literal magic.
Coolcid Productions (2 years ago)
Zedfinite (2 years ago)
Imagine using Let's Play videos with this. You can disguise yourself as a cartoon duck or an anime schoolgirl while ganking fools in League of Legends.
Tusenbensen (2 years ago)
It looks so easy, kinda feels like cheating
Tusenbensen (2 years ago)
Aaronlelit Have you tried it?
FreezingMega Minecraft (2 years ago)
WTF is this shit and why is this on my recommendations?
Jamie Browning (2 years ago)
Can someone here build a puppet of me to use with this software? If so how much would it cost?
Shreyash Sharma (2 years ago)
yes in about 50$, depending on your request.
FireLightning16 (2 years ago)
Before you know it there will be a program to not only bring characters to life on the computer but in real life too! Technology these days is amazing!
adj789 (3 years ago)
holy shit this is awesome
TheOtherRealms (3 years ago)
does it work when you have a huge beard and mustache?
Rita Geraghty (3 years ago)
Adobe, thank for finally removing my subscription. I have removed my previous comments.
Paul Norris (3 years ago)
This is very cool. Nextgen stuff.
lee comstock (3 years ago)
Hah, impressive. Not anything I'm going to use as Unity already has a great built in animation system and it's not like this will replace CSS animations, but very impressive for animated tv shows and stuff like that which I don't do.
RAM NAVEEN SURYA (3 years ago)
How to add audio file to the puppet to lipsync, without recording???
RAM NAVEEN SURYA (3 years ago)
+lee comstock haha
lee comstock (3 years ago)
+RAM NAVEEN SURYA Can't say I helped much lol
RAM NAVEEN SURYA (3 years ago)
+lee comstock, got it bro. Timeline>>> Compute lip sync from scene audio. Thanks
lee comstock (3 years ago)
+RAM NAVEEN SURYA You mean like a voice deformer?
Abod Islam (3 years ago)
where I can find this amazing software? pleaze ... How i can get it? thnx
Shengzhi Wang™ (3 years ago)
+Abod Islam It comes included with After Effects CC starting in 2015.
Mauricio Cebada (3 years ago)
I love it!!!, I used to be a user and follower of Flash technology but Adobe Character Animator just blew me away, I hope you have more tuts for beginners like me. THANK YOU!!!
Arnold Valden (3 years ago)
Nice work. I am purchasing cameras and microphones for my classroom.  What was the equipment you used?
ThatBugBehindYou (3 years ago)
now you too can make Monty python cartoons
Pivo Prase (3 years ago)
damn, in few yers animators will be relics of the past =(
Jorge Esparza (1 year ago)
in a few years, humans will be obsolete, so....
Andrey Bogdanov (2 years ago)
I would doubt that
XLOG (3 years ago)
Game Changer. Awesome work Adobe.
Federico R. (3 years ago)
Adobe Master Race
Vick Frank (3 years ago)
please develop an ability to create trackable sub-puppets to the main puppet
Cesare Parmiggiani (3 years ago)
I'm really confused about the creation of puppets, I can't find an exaustive explanation about the organization and name of documents and layers.
NoGamerYouKnow (2 years ago)
no probs..I havent used any animated stuff..I just do effect stuff..but I wanted to try for the fun of it..its makinf the puppet thats the wprse thing to me..lol..but thanks for insight
Cesare Parmiggiani (2 years ago)
Honestly, I used only 2015 version, and I should test the new 2017. I usually animate with After Effects. I think Ca is a very interesting software, but got some specific and technical workflow and it requires study and time to appropriately acknowledge.  I will dedicate some time to it and I will answer you more properly!
NoGamerYouKnow (2 years ago)
I did,,thanks,,Im gonna try with my own pic and see..I wonder whats better tho 2015 or 2017..I dont know if I should upgrade..Im talking adobe character animator..what do you think?..2017 better? ..easier?
Cesare Parmiggiani (2 years ago)
NoGamerYouKnow it explains how to use some Ca function... I think Ca is an experimental software, so sometimes is a little confusing, but il you are interested you could have a Look at Okay Samurai tutorials on YouTube
NoGamerYouKnow (2 years ago)
ok..what did you learn?..did you learn to bring then to life?..lol
How is this even...possible?
+Viet Nguyen Nice pun.
Viet Nguyen (3 years ago)
+HAL 9000 "hal" is this even possible
DGLcsGaming (3 years ago)
+King of Kings OpenCV Library.
