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Will 6 College Students Agree to Split $1000?

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Jubilee (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching everyone! Don't forget: GOODHUMAN store open until TONIGHT only!! https://www.goodhumanLA.com - by wearing goodhuman, you are pushing forward the values of radical empathy, thinking different, and love in action 👊❤️As always, let us know what you thought in the comments below :)
Franz Feller (3 days ago)
Hey Jubilee. First of all: Blue 100% Second of all: Idea. When a team wins with red, offer them a whole team experience. All 6 members ‘losers’ and the winning team. So the red team can trade the 1000$ price for a 1000$ experience that all participants can benefit from. I.E. A weekend stay, dinner, a trip to an area. Something like that... what do you think?
Beloved Visuals (7 days ago)
Will you reopen the collection?
Dawei Zhao (18 days ago)
You are promoting greed by giving money to the people who choose red to (I) the people who win the money and (ii) those who watch this video. Please implement a secret rule at the end where those who pick red get nothing and those who pick blue get something. You are literally playing 'God' with your own game and there are consequences for the rules YOU have implemented and picked.
Kat Embers (18 days ago)
I LOVE the addition of the personality types and zodiac signs and what not!!! Nice touch!!!
Wilmss Wilmss (21 days ago)
When will it open again it says close
Radek Večerka (33 minutes ago)
the corrent answer is always red, lets say its 50/50 on what the other team is gonna pick, then if u pick blue, its 50% ur gonna get 300 dollars and 50% that u get nothing on the other hand if u pick red, its 50% u get 1000 dollars and 50% u get nothing if i played there i would pick red and please dont say that im not an honest person or whatever, because there is a big difference between PLAYING GAMES and REAL LIVE If they had a talk between the desicion making and told the other team to pick blue, because they were also taking blue so they could all get those 300 buck and then betrayed them, then it would be another story and i would agree that that would be a dick move
Bo Bandy (2 hours ago)
I’d choose blue anytime even if I knew they were going red My self respect and dignity is worth a lot more than 3 hundred dollars
Richz Zhou (2 hours ago)
Excat same tactic police uses when they catch 2criminals
Teg Kular (5 hours ago)
I did this in AP Psych what the
David Smaruj (5 hours ago)
12/10 Chet got "No Ragrets" tattooed on his chest
Nihith Nihith (5 hours ago)
Just go and share 500 wid the other team and its a win win lol cause if both of u chose blue then you would get only a hundred dollars each, but now you'll get 166 dollars each which means u beat the system and also didn't loose your soul
Solomon Small (7 hours ago)
I want to know what team A’s is political affiliation is, when push came to shove do their actions actually agree with their claimed values.
Logan Atty (8 hours ago)
man i love my money but if i’m not working for it and it’s just a lil game i think everyone should walk away with some extra cash. When it comes to me doing a job and someone else getting a piece of my money for just sitting on their ass that’s when i get annoyed
TheHwang40 (9 hours ago)
They messed up
What are the 3rd descriptors? Example 2w3
PikaPlayer (10 hours ago)
Everyone is really pissed about the first team choosing red like dude they were already set on the "all or nothing mentality" and people are also talking about how they could have shared the money but honestly most of the people in the other team really didn't "need" the money either and It's upto the red team if they want to give "their" money since they earned it and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because you would give the money doesn't mean they have to it's like me questioning if you would give ur money to the charity and would have to sacrifice the comfortability that you live in.
Caleb Talavera (11 hours ago)
So prisioners dilemma?
DevEc (11 hours ago)
Zaq: He spells his name J E A N. What else do I need to say? Also Zaq: Z A Q
It's Sunny (11 hours ago)
Why would you ever pick blue
Justin Tran (12 hours ago)
i would have just agree to split 6 ways so everyone really eats
BizaR MeZzo (12 hours ago)
Zach is ec😂
Edwin Naranjo (13 hours ago)
lol I'm a very nice person and all for equal rights, but when it comes to competition I run people over. I would have chosen red too.
Phry3 (14 hours ago)
On a repeated set of games across time where collaboration is required the red team would lose.
seancloser (14 hours ago)
I played this game before. N it s not just 6 people. It was 50vs50 n I fought to be the leader of one side so that I could persuade them to choose red. It was brutal. My team "won" but I felt so bad. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my life. I mean, depending on how you look at this, the winner may actually be the blue team.
Margaret Xavier (15 hours ago)
I live in Anchorage:)
Smorc Savage (15 hours ago)
lol i didn't go to college in my early 20s and i make that a week after taxes. If anything this is funny to see people play a game for such little amount of money.
Hope Martinez (15 hours ago)
So many 2w3’s in this
Rashid Al-Abri (15 hours ago)
It's clickbait. They only gave out $999.99
Vineot? (15 hours ago)
this blond on the left team is the kind of people we dont need here...
