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PSY - DADDY (Dance Practice)

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CR : https://twitter.com/psy_oppa
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Text Comments (3108)
psy is so wierd but I love him
Joachim Sölva (1 day ago)
Thought provoking. Well done i like the details
Xx_Aqua Moon_xX (4 days ago)
Why does this song always.. Make me laugh my ass off?xD
devil artist (5 days ago)
You may not notice but in the ridm they use the gentleman step
game boy (5 days ago)
You ar 👉👉👉😎
Cyber citizen (7 days ago)
Капец он ебашит, весьма приятно изумило что чел выкладывается на 150%
TÍA LIA TV (8 days ago)
io bailé esa coreografía en el colegio :V xdxd
Park Jimin (9 days ago)
theonefrancis (12 days ago)
Life goals: learn this dance.
Vivian Lima (12 days ago)
Gwhqh yajiqka jjwvfa nskoqkar 😺😸
Кир Морозов (12 days ago)
1:51 is this bboom bboom??
2NE1 NOLZA (13 days ago)
リンクの伝説 (15 days ago)
Naurah silverQueen (17 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 Girls So cute
stephenie lungan (17 days ago)
their dance so great... i was really amazed 😮
Matthew Schwer (18 days ago)
See you people kill the wrong people when I wait
Matthew Schwer (18 days ago)
Please lighten up on the drugs you people get people killed cause investors freak. You stop being freaks investors
Matthew Schwer (18 days ago)
AnimeMan (19 days ago)
Poluchilos GOVNO znaeah
AnimeMan (19 days ago)
alexa saravia (21 days ago)
Alguien ?
alexa saravia (21 days ago)
Teesha Jones (25 days ago)
Emily Catlett (29 days ago)
I like you very much thankyou.
Uhum hm (1 month ago)
Ai gente, eu amo ele
ana (1 month ago)
PSY é tão fofinho Socorro (eu tenho problemas)
우퍼Woofer병우 (1 month ago)
Leidy Soler (1 month ago)
Gaelarmyboy (1 month ago)
me encanta el paso del estribillo xD
dyllen1907 (1 month ago)
I don't know why the dance moves are so catchy!
multifandom trashh (1 month ago)
Mikayla Marthiens (1 month ago)
I watched waiting for someone to accidentally hit another with how they are so cramped in that room but no one got hit by a rogue flailing limb . . . Impressive
이소영 (1 month ago)
Jesusa Leyson (1 month ago)
At first i didn't know psy is on yg ent. So this proof that yg family is really amazing they got blackpink,psy,bigbang,ikon,even 2ne1 in old generation and winner this is very shocking
Lynx Epic of WildCraft (1 month ago)
I love this dance and I love song
Lourine Antiga (1 month ago)
Ball Pen (2 months ago)
the kpop
Sarada Chan (2 months ago)
When un men de 40 años baila mejor que tu :"v
Jim Gaddio (2 months ago)
One of my top 100 videos on YouTube. Amazing
Lemon aids (2 months ago)
Couldn't keep my eyes off the one in the purple bra
ILOVELISA M (2 months ago)
Did PSY left YG?
TV MURA (2 months ago)
Phương Hồng (2 months ago)
Hello My heri
Name girl's dance😍
Sol Navarrete (2 months ago)
Angie aponte (2 months ago)
Wait PSY is from YG. Same as Blackpink and BigBang. Damn. I had no idea.😂😂😂wth
Cony ARMY (2 months ago)
Precious Lanieshie25 (2 months ago)
PSy Niples in the end is Bigger Than Mine✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Do Comeback Daddy Please 🙏🙏🙏
동트 (2 months ago)
PSY 노래도 좋고, 기분도 좋아지고 좋죠~^^ I like it~^^
이재무 (2 months ago)
What am I doing, rewachting this at 4 am...
Izaaa Yoongi (2 months ago)
YO ViViO (2 months ago)
I fucking love this song! This dance is awesome too!
chocolate and coffee (2 months ago)
I wanted CL dancing in this video. Nevermind, i think that PSY is a great dancer, so..
