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Why older women love younger guys

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Why do older women +cougars love younger guys? Find out in this exciting video with +cougarexpert Lucia and me. We talk about spontaneity, willingness to get help, caring about appearance, and of course the sex. Find Lucia on social media as +cougarexpert and go to http://www.thecougarclub.co Sign up for my fan club to get weekly newsletters for great info & giveaways. http://eepurl.com/jli2T Have you heard my podcast, "Sex Talk With My Mom" which I cohost with Cam Poter, my son?Click:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/s... My book, "A Cougar's Guide To Getting Your Ass Back Out There" is available for purchase. Click here to get YOUR copy http://bit.ly/1J2puAO Welcome to the KarenLee Poter Show! Sign up for my fun & inspiring fan club: http://www.karenleepotershow.com. I'm so excited that you're coming on this journey with me. You'll get to experience life through my eyes and gain the wisdom of my experience as a CONFIDENT, OLDER, UNIQUE, GENUINE, ASSERTIVE & RACY WOMAN - yep a COUGAR. I interview guests from all over the world about sex, dating, love & EVERYTHING in-between. Want to see more? Subscribe to my channel so you won't miss an episode. I air new videos Wednesdays & Saturdays. As a member of my fan club, you'll get to get my fantastic newsletter: http://eepurl.com/jli2T MY BOOK: http://bit.ly/1J2puAO MY WEBSITE: http://www.karenleepoter.com YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/karenlee... TWITTER : https://twitter.com/KarenLeePoter FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thekarenleep... Lelo Adult Toys: http://lip.go2cloud.org/SH2T INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/karenleepoter/ Apply to FullScreen by following this link: http://apply.fullscreen.net/?ref=kare... Note: This is a sponsored video for Fullscreen Inc Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (278)
San Philip (5 days ago)
No sound what a hell is that
Amo a la mujer madura y entre mas lo sea mejor alguna para charlar tengo 35 soy del estado.mx me encantaría tener a una madurita wats5518415414
Riyaan Chettry (2 months ago)
I love cougar woman i wish someone came to Nepal for me
Neil Madhood (2 months ago)
*grandma thinks she's a pornstar*
KarenLee Love (2 months ago)
nothing like a good ages putdown when you have low self worth
Snap C1ty (2 months ago)
Karen can get the D :)
Robert Wilson (3 months ago)
Well give this young guy a shot.
MaskOn (3 months ago)
Karen sit on my face
LamboFanatic (4 months ago)
I'm 22yo, i'm i too young or... ?
Manuel Vallejo (6 months ago)
Manuel Vallejo (6 months ago)
ooo cheerio (6 months ago)
James Butler Jr. (6 months ago)
No... voices😲😢
❤ Older Women , I satisfy them in the bed : 804 - 735-3557
Ken Ramnath (7 months ago)
Well I understand now..
Kevin Dillard (7 months ago)
Karen.. just recently discovered your channel. Please forgive me boldness.. (I mean no disrespect) but you are an extremely attractive woman and your cleavage is incredible! 👏👏👏
jim Nicosia (7 months ago)
Keep expressing your sexual freedom ladies.
bro197 (7 months ago)
Lol! I’d fuck both of these ladies, they’re cool and attractive. I’m 41 and date women in their late 20s and early 30s. I’m super fit and active, and young women get so horny for fit, established men. I feel the same way, I get so many women my age that are angry because I date younger women. Get over it! Just stay fit and fun and your dating range is wide open. Enjoy!!
Brian Brooks (7 months ago)
Looks ain't everything it's how you treat each other easy outgoing I'm 33 engaged to a 29 year old and love her for who she is.
Terror Knights (7 months ago)
These women are divorced, live off alimony and don’t have to work. They’re gold digging whores!
Bullet Tooth Tony (8 months ago)
1:40 because older man becomes, more he understands he does not need a woman in his life to be happy. You said it yourself, it's all about YOU, what you want and you simply don't care if he spent his best years supporting you. Those younger blue pill guys you're after just want sex bc men's sexual needs are so strong, most of them can't resist chasing women until a certain age, instead of doing something productive.
Joshua Iosevich (8 months ago)
Mgtows watch this shit for a good laugh.
