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5 SECRET FACIAL EXPRESSIONS GUYS WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT! Send me your questions here :) - https://www.instantgo.com/joshtryhane Finally a video about Facial Expression and how guys look at you when they like you! You can tell so much about the look on a guy's faces, and If you like someone and want to know how they're really feeling, I might be able to help you! Usually, when a guy likes you, he won't be able to hold in his feelings, so sometimes it can be really obvious to tell he likes you! I hope you guys enjoy today's video! Why I Love Shy Girls! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3hQm... Follow me on other social media: Twitter: http://twitter.com/JoshTryhane Instagram: http://instagram.com/joshtryhane Vlog Channel - http://goo.gl/67Up3q Snapchat // joshtryhane see you on Saturday! For Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (338)
althaf akku (4 days ago)
Why you laughing a lot
chelsm90 (2 months ago)
ok that video is good! See people didnt even have to ask if he was single. And i did kind of suspect it was not all in my head
Katherine Setters (2 months ago)
I love how he can smile for that long I could never
Ivanne (3 months ago)
Comment C'est possible de sourire en parlant autant🤔
Linda (4 months ago)
What does it mean when they text you back with a :) after texting them something nice and he just always text you that
Ella Stewart (4 months ago)
Lmao imma be single for life
rippity (5 months ago)
My bf always raises his eyebrows for a moment and smirks whenever he glances at me and it's cute af
Amanda Stevenson (5 months ago)
My crush always has puppy dog eyes just because they are a really dark brown and I think it’s cute
Meghan Hoo (5 months ago)
Should i confess to my crush? Btw i am a girl. I am really struggling now. I feel like he has feelings to me because every time i do my homework he will ask me endless questions and tell me jokes and also tease me. Someone please tell me what to do. I am really struggling right now
ERZ (5 months ago)
Jo Aubin (6 months ago)
My crush: smiles at me constantly, makes funny faces, always wants to talk to me.... THERES HOPE!!!😍😂😂😂😍
Kendall Woods (7 months ago)
Um whenever I catch my crush looking at me and he realizes I'm staring back he raises his eyebrows, opens his eyes wide, and forces the corners of his mouth down. Then I copy him and we laugh at each other. So he likes me?
HappyJellyCatSquid 0 (7 months ago)
Kendall Woods Well that's not enough to tell. Does he talk to you ? Does he tries to make you laugh ? Does he pay attention to you, does he try to keep the conversation going ?
Tori Mcnett (7 months ago)
I just need a guy to notice me so I can use these videos 🤓
Megan Hutchinson (7 months ago)
italy s (7 months ago)
Everytime I have interaction with a crush I go watch these type of vids and start checking off new things 😂😭
We bind These chains (7 months ago)
And the smile is back
Ngoc Luoq (7 months ago)
lol watching this video while I'm single af. :(
Cristina Wilkinson (8 months ago)
Cristina Wilkinson How to get there number and tell who they like because I try to get him to and he doesn’t and when I laugh he is happy is it a good thing?
Amanda D'Rozario (8 months ago)
Love this video!you're amazing..
Lara Terzian (8 months ago)
after watching josh's videos I feel so confident and I just want to go up to my crush and tell him I like him
Its Chayenne (8 months ago)
Heyy, I have a little story of the boy I like. There is a boy in my class that I really like. But he has become a believer and takes it very seriously. I am not a believer, I have no problems when someone is a believer. But he says to people: God will bring us together if we are meant for each other and he once said that he wants to be together with a believer because he wants to marry : (. I have already seen in the class that he is staring at me and when I look back he is shy and looks away (most of the time to the ground haha) . Even when I look at him, he sees it immediately and we smile at each other. But there is another problem, he is the friend of my ex. My ex and I had a relationship for a month but for both of us it felt like friendship (we did not even kiss). I think this is also a problem. Does anyone have tips? I need them haha❤️
Lexi R. (8 months ago)
Thanks for all these helpful vids :)
Sri Deekshitha (8 months ago)
