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100 International Brands with American Accent – American English Pronunciation

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In this video, you'll learn how the names of 100 well-known brands are pronounced in America. Hint: it could be quite different from how they are pronounced in their country of origin. You'll practice saying these words with pronunciation exercises recorded by a speech-language pathologist, specializing in accent modification. Quick Links: • Cars and SUVs: 1:21 • Fashion: 3:53 • Food and Drinks: 5:51 • Technology: 7:34 Related Videos: ► 100 Halloween Words with American Accent - American English Pronunciation https://goo.gl/hpVikb ► Names of 50 US States with American Accent - American English Pronunciation https://goo.gl/hmKijE ► 100 English Homophones with American Accent https://goo.gl/FxE5Jv ► Top 200 Most Common English Words with American Accent: Part 1 https://goo.gl/SAroN6 ► Top 200 Most Common English Words with American Accent: Part 2 https://goo.gl/oPhjy4 [THIS VIDEO HAS ENGLISH, CHINESE, JAPANESE, AND VIETNAMESE SUBTITLES] Hello there! This is the "Sounds American" channel. In this video, we'll learn how to pronounce the names of 100 well-known international brands. On our channel, we always teach you to correctly pronounce words with a General American accent. We also show you common pronunciation mistakes made by non-native English speakers. This time we're going to do something that may seem to be quite the opposite. We'll teach you how the names of 100 international brands are pronounced in America. And it could be quite different from how they are pronounced in their country of origin. BTW, there's even a term for this in linguistics. It's called "Anglicization." This is when foreign words are changed to make them easier to pronounce, spell or understand in English. Actually, in our case it would be "Americanization," but that's a different concept :). Anyway, we want to help you be understood by Americans. [Pronunciation exercise ] This is how we’re going to do that. You’ll see the name of a brand on the screen and hear its pronunciation. Like this. You’ll have a few seconds to pronounce the word. Make sure you do it, this is the most important part of this lesson. Let’s begin! 1:21 – – Cars and SUVs 1:46 – Acura 1:52 – Audi 1:56 – BMW 2:01 – Buick 2:06 – Cadillac 2:10 – Chevrolet 2:15 – Chrysler 2:20 – Dodge 2:24 – Ford 2:29 – GMC 2:34 – Honda 2:38 – Hyundai 2:43 – Infiniti 2:48 – Jaguar 2:52 – Jeep 2:57 – Kia 3:01 – Land Rover 3:06 – Lexus 3:11 – Lincoln 3:15 – Mazda 3:20 – Mercedes-Benz 3:25 – Mitsubishi 3:30 – Nissan 3:35 – Porsche 3:39 – Subaru 3:44 – Toyota 3:48 – Volkswagen 3:53 –– Fashion 3:58 – Adidas 4:02 – Armani 4:07 – Burberry 4:12 – Calvin Klein 4:17 – Christian Dior 4:22 – Columbia 4:26 – Converse 4:31 – GAP 4:35 – Gucci 4:40 – H&M 4:45 – Levi's 4:49 – Louis Vuitton 4:54 – Nike 4:59 – OLD NAVY 5:03 – Pandora 5:08 – Polo Ralph Lauren 5:14 – Prada 5:18 – PUMA 5:22 – Reebok 5:27 – Timberland 5:32 – Tommy Hilfiger 5:37 – Under Armour 5:41 – Victoria's Secret 5:46 – Zara 5:51 –– Food and Drinks 5:56 – Cadbury 6:01 – Campbell's 6:05 – Coca-Cola 6:10 – Dr. Pepper 6:15 – Dunkin Donuts 6:20 – Heinz 6:25 – Hershey's 6:29 – Kinder 6:34 – Lay's 6:38 – Mars 6:43 – Mountain Dew 6:48 – Nestlé 6:52 – Nutella 6:57 – Oreo 7:02 – Pepsi 7:06 – Red Bull 7:11 – Reese's 7:16 – Starbucks 7:20 – Trident 7:25 – Wrigley's 7:29 – Yoplait 7:34 –– Technology 7:39 – Adobe 7:43 – Alibaba 7:48 – Amazon 7:53 – Apple 7:57 – Canon 8:02 – Dell 8:06 – eBay 8:11 – Facebook 8:15 – Google 8:20 – Hewlett Packard 8:25 – Huawei 8:29 – IBM 8:34 – Intel 8:39 – Microsoft 8:44 – NETFLIX 8:48 – Nikon 8:53 – Nintendo 8:58 – Nokia 9:03 – Oracle 9:07 – Panasonic 9:12 – Paypal 9:17 – Philips 9:21 – Qualcomm 9:26 – Samsung 9:31 – Sony 9:36 – Toshiba 9:40 – Uber 9:45 – Verizon 9:50 – Youtube You’re done! Congratulations! Are there any brand names that sound different in your language? Let us know in the comments! Click Like if you like this video. Stay tuned on our Sounds American channel!
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Text Comments (57)
马骏 (21 days ago)
哇 这个真的很有用,非常感谢您的付出。可以做一个美国人最常见的姓氏名字的视频吗 ?真的很期待!!
Asuncion Diez Arce (2 months ago)
Thanks you,so much.
Sounds American (2 months ago)
+Asuncion Diez Arce You're welcome!
Абек Нарынов (5 months ago)
In Russian BMW souds like "BMV" and Nike like "Naik"
Sounds American (5 months ago)
+Абек Нарынов 👍👋
khaled ahmed (6 months ago)
i wanna you're app
Sounds American (6 months ago)
+khaled ahmed  We're glad, but we haven't released it publicly yet. We're working to make it happen soon and will announce the release here on this channel. Stay tuned!