Diamond Roses (7 months ago)
Joshua Iosevich MGTOW men are a bunch of beta-males with extremely low self-esteem. They are not desirable to women, so their opinions do not have any value.
Alejandro Ochoa (8 months ago)
I would definitely take you 2 ladies on....very attractive
babylou60 (8 months ago)
I am 35 and I am currently dating a 48 yo divorced woman, I have to say that the sex that I had with her was the greatest in my life.
Luis Martinez (8 months ago)
I make my cougar feel good I’m 23 she’s 48
william kozar (9 months ago)
Great video as always! I adore both of u ladies😘 I am 39 years old looking for a cougar to settle down!! I get a lot of attention ware ever I go I like to know what is my problem.💋
Team Player (9 months ago)
I’m a young dude, 24 years of stubborn fun.
Rus Darius (9 months ago)
I don't know for sure why older wen like younger guys but I can tell you for sure why younger guys want older women : BECAUSE THEY ARE EASY to get in bed...it's the truth ,any young man will fuck 99% of women between 18 an 60? Because they are horny and older women tend to be easier to "seduce" :))
Mass Malo213 (9 months ago)
Cougars are only to pass time and to practice to impress that young chick we love.
Mass Malo213 (9 months ago)
Makes no sense because them younger men will turning into those older men you are talking about,, Younger men want to get their dicks wet. Since they cant get it from the young sexy women cause they have no game. They rather go where its easyiest to get pussy from which are the cougars. Cougars also means whores you know. Easy game. Easy lays. Im a young guy and I dont appreciate how you both down grade older men. So what if he wants to relax at home you married him or got with him for a reason. Getting fucked by younger men like myself only makes us want to jump to the next best looking cougar to fuck. Thats it. Cause in the back of our mind is that fine young girl we are hoping to marry and have babies with. Real talk.
Kaka (9 months ago)
I am so handsome guy in age of 23 years old, and wherever I travel or I go girls and women keep staring at me . I feel more attraction to older women and idk why! whenever older woman sees me she just want to jump on me . when I talk to older woman who has life experience and depends on herself and she do social activities and if she understands me and guide me if I done mistake and treats me well and express her deep feelings to me and teach me new things.. I can't resist her! I can't stop myself from doing romance and sex. I start loving her from all of my heart and I can't get enough of her . I love to be with older women and I don't know why! I feel more emotions to older women than young girls. I think older women like to be with younger men so they wanna feel their sexual experience epically if you are handsome and have fitness body. They also will feel a lot of fun and feel younger. They also like to control u without letting you feel that. Older women feel like they own u when they love you .
johny appleseed (10 months ago)
Not into cougars I like 18 yos
Ny Chan (10 months ago)
Do cougar give great head
Estuardo (9 months ago)
Ny Chan if they're into it.
douglasmichel1000 (10 months ago)
These aging sluts ( cougars ) are not smart enough to realize that young men would be willing to have sex with a milk bottle. There is nothing special about women who rob the cradle , they impress no one but themselves and their so called conquests tell locker room jokes about them regularly.
Billy the Kid (10 months ago)
Just come to me I'm young and I love milfs like you
Dan (10 months ago)
Just how does this video bring any honour and glory to our heavenly Father who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins?
Davey sexy Humphrey (11 months ago)
Karen Lee love you look so good in that red dress
NDONWI LOUIS (11 months ago)
I really wish to have an older woman
Abel Cerrillo (1 year ago)
cougars try going out on a cock hunt with out any make up on an see what u get...
Daryn Smith (1 year ago)
i want a cougar women casue i want to try it
sinaloa saurez (1 year ago)
I wouldn’t fuck these women they are too old
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
sinaloa saurez we are so sad cause you said that 😉
packrcch (1 year ago)
seriously interesting. these ladies are giving the same reasons for dating younger men that older men give for dating younger women. older guys should listen to this to learn some of the things that they are doing wrong...and then go out and get one of these YOUNGER "cougars".
packrcch (1 year ago)
i'm not hostile at all here. i'm using this opportunity to learn and improve. thanks KLP.
carforumwanker (1 year ago)
1st... they are not going to on the phone all the time ! second, they love having their cunts sucked. third..Anal IS on the cards ! .and the winning prize. you dont have to meet their parents
Jack Xerox (1 year ago)
Sugar Mommas - sure pay for the cock.
awardwin (1 year ago)
Why don't younger women love younger guys?
der Ryk1 (1 year ago)
After 40 all that energy that you women like in us men runs out. You know the flame that burns the brightest burns out the quickest. Not that we want to be like that we just can't help it we get tired quick. Believe me if I could leap over tall buildings I would but I'm no superman and those days are over. The spirit is willing but now my flesh is weak.
