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Text Comments (1357)
DEVMAR 3815 (3 days ago)
I think you should buy a belt
Rhebhecz QB (7 days ago)
beautiful shoes
Justin Mayer (1 month ago)
Try to count how many times Richie slaps his jeans
You Mad? (1 month ago)
do another one of these denim videos. Denim is the coolest fabric/clothing. Its the only kind of clothing that gets cooler the older it gets (of course the quality denim, cheap denim dont last very long)
Shadow God (1 month ago)
If I didn't have such long legs I wouldn't have to save up so much money. I wear 30 waist 36 length
Broma Nevarez (1 month ago)
he got fake jordans
Nite_Colby (1 month ago)
how do you get those stacks with your ones
Wolf (1 month ago)
Wait does light distressed denim refer to the color or to the distressing or both?
Luke Deneson (1 month ago)
Holy he has a high voice
Xanielton .: (3 months ago)
Black denims always have that weird smell tho haha . Anyone here still rock Sean John, akademiks or some of those bape jeans that came out in the early 2000s that where hella baggy with the ape on the back pockets ??
Christopher webb (3 months ago)
Why don’t he ever put links
Genophese (3 months ago)
damn this dudes voice sounds weird from back then
760 Rydah (4 months ago)
Ripped Jeans are stupid asf.. cant stand seeing ppl wear ripped jeans...
GoldWolf23 (4 months ago)
I have raw x jeans
Ira CAYADO (4 months ago)
I have a Triple black NMD xr1 and I'm a having hard time which pair of jeans to pair with it. Any help? Thank you!
Wil Berry (4 months ago)
what is model on those G-star light distressed denim?
Tocani Leal (4 months ago)
This fool dresses like a fucken lame
J Tee (4 months ago)
i grew up in a time when girls wore tight pants and dude wore loose fit pants wtf is this skinny jean bullshit dudes be walking around looking like fags with skinny fit pants but i understand transgenderism and homosexuality is pop culture these days so i guess their clothes will be as well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😆😆😆😧😧😧😬😁😂😂😂😄😄😅😅😆😆😉
silver samurai (4 months ago)
Bro he sounds way different in 2018
Brian Perry (5 months ago)
Those pants baggy asf😂
Kates2x (5 months ago)
WEEKLY SNEAKER ROTATION #1 🔥🤟🏽https://youtu.be/mMM2_G0EvW8
Begoszikos Fifika (5 months ago)
So luck he has those j's man
CHRIS THE RAPPER CTR (5 months ago)
He is killing the pants he hit the pair of pants like 50 times in 30 seconds
Joshu R. (5 months ago)
We should get an update on your fav jeans
zecheriah vassar (5 months ago)
what are the jeans with tight ankle so they dont flop over shoes?
Cuddle plumfish (5 months ago)
Pacsun is another good place to buy distressed denim
o (5 months ago)
dumb fashion slaves
Jerry __ (6 months ago)
Slim or skinny
Stance Lover (6 months ago)
501 levi
Isaac Millan (6 months ago)
I like your bathing ape shirt. It looks really nice with the jeans and sneakers
Josef Paul Yorro (6 months ago)
Selvedge/selvage, not salvage. That said, great vid bruv. 👍🏽
Andrei Blanca (6 months ago)
$30 is cheap for Richie.... mang
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (6 months ago)
I like Nudies, naked and famous. G-Star is nice to.
jay E (6 months ago)
Shrimp 🦐
SGT. York (7 months ago)
Levi’s an’t cheap you little piss ant. They been around sense 1853. Better then your 200 jeans with the cut out holes that some dumb reject singer wears!
Michael Chan (7 months ago)
Do you still sag your pants? Would you be able to give tips on how to better style it? Thanks.
Julien Johnson (7 months ago)
How yall feel about oldnavy jeans specifically the athletic catagory, i feel they fit good, their not baggy loose enough round the waist so you can breath, try some u might like them
ivan ibarra (7 months ago)
Bro levis are like 100 dollars that’s not cheap
big_greedy glo74 (8 months ago)
True religion how u wear them with Jordans 10 I'm back?
William B (8 months ago)
All of those jeans look like ass. I don't care what is in. I care about what looks and feels good.
Gravecb7 Accord (8 months ago)
Gay Swagfaggot trend good thing I dress early 2000's OG Baggy clothes never on that female tight pants wearing fruitloop trend I wear men clothes not girls pants real G's don't rock tight pants we stay Baggy
vassili87 (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tips, wish I knew you before I ruined my all white Vans! xD
JUGG JUAN (8 months ago)
Bruhh your voice changed from 2016 to 2018
Atay Rustamov (9 months ago)
Small Asian😏
Bryan Ramirez (9 months ago)
0:30 it looks like he took a shit in his pants
Isaac Reyna (9 months ago)
Where can I get them G-star jeans & the nudies from?