so i have had a crush on this guy for about a year now and i have a feeling that he has liked me all this time too but i honestly have no clue because he is sending me SOOO many mixed messages. some of the good things are that the few times he talks to me he is very kind and helpful and he is not that way with other girls( for example he helped me find what we were doing when i asked one of my friends, said my handwriting was pretty, said aww when someone said i had the biggest smile but idk if that means anything, and said “it’s not her fault” when someone teased me when i dropped my crutches), paid attention when mine and his friends group was talking for a project and zoned out later, screamed his friends name when his friend was kinda flirting with me, kind of copied what i did( sat how i sat, fixed his hair when i fixed my hair, started calling himself a “snack” when my friend called me it,etc.), responded with “why do u care” when someone asked if he liked me, wrote the first three letters of my name(which arent very common three letters) and erased it before he thought anyone saw it when we were thinking of names for our teachers daughter, helped me up the stairs when i had crutches( but idk if he knew he was volunteering for that or not),and his friends all looked at me when i said ill ask one of my other friends,and possibly more that i cant remember right now. now for the bad things. he blocked me on instagram after i followed him after i unfollowed him, teased me with his friends, doesn’t really talk to me, follows my friend he barely knows and not me( that’s why i unfollowed him), and stopped walking into me when we left school. also all his really popular friends followed me and idk how they no me cuz im no where near popular. also he is really popular so im scared he wont like me. i really want to talk to him but im scared he’ll shut me down. also he is the only person i had all my classes with last year that i had a class with this year. i would really appreciate if u could help me. thx if u do
Hayzel H (8 months ago)
Omg my crush gave me a note that said: "I love you to the bottom of my heart I haven't told you because I was scared but now I am ready now. I would ask you out but I already have a girlfriend. If I break up with her you are the first person I will come to." like omg I'm so happy!!:)
Kendell Manes (8 months ago)
What do you do if your crush, who is your best friend and likes you back, but only wants to be friends?
meliisaido (8 months ago)
Why do you say "This is Josh" like you're not sure? It sounds like a question 😅
Lacrosse & Bass boo (8 months ago)
How to know if a quiet, shy guy likes you
Aubrey Hurlbert (8 months ago)
When you finally feel like you are getting somewhere with the guy you like and then you find out they have a girlfriend that no one knew about... anyone with me?
Abbigail Sutherland (8 months ago)
How are your teeth soooooo white!?
Mimi Parkerson (8 months ago)
I’m asking my crush to Hoco! Wish me luck!
Kermit Lover (8 months ago)
Josh your teeth are brighter than my future
FlowerExplosion (8 months ago)
Hey soo I have a crush story if ya can could you give me advice, thanks! Story: So there’s this boy and we’ll name him watermelon. (Sorry for the name 😂) He’s in three of my classes. And I started school already like 2 weeks ago. But any way on the first week, my teacher has this app to randomly choose groups and I was in it with him. And two other boys. We were working on a fun poster (not graded) and one of the other boy starts writing something and he didn’t agree on it with us. And me and watermelon had a moment. We both looked at each other and smiled. Also he looks at me everyday at least once. And then the next week we had a new small group thing and I get put with hime again! ( I mean I’m not mad) and he asks me questions about it and I don’t know what I was doing but turn to answer his question and look right into his eyes which THEY’RE SOOOO FRICKING PRETTY OML! They’re soo blue and I stare at it for about a sec. And after the bell rang so we can leave for school, I start walking towards the cafeteria to sit and eat and get ready for volleyball. And I was walking and and see watermelon with some of his friends (he plays football) walk behind me. We both look at each other for split sec. I then made it to the cafeteria, and realize they’re waiting to get ready for a football game. And I sit down and it was divided up so we couldn’t bother each other. And see him look at me in the corner of my eyes. And then looks away. But yeah he then I had to go the get ready and leave the cafeteria to the lockers room. But I see him glance over sometimes. So that’s my story!
HappyJellyCatSquid 0 (7 months ago)
FlowerExplosion But does he talk to ya ?