Paul Aoki (1 year ago)
Older than me women...are more chill, and sexier!
Frankie Dangerous (1 year ago)
I think your both beautiful women and id smash the one in red lmao
nellz442 (1 year ago)
so you gals want gold but you are dust??? MGTOW
johnny Akutagawa (1 year ago)
wow love your advice and show great tips i love.
Mark Moffatt (1 year ago)
The problem youu're in the top ten percentage for your OLD AGE.  I can't wait to when you hit the age and you're old enough.  I bet the reason you look good for your age for you stayed at home and spend all your ex hubby money to go to the gyms and salons while he worked 14 hours days.
julian c (1 year ago)
older women r the best, not just the physical side but good to talk shit with, i seen alot of women in late 30s early 40s look way betta then younga birds although issue is even young men r set in there ways not jus olda unless Its 18/23 i know i didnt giv a fuk back then but now that im 30 i still dig the olda Birds, no doubt and giv way betta 👅:)
Ji Utaguchi (1 year ago)
Yeah, the young guys haven't been gutted yet by uncaring moving on ex's plus they have untapped libido energy like undiscovered oil fields. Please teach them the right way and don't exploit their naivete. Younger men and men all ages need to learn how to sustain an erection as long as they want so they can match a woman's insatiable appetite in the bedroom. Just saying.
Steve R. (1 year ago)
Karen, you are gorgeous! There's many cougars where I live, but so many are already taken. It's tough finding one into younger guys and SINGLE. But I'm glad I came across your channel. It's very informative, encouraging, and it's all advice coming from a sexy cougar. Thanks for being bold to do what you're doing! Cheers!
betelguise lucas (1 year ago)
Well I like older women as long as they don't play games.
Sonya Anew (1 year ago)
I'm 36, married, and currently trying to conceiving a baby. I adore my husband who is about to turn 39, but something strange has recently happened to me: in the midst of being married and working on raising a family, I'm starting to miss my younger years when none of this was even a concern. I'm secretly yearning for the company of cute younger men with smooth skin, flat stomachs, and no receding hairlines. My husband is handsome and gorgeous for his age, but his two 20- something nephews have recently caught my eye, VERY STRANGELY. Also, it appears that they may notice and lust for me too. Before, I was never particularly interested in younger men, but this is a new phenomenon in my life. Is there any scientific explanation for what is happening to me at this time in my life?
Neil Madhood (2 months ago)
bang them nephews
Chris chris (6 months ago)
Shaun Reed (6 months ago)
Sonya Anew hey
jim Nicosia (7 months ago)
Sonya Anew, I think you should seriously think about acting on your desires . If you don't someday you are going to look back and be sorry that you did not.
Estuardo (9 months ago)
Only YOU can control your thoughts and YOU can control your heart desires. Let them linger and you will soon lose control of your actions as every action starts in the heart and in the mind.
Black Shark (1 year ago)
I've always had a fetish fantasy that a beautiful, hot, sexy, older woman between the ages of 45 up to 60 sexually seduce me and gently force me to penetrate her multiple times in one night. What would make it sexier is that she's the same height as I am or just slightly taller.
Darren Bridges (5 months ago)
Yu shud make graphic novels
Rafidhi Can (1 year ago)
I think women are also visual and they do turn on by ripped body of a man .not by just dick pics...women wants to see the body & face
Elroy Reid (1 year ago)
Ur are fine
Elroy Reid (1 year ago)
KarenLee Poter ur welcome sweet heart keep up the good work i love ur videos
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
thanks so much😍
jedkingyahoo (1 year ago)
I love the cleavage!
Jim Kamoske (1 year ago)
What "happens to men over 40", is Maturity. They tire of grown women who act like they are ten years olds & who are still 'only' interested in "having fun" all the time. We 'Know' because "we" have literally "built" the entire World, that life is not all fun & games and you women today...don't have a "clue" because your generation is thee most selfish of them all. We need you to 'Grow-Up' because youre boring as all hell.
