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How To Lace Timberland Boots

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How To Lace Timberland Boots. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. shows how to lace the Timberland Boot two ways, one united, the other tied. The premium wheat 6 inch Timberland boot is a classic menswear staple that can be worn in different stylish ways. Timberland Premium Wheat 6 Inch Boot https://amzn.to/2R8lMoK Contact [email protected] Help Support The Channel By Shopping The Style O.G. Amazon Page! https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-d8f65886?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp MY GEAR CAMERA CANON 70D http://amzn.to/2FKVRcH LIGHTING KIT FANCIER 3 POINT LIGHTING http://amzn.to/2s8QOAR EXTERNAL MIC INSIGNIA MULTI DIRECTIONAL MIChttp://amzn.to/2s8VR44 New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as men's style, men's fashion, grooming, and dating. Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links for which The Style O.G. receives a small commission. This enables The Style O.G. to continue to produce content. Thanks for your support!
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Text Comments (247)
Abdullah Al-Azmi (19 days ago)
People nowadays use cats or redwings instead of timbs
Christian Santiago (1 month ago)
I keep my laces tied always . I need my Tim's ready to rock if trouble comes knocking .
Thank you so much mate. Amazing video. Now I'm ready to go out lol.
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
no problem!
Rix_1k (1 month ago)
I thought it was joe budden on the thumbnail
Haas Kareem (1 month ago)
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
Philly Philly!
Star Projectors (2 months ago)
Needed this 👌🏼
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
You got it Paris!
Peter K (3 months ago)
I think you've got great taste of style
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
check out my video on how to wear timberlands for a few ideas..
Peter K (3 months ago)
I own a pair of timberlands same color. I'm open to different styles, what could I wear with them? Watcher your video btw
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
Thanks Peter!
CValenton01 (3 months ago)
Ayye hol up post the link for that shit u wearin what is that a sweater? Shit fire
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
from the archives, rugby by Ralph Lauren from 7-8 years ago..
Kurt Patterson (3 months ago)
Lol,in the 1960's all the Timberland shoes and boots had a different marketplace.Back then,they were a premium boot/shoe brand for mostly white sportsmen.As boat shoes,preppy white kids would put extreme wear and tear on them for the fashionable destressed look.Also,in Virginia,white kids,male and female, would sag Levi's straight leg cords and acessorize with wing tip wallets and belts.My how times have changed lol....
Dhante Swha'le (4 months ago)
Keep stylin mane. . .Salute
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Dhante!
djdpspecialized (4 months ago)
Tim boots make you feet hurt. I use to rock them all the time when I was younger but then I got older and my feet said no more...
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I feel you!!
Tino Fiumara Beats (4 months ago)
Have been looking for a video like this for a long time. Thanks.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
You got it Tino..
Gareth McConville (4 months ago)
Hey I love the Ireland T-shirt!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Gareth!
happy hiker69 (4 months ago)
If you need to watch a video of how to lace your boots you probably need someone to lead you around.
Patrick Lynch (4 months ago)
Look what joe budden is reduced to now
Merwane Benmaamar (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who can't walk when I tie them loose? I took the size 8.5 even though my size is 9 but still they don't stay on my heel when I walk with them, it would be impossible to run with them tied like that I would probably lose them
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
gotta size down Merwane!
Franklin Starks (4 months ago)
This is stoopid who has to be taught or shown how to rock shoes GOH
Cashmere Funk (4 months ago)
What up famma. Cashmere just walk inside the building,happy New year to you, o.k. just went.to the mall here, journey have them for $189.99 Will pick this Friday famma it's that.time of year saluttttttttttte..cashmere
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Cashmere !
Pedro Molina (4 months ago)
I’m so glad you made this video. Lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
my man!
Fly Motives (4 months ago)
Never tied for me looks way illa
Jorge Cruz (4 months ago)
Who would ever use a fresh pair of Timbs for construction work anymore 😂 It would hurt my soul to witness it lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I would cry...lol
Kelvin Gillett (4 months ago)
Long as I have my Tims I wear them lace or unlaced its all about how I feel at the time .
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Do you Kelvin !
Jake spaceman (4 months ago)
This video is why I CAN'T STAND WHITE PEOPLE......because white people will literally WATCH this channel and then be trying to tell some black dude how to WEAR HIS.....JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH THE AIR JORDANS!!
Sukh Deep (4 months ago)
Yeah bro timberland shoes quality is good and soul is good this shoes is treanding shoes
thatGuyQuincy (4 months ago)
yeah like you said in ny we call em constructs ...i first heard baltimore & dc heads calling them joints " butters" early 2000s & thought that sounded funny.. 90s i would skip every other hole(called "jail style" ) & tie it up ...now i lace them up until the top 3 holes is left empty then i tie & let tongue sag
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the feedback Quincy!