CV (3 years ago)
I LOVE this. LOVE this and think that Adobe is amazing. I'm a decades long fan. More of this kind of thing please. Would love to see a MASTER Adobe program called workflow, where you could design a folder and file structure as well as an order of execution template for people to follow. Help them track the hours while in an adobe project. Using their software, let them enter a job code, sort of like Harvest. This would be great if you could get them all together, and maybe google or drop box and then, boom. You've got the part of the job quarterbacked that the average creative person doesn't do naturally, but needs desperately. If you want to be the hero of the creative professional, make it easier to use your products by handling the part that drains the most from their job. The structure. Help creatives mind the work flow and you'll help their business explode as well as their effectiveness. They'll need more CC licenses. Just a thought. Like PhotoShop, but WorkFlow. It could open itself up to user generated marketplaces with better workflow design. Just a thought.
ShadesofEverfree (3 years ago)
I'm fucking done.................This is clearly the superior software. Harry Partridge would be proud.
Edmund Wells (3 years ago)
Can character animator use imported sound for the lip sync?
Zedrin (3 years ago)
GoAnimate CC
PlayaPozition (3 years ago)
Not for nothing but i'm pretty sure somebody out there can get this technology to perform a lot smoother than this.
seniorplaza (3 years ago)
WOW! I like it
Fox Boy (3 years ago)
Wow, this looks great. I feel like I am actually watching an autistic diaperchild's mind in cartoon form.
Creatives Inside (3 years ago)
This is so awesome! Why am I late to the party? :D :D :D
Tommy Rocket (3 years ago)
Hi, Can you tell me , how do I insert image backgrounds and also how do I save a Character Animator project/scene as a movie file, such as Quicktime movie, Mp4 etc. Thanks
YOSSI COHEN (3 years ago)
Can in use a google images photo ?
rygyver videos 'ryan' (3 years ago)
Dr Matt Phillips (3 years ago)
Frank and Ollie must be rolling in their graves.  This is not animation, if you don't want to spent hours on end working on an animation then you are not an animator, it's really that simple.
BenSD (1 year ago)
"you're not allowed to make an animation unless you spend ages making one"
spongebobspongebob24 (1 year ago)
It's like saying: If you're not sewing manually, you're not a true seamstress. Sewing machine users, out!
Fastertrack (3 years ago)
The fish one has a very Aardman clay-like appearance and animation. Could be something out of Creature Comforts
Fastertrack (3 years ago)
This looks really cool. Gonna give it a try
The0ptimus (3 years ago)
Wow, this is sick, it's cool how animation technology helps to make the process easier over time. Still, I hope animation still requires enough effort on the animator's part, rather than the computer.
Lee Cooper (3 years ago)
this is genuinely fucking awful
wafflebunny (3 years ago)
....did this guy, who knows how to work a video editing program just end the video with him clicking 'stop record'.......? (._.) Oh gosh. Pet peeve of mine... (.-.)
Andy Etter (3 years ago)
We already have Facerig, guys. While there is some neat tech on display here, the hubris of saying this tool will 'bring your art to life' is downright insulting to industry professionals and fledgeling artists alike. You can make Family Guy Animator 2016 once you've made a version of Illustrator with an even-slightly-logical UI.
Jack Daniels (3 years ago)
I am amazed
Sagnik Ganguly (3 years ago)
Well, It was very useful
GemMakesVideos (3 years ago)
I dont see the point you cant render it you cant upload it so why do we need this program.     +Quick Opinion this is a embarrassing for Adobe.  I agree
David Simons (3 years ago)
+BenRoblox Actually you can render out to a sequence of PNGs and a WAV file. Next stop is usually AE, PPro, or AME.
KysonComedyKidd (3 years ago)
Thank you for the great tutorial/intro! It helped me get started and I already made my first video with the character animator. It's a music video that anyone can check out and ask questions. It was a great learning experience.
黄崧 (3 years ago)
太棒了 今天我才装的试用版 好好玩一玩 太棒了!!!
kuunami (3 years ago)
Creative people can use even the most seemingly useless tools to do great things.
David Daniel Wouters (3 years ago)
nice! BUT, it's a bit lagging on my older C2D iMac.. Any chance, Adobe'll fix that in a later, stable, retail release?
I feel bad to who worked really hard on their animations before...
I both love and hate this.
Gloria Larravide (3 years ago)
I want this :) Yo quiero esto, <3    How can I get it without Creative Cloud- I own all of the Adobe on my laptop - can I add Character Animator to my older laptop? MacBook. If you want feedback, please don't start trying to force us Mac users to dispose of our equipment, by only allowing one way to access software, reminiscent of Microsoft, no? Truly, stay true to Mac morals.
David AE Levy (3 years ago)
+Adobe Creative Cloud Please tell me you're working on limb movement via a Kinect sensor or something of the sort?????
Darvinius Berar (4 years ago)
Amazing tool guys, kudos!
Haibo Wang (4 years ago)
so you guys want to replace crazy talk animator ?I must say :Good Job!
After Effects Project (4 years ago)
cool! ))
After Effects Project (4 years ago)
coo! )
Gershon Dharmanandan (4 years ago)
When will this be released?