Delipa565 (9 months ago)
How do u do the stacking/bending at the bottom of your jeans
Time Is my Enemy (10 months ago)
Pull your pants up
Danielcoolswag12 (10 months ago)
love black jeans almost only thing i wear
Alberto Marquez (10 months ago)
why dafuq do u only wear skinnys man
Marco (6 months ago)
Alberto Marquez You cant wear baggy jeans with nice shoes.
Trawlay (10 months ago)
Regular to relaxed tapered fit from Levis or carhartt are the best
PHCareThresh (10 months ago)
i have a nike dart X1 what jeans is fit for that shoe its color black and white
Edwin Arii (10 months ago)
im tryna look for cheap joggers anyone got store suggestions?
11:3 west (10 months ago)
Im from the westcoast i keep it shrink to fit raw denim even tho the levis brand do come stiff and maybe a stress wear specially if you walk aloy throughout your day but damn they go perfect with white and navy blue rebook club c's
daddy Isaac (10 months ago)
Why you sleeping on Levi’s thoo
Tyler Campbell (10 months ago)
Does anyone know what the first pair of g star jeans are called?
Tyler Campbell (10 months ago)
I can’t find them on the website
Kevin Juice (10 months ago)
True Religion Or Levi
*RedEyeXL* (10 months ago)
Dis nigga be saying cheap but my broke ass be saying hell naw that aint cheap
mr. wobbles (11 months ago)
Levi is pretty good
Lil Luna (11 months ago)
aye richie where can get denim for youth or 14 year old
t (11 months ago)
Gstar raw is the best
Cameron Kryte (11 months ago)
Pull your pants up bruh your not black and it don’t look good at all , good video though lol
any man that wears leg hugging skinny jeans is not a man in my book
Kryptonite (11 months ago)
Why Nude is for nudie
Bryan (11 months ago)
What are the fits like slim straight slim regular
Christian Reyes (11 months ago)
why do you sound like a lamb?
Augie Sandoval (11 months ago)
Your literally the god of destressed clothing
Lukas Seifriedsberger (11 months ago)
Can anybody give me the link to the First g-Star Jeans i like this Jeans so much!!!!!
Nick (11 months ago)
My favorite jeans are the Levis 512 Slim Taper i swear they were made for sneaker heads!
Deana Barrett (11 months ago)
Go To The google search And Type: *Couponsecrx* It is literally the purely working free nike coupons working these days. Please do not waste your entire time in other specific coupon codes
Get On My Fucking Level (11 months ago)
no 501 Levi’s ? Smh . You can’t go wrong with Levi’s
Adal Me (11 months ago)
*makes a whole video about jeans* *still tries to show off his sneakers*
racingstripes103 (11 months ago)
levi 511 all day
Daniel Veksler (11 months ago)
whats your thoughts on MNML?
David Conlin (1 year ago)
Why do we need to wear ripped jean I like normal jeans no rip I wear all black
Jax (1 year ago)
LOL all these jeans are garbage
Chanmann77G (1 year ago)
I like my Greyish whit levies with a Blake rvca shirt with high top vans
William Bentley (1 year ago)
Go Levi's or go home.
Vic Caye (1 year ago)
I lost 4:23 minutes of my life , for you video of shit.
Joshua Rollins (1 year ago)
Oswaldo Esparza (1 year ago)
The raw salvage denim look like 501 Levi’s
BEST AND WORST 4s (1 year ago)
Coolest dude
Eric Cantu (1 year ago)
Kind of expensive my ass lmao
Sp4nkz _ (1 year ago)
fuck sneakers boots for the win
Jaenon Fernandez (1 year ago)
U look like an alien!!!
Michael lynn (1 year ago)
I live in Texas so I have no pants /jeans you never need pants or jeans ever in Texas
19TΓΦ68 J-Spot (1 year ago)
$30 ain't cheap here in PH. Haha
Coolvids 11 (1 year ago)
Great vid, bro You should do Joggers with sneakers next
Cheek Destroyer (1 year ago)
Do they look good with hirachis?
Cheek Destroyer (11 months ago)
I meant that
WAVE 2 (1 year ago)
Dat Boi Huaraches*
THE DUDE (1 year ago)
Pull up your pants fagit
THE DUDE (1 year ago)
He can’t name anything celebrity that isn’t black or a rapper
MikeWavy (1 year ago)
what are your favprote sneakers of all time
len boi (1 year ago)
Where are you from my boy... You need to learn more
ik (1 year ago)
i like the number 22 plus im drunk love you richie
brandin zambrano (1 year ago)
Levi’s ain’t cheap their slim fit jeans are $60+ which is a lot for jeans but mostly they’re raw
adeeb sharief (1 year ago)
levis 11s cost 80 dollars in canada so they would be considered med tier. But excellent quality.
Guidonis Morilloni (1 year ago)
you are a cuties
GANGSTA (1 year ago)
Michael Igcalinos (1 year ago)
Richie where do you buy your caps?
Why Utripping (1 year ago)
Levi’s is the Best Buy. Will last you forever.

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