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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour
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Text Comments (12973)
Ahagse (6 hours ago)
1:10 *speech 100*
Michael the Metalhead (7 hours ago)
Listen my fellow boys. You need a girl with Thicc thighs
tavidermy (1 day ago)
Y'all make them wear the most ugliest dress
abigail rondon (1 day ago)
I was curious to see the difference in the amount of screen time smaller women get compared to the larger women so I sat here for like 30 mins and added it all up the larger women had a screen time of 3:42 and the smaller women of 2:00 now before you either attack me or use this as evidence understand that the way I did it was 0-8 was small and 10-28 was large and that’s just based on social standards because apparently anyone over 8 is or looks “fat” you also need to understand the difference in how many people are in the larger side compared to the smaller side is significant there are only 5 people on the smaller side and 10 people on larger side so of course they’re screen time is gonna be twice more than the smaller women because there are more women considered larger but that shouldn’t matter because all of these women are beautiful P.s if anyone is wondering about the rest of the time that is taken up by the intro and outro
Amélie Cover (1 day ago)
the larger girls are beautiful too okay?!
UWUKγUN (1 day ago)
Does anyone know molly's Instagram, or twitter? Pls
UWUKγUN (1 day ago)
Audrey is so beautiful too, i love her body shape
UWUKγUN (1 day ago)
Molly is so gorgeous, she is actually my ideal type of girl, she looks amazing
_Esmeralda_ (2 days ago)
Does anyone know babes Instagram?
Claire Rohrs (2 days ago)
I love when the Lady says I don’t want to be sideways and look nine months 😂
EMNA AYARI (2 days ago)
5:30 that's not a hijab😬😬😬
Destiny Legemah (2 days ago)
0:57 she is not 18
Grandma Kermit (2 days ago)
I know this is going to get a ton of hate but they hardly showed the skinny girls and in my opinion they were prettier. People think that we only need to be positive about bigger body types, but actually all body types need more love. We also need to stop making it seem normal to be obese. It's not normal, it's extremely unhealthy, and in my opinion not beautiful either. Not going to name names but fat does make you look older.
Kourtney W (3 days ago)
1:14 no hate but people need to stop saying thick when they mean chubby or fat. Thick isnt the same thing.
CMichelle (3 days ago)
Let’s not pretend more than two women looked good in this dress. Dress, realistically, for your figure.
Kelly Star (3 days ago)
This look like shapewear..... SUPPOSED TO GO UNDER A DRESS
The Gallant Gangster (4 days ago)
As a very thin person I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get to relate as much, as there were quite a few more heavier people than slim. "Embracing all bodytypes" doesn't mean only larger people, it means *all* bodytypes.
Valeria Montes de Oca (4 days ago)
I'm size 6, love that dress!!
Afa M Shamal (5 days ago)
I think im size 2 or 4
blossom cutie (5 days ago)
1:04 WAS SO PRETTYYYYY (not that everyone else wasn't tho)
Bella Jonhson (6 days ago)
Omg thing im fat
oma uwu (7 days ago)
Elise Xuereb (7 days ago)
Is Caroline really a size 10? I'm a bit skeptical honestly. Not to be mean, but you have to accept who you are and what you weigh and not be in denial!
Sofia Visitación (7 days ago)
Body acceptance? If we all eat as the fat girls, there will be no resources left in this planet. We have to learn to eat. And no, not all the girls have problems with the thyroid gland. Bad habits like eating much a lot than what you need, should be eliminated. Stop encouraging this. It's not even self-esteem, because if you loved yourself, you wouldn't do such a thing to your body!
BabyCatling123 (8 days ago)
When your a size 2 and you get size 3 MOM ITS TOO BIG!
Jessica Eves (8 days ago)
All the women in this are absolutely gorgeous, It's nice to hear all of their different views
DIY girl (8 days ago)
5:45 to 5:55 it’s so beautiful what you said many people need to think about themselves like that. thank u
Size 0 scares me
my comments are lit (8 days ago)
I'm size 2 too 2:11
Haruka D (9 days ago)
I’m so confused with the size
サニーSunny (9 days ago)
Is Caroline really size 10?🤔
Jorge Escudero (9 days ago)
1:24 she is gorgeous.
All of these women look absolutely stunning!
leela ammr saleem (9 days ago)
هل يوجد علاج للضعف طبيعي
Home (9 days ago)
bonny robinson-byrnes (9 days ago)
They always choose the most unflattering clothes and they never show the smaller girls
Winnie The Pooh (10 days ago)
If we're having obese girls, what about having anorexics?