Everett Overton - EO (4 months ago)
Great drop. The ladies love a man in masculine footwear.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks EO!
daniel sung (4 months ago)
I can’t c shit coz subtitles 🙃
Aubrey Moody (4 months ago)
Subscribed Philly support philly.
Aubrey Moody (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. my guy💪🏾
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Philly Philly!
Charles Turner (4 months ago)
Im From Detroit.... We jus call em Tims. I never seen nobody work in em...lol Maybe when they get busted you wear em to work other than that gotta keep em clean. Love your Channel man. Its cool to See A Black Man do A Style Channel
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the feedback Charles!
I dig your videos O.G.! I'm 45! Tie them up! LOL
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Schneider J.p (4 months ago)
That’s funny cause I was just watching your how to style timb boots
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Welcome to the channel!
Schneider J.p (4 months ago)
But I like your style man and also your cologne taste you just got a new subscriber
CalisRemedy (4 months ago)
I’m waiting on how to style the Black Timberlands
Multitask gamer Pro (4 months ago)
Can you do a how to lace the caterpillar Colorado boots? Thanks!
hiphophead555 (3 months ago)
Yeah...... What you do is get them out the box, grab the first boot throw it in the bin, then grab the second boot throw that in the bin. Go on Amazon buy a pair of Timbs and re-watch this video!
Sneakerhead Lee (4 months ago)
looking like Joe Budden
Rosaleo Yanez (4 months ago)
Coo....just can't do them tight ass pants...got to be nas or method man style.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Chukk Rich (4 months ago)
I'm from Newark and alot of us skip the 3 and 4 hole
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Brick City!
Sin Mark (4 months ago)
I really like your salute part btw i subscribed
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Welcome to the channel Mark!
willy franco (4 months ago)
Thank for you video....how can i clean my timberland??
Christopher Ferdinand (4 months ago)
Hey Jeff, this video is deadass New York Approved. Have a safe year my guy.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Dead ass!
Rashad Washington (4 months ago)
Are you on Instagram?
kobe l. (4 months ago)
bro i live in new york and i call these butters. everyone always talking about “ohh they called constructions.” like damn. i lace my timbs untied. it looks better and a bit more street which is more my style.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Tell em OG said we call em butters! lol
James Carter (4 months ago)
8in and 40 below video coming ????Stay blessed my brother
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
you too James!
Crwth Ghiikilzic (4 months ago)
I just HATE my heel pulling out of the boot on every step.
Jesse Ard (4 months ago)
get a slight smaller size, I heard that helps, thicker socks
Noble 43 (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
haha! i feel you..
Luke Cage (4 months ago)
I caught a cool sale this past Black Friday, bought a Joseph Abboud suit that originally cost $300 for $99 and they through in a pair of Timberlands for free! Salute!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Nice Luke!
ThisGuy TM (4 months ago)
I remember when we use to let the tounge hang back in the day
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Yes Sir!
FLueNT_XII (4 months ago)
Team never tie laces on any footwear
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Deplorable Citizen (4 months ago)
Get a job...
Deplorable Citizen (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. OK good... Was gonna say. 👌
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Have 3 already..
Jennifer Gordon (4 months ago)
I live in TN, I don't see them often.
Jennifer Gordon (4 months ago)
Brooklyn there is nothing like NY. I love the culture.
J.R. Brooklyn (4 months ago)
that's NY Culture thats why.
gangstalishis (4 months ago)
Nova A (4 months ago)
Got those same ones came here to lace them lol...
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Lace up!
Lord Magnetic (4 months ago)
I'm using the untied style for my Grey Timberlands and the tied style for my black and constructs .
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Rock it !!
yo! its Tony Tone! (4 months ago)
I definitely rock my constructs untied. Great video OG
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Tone !
Damon M (4 months ago)
Where's the wife beater, grey sweats Timberland outfit with DMX playing in the background? LOL Great video man!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
That was in the deleted scenes!
eyez lo (4 months ago)
Lacing Tim's loose is strictly a NYC thing.. Dressing just like the next man is suss and lame
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
So is using the word suss..
Sheldon Johnson (4 months ago)
I rock mine laced the same way as you homie, SALUTE!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Sheldon !
Eff Ahston (4 months ago)
I bet papoose got goosebumps watching this video
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Probably! Lol
mookeychase0907 (4 months ago)
Nice vid brodie, yo if I aint get to you happy new year kid...
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Same to you my brother!
Alvin Sanchez (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Alvin!