Ben Bernal (1 year ago)
I sure wouldn't mind both of them
Snehal Krishnan (1 year ago)
Cougars are much better than young women who don’t even know what they want, cougars are fantastic lovers.
Martin Mwangi (1 year ago)
Buk David (1 year ago)
The lady on the left is acting cool versus the lady on the left is naturally cool. Lol
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
what does that mean?
jack dasilva (1 year ago)
Jeesh the peeps are vicious
Source sources (1 year ago)
I like older woman i hate to date with younger woman
iDIMi (1 year ago)
I'm 26 with a full time job.. I guess i'm an old guy. Can't just wake up and do whatever I want ohh well.
dog heart sun spots (1 year ago)
love fucking old women😆
Joe Townsend (1 year ago)
Don't listen to the others.  You are both very sexy and beautiful ladies.  I love older women.
Sakura Christine Ito (1 year ago)
I'm like the opposite hahahah my boyfriend's way older and hhe has an energy of an 18 year old..like I'm the one who usually wanna go home and sleeps right after dinner and he's always like "hey I wanna go out till like early morning!" lol I can't keep up with his raging testosterone
Mr nobody (1 year ago)
Milfs and cougars are thirsty for SEX.They know what they want and dont play games. Thats why i like them...And also they dont care for your wallet
GSXRnation89 (1 year ago)
Tell me why i can only hear this in my left speaker...
Nehru Marcus Mohammed (1 year ago)
Hi I'm 32,age I think older women are hot kisses from me
Diana Campanella (1 year ago)
Wow, I just popped over because one of my subscribers liked a video of yours. Interesting! You girls are talking the bulk of the reasons older women like younger men. Right, energy is so important... LOL Have fun girls!
Crypto Man (1 year ago)
I would take these 2 together as my both my girlfriends I would be so proud to be around them You girls are HOT Keep it up I love cougars
The Gustavo Report (1 year ago)
how can i meet a older women to help me get on my feet.i would not leave her or do her wrong.
Lincoln Lawrence (1 year ago)
Sandman MGTOW sent me here
rog (1 year ago)
0:00 mystery* 0:05 not so much ... *not really. If you think about it.... 20ish females are in demand. Men of all age brackets fight over them. 20ish males are very horny but might not be able to compete with more mature men with more resources. So they might resort to 'cougars'. Make it work somehow. Create fetishes... 'Attraction'. Males who'd really CHOSE old over young were and are breed out with each generation ;)
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
+rog are you speaking about humans or dogs?
epicboy69 (1 year ago)
pathetic expired old whores who struggle to accept that they've hit the wall wanna make themselves "feel young again". Hahaha you gonna die alone with your cats once the young guys will be done experimenting with your rapidly aging body.
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
+epicboy69 Why are you so angry? Did you get burned by a girl in high school?
Menstrel (1 year ago)
Switch genders, use all of the same reasons, multiply the motivation x 50, add in some evolutionary biology.... and then you know why men want younger women. A small percentage of people have the spark of life.
Menstrel (8 months ago)
1] Young women are less boring on average than older women 2] Most women over 28 are all about gold digging and babies, which is a special type of boring. A man who does not value chastity, and who does not want to be hassled for a baby is likely to be a cougar candidate. 3] Way more women are boring than men. 99% of anything that has ever been created or invented in this world has been done by a man. That stated, there are tons of boring men and women. It could be frustrating to be non-boring. 4] Older = smarter and able to identify patterns... or 'jaded',for both genders. Women initiate 80% of divorces. People who have experienced the fire are scarred. Your ability to meet a non-scarred man is dramatically reduced statistically. 5] If you have zest for life, you will likely find someone else who does, and younger people have more zest for life.
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Your point?
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
I love the hostility that this video gets since it obviously strikes a nerve. Tell me why the need to be negative and put us down? Why be on this channel if you aren't interested in what's in the title or thumbnail?😂
Rich Brake (4 months ago)
No one minds you dating younger men. The problem is some of your reasons contain ignorant statements and some exaggerations. It's also obvious you are rationalizing. You do not need to rationalize. You do not owe anyone a logical explanation.