FlowerExplosion (8 months ago)
Hey could you help me and help to see if my crush likes me? ( I’m 8th grade btw and he’s in 9th) Story: So My best friend invited me to have a sleepover. And I did. Her one year older brother ( uhh let’s call him tangerine. Lol.) and tangerine had two friends over too. ( uhh let’s call them motsy and pineapple) and we were all in the basement. And we all hung out. I had a crush on motsy (lol the nickname tho). Then we were just chilling on the couch and suddenly tangerine got a deck of cards and started to pull one out of the deck. So for an example tangerine pulled out a 7 of clubs and he would say to his sister you have no life (asa joke). And he would pull a couple per person. And then I got a Ace of Hearst and motsy got king of hearts and tangerine said to Misty, “ your love is around the corner.” And pineapple and my friend were like, “ oooohhhhh.” And I was sitting there looking over at him and we looked at each other. And then suddenly there was a wedding 😐tangerine was the person who “married” us apparently. I was the husband and motsy was the wife. And he was doing the marriage and stuff. And then he says do you motsy take blaha blaha blah. He said no. And then tangerine did the same thing to me. I said no. And tangy said, “No you can not say no.” And my friend [said yes for me and pineapple said yes for motsy, soooooo I I guess we married? 🤷‍♀️ And they were forcing us to kiss. Later that night they decided to play poker (which btw me and motsy dunno how to play) we watched them and I had to get another chair since there wasn’t enough room for me urghhh. And the chair was sooo freaking tall! Motsy sat across from me and he looked at me I saw (multiple times) and I looked up and saw that and I just quickly looked away. Soo more hours pass and umm pineapple is the main rapper and tangerine and motsy were backup dancers. Performing logic for us while we were on the floor. They start stripping and and I told my friend, “this is like a stripping club.” And they start umm “dancing” on us sooo yaaa. And later I heard tangerine and motsy talking about getting my number but idk they didn’t I guess. And the next week I spent the night again and motsy was there too. And tangerine had 2 more friends. And we swam at their house and we looked at each other a few times but that was it. Cuz he had to leave. ☹️ But that’s my story please tell me what to do. Does he like me? (Sorry it’s sooo long)
ROSE (8 months ago)
so my boyfriend and I are doing good but how do I know if he wants to kiss
Towett Shiow (8 months ago)
Why does he smile his freckin perfect smile the whole time it's too distracting Josh!!!
Towett Shiow (8 months ago)
I watch these videos at 2 am in the morning and make myself feel good and then I go to school the next day and all my hopes get crushed
Towett Shiow (8 months ago)
Lol my crushes name is Josh😂😂😂😂
Gwendolyn Howell (8 months ago)
umm i nee to like to u in dm cause idk what to do cause idk if my crush likes me or not
Tamar Oren (8 months ago)
How do u know if a guy is looking at you. There are allways other girls around me when he does these things.
Alyssa Muñoz (8 months ago)
Now I have a Boy best friend we have been best friends for 3 years and throughout those years we had plenty of romantic moments and everyday we stand closer and closer or we hold each others hands and we give each other hugs and all of our friends tell us friends don't act like that and when we walk around people come up to us and ask us if we go out or they tell us to go out and we just kinda stare at each other and there's a pause but we just laugh it off. And I don't know what to do cause there is a connection but there is also a very good friendship . And I just need help. Pleaseeeeeee
We bind These chains (7 months ago)
Alyssa Muñoz SAME SITUATION RIGHT HERE! But I would wait just let time tell the future what I am saying is to wait it out don't be too desperate lol idk how I'm giving all this relationship info when I never had a bf lol
Lacrosse & Bass boo (8 months ago)
Can you talk about what to do about knowing your crush likes you
Juz sica (8 months ago)
Love all your videos ❤❤❤
The Purring Puppy (8 months ago)
Bey_talia (8 months ago)
Everyone keeps on telling me this one guy likes me. I don’t have any classes with him but He’s always gets next to me when I’m in the hallway. This has been going on for about 3 years and I don’t know what to do!!
Emma Fennimore (8 months ago)
You are always smiling in your videos, I love it.
Pahulpreet kaur (8 months ago)
Pls enact them too along with what you are telling cuz I get confused with what you are saying and what I think it is
Owolabby Azeez (8 months ago)
Quality video you hit on some good points. When a guys initially sees you he puts you into three categories: Wifey, Smashable, or Issa No (Pass). If you, nor the guy are talking to are celibate or practicing abstinence you'll never quite know if a guys likes and is feeling you until AFTER sex. I'm not saying sleep around and have sex with every guy you date, but being aware of this fact will allow you to better decide if this is a guy you want to deal with and the overall reality of dating. The reality is that a guy might not be straightforward about his intentions or simply pretend he wants more than sex so that you can get comfortable enough with him. Keep in mind that guys don't necessarily need to like you to be down to have sex with you. He might like you enough to smash, but not enough to the point where he sees you as wifey and envisions himself in a relationship with you. The truth is that to really know a man is interested in you the two of you would have already gotten physical sexually in some aspect. If he continue to hangout with you after smashing and initiates other dates and plans that are non sexual then more than likely he's really feeling you and it's only a matter of time till y'all become official. It's true that if you make guys wait they'll be less of them that are down to do that, but the other side to that is some guys will wait with you until you're comfortable enough while they continue to deal with other girls. The solution at the end of the day is to either remain celibate or straight up understand that you're choosing to smash a guy because you genuinely want to without the thinking that he'll leave you or with the thought that you're trying to keep him. Don't let a guy pressure you into sex if you're not in a space where you're bout that life. If you didn't want to, but then he leaves or changes up you may end up feeling quite.