Masterpsflood (4 months ago)
I go to either the 2nd or 3rd last hole using every hole and then overhand knot them with both the laces in the knot. medium tight so it looks like a little tassel
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I like it!
leicanoct (4 months ago)
I straight lace my boots.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the feedback!
TAC n TEC (4 months ago)
Like a man I do over pants or pants let loose find Detroit Michigan we do over pants we got snow here can we work
sevens732000 (4 months ago)
I wear them as you do untied!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the feedback!
Kiron Kabir (4 months ago)
Do you buy them true to size?
Señor Robbie (4 months ago)
I second that!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I go half size down..
Young World (4 months ago)
Honestly however they were laced when took them out the box is how I rocked'em. Stopped wearing them, feels like 10 lbs weights on each foot. Kicks are a lot more comfortable. Great vids btw!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the feedback!
Rc1 (4 months ago)
I thought this Chanel was about how to dress well not how to dress like a thug.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
So you are saying the first look was your choice ? Lol
Kwame Appiah (4 months ago)
This is important!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Utmost Importance!
Carl_ Wheezy (4 months ago)
ye i tried untied but i feel like im going to fall on my face xD
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Hilarious !
Eric Clark (4 months ago)
I’m way too South Philly old school man. Laced up! Nuff said!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the feedback Erick!
Chris V.S. (4 months ago)
haha... classic!!! Most of the other style vloggers won't show this -but they can't cuz they just won't get it
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Had to be me me Chris !
Dominic Escaner (4 months ago)
Need to cop some timberlands ASAP!! Great video OG!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Dominic!
Kevlaar 47 (4 months ago)
Good vid,just put me on to the skip a hole technique
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Kevin !
David Coleman (4 months ago)
You are a grown ass man . Why are you acting like a kid ? Wow .
Brascoe Johnson (4 months ago)
Why you mad bro?
David Coleman (4 months ago)
I just have to say this . I am a white man . I have a black pair of Tim's . I just lase them up the way I have been lasing all my boots . They are boots , just like any boots . You guys take this shit to far . Lol.
TBJ 2013 (4 months ago)
Why wouldn't they. Their whole life is about being cool. It would be nice to see them take that same energy and better them selves as people. Learn how to speak proper English and get a job.
Mr C (4 months ago)
I honestly don't think I've ever tied the laces to any Timbs. 😂
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Melvin McKinney (4 months ago)
I always tie mine up. Untied is too”hip-hop” for me.
carltonjohnsonesl (4 months ago)
David Coleman what a weak stereotype. I have a great career and I leave joints untied.
yo! its Tony Tone! (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. 😁😁👏🏿😂
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
When I’m selling drugs I tie them up so I can run from the police
David Coleman (4 months ago)
Tie up the boots . You are not selling drugs !
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the input Melvin!
Sid Organ (4 months ago)
Gotta get me a pair of these
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Yes Sir!
Bee J (4 months ago)
What up my guy. I rock my a bit loser but tied all the way up no skipping a hole. The tongue's always got to hang. Here in cold ass Toronto, 🍁 gatta wear thick-ass timbo socks to counter the loose feel. Great content as always. ✌ God.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate it my G!
K. Gordon Raphael (4 months ago)
Tied, but I haven't worn boots in awhile. Time to get back to them.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Indeed Gordon !
Johnny Blaze (4 months ago)
Man you got the eye for style bruh. I'll give you that. Been watching your videos for about a month now. Salute! But homie I got 4 kids and a wife. Can't do it like you. Not at all
m lo760 (4 months ago)
The struggle is real my guy
Damon M (4 months ago)
Yes you can homie
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
why not???!
Alexx Moore (4 months ago)
#Salute 👌🏾 👌🏾
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Alexx!
MykellMessiah (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Clifton Sledge (4 months ago)
Forget the Tim’s the shirt you’re rocking is out of sight👍🏾
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Haha! Thanks Clifton!
Rusty Shackleford (4 months ago)
Sweater is cold ❄
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Rusty!
Louis Davis (4 months ago)
Jeff, can u do a piece on Skechers? Some of their shoes such as the Mark Nason line is pretty hot here in the midwest. https://youtu.be/Bj6hQtzmEvY
Riz Kler (4 months ago)
Salute O.G! Got to try da way you laced up those Timberlands! Goin to work 😂😂🤣 New Years I laced my boots all da way up & ended up walkin past my old works so I took a piss stop! They deserved it, wouldn't pay on time, odd hours, argumentative etc🤘🏼😎
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Hilarious Riz!
carltonjohnsonesl (4 months ago)
I leave mine untied..... personally. I always liked the idgaf look with tims
David Coleman (4 months ago)
Tie up your damn boots.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
j smith (4 months ago)
Good luck bro❤ i like the secure tied up with the loosey goosey look lol. Thanks for sharing. Good look both ways 😉
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks J!