Vineot? (15 hours ago)
4:10 and THIS, is exactly not happening in this game.. But for life, Karma isnt sleeping!
TE DP (16 hours ago)
Zaq spells his name with a q.. sooo..... yeah....
Jess Percival (16 hours ago)
The surprise rule should be the groups are swapped. So the ones who had good intention end up getting the money
Nature Boy (16 hours ago)
The only reason I would pick red is if I thought the other team would pick red too
Daan Vosters (17 hours ago)
That's just mean
Christian Ledesma (17 hours ago)
Zaq the type of guy that deserves free shots and drinks at the bar
Herr Hurbig (17 hours ago)
See, I would just choose blue because I don't want to rip of the other team anyway.
LeyZz & Leroc (17 hours ago)
That is why capitalism will ever win over socialism (the true one, not some so-called « communist » dictatorship).
Kaung Lwin (18 hours ago)
Lol this channel promotes good humans, yet they rewarded the red team.
Bob Bobby (18 hours ago)
The one person that did the right thing was to take the losers to dinner due to the fact that there intentions were for everyone to win... the red team won 333 dollars but left out the other team if they voted both blue everyone could have walked out with 300 each. This is how the world runs nothing ever goes as expected sometimes you take a loss but find a way around it so that loss can be regained and maybe 2 to 4 times more worth while
Princy Rawat (19 hours ago)
I dont like maisy and chet... They r justtttt wayy tooo greedy... Especially maisy.
Lucca Lourencini (19 hours ago)
I wouldn't feel comfortable going home with that money....
Your awesome (20 hours ago)
So much respect for Jean. He is the type of guy who you want to be friends with. Zaq was cool too
Gherardo La Tour (20 hours ago)
Selfish ass people on team A cmon y’all are not needed on this planet
Thomas Gray (20 hours ago)
“He spells his name J E A N and he says his name is John” 😂😂😂😂
Santoryu (20 hours ago)
Logically speaking, I would've personally always choose red. If other team wants to choose red, my team only has a choice to get $0. If other team wants to choose blue, my team has a choice to get $300 or $1,000. Obviously $1,000 is better and if we are a selfless team, that's a $166.66 split between 6 people which is better than the $100 split if both team chooses blue. The only flaw of this kind of thinking is if both team chooses red in hopes that the other team would choose blue because they would've shared the $1,000 also. But the odds of thinking the other team is willing to share is low.
Wing Hang Shih (20 hours ago)
So here is the deal. When you pick blue, you either get 300 bucks or nth. But if you go red, you either have 1000 or nth. What should you pick? The best outcome should be the red team share that 1000 to the other team so that both teams get 500!!!!!!
Seamour Butts (21 hours ago)
What about the 0.01 cents?
Jubilee you're the bee's knees. Smart youtubing.
Nico Schmitt (1 day ago)
I would have picked Blue cause it has the best reward. If other Team also Takes blue we both get 300 , if they chose red they get 1000 and may be into Splitting so every Team gets 500 , so i would have chosen blue anytime
Ana A (1 day ago)
Zaq your team should’ve won
Gwubzz (1 day ago)
But who got the last penny 🧐
MinifigureXtreme (1 day ago)
The guy with the longer hair, Zaq, sounds like Adam Sandler in Water Boy
Samuel (1 day ago)
They should have done the suprise rule red you lost because your cruel, blue gets the money either share, ir lose it all
HappyRhino (1 day ago)
I can’t believe how you could just throw another team under the bus and then be super happy and letting money rain. I get that they won the money fair and square and might need a little cash, but I just wish as a humanity would put others first sometimes and know that life is more than money. Sometimes sharing is he best option. Maybe it’s just me but this video makes me a little sad...
Garrett Thompson (1 day ago)
All I see is greed.. it’s sad.
Slippy the frog (1 day ago)
So what, did jubilee just keep that last penny for themselves?
Yelisey_24 (1 day ago)
imagine choosing blue ffs
Ana A (1 day ago)
Yelisey_24 imagine being an asshole can’t relate
Archie Murrell (1 day ago)
Why tf does everyone care about star signs nowadays lol Biggest load of mumbo jumbo out there
I like how it shows their personality types do it with more
Ninja Wolf1331 (1 day ago)
Wait but wouldn't split be 500?
Brayan Garcia (1 day ago)
Game Theory economics, anyone ?
Brayan Garcia (1 day ago)
Game Theory economics, anyone ?
red team is really shitty
Jean has filipino blood!!