❤Love old women , i like to satisfy them daily
Roc Muzik (1 year ago)
Fuck the haters! Keep it up ladies
Rafidhi Can (1 year ago)
I think women are also visual and they do turn on by ripped body of a man .not by just dick pics...women wants to see the body & face
Edmond Glauner (1 year ago)
KarenLee Poter your gorgeous im looking for a serious relationship I'm 32 i wanna cougar
hogensan (1 year ago)
It is called stamina and ability to have multiple organisms.
Why do younger guys love older women? Easy practice poon.
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Why the hostile comments? Do you have a lot of women in your life?
Love & Light (1 year ago)
Boys that like older woman all have mother issues!!!! The truth
J Crash (3 months ago)
Nah, younger girls or kids like yourself are dumbass fucks
Houston Bigfooter (8 months ago)
No i just don't like the b.s. that comes with younger women. Thats why ive always dated older.
The Dynamic Flashy (1 year ago)
No, those young girls are gold diggers.
jose luis Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I want to fuck an American Milf definitely
mikeandmars2345 (1 year ago)
this video is dum asf 😒😒👎👎 s.m.h
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
What brought you here?
Jason Miller (1 year ago)
older women put out way more
Jason Miller (1 year ago)
its crazy ahah
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
sounds like you know
Curtis Smith (1 year ago)
Wow, you women are hot and i do mean HOT! I have a Stiffie
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Charles Hill (1 year ago)
Oh admitted Karen, you guys know you're hot.
Charles Hill (1 year ago)
The reason why is kind of obvious don't you think lol. I never liked the word cougar, I don't think it's fair and why shouldn't an older woman go out with a younger guy, if she is lucky enough do that, what's good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. and by the way I think you had a video regarding circumcision I think I left comment that I don't approve of it, my sons weren't, I'm not and I was always told by women is much different and better. But in any case I ran across a video I think you might want to see. This lady explains it in good detail and she's very accurate on what she is saying. (Intact versus circumcision) By Rain Florence. I think if you check that out you won't have any further questions as well as your followers.Till next time, good job as always. Charles
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Thanks Charles! I'll check it out and please consider joining me on www.Patreon.com/karenleepoter
Carl Neff (1 year ago)
you two down grade women why don't you help troubling marriages instead of helping married women cheat ..
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
No where in this video have we suggested cheating. In fact we are against being dishonest
FREDDIE (1 year ago)
I'm 27 year old mail looking for a older cougar ( women ) in their 30's or 40's. british and show me all the love and attention and who can spoil me
Godson Okoronkwor (1 year ago)
KarenLee Poter please is me godson I would like to known you more better baby good morning my beautiful baby
FREDDIE (1 year ago)
Thank you gorgeous
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Check out my video, "How to catch a cougar. " www.karenleepoter.com
Shokos Montes De Oca (1 year ago)
Hellow Milfs
KRhetor (2 years ago)
One big reason is that by my experience, older single women simply tend to be nicer people than younger single women. I would rather date a woman twice my age who is kind, gentle and sweet than one half my age who is cruel and insensitive towards others.
KarenLee Love (1 year ago)
Beautiful story thank you
KRhetor (2 years ago)
It has a lot to do with emotional and intellectual maturity. That's very important to me and to many other men as well. I fell deeply in love with a much older woman, who had been a widower at a young age and never remarried. I never before had experienced the sort of mutual trust and understanding that I had with her. Tragically, she died before I could tell her how I felt about her, but there's the consolation that she knew EVERYONE who met her loved her.
KarenLee Love (2 years ago)
That's interesting- I never thought of this .
max (2 years ago)
As a young guy, I expect cougars to be dominant and kind of a mentor. I love it.
zoe Banks (2 years ago)
you can meet me
Best Dance (2 years ago)
Is Troplusfix Dating Secrets helpful to saving your relationship? I've learn a lot of good stuff about this Troplusfix Dating Secrets (do a search on google).
talbi yakoub (2 years ago)
im jack fromme algeria 21 years want older women in my skype is yakoub.Talbi
nick macdonald (2 years ago)
am 26 an want a gf thats 40 50 the oldest an i waN T TO MARRY A GIRL
MrCyborg1973 (2 years ago)
these woman are creepy...just sick pedaphiles
Bigbiketulsa 1 (2 years ago)
I'm 29 my girlfriend is 46 I'm so happy

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