Fifty Riyani (2 months ago)
Wow...i cant stop smiling...really like it❤❤
Taes Gucciflipflops (2 months ago)
When Gangnam style came out, I started to listen to him without even knowing it was kpop😂now I’m a huge fan of kpop😂😂
MS_娜亞•神 (3 months ago)
And that’s Tea (3 months ago)
*where'd you get that body from* me: food...
living for jichu (3 months ago)
everything looks very fun damn
Fortnite Master (3 months ago)
whats the girl with the purple top name
Fortnite Master (3 months ago)
0:47 the girl with the purple top twerked
ptthunder (3 months ago)
You guys are incredible. Much thanx for your dedication and hard work, and for how much happiness you all bring into the world. No.1. #PSY #YGDancers. [Coming to Korea next year, from Canada, just to watch your performances.] <3<3<3
lauren mcduffie (3 months ago)
Kie So (3 months ago)
Vn điểm danh nào
Kie So (3 months ago)
Vn điểm danh nào
강주성 (3 months ago)
최혜진누나 맨처음후렴 손 틀리셨다 헤헿
HiTechOilCo (3 months ago)
The lady dancers in Psy's music videos are great! They look sexy, but they look sexy with class and don't look slutty*! They look sexy with *pride as a woman and this gives these ladies *power*! Absolutely fantastic ladies, every single one of them!
Nishant kalyan (1 month ago)
Absolutely correct PSY and his team doing really good hardwork flawless and yes the background dancers are the best they dance perform and dress up so well everytime.
stuart menzies (3 months ago)
Awesome job guys!
Amphai Soksatd (4 months ago)
Wulan Disastra (4 months ago)
Is that mania jungha right there?
Felipe pinzon (4 months ago)
Cj Nicolas (4 months ago)
my 1 samsung headset is broken and small hear broke
ZulaBear (4 months ago)
Im surprised her shirt didnt fall from her waist
Kira KotaKun (4 months ago)
BTS Guardian Angel (4 months ago)
I wanna BTS cover this dance and the song! And New face hahaha!!!!!!
TEAM TRICKS (4 months ago)
The guys in the background Question Into what are you looking at
Spanda (4 months ago)
This channel is dead ;(
Billie is cool (4 months ago)
Why is he in socks ? Lol
Al13n1nV8D3R (4 months ago)
At 3:23 they did the Gentleman song dance move in the back row. I lol so hard. That was a good easter egg.
Al13n1nV8D3R (4 months ago)
Wow, That was awesome. South Korea has the best dancers! Shout out from America!
카츄피 (4 months ago)
흥구기 동생 어딧노
Curiosity News (5 months ago)
Hi, i am Liz and i make an action against PSY singer and youtube in the court in Paris.PSY's biggest videos are based on my private life and a big part of my works commercialized as his genius talent.My lawyers were in contact with youtube so they know a fact and for years.They just keep silence to rise a money.PSY's music was always bad an he never dance in his life so he cannot create chorreographys.He is know by Korean justice for drug trafficking and convicted for it in 2001.Actually PSY is gone from YG Enter.To view more go on my youtube video and read a description.Thank you to share it.To listen to my singel go on my twitter https://twitter.com/francecomliza
megit (5 months ago)
Imagine if one of the dancers was from big bang/ winner/ iKon/ Blackpink.
Cơm Tấm ARMY (5 months ago)
century2i (5 months ago)
who is she on the left white t-shirt and whit black shorts? so pretty
Emmanuel Sixtos (5 months ago)
SunkenChaos (5 months ago)
0:34 I thought it was "My dream was PS4"
Shirly Yang (5 months ago)
Love PSY's song but I still think "new face" is better
donuts1227 (5 months ago)
Psy is daddy of ALL KPOP, BTS cant even compare lmao
Phillip E. (5 months ago)
1:17 would be a perfect new fortnite dance. Like if u agree.
Eleonora Ceriola (5 months ago)
Why am I seeing this now?!😂 If this didn't win best dance then what is life
chris tine (5 months ago)
wow so nice psy is the best wooooooooow
Minotaur M (5 months ago)
I love you guys and girls amazing work. Keep up the good work ❤️
Ansat023 (5 months ago)
Aff kkkk, me foda não
Eric kaming (5 months ago)
2018 still support
Music Element (6 months ago)
Казахстан великолепен
Abdi Kece (6 months ago)

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