SM-FOXX Gaming (8 months ago)
So, I like this guy at school and we've known each other a lil bit for about 2 years now and me and him are friends, I've always liked him and I give hints often but I don't know if he can tell. If this comment gets over 20 likes then I'll tell him how I really feel
This kid in class winks at me and does the 'sup' head flick at me, and earlier he tried to put his arm around me. When I gave him a pencil he said, "If I keep this pencil for a month, you have to let me kiss you on the cheek or hug you for at least 10 seconds." What does this mean? He might kinda like me but he's always friendly with everyone...
+FlowerExplosion - You could get one of your friends to ask him
FlowerExplosion (8 months ago)
Aw thanks! :) I don’t know, I’m just scared to approach it.
+FlowerExplosion - That's so cute! I think he might like you back, just saying! I say, go for him if you like him!
Stephanie Bautista (8 months ago)
I love your smile it’s so contagious 😍😊❤️
Selina Bradley (8 months ago)
I mean he has blocked me on Snapchat xxx
Selina Bradley (8 months ago)
I need someone to help me with this right I like this boy and he always smiles at me and stares at me but he has me on Snapchat so what should I do xxx
Tell me why I do all of these things with my bf when I’m hella nervous and I’m not a boy
I can see the Matrix (8 months ago)
My crush does some of these things but I think it's because he is kinda shy around girls like me. Everything he says to me sounds planned out. It's like he will stare at me for a few minutes, stutter some things once in a while, then BOOM! Fluent sentence that makes me feel special, like he puts so much effort into it. Thoughts anyone?
Emma Faith (8 months ago)
Josh you are like the best person on this world because you helped me so much gain confidence to tell my crush I liked him and you gave me so many tricks and now we a bf, gf and same with 3 of my friends
Nayomi AY (8 months ago)
Okay I just need to say this. .there is this guy in school who was my partner and is really hot and I really like..he always finds a way to make me smile and always complement me anytime he sees me ..he gave me a nickname and he always tells me he loves me but I think all this is all a joke because am a super ugly dark skinned girl and there is no way a guy that hot will like me and besides he always play with other girls and that makes me really mad but I just hide my feelings with a smile...(I smile a lot...a loottttttt) so what do u think....do u think he likes me or is just tryna be friendly?? Am confused
Gemini 101 (8 months ago)
I love your eyes💙💜⭐️
its emm (8 months ago)
So this guy I like flat out said I’m not pretty (not straight to my face but to my friend) and said he doesn’t like me like that but then at times he like plays around with me...I don’t get it
Kara Mae (8 months ago)
If this comment gets 100 likes I'll ask my crush to homecoming.
유니쩡 (8 months ago)
why you don't read my dm :(
Germ Da 5'8 (8 months ago)
I subscribed mostly for the comments
Marie2015100 (8 months ago)
My eyes get so big when I'm around guys ,I get nervous.
Lileana Marie (8 months ago)
One time I was walking by my crush and we made eye contact and I turned super red and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling so I looked away..good job me :)
Sky Bomb (8 months ago)
So there’s this guys I like in my English class and he sits next to me and I like him. He makes faces at me all the time and makes me laugh when I see him. I think he may like me back...
Moody Studios (8 months ago)
50 likes and I'll ask my crush to the dance
Hoda Hussary (8 months ago)
I love how u keep smiling😅😅💙💙
RemyLexington (8 months ago)
That's great man. I love how you are helping so many people
Tiffany Kim Jiles (8 months ago)
You're smile tho ❤❤❤
pea12 (8 months ago)
Who can resist those smiles...i watch you just to see your sweet smile, Josh...it is just sweet and charming...hahahaha...soooo cute!
