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Data merge: Setting up a data file in Excel to merge with InDesign

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This video demonstrates how to set up your data to merge with InDesign. The video also shows how to separate first and last name into 2 separate columns, and how to concatenate (or join) 2 columns of information.
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Text Comments (28)
how do you get those blue and purple cells
Nader Hamandi (10 months ago)
never thought of the name seperation :) thnx for the tips
John Marshall (11 months ago)
Data Merge is one of the greatest features EVER.
quadpit (1 year ago)
You have no idea how much time the "=CONCATENATE" formula and your video saved me in making some name badges for my reunion. I spent hours cropping images out of yearbook scans of over 700 students. I cropped and saved each student's image in a "Lastname_Firstname.tif" format and using the formula in my student name database file to pull the name from each column using this formula "=CONCATENATE(C2,"_",A2,".tif")" without quotes allowed me to almost instantly link the images and it worked. "C2" was my column for the last name "_" inserted an underscore separator like I used in the saved image files "A2" was my column for the first name ".tif" added the file extension Still tweaking it a bit and some missing images due to probable misspellings but it worked perfectly. Now I need to save this video for the next time I try this LOL!
A A (1 year ago)
really great tutorial
Ahmed El halawany (1 year ago)
please how to use data merge with photoshop
Sterling Teaches (1 year ago)
You might try saving your PSD, then open indesign, choose file then place and find your photoshop file select it then click in InDesign where you want it to be. If that doesn't work, keep searching online. Good Luck.
Ahmed El halawany (1 year ago)
but how to transfar business card psd to indsine
Ahmed El halawany (1 year ago)
Okay thanks 👍
Sterling Teaches (1 year ago)
Sorry, I've never tried that. Good luck with it.
Ahmed El halawany (1 year ago)
Thank you man but how to use it with business card please help me
Chris van Zyl (1 year ago)
Hi Stirling, Excellent! I need to develop an Illustrated Parts Catalogue using ID, any suggestions?
Jacob Poliquin (2 years ago)
when i import the csv file in Indesign it only create one data field with all the colums mixed in one....
MichaelBurtonJustice (2 years ago)
Why are you calling warnings in Excel "errors"? Excel notifying you that you can't save multiple tabs in a CSV (for example) is not an error.
MrAlmaco (2 years ago)
Thanks Sterling; all of your vids that I've watched have been excellent and really helpful.
Devonna Kretzmann (3 years ago)
For some reason I can't get my .txt file to open in Indesign.... I am trying to do the data merge and nothing happens when I click on the source file. What could I be doing wrong? I've tried saving as the other file type as well.
Martin Kilpert (3 years ago)
Very clear and concise! Thank you!
Chihyu Wu (3 years ago)
Thank you so much!!! It's is so clear and very helpful!! I like how you are very detail with things that we need to be aware of. It is very nice for people like me who do not know excel a lot.
Riaan Roetz (4 years ago)
Great tutorial, makes it easier and faster building catalogues. Thanx again.
Como debo de salvar el Excel para que mi Indesign lo pueda abrir!?
Wons Phreely (5 years ago)
Really great lesson!! thanks you! 1 question, how do i make that table show up, where i can put in the @ sign in? i cant find the field to type it into?
Shabbir Ahmed (5 years ago)
really useful - thank you
Patrick Clarkson (5 years ago)
Lei Fang (5 years ago)
My images name as Numbers, for example "Color_cohose" is 0077123. When I do =CONCATENATE(G2,".JPG"), the cell doesn't change to "0077123.jpg". The cell still appear as "=CONCATENATE(G2,".JPG")". Please tell me what did I do wrongly please?
Dave Jenkins (5 years ago)
Brandon, I believe you just use .jpg as the file name where the instructor put .psd in the excel file.
Brandon Michael Queen (5 years ago)
What if I am using the JPG photos.
just type .jpg instead of .psd

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