Mabel Willianson (10 days ago)
3:36 is SO gorgeous. I’m in lov
Mabel Willianson (10 days ago)
Wish I was a size 2. Fashion must be so much fun
Snoozecoop™ (10 days ago)
Amberlyn Reid is size 60
Laci Kaix (12 days ago)
FAIL! And hideous.
stay gold (12 days ago)
I see a lot of lying about sizes In this video lmao @size 8 Also I'm surprised none of them talked about their thighs chaffing miserably
MR CUPC4K3 (12 days ago)
Honestly all of them are beautiful they shouldn't have to worry about people saying things or staring :(
Lenny Face (12 days ago)
The whole reason I can’t here was because I’m thin..... I’ve clearly made a mistake
John Dorosan (12 days ago)
No matter how u put it, I still find slim girl hotter and fitter
Helena (12 days ago)
So! Everyone is talking how big girls should be confident and everyone is focused on big girls, but hello there are small girls too. No one is telling us to be confident, we are getting hate for not being thick enough, being to slim, but no one cares because small girls just have it easy dont we. Like in this video, small girls didn’t get to say a thing really. Show some support for the small girls too!
MoonPies 24 (12 days ago)
Wow they all look snatched
DepressionAHO (13 days ago)
lol at 1:00 she blends into the dress
Liv Noet (13 days ago)
they’re all so gorgeous omg
eva (13 days ago)
The girls look amazing, but the dresses not so much 😂💖
Beep Beep (13 days ago)
Why are there skinny girls and fat girls but no fit girls? They're not that rare that it would involve an extensive search to find one. And it would be more inclusive all around
cam (13 days ago)
these girls are all so stunning gosh
Alim Akan (13 days ago)
Just a bunch of fatasses
F È N T Y (3 days ago)
Alim Akan size 0 is fat?
Roan thúy (13 days ago)
The 26 girl is so beautiful
Flávia F (13 days ago)
What people there are complaining are failing to notice is that there's nothing determinating in which categories each girl is, skinny, normal , overweight or obese, you are the one drawing those lines, so if you considerate normal people as fat then yeah theres not much screen time left because you are only taking in consideration a minority. You have 3 categories against 1.
Zetsuke4 (13 days ago)
Wow they are fat
F È N T Y (3 days ago)
Zetsuke4 a size 0?
Flávia F (13 days ago)
How is the size 10 girl bigger then the size 12 one.
Alexx_ 995 (12 days ago)
She is bigger than girl in 16...
Paulo Carvalho (13 days ago)
Ok why no one is talking about these people with 20+ size are literally so overweight and it's not cute by any means.
wa zapp (13 days ago)
Lots of fat bitches
Suzy Peria (13 days ago)
all women's are beautiful no matter how much size they are ,and yes you have to love every inch of your body because you are masterpiece , but i still think the care of your body is the hart of beauty ,so doing exercises will make you more confidence and powerful because you give up on your food love to your healthy body🖤🖤
The Beautiful Unicorn (13 days ago)
Size 2s? Kinda sad my size wasn’t shown more. Same for all of the smaller sizes. I get their aim to show positivity to the larger sizes, but small sizes deserve positivity too!
Jan JS (13 days ago)
0:23 Oh sheeeit
Luisa Trejo (13 days ago)
Does anyone know where they got the dress? It's cute, I want to know.
SpyCBeef (13 days ago)
4 was a 10/10
Beau Braumuller (13 days ago)
"It's (part of) my body, why would I not love it?" IS SO INSPIRING AHHH y'all go love yourself and your meat vessels have a great day to whatever gorgeous human is reading this ❤
Bia rio (13 days ago)
I guess I'd be 0
laughing lemons (13 days ago)
I'll be a size 0.00000000000000000001
Noble Wolf (14 days ago)
I really hope they washed that dress. Probably smells like deep fried fish and depression.
I feel really insecure when people say they’re size 0, it’s my fault. I just wanna be normal sized, I’m gonna try and exersice but seeing all these people saying they’re size 0 just makes me insecure.
Gabrielle Tillmon (5 days ago)
I wish my body was like the size 0, 2, 4, or 6 girls 😭😭 Edit: Also, I wish the skinnier girls got more screentime, especially the hijabi girl. Ok vid ig Another edit: Also absolutely no disrespect to the bigger girls. This is just my opinion. I hope no one takes it the wrong way.