Jessica Kublitsky (8 months ago)
Ok so I like this guy and for like a couple of weeks it seemed like he liked me, like a lot! But recently he hasn’t been talking to me as much and I’m not exactly sure why
Ann-Christin Schweers (8 months ago)
What do you guys thinking about girls playing games I mean real gaming without being sexual or something like these girls making Videos and are not serious
Hannah Lee (8 months ago)
What do I do, my crush really likes me but also another girl, but apparently according to his best friend that he likes me more, but idk anymore!!!
Delly Beer (8 months ago)
Would you date a girl that self harms?
Ipsenbi (8 months ago)
The three day squad XD well today four...a guy I'm not sure about tbh I mean he's great and everything. He called me 3 days ago and we had a 3 hour convo on the phone. The next day he called and we had a 2 hour convo. The next day we had another 2 hour convo. Yesterday, he came round my house and spent 5 hours. He kept tickling me and giving me silly faces from the side. So *OBVIOUSLY* I laughed. I feel like a crappy person because I just broke up with my ex, although we went in one date and I kept trying to leave and we had been together 6months. I feel bad for starting to have feelings for someone else after only breaking up for 6 days! Also, be went into my room, I'm 17, mum said off limits and I respect that so I didnt bother cleaning it. He went in my room. We then had a convo about depression and how he could never judge me. It was sweet XD *until interrupted by my 9 year old sister* I swear he was going to hug me.
Lieke Vertegaal (8 months ago)
Amazing video (again ofc). Having some love related struggles here as well. I've liked this boy for over a year now and I kinda really want to tell him I like him (even though I don't think he likes me so it won't work out), but I'm really scared that I'll mess up our friendship and that it gets awkward. We'll probably take the same train to school next year so I'll probably see him quite often.... Any advice?
Chelsea’s_ Edits (8 months ago)
Can you do a vid of how to talk to your crush please!
HO-Ly CrAppy (8 months ago)
5/5 yay thank you so much Josh! !!💜What would i do without you!
Olivia Tate (8 months ago)
3:17 I like a shy guy so when I come into the room we lock eyes then he LEGIT STOPS SMILING even if he was smiling before and then he either turns away from me or just or is just super quiet. But I think he likes me IDK!?!? Every time we see each other we make eye contact but then we’re both super shy so we don’t talk to each other. Our way of talking is through eye contact😑🙄🙄👌🏼❤️❤️ idk someone give me advice🤣🤣
Olivia Tate (8 months ago)
My cheeks hurt after watching your videos🤣👌🏼 your so smiley😄❤️
Lauren Newell (8 months ago)
Ok I need help, there’s this guy that I really like and I know for a fact that he likes me back. The problem is that both of us are too nervous to make any big moves, we just flirt a lot. I really want to get past this kinda awkward stage where we both want more, any suggestions of things I can do?
Beth Pan (8 months ago)
i love josh sm omg and question :) how can you tell if a guy likes you if you've never really talked before? like what are some main signs that i should look out for... i have a really long back story but it's a little much to get into here lol :) <3
Jordie L (8 months ago)
I go to an all girls schl and haven’t talked to a guy face to face in years and it’s 1 am and I’m binge watching these ...... idky .... its sad
Jana Marie (8 months ago)
Hey Josh, So this could could become a quite long text😂 I've known this guy (that I've come to like recently) since primary school .. Back then, I just saw him as a friend, we were in separate classes and that continued until year ten. But that all changed when we got into the same English course in year 11. In the second half of it, we had to hold a lesson and I did it with him^^ He was at my house and when he was there it was like I had a reveal: He was so caring, listening, interested, attentive, funny, sweet and wrote the cutest poem for our English class EVER (he showed it to me). With him it feels like I love his soul even more than his looks❤ Now we're in year 12, our final year, and I kinda want him to know that I like him🙈The only time we talked this year was when he asked me what I was watching on my phone in a short 5-minute break..and nothing except for that😂 What I want to ask is... Do you have any tips on how to talk to him or how to build up a closer relationship?😅 I do have his number but we haven't texted since this March..What shall I do?🙈
Hajer Merza (8 months ago)