Vaithy M (7 months ago)
Very useful information
Sounds American (7 months ago)
+Vaithy M  Glad to hear that!
Adir Ferreira (8 months ago)
Samsung sounds like "sun soongee" in Brazilian Portuguese. Netflix is "Netchyfleeks". =)
Sounds American (8 months ago)
+Adir Ferreira  Good to know! Thanks!😊👋
Josue V (9 months ago)
I love this video thank you sharing it!!. For those who might read my comment I would like to add a couple of brands that are important too, such as: Pantene /Paen tin/ Canon /kaenon/ and McDonald /Mec donald/
Sounds American (9 months ago)
+Josue V Glad you liked the video, thank you for the additional names.
KrissRho (10 months ago)
Was new for Russian: Huawei, Verizon,
Sounds American (10 months ago)
+KrissRho Right. That's why we made this video. 😊👋
gblue12 (11 months ago)
Nestlé is commonly pronounced as (nest-lay) here in the Philippines 🙂
Sounds American (11 months ago)
Rachel Baek (1 year ago)
You forgot to include 'BeBe'. One of the brands most people pronounce incorrectly.
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Rachel Baek , there are many brands we didn't include since we decided to list only 100 of them :)>
hifijohn (1 year ago)
so GMC is pronounced G-M-C , who would have thought??
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+hifijohn , yes, it may sound obvious, but some non-native speakers subconsciously pronounce this abbreviation with the letters from their native alphabet. And it's always useful to practice, isn't it?
Tui2 ratdecha (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Camilo Andrés (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this video. Sometimes it's very difficult to get the pronunciation just by listening.
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Camillus Andrew , yes, absolutely. That's why we focus on explanations so much :).
Camilo Andrés (1 year ago)
Sounds American By the way, the majority of the sounds in English don't exist in other languages, so we can't recognize them in speech if we don't even know how to make them. That's the reason why this channel is so useful for us.
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Camillus Andrew , you're welcome! We'd say, it's impossible to get the pronunciation just by listening. The only way to learn it is by listening and repeating. This way we teach our ear to hear the sound correctly and our speech organs to reproduce it.
Emmanuel Gomes (1 year ago)
La aplicacion esta para android?
ED (1 year ago)
No Lenovo nor Motorola?
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+ED, if we added those two that would've made it 103 brand names 😁😉👋
LAN NGUYEN (1 year ago)
When people speak English as second language, which tools do researchers use to measure the extents to which speakers' speech is accented (or how foreign their accents are)?
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+LAN NGUYEN , great question :). Do you mean researchers in the academic world or in practical applications? Like, for example, how speech pathologist measure the accents?
Top Kek (1 year ago)
Thanks! Спасибо :)
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+A Man Всегда изволь! 😉😊
John jones (1 year ago)
Hi. Great job. Did you make a video about "ai" sound like liar? What is the difference between "lawyer" and "liar" when it comes to pronunciation?
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+John jones ,  Hello there. Thank you! Great timing, we're making the video about the /aɪ/ diphthong right now and we'll try to post it during the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!😁🖖
Daniel Castañeda (1 year ago)
Currently I'm studying English and your videos always help me! Thanks for helping me! By the way I wonder if you have an app? If you have an app I would like to download it!! Greetings from Guatemala!!!!
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Daniel Castañeda , glad to hear that our videos are so helpful! There will be more, so stay tuned :). We do have an app, but it's not publicly available yet. We're working on getting it ready for release and it'll happen soon! We'll announce the release here on this channel, so make sure you're subscribed to receive a notification :).
ImJustOne Reyes (1 year ago)
4:39 Gucci gang Gucci gang
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+ImJustOne Reyes , 😁👋
Mike Marca (1 year ago)
Here in Mexico those brands are well known and their pronounciation do not change so much.
Mike Marca (1 year ago)
Here in Mexico all those are well, some of them not, but I live closed to the Texas border and the pronounciation is almost the same.
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Mike Marca, great, makes it easier to practice your pronunciation :).
Luis Manuel Baez (1 year ago)
Amazon, Neflix , Samsung Acura almost all them in my native language sound different , thanks! God bless you and God bless America.
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Luis Manuel Baez, glad it was useful!
bandana banana (1 year ago)
This app is gonna be free?
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+bandana banana, there will always be a free version.
mike v (1 year ago)
jayne kim (1 year ago)
Anglicization! That's an interesting word.😄
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+jaye , we liked it too! :)
Toan Tuna (1 year ago)
Samsung pronouncing sounds like sam song
Nghĩa trần Văn (6 months ago)
Toan Tuna gcgvvcccxc and the rest to r the same thing but b vv v to be able too many times you have a great way of life is a dfxdd
Toan Tuna (1 year ago)
Quite surprised about Adidas,Mercedes, Toyota
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Toan Tuna , 😁👋
Majed Mohammed (1 year ago)
When will this app be ready to use
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Krzysztof Szymański, Well, it's not like we don't want to. Actually, we'd be happy to release it ASAP. We just need to get one cool feature 100% ready and it makes the entire team extremely busy. We hope you'll like it, eventually.
Krzysztof Szymański (1 year ago)
I think that We have been waiting since millenium. Come on. Just relase it heh ..
Sounds American (1 year ago)
+Majid Mohamod , when our developers say so :). Soon! Stay tuned!👋🖖

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