Gershon Dharmanandan (3 years ago)
+Jared Bornstein yh, ive got it
Jared Bornstein (3 years ago)
+Gershon Dharmanandan It comes with AE now if you purchase the CC 2015 latest version
David Simons (4 years ago)
+Gershon Dharmanandan Yep.
Gershon Dharmanandan (4 years ago)
+David Simons​ so, there will be a big update for AE and Premiere with all the unreleased stuff on this channel???
David Simons (4 years ago)
+Gershon Dharmanandan It will ship with the next After Effects CC, soon.
Hendi Putra (4 years ago)
this is soo [email protected][email protected] I guess flash animations will be no longer in used...
JJtoob (4 years ago)
+Hank and Jed Something like this can not only be very useful for animation, but you can use it for animating your BFFs "facecam" live! Though I figure you might need separate webcams and mics for each one of you, but it would be awesome as hell!
Hank and Jed (4 years ago)
We've been keeping our eye on this software. The Lip Sync is awful but the head tracking is pretty impressive. I can't wait to see more.
Scott Bower (4 years ago)
Really good for creating quick stories and interactions to help kids with autism improve communications. A level of freedom not found with some online offerings. Despite what the cool kids say.
Jim Le Fevre (4 years ago)
Technically this is very interesting and I can see that the people who made this have had a lot of fun but if somebody was lipsyncing that for me and handed me that as a result of their efforts I would unfortunately have to fire them.
Pat Mifsud (3 years ago)
+David Simons Great work so far though. Must be amazing to sit back and think of all the time you'll be saving people all over the globe from mundane vowel swapping.
David Simons (4 years ago)
+Jim Le Fevre Agreed — we’re working on the lip sync. It will be better soon.
Eli Goren (4 years ago)
Vernon Bisho (4 years ago)
This is a lot like Reallusion Crazy Talk animator 2. Ive been using that for a year or so. Its pretty good. I will like to see how well ACA integrates with the adobe suite.
Alec (4 years ago)
Adobe, I think you need real animators testing your software or reviewing concepts before making them happen. Live input never wins over frame-by-frame vector animation. That's what we want, right in After Effects.
ZBeckx (4 years ago)
Animation as an industry isn't doing so great. Now you do this. Just wait till Seth McFarland gets his hands on this. Let's not care about basic timing, basic spacing, basic weight and etc. Fuck it.
TheDoobidoob (4 years ago)
Twinnzel (4 years ago)
This will be perfect for cutting down animation time. This is like Crazy Talk on steroids.
Miguel Castillo (4 years ago)
finlaybg (4 years ago)
I think this really depends on who you're aiming this at. I can imagine allot of generalists using this eventually. I can also really see the value for this when pressed for time (I've heard stories of people having to churn out 5 minutes of animation a week on some projects!) From an artistic standpoint, and to be considered a serious tool for animators,  I think we would really need some powerful editing tools like a graph/curve editor, x sheet  etc(maybe you've already got this?) . Doing the whole live recording thing would create allot of movements to clean up.  Animation also lives in the breakdown positions (still applicable to puppet animation) and recording something can really change that (nothing will ever be as powerful as working right down to the frame I'm afraid). In terms of making  the art form available to a wider audience I must ask what do you mean by that? For students? For smaller teams or indies? I'm concerned that some people would use this and have misconception about the medium. To me the art form is already accessible to people who want to take the time to learn it. Again I can really see the potential value to it. But maybe at some point further down the line, you could give us some sort of workflow demonstration?
David Simons (4 years ago)
+finlaybg More details coming soon. We’re just getting started — the first release is a "preview", not 1.0. By wider audience, we mean two things: 1) way easier & faster to do character animation, so people without the existing skills or time can actually get it done, and 2) for those with the traditional frame-by-frame skills (which will always look better), Character Animator can be used as a real-time performance tool that triggers pre-drawn sequences. And eventually those people in group 2 can give or sell their puppets to those in group 1. That's why I think we'll be _increasing_ the market for traditional character animators. Time will tell.
PartyHatGladOS (4 years ago)
Wacky noodle arms terror edition
Vugar Naib (4 years ago)
Awecome!!! =)
Sadly, nobody should be shocked that technology like this can impact the low end job prospects for animators (yes this is not really animation but motion capture-driven animation. Same was, and is, true, for small budget photography and video production with clients getting their hands on cheap auto cameras and cell phones. In one of our specialties, drones are doing the same thing to full scale helicopter shots. But we all must evolve or die. Complaining about it won't change the facts that stuff like this is here to stay. :/
Daniel RapidFireArts (4 years ago)
this looks really cool and i think it can help alot of people who do not know how to animate to visualize their ideas in animations =) but wow the hate that comes from some users / comments really surprised me =o i mean comments like "now everybody can animate" are really stupid. if using computers and software to make your work easier shouldnt be allowed, why dont you guys go back to pen and paper and try to do everything without a computer?
Freud (4 years ago)

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