JBA Meagamontana (4 months ago)
These boots are a east coast classic. I DONT KNOW ANY ONE THAT ACTUALLY WORK WITH THESE BOOTS LOL.
Crown Royal (1 month ago)
will burris (3 months ago)
I do
greenmondaymorning (4 months ago)
No one wears these on a job sight (construction, mechanic, etc...) Because if a safety inspector came on sight you would be pulled out of work for unsafe footwear.
Marc Lussier (4 months ago)
True that 😂
J MjR (4 months ago)
Bilal it’s really wired to say that here in 🇬🇧 majority of men who are construction and my engineering partners we put them on at work and it sucks to see girls loving them and looking cute when they put them on in streets
scorpion 87 (4 months ago)
Timberland 👍👍
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Yes Sir!
deathangel 970 (4 months ago)
Yesss I recently got my timbs and this vid helps.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
glad to hear it!
Luis Alvarez (4 months ago)
I Rambo tie my shits
Luis Alvarez (4 months ago)
O.g how can you style a TIMBERLAND 40 below super boot
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
soon come..
Black Panther (4 months ago)
Thank you for uploading this video O.G. Question though: I’m looking to purchase a Timberland Boot for my Birthday soon. Should I pick the black boot instead of the wheat boot? I’m thinking about purchasing the black boot but I need to add some color to my style. Can you or anyone help me out please? Thanks.
Jake spaceman (4 months ago)
Black Panther (4 months ago)
Earl Vińbiłco Putinov Wow. Thanks for the detailed reply brother. Ive decided that I’ll purchase the black boot for now and I already bought a brown captain boot from Thursday Company last year. You’re absolutely right. That boot is amazing & stylish. I need to stop by their store again soon.
Earl Vińbiłco Putinov (4 months ago)
I'm not the kind of person whose style puts Timbs as a priority. First I'm going for Chukkas, Chelseas and Dress boots. I'm receiving a pair of Thursday Boot Co. cognac suede Chukkas in about a week, which I absolutely love the look, and probably I'll love much more of it. I'd recommend going for those styles if you want to look different and awesome. You might want to consider those after your Timbs. However, my answer to your question is: if you love black, go black. Black Timbs will look different and awesome, but dressing too much black won't have the same results.I'd recommend you to add blues, grays, browns, burgundy and greens into your clothes. If you plan on getting more of those clothes, the wheat ones are a better option, as they are easier to combine with those colours than black is.
Black Panther (4 months ago)
Phase 2 Thank You, but I don’t think I could pull those off.
Giant Sneakerz (4 months ago)
I reccomend the light blue wale or the supreme ones
Scooby Dew (4 months ago)
I like mine tied at the 4th hole leaving the top 3 unlaced
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input Scooby!
Victor Scott (4 months ago)
I do the latter / X lacing!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
thanks for the input Victor!
Savvy Life Strategies (4 months ago)
Interesting and informative, Jeff. Typically, I don't lace the top eyelets of 6" or higher boots. This makes them comfortable to walk in. I also criss-cross the laces to get a better fit. I always tie, because my pants/chinos/jeans cover the top portion of the boots. Thanks for the info :-)
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
you got it Lou!
Mr C (4 months ago)
New sub here! What up?
Mr C (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. How you doing brotha? I really appreciate your videos, keep of the phenomenal work.✊🏾
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
What up !
Anthony Johnson (4 months ago)
Hey Jeff, I bought an black Alpha Field Jacket on sale yesterday. In my opinion, the field jacket would go GREAT with Timb's. I don't recall you ever covering the field jacket,....but you might have. Just wondering your thoughts on it, and on the Field Jacket-Timb's combination. Thanks.
Anthony Johnson (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Thanks G. I feel you would look great in the classic M-65. But any field jacket (particularly olive), you would rock, in my opinion.. I feel the having the olive color up around my head and face does me no favors. It makes me look too pale, so I went with black...or navy if they would have had it. Jose Zuniga I feel looks really good in his field jackets. I feel you would too Jeff for the same reasons; skin tone and upper body development.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
That’s a great combo Anthony. Field jacket is a hole in my wardrobe..
F C (4 months ago)
What type of sweater is that OG ? Looks familiar
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
North Philly then Mt Airy !!
canibusnj (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Tough sweater sir. By the way, are you from uptown? You know we always were the flyest!! :D
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
shawl collar Rugby by Ralph Lauren..
She Hate Me (4 months ago)
I always cover my laces with my pants. I call them pimp boots
David Coleman (4 months ago)
I like my black ones . If you wear the other ones your a drug dealer where I live . Lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Pimp boots !

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