Im not sure if my closest guy friend likes me or not , but these are stuff that hes done throughout this year and a half that we've been friends in : Complimented me , one time imfront of me saying I was cute and the other in a groupchat that I'm not in but all my and his friends are in , saying I was hot and sexy He laughs ALOT around me ( even for no reason sometimes ) He tries to make me laugh all the time He i think blushes when I point out something he did wrong He apologizes with guilt when I confront him about something he did that was thoughtless and mean I usually catch him staring , and then he immediately blushes and looks away He checks if I'm okay when you don't look like you always do ? He mostly says Hi first ? He laughs at stupid stuff I did in front of him even if it's not funny He looks me in the eye when talking to me He usually fidgets with something when he is talking to me which is kind of strange He ignores his phone notifications and doesn't use it when talking to me He listens to what you have to say around my and his group of friends He pays attention to small little details He asks me the most random questions He repeats asking the same question he asked a week ago He teases me ALOT ( to the point where it becomes annoying sometimes ) He always sits next me whenever he has the chance to He steals my stuff and wants me to chase him to get them back ? He says my name out loud ALOT ( even when not necessary ) ? He does this strange thing where he rubs his arm on mine + give you a little push everytime he walked past me in the highschool hallway He says the most random things that don't even make sense sometimes just to grab my attention He defended me when someone annoyed me He gave back what his friend took from me without my consent Extras ; One time he running from far because he heard I dropped my phone in a large bush and without hesitation he wenf in the bush and got it back He praised me in front of my and his group of friends ( and half the lunch hall ) and made them clap , cheer and shout my name just because I won a stupid award that almost everyone won aswell ( 100% attendance award ) He asked me to prom out loud twice : once in front of my and his friends at lunch and the other time in maths class in front of everyone in that class He also said to my best friend : That I would be the girl he asked out on a date if I had the chance to attend a party that I couldn't attend that day..... These are all the things I remember he did , he probably did more but I can't remember them all There's not much I can do since I'm not allowed to date... which kind of breaks my heart because he deserves someone far better than me... P.s : I don't like him back , however if I had the chance to date I would definitely give it a shot! I care about him :( , every little thing he does goes unnoticed and is much appreciated by me ♡♡
JuJu B (8 months ago)
Is it just me or does it seem like guys talk overly loud when they like you becuase they want you to hear funny things that they say.
Mysterious No last name (8 months ago)
Thanks, for your help!! Love your videos!!..
PeanutButterCup (8 months ago)
My crush is warm and gentle so I have no clue if he likes me a little bit or not. Btw his smile is goal
Catty Wampus (8 months ago)
I'm gonna try to tell my crush I like him tomorrow. Wish me luck :)
Catty Wampus (4 months ago)
+frozen yogurt bear things were a little awkward for a while but now I know he likes me back and we're going to the Valentine's day dance together :)
frozen yogurt bear (4 months ago)
How did it go
Tae tae_ is a cutie (8 months ago)
Ok I need help! So there are 2 boys that always look and smile at me. Do they like me???
Miranda Andrews (8 months ago)
Why do I watch these when nobody likes me lmao
Allyza Dwayne (8 months ago)
Can you do signs on if your ex wants you back
Mora141 (8 months ago)
Hey Josh! I need help! Guy that I like gave me his jacket to wear, when I wanted to give it back he said NO KEEP IT and return it next time, he said he's not in a hurry for it~ does that mean anything??? Usually guys I hang with would take the jacket back
Lilly Stef (8 months ago)
Does ur face hurt from smiling so much and so long?😅
Kjmck 0304 (8 months ago)
I love that you burn candles
Tanisha (8 months ago)
im single af
Mackenzie Bailey (8 months ago)
My crush and I are going to Starbucks on Thursday and I’m really nervous. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. My mom and his mom work together and his mom told me that he likes me and I don’t know what to do.
bts.is.my.lifeu *-* (8 months ago)
Please answer this I know this boy about 3 days (I know it's so little time) We met at the pool of a hotel,I liked him and I noticed that every time I was watching him he was watching me anytime he was doing something (I was so shy) the next morning we were eating and my friend told me that he was watching me unstoppable .When I went to the pool he was with his friends and he was watching me less than the other day😣 WHAT DOES THAT MEAN😫?
BishDontKillMyVibe (8 months ago)
albanian_greek_ bts_army it could be a bunch of things but personally, i think you should just talk to him. The worst that can happen is he says he doesnt like you and the best would be that he likes you back. You should tell him.
Lasata Shakya (8 months ago)
Julianne Skates (8 months ago)
I don’t talk to my crush, *yet*
The Random (8 months ago)
Josh:smile!😁 Me:my crush makes me the happiest person when he's around any other time I'm always bored My crush:(what I imagine he's thinking) I wonder if I could make her smile today smiles at me Me:smiles back with genuine happiness Both: smiling in each other's essence

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