ELP (1 day ago)
This is all game theory. Both teams stood to gain more if they picked red. So if both teams went for the optimal strategy, no one gets any money.
nguyen long (1 day ago)
Game theory suggests that red is a more beneficial choice 😂 i’ll go red
Zeke Smith (1 day ago)
Where is that one penny goin?
CELLION (1 day ago)
Mmmmmmm so it’s basically like the old tv show Split or steal
Panda Smash (1 day ago)
So I’m a cancer, and right when I hear him say “I’m fine with not winning anything” I was like Yup Cancer right there
Marc (1 day ago)
Aaand another nash equilibrium game...
Joey Martin (1 day ago)
You have to choose red because if the other team chooses red, then you lose no matter what
Señor Peña (1 day ago)
I understand its just a game and $1000 for someone may be a lot or may not be, but the game shows shows more of their personality and greed. Everyone on red team were assholes you can tell, expect for maybe Jean but he still was apart of that team and didn't speak up to go for blue.
Max Games (1 day ago)
Best tactic: one team chooses red, the other blue, and they split up the money. If they both pick blue, then they get 100$ per person, but with this tactic, they would have gotten 166$ per person
RoamTheWorldFilms (1 day ago)
Zaq from summer break yooo
VuXX VuXX (1 day ago)
But wait a minute... Who gets the rest 0.1 cent?
Frank McFrankson (1 day ago)
Yo WTF happened to the extra 1 cent
Matthew Lee (1 day ago)
Pick red and hope the other team picks blue. Split the money with the everyone, because $1000/6 people is more than $100 each per person. If the other team picks red, oh well🤷‍♂️
tokyo_light (1 day ago)
Thom Van rossum (2 days ago)
A holes
Have you guys seen "Golden balls" show before?
Bradley Martinez (2 days ago)
If you choose red... isnt the other team just screwed?
devilpizza123 (2 days ago)
Am I the only one that would've shared the 1000 with everyone if I knew they were losers? I mean everyone getting 166 dollars is still pretty damn good.
Abo Rajendrakumar (2 days ago)
Isnt zaq from that summer show on youtube
Thomas Utberg (2 days ago)
What if they met up after and split the money. Both teams would get $500 and therefore profit from them both choosing blue.
Jason (2 days ago)
Spelled J E A N but is John, says guy named ZaQ
Denzel Fangha (2 days ago)
5:28 get some help😂😂
Kotuku Macky (2 days ago)
Zaq talking about Jeans name being spelt Jean while his name is spelt with a Q..... ok
Jacob (2 days ago)
It's literally that spit or steal game show
Cade Øgan (2 days ago)
who got the other cent
Stanley Luong (2 days ago)
"kobe, shaq, me" lol
Sniper_Sargent_ B (2 days ago)
I interpret this as a life lesson, all the people calling the people that chose red awful are not gonna win in the game of life. You gotta take what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone emotionally or physically. It’s like a promotion at work, one person will get it, the others won’t. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Corbin Barillas (2 days ago)
Who got the last penny
brandon Mooney (2 days ago)
Well this is how I saw it, you know the left team was picking red because of the team captain(she wanted the loud outspoken people) so as the right team you will lose no matter what. Pick red no one gets money pick blue left team gets the money. A lose lose situation. Another way to look at it is you get to decide who wins left team or the host personally I would rather have the left team win since they are college students rather then the host because the host have enough spare money to give it. I don't think its about capitalist vs socialist or nice vs selfish like the comments say. More of who do u want to win.
Gabriel Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Greed... who would’ve thunk it. None of that spreading the wealth when it comes down to it
The Sukster (2 days ago)
What happened with the penny?
Jame$ (2 days ago)
they coulda all ate 🤧
Jacob Andersen (2 days ago)
I probably would have picked blue, but honestly this comment section is childish. It’s a GAME! Good for the winners! If Team B feels resentful, than their “pure intentions” were never pure. They lost. That makes them the losers. That’s how it works.
Tia Fayed (2 days ago)
shereen is queen
Eugenio Campos (2 days ago)
This game is poorly planned economicaly. In orther to make the decission harder to closen the gap. Actually blue is the wordt decision because their are 400dlrs lost on the transaction. Being fair cost 400dlrs. So the best decission is red-blue and the red team gives the 400dlrs that would have been lost. Blue gets more than they expected and red gets 600
Johnique Thomas (2 days ago)
Where that 1 cent go though?!?!?!
Reed Ragaini (2 days ago)
$333.33+$333.33+$333.33= $999.99. Who does the 1 cent go too?
Bailey Story (2 days ago)
This is clickbait they got $999.99 not $1000
Finn Daugherty (2 days ago)
Zaq definitely should have won
Malte Jedstrom (2 days ago)
They didn't account for the third party, Jubilee. If they both went for blue the third party would lose more money which is a win.

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