Leah M (14 days ago)
_Skinny people are people too…_
Isabella Johnson (14 days ago)
Ima just be the opposite of fat peopel and say why is there only one skinny girl!?!
Cocoa19634 (14 days ago)
idk why but some of these sizes seem off to me? like I've seen women who are sized smaller than me but I have way less body mass and surface area than they do. idk what they're sizing in but I really need to know because I wanna be able to fit a size 8 comfortably
Phoebe idk what to put (14 days ago)
Everyone’s saying the bigger girls are all unhealthy but some skinny girls aren’t either no one is perfect! we all have flaws and we can all treat our bodies better :) if we stop judging others we will realise we will start judging ourselves less (I hate the way I look and I feel the need to change yet I look at girls with the same body type as me and think they look amazing! ) I may never be happy with myself but oh well it’s all natural! Let’s just stop publishing judgmental comments and keep our opinions to ourselves unless there is a huge concern <3 hope you enjoyed my ted talk
Alex Shuysky (14 days ago)
People are upset on how companies didn't cater to their special body size when there are options like going to tailor where you can create custom clothing that'll fit perfectly and well tailored to your body shape. Like Companies are out there to make money and they make money producing things that's basic size. Stop complaining and do more for yourself.
Mimi Cros (14 days ago)
Dress was not cute to begin with and i wish the skinny girls had more time to talk (im a big girl) but both side need equal time to talk
Jasmine V (14 days ago)
i wish i saw more of the size 0 girl, she was a sweetie
Brenda Jayden (14 days ago)
Size 8 !
Green Life (14 days ago)
0:28 size 8 0:42 size 6 both are beautiful.
why is no one talking about 1:05 she looks amazing!!
Ay (1 hour ago)
not at all
@im not ok l0l what's up with people hating fat people? that's really gross and immature.
im not ok l0l (10 days ago)
no shes doesnt lmao, none of them look good. the dress is hella unflattering
RaizanMedia what are you saying that big girls can’t be beautiful?
RaizanMedia (11 days ago)
How so? Yeah face-wise she is sort of pretty but she is massive
Bibi Ali (14 days ago)
As long as you're healthy, every size is beautiful. No matter how thin or how thick you are. 😊❤
Leens (14 days ago)
Bodycon=Body concious
ur mom (14 days ago)
these woman are all so beautiful!!! i love girls supporting girls whatever we look like!
yda (14 days ago)
I don’t like size 2
Pia Wand (14 days ago)
Georgette needs to get bigger panties - ones that are too small are not healthy
Sophie Diggins (14 days ago)
Sophie Diggins (13 days ago)
Thank you 😊
Charlie Smith (13 days ago)
Yooooo your profile pic makes you look so proud and wholesome 😂❤️
Devin Alcantara (14 days ago)
I hate things like this bc even though it shows a lot of rep for us bigger people y'all don't understand how self-conscious skinnier people get :((
darkshadopaaz (14 days ago)
I thought it was like Comicon lol
Andie German (15 days ago)
And this is another episode of.. why is this on my recomended
Dianna Mallar (15 days ago)
My question is, how can someone wear something tight like that? I would feel trapped and like I couldn't breathe. Tight, high necked, long sleeves, definitely a panic attack waiting to happen for me.
THE COIN MAN (15 days ago)
I like everyone's appearance. Everyone is beautiful.
Jenni (15 days ago)
2:11 omg wtf SHES SOO GORG
Pretty Puerto Rican410 (15 days ago)
When it comes to the fashion industry I stand with body positivity but not making overweight people a normality like it's okay to have diabetes at 25, like no. I'm not comfortable with that
Sus (15 days ago)
This dress is beau on girls who have the decency to control there weight. If you're fat you're probably ugly, that's not my fault, it's just fact
Denis Pepic (15 days ago)
I support overweight people but they should always strive to be healthier
jae writing his tweets (15 days ago)
My body size: 3 To my mom: 5 To her sisters: 20 To my brother: 396442763936393744963
Tronci (15 days ago)
Ok idgaf
lauralanthalasa7 (15 days ago)
Smaller than a zero? People scream obesity at bigger girls but say nothing when a person is smaller than zero, lmao, what a world.
Mason Bysy (14 days ago)
A lot of people are very concerned about anorexic and unhealthily thin women.
oti890 (15 days ago)
Some of them weren't thick though. They were obese which is in no way beautiful.

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