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PSY - DADDY (Dance Practice)

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CR : https://twitter.com/psy_oppa
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Ponchik J (6 days ago)
huy pham gia (8 days ago)
El rincón de Tobias (9 days ago)
El rincón de Tobias (9 days ago)
박남규 (10 days ago)
ShinShu Kakas (12 days ago)
#pubg cover dance in game please
ying ying (20 days ago)
Love it's nice dance
Haru Ru (24 days ago)
Fuck.. I fell in love with all these people and I don't know if I'm straight or lesbian anymore.. Maybe I'm bisexual? I mean I'm sure I'm not pedo..
Angelique Guadălupý (29 days ago)
Oh my Good i Love psy 😉
Famec 2017 (1 month ago)
One like for PSY🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Nobody Important (1 month ago)
I could only imagine what a day hanging around PSY in Korea woukd be like! Everywhere he goes, people must just go nuts seeing him. I was told it was like that for friends of Robbin Williams.
Nobody Important (1 month ago)
How can PSY work out thag hard and still be so plump! He needs to cut back on the Kimshi.....
Eagle _B3ast (1 month ago)
Make this a fortnite dance
Jhhgfggch should
Daian Ackman (1 month ago)
Lenda do kpop Psy cara amo partiu dança até eu cansar mas louco que eu só o meu pai 😎👏✌
rainbou rubby (2 months ago)
Жду 5 Эпизод (2 months ago)
1:19 если бы этак скакал мой класс, было бы весьма звучно.
Xatzios (2 months ago)
Na Sooyun (2 months ago)
I feel like, some yg boybands... Have so many female backup dancers...?
min swaeg (2 months ago)
Psy has the weirdest dance steps but it still cool and he is the kpop legend
jeohan🌺 (2 months ago)
Ben Salandanan (2 months ago)
Here is the start of the main moves at 1:18
Epic_wafflegaming (2 months ago)
I got it from my daddy
彩夏 (2 months ago)
so sexy...💕
Akira Chan (2 months ago)
Atleaste ik where they got the daddy mmd from xD
Sino Si Mar? (2 months ago)
damn yg has very good dancer we cant even dance to they're dance practices they are hard as hell
Charles Ordinario (2 months ago)
Is that PSY? LIKE this if you agree
tien le (2 months ago)
william shinobi (2 months ago)
queria saber dançar,mas infelizmente n sei dançar porra nenhuma ksksks
TAYLOR SWIFT (2 months ago)
El meior pys
G Andrade (2 months ago)
If you were to show aliens our form of dancing, I wonder if they would be amazed
DN thegood7 (2 months ago)
Should learn this dance haha
Kalei Hammersley (2 months ago)
0:50 Yea ill take that with some fries
Sabbath Garcia (2 months ago)
CD SIEMA (3 months ago)
hi everyone, only want to ask for something, can some of you check my last electronic song? i put a lot of effort on it...really sorry for the spam, thank you everyone :)
junguwux (3 months ago)
amo a este señor :'v
蕭先生 (3 months ago)
szonja urbanics (3 months ago)
I'm surprised that these dance moves were actually used in just dance...
psy is so wierd but I love him
Joachim Sölva (3 months ago)
Thought provoking. Well done i like the details
xXItz SamXx (3 months ago)
Why does this song always.. Make me laugh my ass off?xD
devil artist (3 months ago)
You may not notice but in the ridm they use the gentleman step
ninja ninja (3 months ago)
You ar 👉👉👉😎
Game Legends (3 months ago)
Капец он ебашит, весьма приятно изумило что чел выкладывается на 150%
TÍA LIA TV (3 months ago)
El calzón de Jiminie :3 (3 months ago)
io bailé esa coreografía en el colegio :V xdxd
Su Ami (3 months ago)
theonefrancis (3 months ago)
Life goals: learn this dance.
Vivian Lima (3 months ago)
Gwhqh yajiqka jjwvfa nskoqkar 😺😸
Кир Морозов (3 months ago)
1:51 is this bboom bboom??
2NE1 NOLZA (3 months ago)
Naurah silverQueen (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 Girls So cute
stephenie lungan (3 months ago)
their dance so great... i was really amazed 😮
Matthew Schwer (3 months ago)
See you people kill the wrong people when I wait
Matthew Schwer (3 months ago)
Please lighten up on the drugs you people get people killed cause investors freak. You stop being freaks investors
Matthew Schwer (3 months ago)
AnimeMan (3 months ago)
Poluchilos GOVNO znaeah
AnimeMan (3 months ago)
alexa saravia (4 months ago)
Alguien ?
alexa saravia (4 months ago)
Teesha Jones (4 months ago)
엠일리 (4 months ago)
I like you very much thankyou.
Uhum hm (4 months ago)
Ai gente, eu amo ele
BLACKPINK_ rose (4 months ago)
marília (4 months ago)
PSY é tão fofinho Socorro (eu tenho problemas)
우퍼Woofer병우 (4 months ago)
Leidy Soler (4 months ago)
Gaelarmyboy (4 months ago)
me encanta el paso del estribillo xD
dyllen1907 (4 months ago)
I don't know why the dance moves are so catchy!
multifandom trashh (4 months ago)
Really McCrayCray (4 months ago)
I watched waiting for someone to accidentally hit another with how they are so cramped in that room but no one got hit by a rogue flailing limb . . . Impressive
이소영 (5 months ago)
Jesusa Leyson (5 months ago)
At first i didn't know psy is on yg ent. So this proof that yg family is really amazing they got blackpink,psy,bigbang,ikon,even 2ne1 in old generation and winner this is very shocking
Lynx Epic of WildCraft (5 months ago)
I love this dance and I love song
Lourine Antiga (5 months ago)
Ball Pen (5 months ago)
the kpop
Sarada Chan (5 months ago)
When un men de 40 años baila mejor que tu :"v
Jim Gaddio (5 months ago)
One of my top 100 videos on YouTube. Amazing
Lemon aids (5 months ago)
Couldn't keep my eyes off the one in the purple bra
ILOVELISA M (5 months ago)
Did PSY left YG?
TV MURA (5 months ago)
Phương Hồng (5 months ago)
Hello My heri
Name girl's dance😍
Sol Navarrete (5 months ago)
Angie aponte (5 months ago)
Wait PSY is from YG. Same as Blackpink and BigBang. Damn. I had no idea.😂😂😂wth
Cony (5 months ago)
Precious Lanieshie25 (5 months ago)
PSy Niples in the end is Bigger Than Mine✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Do Comeback Daddy Please 🙏🙏🙏
동트 (5 months ago)
PSY 노래도 좋고, 기분도 좋아지고 좋죠~^^ I like it~^^
이재무 (6 months ago)
What am I doing, rewachting this at 4 am...
Izaaa Yoongi (6 months ago)
YO ViViO (6 months ago)
I fucking love this song! This dance is awesome too!
chocolate and coffee (6 months ago)
I wanted CL dancing in this video. Nevermind, i think that PSY is a great dancer, so..
Fifty Riyani (6 months ago)
Wow...i cant stop smiling...really like it❤❤
Taes Gucciflipflops (6 months ago)
When Gangnam style came out, I started to listen to him without even knowing it was kpop😂now I’m a huge fan of kpop😂😂
林建良 (6 months ago)
*where'd you get that body from* me: food...
living for jichu (6 months ago)
everything looks very fun damn
Fortnite Master (6 months ago)
whats the girl with the purple top name

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