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Swift 4 Tutorial : Show PopOver with TableView from Scratch (Source file link in description)

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Show PopUp Window in Swift 4 1. Create a new Project in Xcode (Single View App) 2. Add a button(btn1) to ViewController 3. Create a new CocoaTouchClass from File :- New :- File :- Cocoa Touch Class and name it as PopOverViewController.swift 4. Add a new ViewController to storyboard and link it to PopOverViewController.swift and add a reference to it from 'btn1' (Present as Popover) 5. Insert a View in the new View Controller and add a Table View , UIButton and Table View Cell to it 6. Don't forget to add identifier 'cell' to table view cell 7. Create a new Swift File from File :- New :- File :- Swift File and name it as Shared.swift 8. Go to the below link and copy the respective lines of code to their particular file names https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qmf47zt7mVOtPpfiJN7zOl_Bd3XTvsL5Nco1SoC8c-c/edit?usp=sharing 9. Link all the buttons and views as shown in this video 10. Run and Enjoy :-) Post your queries in the comment section... Thank You Subscribe for more such videos...:)
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Graham Fraser (28 days ago)
Hi I have a problem when I run the simulator When I select the city the app crashes ... all other buttons and pop over works ... only problem is the crash after I select the city Any help much appreciated
Anna Nikiforova (3 days ago)
Just figured out the problem In the Identity inspector section give a "ViewController" Storyboard ID to your View Controller
TimKan12 (8 months ago)
Add some audio commentary...
Rezwan Islam (9 months ago)
Martin Schneider (1 year ago)
very good tutorial... Thx!!
TechKnow Art (1 year ago)
Welcome :-)
TechKnow Art (1 year ago)
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